Dimensions of the adapter for the power tiller with your own hands

What adapter designs are available?

With the help of this attachment you can greatly simplify the use of a power tiller. It serves as a connecting link between the machine itself and other functional elements: nozzles for planting and ploughing, ploughshares, plough By installing equipment you can maximally automate your gardening and horticultural works. For example, when using a special equipment with attachments you can increase the operating speed from 5 to 10 km / h.

There are several kinds of adapters. In general, the design is a cart attached to the back of the power tiller, equipped with a comfortable seat

Some models are equipped with a lever for lifting, which greatly simplifies control of the mechanism and movement of the machine on the site. Other adapters, in addition to agricultural work, can also be used for transport of goods. They are equipped with a special body. Depending on the functional value adapters may have short or long drawbars. Models with short drawbars are designed for light-duty tractors, and models with long drawbars are designed for heavier machines.

There are also models for sale with a telescopic drawbar, as well as those in which you can adjust the track width.

Adapters are fixed to a power tiller with a single enlarged coupling, which consists of two parts: the first part is necessary for attaching the equipment to the machine. And the second acts as an adjustable adapter between the equipment itself and its lifting mechanism. To increase the number of implements used at the same time the adapters are equipped with a double multipurpose coupling.

Adapter for power tiller with his own hands, sizes and drawings

Almost all owners of homestead plots need specialized equipment for their work. For the land plot it is necessary to constantly carry out care: loosen, plow, dip the beds. If you do it all by hand, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. Not everyone can cope with it, especially elderly people. That’s why power tillers were created, with the help of which it is quite easy to work the ground. But one nuance arises. the adapter, which is a special attachment and helps to cultivate the land. Such equipment would cost very much, so many people make an adapter to the tractor with their own hands.

Externally, the design of the adapter is a small frame with two wheels, foot platform, drawbar and seat for the operator. Equipping a single-axle tractor with such “updates”, you actually turn it into a mini-tractor. to work becomes much more convenient, faster and easier, and the ability to adjust the seat will make the work more comfortable.

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There are several varieties of adapters on a single-axle tractor. To buy or make your own version of the most suitable for you, you should familiarize yourself with all kinds of this equipment.

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According to the type of coupling adapters are divided into adapters with steering and movable joint. Depending on the location. on the front adapters and rear adapters.

dimensions, adapter, power, tiller, your

You can also classify adapters according to the purpose of use: with a long drawbar for large powerful power tillers, with a shortened drawbar for small lightweight machines.

Making the adapter to the Tillers with their hands!

Adapter with steering

This kind of adapter makes your snowmobile actually a complete and comfortable vehicle. The adapter is in close contact with the power tiller, securely connected to it. The wheels can be on the back or on the front of the construction.

Adapter with movable joint

This type of adapters has its own undeniable advantages. it is easier to produce, the angle of inclination relative to the tiller can be easily adjusted. Disadvantages are that it is a bit harder to control, the turning radius increases, and more effort is needed.

Front and rear adapter

Classification accordingly depending on where it is fastened. The choice according to this type of adapters depends purely on individual preferences of the vehicle owner and the works to be performed. For example, for plowing and cultivating, the front adapter is more suitable, because during these operations it is not necessary to constantly monitor the attached equipment. But during the dip of ridges the back adapter will be more appropriate, because it allows to comfortably follow the work process.

Adapter for power tiller types, sizes and designs

Any work that needs to be done on your own plot of land requires an investment of time and effort. This is the reason why many people buy special equipment for their areas, such as motor blocks. After all, with their help, you can perfectly help yourself on the plot in carrying out many works. But in this case must be equipped with an adapter for power tiller, without which it will be simply impossible to weed, hill the land or remove debris, snow. Yes, if you buy ready-made equipment in the store, it will cost a pretty penny. But after all, if you have imagination, desire and capable hands, you can always make an adapter to the tiller with your own hands!

Area of application

The adapter allows you to increase the efficiency of your power tiller: by changing the attachments you can fully mechanize the process of planting and tending potatoes; transport cargo, if you have a body; mow the grass, provide lawn mowing and digging ditches, pump water.

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Assembling the adapter, step by step

After the necessary drawings and dimensions of parts have been thought over, the material has been found and tools have been prepared, you can proceed directly to assembling the adapter.

  • A piece of square steel profile with a length of about 180 cm is welded perpendicularly to the metal profile with a length of about 60 cm. This is the section that will be the attachment for the wheels. The wheel stands should be at least 30 centimeters high.
  • Weld the struts to the main frame and wheel bushings.
  • The main frame dimensions will be about 40×40 cm, they can vary depending on the individual desires of the designer. A channel is welded to the rear edge of the frame Side tubes are fastened with reliable bolts.
  • Then the control lever is welded to the frame. To increase the steering effort, the lever may have one or more bends about 70-80 cm long. Bolt the elbows together.
  • You can use a 30-40 cm long tube as a support for the seat, which is firmly welded to the base frame.
  • Let’s weld an adapter to a power tiller.

We also suggest you read the video, which demonstrates different types of adapters and their features for power tillers of several well-known brands.

dimensions, adapter, power, tiller, your

General information about the tractor

the single-axle tractor can be operated separately, and it can also be attached to a wide variety of additional equipment, such as

Such devices allow you to significantly increase the possible range of work, which can cope with a single-axle tractor. In addition, you can use a mini-tractor as a means of transportation, if you prepare in advance a special block-adapter to it.

This device gives the opportunity to sit comfortably enough on the seat, which it is equipped, and then perform exactly the same work, but with incomparably greater degree of comfort. For example, you can buy an additional unit with steering control for a Neva power tiller in specialized stores, or you can make it yourself. Blago, there are enough drawing materials on the Internet, which greatly facilitates the assembly process.

The device

Regardless of the type, constructions always consist of the same parts. The difference is in their layout and size. It is necessary to understand well each element, so when you create a drawing or assembly to understand the details, to make everything safe and correct. Any mistakes result in either reduced reliability or the need to redo the assembly.

  • The frame, which bears all the load and on which all the other parts are placed, so strength is important. Can be rigid, or with a moveable joint in the middle. The second option is more complicated, but you can turn on a smaller space, the controllability is improved. A separate type. a full frame, where the frame is the engine and control unit, in which case you have to make mountings for the motor and transmission.
  • Wheel Assembly. There is no suspension, so it consists of bearings, which are mounted on a common axle or separate levers attached to the frame. Often the design is made adjustable, then you can quickly change the width of the track for different types of work. Wheels can be taken from any vehicle, the main thing is to choose the right size.
  • Steering mechanism. For variants with front location, can be different, but the easiest is to buy a ready-made rack and fix it in place. The second solution is a gear drive in a flexible joint, when two modules bend relative to each other on turns.
  • Seat. Use any variant you have on hand, or if you don’t have one, buy it at a salvage yard for a small price. To select for yourself, to mount on skids, so that it was possible to adjust the position for people of different height.
  • Foot pedestal. Here is also located and the pedal assembly, if available, also on this part mount the handbrake, which is used in rear adapters. Made of durable steel sheet with peoria, the feet will not slip on the surface.
  • The coupler connects the two parts of the structure. The easiest way is to buy a ready-made product, which is sold separately in the same place as the machines. It is desirable that the coupling device was movable in the vertical plane, then when driving on uneven ground wheels firmly cling to the ground and not rise on the bumps.
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In addition to the main parts in the design there may be additional parts, it all depends on the drawing. It is often supplemented with a toolbox, and it is most convenient to mount it behind the seat or under it, if there is space. The braking and steering systems are designed separately.

Almost all owners of homestead plots need specialized equipment for their work. A plot of land needs constant care: loosen, plow, dip the beds. If you do it all by hand, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort. Not everyone can do it, especially the elderly. That’s why power tillers were created, with the help of which it is quite easy to work the ground. But one nuance arises. the adapter, which is a special attachment and helps to cultivate the land. Such equipment would cost very much, so many people make an adapter to a power tiller with their own hands.