DeWALT DWS780 12″ Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review. DeWALT dws780 mitre saw

DeWALT DWS780 12″ Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

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I’ll be honest, I’ve been wanting to review one of these DeWALT miter saws ever since I was tiling my sister’s house back in 2013 and the builder was using it to do all of the nice trim work. Maybe the saw was up sitting on it’s pedestal (stand) gleaming in the sunlight, but it’s been on my wishlist ever since. Needless to say, I had high expectations for this saw and it did not disappoint.

Tool Review: DeWALT DWS780 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Out of the Box

The DeWALT miter saw comes fully assembled and ready to get to work right out of the box. The only thing you need to do is plug the saw in and pull the lock down pin and you’re ready to roll. Push down a little on the handle and pull out the pin and the head will pop up.

dewalt, dws780, dual, bevel, compound

The first thing that I noticed is that pushing down on the handle is really easy. The motor is mounted right above the hinge, and it has a belt drive to the blade. Also this saw is fairly heavy, not that bad, but I wouldn’t want to be lugging it around a lot. (I’ll be building it a mobile miter saw station for my shop).


Really, the only thing that I need my miter saw to do is cut straight, is that so much to ask? Not for this saw, everything is adjustable. I used a square and held it up to the fence and blade, I did this on each side and the miter angle was just slightly out. I cut a maximum width board and checked the square, it was out about 1/32″.

The included blade wrench also has a star head to loosen the adjusting screws on the miter scale/detent plate. I loosened the 4 screws and adjusted it slightly until it cut square.

Once the miter angle was squared up, and with the saw in the 0 deg detent slot, I adjusted the red miter pointer to be right on 0 deg. I also checked the bevel angle and it was true. It can be adjusted if needed too. It is so nice to have a saw that you know will cut at the angle you are expecting. Kudos to you DeWALT.


The DWS780 DeWALT miter saw is simple to use, pull the trigger and let the blade get to full speed and smoothly lower down to cut the board. The widest board I could cut at 90 deg cleanly is 13 3/4″, this is without the ‘special setup’ to get a 16″ crosscut. When cutting wider pieces pull the saw out toward you, lower the saw down toward the board, and slowly push the saw back to make the cut. The rails run really smooth on this saw.

Changing the miter angle is simple, press down on the button in-front of the handle. The miter angle can go up to 60 deg on the right side and 50 deg on the left, that is pretty generous. The miter scale has convenient detents (the notches) for common angles. The small level on the side of the button will bypass the detents. Once the miter saw is turned to the angle that you want to set it at, simply press the handle down to lock it.

Adjusting the bevel angle is also easy, simply loosen the bevel lock knob and rotate to the angle desired and tighten up the knob.

The bevel angle will automatically stop at 45 deg, but there is a small lever that you can pull to continue rotating the head to 49 deg.

If you need the bevel angle to go in the other direction, there is another knob to pull out and it will pass through 0 deg and keep rotating.

Great Features

This miter saw is packed with handy features. The first is my favorite, the CUTLINE LED worklight. There is a switch on top of the saw to turn on a light that will cast a shadow of the blade onto your board so you can see exactly where it will cut. This feature works great on straight and angle cuts and makes it super easy to see where the cut will be made. (Remembering to turn the light off may be an issue ).

Another handy feature is the depth stop that will control how far down the saw blade will cut. The little thumb screw can be adjusted for the cut depth desired and it rests against the depth stop. Flip the depth stop out of the way to go back to normal cutting.

The cutting capacity is quite impressive:

In addition it is capable of cutting baseboard moldings held vertically 0.8″ thick by 6 3/4″ tall on a 45º right or left miter.

This saw also has some angle stops (pawls) built in for easy and repeatable bevel angle cuts on both the right and left side bevel.

The tall double fence system is very convenient and easy to use. There is a knob to loosen the screw and the upper fence will slide left and right.

dewalt, dws780, dual, bevel, compound

So far I really like using the DeWALT DWS780, it’s worked like a champ on some pretty complicated angles. But there’s always a few things that aren’t perfect.

Not So Great Features

The saw blade that is included isn’t the best for fine woodworking, brand new it will tear out wood on a cut. It is perfectly fine for general contracting, but I’ll be upgrading to a finer tooth blade.

The worktable is small, not that it’s been a problem.

The dust collection on this saw is much less than stellar. You can see how dusty it is around the saw in my pictures, and that is only from a few cuts. The dust is suppose to enter a small port, travel down a long tube into a small collection bag. I need to tinker around with a vacuum set up and see if I can get it to work better.

These few not so great features are very small compared to great features the saw has.

Who Will Benefit From This Tool

The DeWALT DWS780 miter saw is simple enough to operate that a beginning DIY’er will have no problem using it, but it has enough add-on features and convenience that the pro will love it. For those that are using the saw for cutting trim, molding and fine woodworking, I would consider upgrading the blade to 80T or 100T.


There is a reason why the DeWALT DWS780 12″ dual bevel sliding compound miter saw is top rated in miter saws. It is easy to use and a power horse. The cutting capabilities are impressive, 13 3/4″ wide cross cut, 50-60 deg miter angle cuts and up to 49 deg bevel angle cuts. It includes so many convenient features like CUTLINE LED light, depth stop, bevel angle stops, miter angle detents, tall fences and easy accuracy adjustments. If a miter saw is on your tool wish list, you can’t go wrong buying the DeWALT DWS780.

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Great Article, one thing I would add is to make a zero clearance insert for your miter saw. This helps reduce tear out and if you are like me and mainly use your saw primarily with no angle the insert will last a while. However, they are easy to make so if you need an angled cut and the gap gets larger it is easy to replace.

DeWALT dws780 mitre saw

DeWALT 12″ DWS780, DWS782, DWS779, DHS780 DHS790 EZ-Speedy Zero Clearance Left and Right Fence

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  • Increase product cutting support.
  • Reduce chipping.
  • Reduce kickback.
  • Reduced blade binding cutting small parts.
  • Made from lightweight stable heat treated 6061-T6 Plate.
  • Vinyl Protective film cover.

We also put a relief cut on the inside edges of the aluminum fence. This will allow you to change the angle of your saw while still being able to accurately hook your tape measure onto the fence edge. Enabling you to set up a miter cut as quickly and accurately as a 90-degree cut.

The two aluminum fence pieces come shipped with flat head bolts flange nuts.

For greater accuracy, efficiency and safety, we recommend pairing our Zero Clearance Fence with our Zero Clearance Table Insert.

Please note these fences were engineered to allow for zero clearance material support at the highest vertical cutting capacity which is achieved in what is commonly referred to as “Chop Mode”, therefore you cannot operate this specific saw in the slide mode without hitting the fences. If you desire the ability to use in the slide mode, you just slide the fences out of the way so that you don’t hit, or you can select a notched version below which will have the clearances needed to use your saw in the slide mode. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

DeWALT 12″ (DWS780, DWS782, DWS779, DHS780 DHS790) Zero Clearance Table Insert

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Made from High Density Polyethylene. Which makes it easy to make the initial cut and even more durable for daily commercial use.

  • Increase product cutting support.
  • Reduce chipping
  • Reduce kickback
  • Reduced blade binding cutting small parts.
  • Quick measurement of desired cut. Simply hook your tape measure into the insert and easily get an initial setting with your stop.

For a higher level of accuracy, efficiency and safety, we recommend pairing our Zero Clearance Miter Saw Plastic Insert with our Zero Clearance Fence.

EZ Speedy Fence System 5′. DeWALT Low LEFT or RIGHT

Includes one EZ Speedy Fence, one EZ Speedy Flip-Stop and one EZ Speedy Fence Table or two Roller Assemblies.

With 5 FT of material support, each EZ Speedy Fence can be assembled in either LEFT or RIGHT configuration as desired. Can be used for a variety of applications: Drill press, milling machine, chop saw, miter saw, radial arm saw, punch press, Band saw.

Made for the DW723, DWX723, and DWX724 DeWALT Miter Saw Stand, our EZ Speedy Fence slides right into the T-track and quickly locks down to the stand with our patent pending EZ Speedy Mounts.

The EZ Speedy Fence has multiple points of adjustment to set the height, depth, lateral position, and angle of the EZ Speedy Fence.

​Once the points of adjustment are set to your saw table, they are locked down so you can easily remove the EZ Speedy Fence from the DeWALT stand, put everything into your vehicle, and head out to the job site without losing your position.

EZ Speedy Flip-Stop w/ Calibrated Dial

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Increase your productivity with the redesigned EZ Speedy Flip Stop! Engineered for those craftsmen who wish to take their material cutting to the next level of tolerance and accuracy. Each line on the dial is calibrated to adjust cuts /- 0.0052″. Featuring an adjustable aluminum quick handle, which can be positioned so that it doesn’t interfere with anything while in use. Simply lift and reposition.

  • Can be assembled into a left or right side. flush with table, low, or high positioning.
  • American-made design to exceed demands of commercial manufacturing
  • Clear Zinc Plating finish for corrosion resistance
  • Stop Plate Dimension 1/4″ thick 2-3/4″ wide 2-5/8″ tall
  • Flip-Away action and quick-set clamping for speed
  • Multi position black powder coat aluminum locking handle.
  • Precise indexing for accuracy
  • 1 line (1/12 of a turn) equates to 0.0052″
  • Easy, repeatability with your cuts
  • One full turn = 1/16″

Purchasing one means you will receive a quantity of one!

Buy multiple and save time!

Multiple Flip-Stops will save you time by not having to break setups. Set multiple stops to different dimensions you will be required to cut.

EZ Speedy Dual Clip

We’ve re-invented the average clipboard! The EZ Speedy Dual Clip!

This clipboard design was born out of necessity to have a clipboard that fits into the t-track on our mobile miter saw base. We took it one step further and created a clipboard that has two different geometrically bent ends. One for inserting and one for hooking. The Dual Clip also has two clips so you can utilize both sides.

Hooks to anything and the opposite side allows you to insert into our EZ Speedy Fence System or any type of strut rail system. You can even set your tablet down on the dual clip. It can even work like a sturdy writing surface. Carry with you from jobsite to jobsite.

NEW DeWALT DWX724 Stand Drilled for Axle and Handle Kit

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This double-bevel sliding mitre saw is able to cut even large timbers. It features tough detents which allow you to select and adjust for your mitre angle and the saw helps you align the blade accurately by means of an XPS shadow line indicator. The saw also allows you to clamp your workpiece for additional stability.

The blades on this machine are maintained and changed by our workshop team. Materials that you can use on this machine: Solid timber, laminates such as MDF, plastics (e.g. pipes).

The Mitre Saw is accessible to all members who have passed an assessment for it and is one of the shared access woodwork machines.


All training/assessments are to ensure that you are using the machines safely and correctly, overall.

You will be taught how to turn the machines on/off, location of emergency stop, and all safety measures ground rules for each machine.

Things you will learn in this training:

If you already know how to use the machine, be sure to book an assessment before use. The assessments are put in place for everyone’s benefit, so our technicians can oversee that you will use the machines correctly, but most importantly, safely!

Technical Spec
Bevel Angle Range 49°. 0. 49°
Blade Diameter 305 mm
Bore Size 30 mm
Mitre Angle Range 50°. 0. 60°
Motor Power 1,675 W
Max Bevel Cut @ 45º W x H 345 mm x 44 mm or 268 mm x 63 mm
Max Compound Cut @ 45º W x H 212 mm x 76 mm
Max Crosscut @ 0º W x H 345 mm x 76 mm or 303 mm x 110 mm
Max Mitre Cut @ 45º W x H 244 mm x 76 mm or 211 mm x 112 mm

DWS779 vs DWS780 — Key Differences Between the Two Miter Saws

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dewalt, dws780, dual, bevel, compound

When you’re in the market for a new miter saw, it’s pretty easy to get confused by their similarities. Two models that are often confused are the DWS780 and DWS779. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to waste money on the lesser of the two.

dewalt, dws780, dual, bevel, compound

Thus, in this review, our experts compare DeWALT DWS779 vs DWS780 for you to know which of these two DeWALT miter saws is best for purchase.

DWS779 or DWS780?

This 15 amp motor product has an excellent guiding system in its XPS crosscut light technology. Apart from this XPS cross cut positioning system, it weighs nearly 20 pounds less than its counterpart.

In terms of pricing, the DWS779 with its 15 amp motor trumps its counterpart. It costs around a hundred dollars less, making it much more affordable.

This 15 amp motor product has an excellent guiding system in its XPS crosscut light technology. Apart from this XPS cross cut positioning system, it weighs nearly 20 pounds less than its counterpart.

In terms of pricing, the DWS779 with its 15 amp motor trumps its counterpart. It costs around a hundred dollars less, making it much more affordable.

Features of DWS779 and DWS780

Size and Weight

A tool’s size influences how well you can maneuver the tool while cutting through various materials. On the other hand, the weight affects how long you can conveniently use your tool. Apart from the general tool size, it would be best if you also were careful to note the carbide blade size difference.

Thankfully, there isn’t much of a difference regarding the blade sizes of DWS miter saw. They’re both twelve inches blade. Some other tools within the industry offer smaller or even larger blade sizes to suit different purposes. But, the DeWALT DWS779 vs. DWS780’s 12 inches model is just right to meet a wide variety of needs.

Both machines are made of stainless steel and aluminum with 3800 rpm motors. However, a major difference between these two saws comes in their weight. DWS779 weighs just around 70 pounds, which can be pretty heavy duty. It could become a burden while using it to work.

This puts the DWS779 model at a disadvantage against the DeWALT DWS780 model. The latter only weighs 56 pounds, which is about the same weight as a small bale of hay. While that isn’t exactly portable, other sliding miter saws can weigh as low as 28 pounds.

But, if we had to choose between carrying a 70-pound tool and a 56-pound one, we’ll likely choose the 56 pounds one since its 14 pounds difference is simply more convenient.

DWS779 and DWS780: Cutting System

When you’re making your own miter saw woodworking projects. you want your cut to be as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, you cannot exactly achieve the pinpoint accuracy cut you need by drawing a line on the wood with a pencil.

You will need a cutting alignment system for your woodworking projects to be more sophisticated. Before the XPS light / XPS system with its LED light, companies started adding laser light beams to their miter saws to deliver that sophistication level.

One such company is DeWALT, and they delivered that laser guide system with the DeWALT DWS779. While it handle works fairly well, it is hard to deny the obvious drawbacks of this cutting system compared to the XPS system, a crosscut alignment system with its LED light.

One of the major problems is that laser light beams function much better at night, unlike an XPS system. If you’re using it in a very well-lit area, the DeWALT DWS779 laser beam cut line will probably get lost in the surrounding (LED) light.

With all the noise and dust flying around, your senses could become too overwhelmed even properly to track the faint laser light beam for accuracy. Compared to the XPS system, In the end, you might get roughly cut wood. Apart from this, the laser diode isn’t directly tied to the cutting blade wrench. So, you might be off by as much as one-eighth of an inch when you cut, unlike in an XPS system.

Our experts found that none of these is much of an issue with the 780 models. This model uses a very bright XPS light/XPS system to cast a shadow line while you cut. This cutline blade positioning system contrasts dark versus bright led light for an adjustment free guide cutline.

Comparing the difference between DeWALT DWS779 vs. DWS780 and their cutting systems, 780 takes the lead with its XPS light/bright LED light and adjustment free cutline blade positioning system.

Miter Detent Plate

A miter detent plate is a mechanical device on a table miter saw. It is designed to lock a machine’s movement left or right until the user releases it. The miter detent plate purpose is to lock and ensure that you can make a clean, high-quality, accurate cuts angle with no hassle.

The 780 comes fully equipped in this area as it also includes a carbide blade, wrench, dust bag, a super efficient dust collection system, and material clamp that comes with a 3 year limited warranty. It has a cam lock that comes in a durable stainless steel miter detent plate. The two miter saws also come with a rail lock. It helps you to make vertical cutting more precise and easy.

The interesting thing about the product’s cam lock miter handle saw mechanism is that it has a cam lock miter button that is easy to use. This makes the handle significantly easier, the adjustment of angles left or right whenever you need to do so.

The DeWALT DWS779, on the other hand, has a double horizontal rail. This mechanism boasts an excellent clamping system. The most impressive thing about it is its linear ball bearings and 10 positive stops. They make the DWS779 miter saw cuts very accurately and efficiently.

Now, these two systems are wildly different in comparison to each other. However, their differences do not exactly make them inferior to the other. They work in different ways, but they still help to guarantee accurate angles while cutting as they both have 10 positive stops at 0, 22.5 degrees, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees, and 49 degrees. In this segment of both DWS models, none trumps the other.

Cutting Capacity of DWS779 and DWS780

The cutting capacity of a table miter saw is partly dependent on the size of the miter saw blades. For example, a 10-inch blade can spin very quickly because it is generally lighter and faster in speed than its larger counterparts. But, it wouldn’t necessarily be able to match the capacity of larger blades where your miter saw cuts sheet metals. While it might be sharp, it would hardly get the job done on the job site.

12 inches of blade diameter is generally more capable than smaller counterparts. 780’s exclusive back fence design cuts up to 2 X 14 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees. And 779’s back fence cuts up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2 x 12 at 45 degrees. Alongside the carbide blade size, the teeth per inch (TPI) are also essential in measuring cutting capacity. With the help of the dual bevel system, both miter capacity of 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left.

Its tall sliding fence supports, excellent back fence design, and the dented plate with cam lock ensure the effortless production of accurate and precise cuts design.

However, whether you’re looking at the blade size or the TPI, there is no difference in comparison between the DeWALT DWS779 vs. DWS780. They both have a 12-inch blade diameter and 60 degrees to the right TPIs, making this segment another tie.

Want know the difference between the cutting capacity of a miter saw and table saw? You can check our comparison of miter saw and table saw here.

Safety and Security

We cannot overstate the importance of your safety while you’re using electric tools like the DeWALT 780 and 779 models. Our team reiterates this because of the potential for major accidents to happen in the job site.

(Speaking of safety, are aware of the DeWALT miter saw recall? If not, check the important points here!)

Luckily, neither of these ignore safety precautions or accident factors [1]. DWS model can both be fastened properly to your sliding compound miter saw stand. That way, you’re at a much lower risk of hurting yourself while making smooth dual bevel cuts.

Also, both of the products has miter saw stand and come with blade guards. Blade guards are transparent plastic covers for the two saws blade. As you can imagine, its primary function is to shield the rotating disk blade. You are supposed to keep the saw blade guard on whether you’re using it or not.

The guard helps to keep direct accidents from happening while cutting. But, beyond that, it also helps to keep particles from flying across the room.

The transparent designed to provide to helps you to attain proper control over the cutting process. It also allows for comfortable visibility. Since these two products have a similar safety mechanisms, they tie here too.

To know your rights as a miter saw operator, you can check our page on the miter saw injuries legal and civil rights here.