DIRM chainsaw setup Sturm. Carburetor adjustment algorithm

Overview of the lineup of the chainsaw of the brand Sturm. Technical characteristics and rules of use

Sturm chainsaws are produced at the enterprise that opened in our country in 2003. Over the fifteen years of its existence, Sturm has not only mastered, but also won the market, proving the competitiveness of its products. The company is available:

Sturm chainsaw is a portable garden tool intended for sawing wood, rolling trees cutting branches, etc. D. You can saw logs, boards, use it in construction and for fuel harvesting. STURM produces the following modifications of chain chainships:

  • STURM STEIN SS-109 V52 B/P.
  • Chain chainsaw “Sturm” GC99522b.
  • GCC GC9912 gasoline chain saw.
  • Sturm GC9938 chainsaw.
  • Sturm GC99451B chainsaw.
  • GC99452B chainsaw.
  • GC99468 chain gasoline saw “Sturm”.
  • Gasoline chain saw Sturm GC99372b.
  • Sturm 99374 chainsaw.
  • Basil Sturm GC99502.

Let’s talk about the features of the chainsaw “Sturm”:

  • affordable cost of a chain saw;
  • The teeth of the stain of the starter flywheel in some models are made of metal;
  • The chainsaws are equipped with the high.quality headset of the Oregon brand;
  • To pump up the mixture, a primer is used;
  • There is a light start system Ergo Start;
  • The manufacturer supplied the chainsaw with a high.quality carburetor;
  • The saws are perfectly balanced;
  • metal crankcase;
  • protection against random start;
  • The saw is equipped with a vibration damping system;
  • The circuit is lubricated automatically, there is an adjustment of oil supply;
  • the presence of a quick.removable air filter;
  • brake system;
  • The ignition system is protected from the harmful effects of temperatures.

Owners of equipment are often unhappy:

  • a chapel, who is constantly weakening;
  • plastic case;
  • an engine that does not immediately start;
  • poor fastening of the tire of the manual starter;
  • low.quality threaded joints.


STURM STEIN SS-109 V52 chainsaw

The weight of the chainsaw “Sturm Stein” 7.3 kg, the performance of a two.stroke carburetor power plant 4.89 liters. With. The ignition system is protected from temperatures, the universal carburetor is improved, the engine is launched from the inertial cable.

Ergo Start engine start. Carter is made of metal. The supply of lubrication to the circuit is automatic, the operator can adjust the necessary mode. For cutting, a saw tire 50 cm long is used.

Chain chainsaw “Sturm” GC99522b

The mass of the semi.professional saw 6.75 kg. Carburetor two.stroke engine provides a power of 4 liters. With. The launch of the motor from the manual starter, the procedure is simplified by the presence of a primer (pumping fuel into a carburetor) and a spring. Blocking button will not allow a saw to start by chance.

The lubricant of the chain mechanism is carried out in automatic mode, with the need for oil port, you can adjust it yourself. Anti.vibration system, circuit brake. operator security above all. The guide is used 45 cm long and the chain for 72 links.

You can find out more detailed information by reading the operating instructions.

GCC GC9912 gasoline chain saw

This is a household modification, its mass is 3.85 kg, and the performance of a gasoline engine is 1.6 liters. With. Launching a chainsaw from an inertial cable, there is also a lock button that does not allow you to make a saw accidentally.

Auto.deed of lubrication, adjustment, anti.wire protection and circuit brake. all these are operator safety indicators when working with a tool. The guide tire is used 30.5 cm and a chain for 44 links.

Sturm GC9938 chainsaw

This is a lightweight household modification weighing 5 kg. Two.stroke single.cylinder power plant provides a power of 2.31 liters. With. A saw starts using an inertial cable. Fuel pumping into the carburetor is carried out fuel pump.

The lubrication of the chain in automatic mode. Protection against vibration is provided. 40 cm tire is used. To strengthen security, the circuit brake is built.

The power of the engine is kW 1700 kW
Tire length 40 cm
Engine volume, cube.cm 38
Closer tension without a key Not
Speed 3100-8000 vol./min.
Fast start Not
Oil level indicator Not
Class Household
The volume of the fuel tank 296 l
The volume of the oil tank 180 l
The weight 5.9 kg
Package Box

Sturm GC99451B chainsaw

The mass of household chainsaw Sturm 6.1 kg. A single.cylinder two.stroke engine provides a power of 3.2 liters. With. When starting a manual starter, a light start system is triggered. There is a lock button from random gas pressing.

Swinging the fuel mixture is performed by fuel pump. The lubricant of the headset is automatic, the owner can adjust the supply of grease. The saw is equipped with a chain brake and anti.vibration system. The tire of 45 cm and the chain for 72 links are used.

GC99452B chainsaw

This is a semi.professional unit used both in construction, for logging, and for home use. The weight of the gasoline saw is 6.75 kg, the performance of a two.stroke engine 3.26 liters. With.

Manual starter, primer for pumping a mixture in a carburetor, a circuit brake, and vibration damping. all this does work with a chainsaw comfortable and safe. The guide has a size of 45.5 cm, the chain has 72 links.

Full information about the tool is provided in the operating instructions.

GC99468 chain gasoline saw “Sturm”

The mass of household chainsaw Sturm 5.7 kg. The housing houses a two.stroke engine with a power of 3.3 liters. With. Launching a manual engine from an inertial starter. The lock button will protect the owner from random gas pressing. Anti.vibration system will allow you to work for a longer time without fatigue.

The circuit brake will protect the operator from injuries. To facilitate the launch of the saw at any time of the year, a light start system is built, for pumping fuel, a pump is used. Directors are used 45.5 cm long complete with a chain for 72 links.

Gasoline chain saw Sturm GC99372b

This modification belongs to the household class of saws, the power of the two.stroke power plant is 2.6 liters. With. with a chainsaw weight 5.65 kg.

Starting manual, there is a primer for pumping a mixture into the carburetor, there is anti.vibration protection and brake system, gas blocking and automatic oil supply to the chain. Access to the filter simplified. Tires for 40 cm and a circuit for 57 links are installed.

Sturm 99374 chainsaw

Despite its compact dimensions, small weight (only 4 kg.) and relatively small power (2.4 liters. With.) This modification of the Sturm chainsaw is a professional tool designed for long.term operation and heavy loads.

How does the carburetor work on the chainsaw. we understand the fuel supply to the device

So, the device under consideration on a modern chainsaw has a simple principle of operation, which is based on a vacuum. Probably, when repairing a chainsaw, every sawmill has been asked himself the question of why there is no fuel pump on the unit. On such a small unit, there is simply nowhere to install the pump, and its fuel supply function is performed by the carburetor itself. To figure out how the chainsaw carburetor works, we will consider to begin with the features of the fuel supply to the mechanism.

It is interesting! Return to our Friendship chainsaw in which the gas tank is located above the motor. This design is made for a reason. After all, there is also no gas pump in the design of old chainsaws, only its role is the location of the gas tank over the carburetor and the engine in general. The fuel enters the carburetor by gravity through the fuelboard, and its overabundance is excluded due to the principle of operation of the float chamber, as mentioned above.

How is the supply of fuel in modern chainsaws with membrane carburetors? In modern chainsaws, the fuel supply to the carburetor occurs through a special membrane, which is indicated in the diagram below for number 4.

In the diagram, this membrane is indicated in the form of a dotted oval. Its movement occurs due to a pressure from pressure. A completely appropriate question arises of where this vacuum comes from. Consider in details, for which we will rely on the diagram below.

The fitting under number 1 is connected to the gas tank, which is located below the level of the carburetor location. Fuel by law of physics will not be able to enter the carburetor according to this scheme. It is for this that in the design of the device under consideration there is a fitting 2 (it can also be presented in the form of a hole, which depends on the model of the tool, however, the principle of operation of the carburetor of the chainsaw is identical). Through the fitting 2, the pressure carburetor occurs, the fence of which occurs through the channel from the KSHM camera (crooked-shaped mechanism). The diagram is shown in a black line.

From the CSHM chamber to the carburetor chamber through the fitting 2, alternating air supply under pressure occurs, the cyclicity of which depends on the speed of rotation of the crankshaft of the tool. That is why, before the start of the chainsaw, you need to initially do several movements by the starter without ignition (which drives the crankshaft) to download gasoline into the combustion chamber, and after that it is launched.

When creating a pressure from the pressure of the membrane 4, the opening and closing of the valve 3 occurs alternatingly. Fuel enters the carburetor chamber, and goes to the intake valve under number 5. Valve 5 opens depending on the pressure created, but no longer a membrane, but fuel itself. Further, the fuel comes through the filter element under number 6, and moves already in the purified form to the needle. The further scheme of the carburetor of the chainsaw is described in the next section.

The main malfunctions during the operation of gasoline saws

To proceed with the adjustments of the carburetor should only be made sure that the cause of the malfunctions in the work is due to a violation in its work. Therefore, the possible reasons for the malfunction of the gasoline engine should be analyzed. Table 1 shows the main malfunctions and causes, their occurrence in most models of gasoline tools.

Users note the main features in violation of carburetor settings:

  • The engine starts with great difficulty, or it is generally impossible to start.
  • During work, failures are observed when the throttle is pressed on the control lever.
  • The motor cannot develop the necessary power, with the full opening of the throttle, it is possible to stop.
  • Excessive smoke level, increased noise during operation, accompanied by shots in the intake tract.
  • Unstable work in different modes.
  • Low speed of the chain drive when setting on the mode of automatic maintenance of the work.
  • Increased gasoline consumption when performing work. The sign is very subjective, based on comparing indicators in different periods of operation.
  • Clogging of the inlet system when removing the air cleaner. It is possible to clog the material used for air cleaning.
  • Wear of the cylinder-piston group. Carburetor adjustments will give a temporary effect.

Attention! If dirt has got into the power system, then you will have to not only regulate it. There will be a need to flush individual nodes and details

The proposed video shows the option of the simplest purging of the inlet system:

When adjustment is required

The main signs of what the carburetor needs to be adjusted:

  • saw consumes a lot of fuel,
  • There are more exhausts,
  • The silencer, filter and fuel highway are quickly polluted,
  • The engine will not start for a long time,
  • Basil often stalls.

These problems are not necessarily related to the carburetor. Therefore, before starting adjustment, check the other elements of the chainsaw.

  • Fuel filter and hose. Remove dirt from the filter, make sure the integrity of the hose itself.
  • Air filter. Clean the dirt, check that the filter is not torn.
  • The spark plug without interruptions gives a spark, if this does not happen, replace the candle.
  • The engine crankcase is sealed. When sucking in air, the revolutions grow, and it will not work to adjust them.

If, after checking and eliminating these problems, the saw continues to work with interruptions, take up the calibration of the carburetor.

chainsaw, sturm, carburetor, adjustment

How to calibrate the carburetor

Carburetor contains three calibration screws. Each of them is indicated by the letter and is responsible for adjusting the specific parameter.

For configuration, you will need a screwdriver with a flat slot. We recommend using a tachometer to accurately determine the speed, otherwise you will have to configure the saw by ear.

At the Pilas of Husqvarna and some other manufacturers, adjustment is carried out by special keys that are difficult to find in free sale. Such carburetors should be tuned only by specialists of service centers.

First of all, it is necessary to warm up the engine, setting up on a cold engine is less accurate and will require the subsequent re.distribution. Therefore, before setting, run the saw for 5-10 minutes.

Hycles L and H are regulated by the ratio of air and fuel. The turning clock increases the amount of air in the mixture (impoverishes), against. increases the amount of fuel (enriches). With a strongly impaired mixture, the saw begins to whistle during work, the rewritten will be greatly smoke.

Lining the mixture at low speeds does not allow the saw engine, on high. causes power loss.

The gikler t controls engine speed. Turning clockwise increases the speed of rotation, against it reduces. At idle, the engine should work stably, and the chain on the tire should remain motionless. If it begins to rotate, you need to reduce the speed if the engine stalls at idle. increase them.

chainsaw, sturm, carburetor, adjustment

Carb Adjustment on The Chinese Chainsaw

Do not turn the screw at once more than a quarter turnover. After making changes, check the saw at idle. If everything is in order of result, test the saw in the case.

Adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor instruction

Setting up the chainsaw carburetor begins with the preparation procedure. The preparation is based on the implementation of such actions:

  • Check the air and fuel filter for the presence of contaminants, and if any, you need to clean these elements
  • Make sure the absence of damage to the membrane
  • The health of the needle valve
  • Lack of air leaks, which can occur due to the leaky oil seals, gaskets and seals

After making sure that the carburetor is working, you can adjust it yourself. You can restore the performance of the mechanism to factory settings, but it is not always necessary to do it. Instructions on how to adjust the carburetor on the stihl, Husqvarna, Makita chainsaws, Dolmar, Champion, Sadko and others, described below. Initially, we find out why each screw is intended for the device:

  • Screw h is the main nozzle that is responsible for setting the maximum number of tools of the tool
  • Screw l. a jackler of xx, which is needed to install low.speed.strokes
  • Screw la or s or t. an increase and decrease in the amount of mixture supplies to the cylinder

It is interesting! There are mechanisms on which there are two or even one adjusting screw called LD for air supply (on the Stihl 180 and 170 chainsaws). This is done in order to simplify the process of adjusting the gasopyle carburetor unprofessional.

Each type of stihl, Husqvarna, Makita, Dolmar, Partner instrument is an instruction that has a section where this process is described in detail. It will not hurt if before setting up, you will find instructions and read it before twisting the screws.

chainsaw, sturm, carburetor, adjustment

Preparations for setting up the gasopyle carburetor include the following manipulations:

  • DIY chainsaw installation on a flat surface. It is also recommended to fix the tool so that it does not move when exposed to screws on the screws
  • Direct the tire away from yourself
  • Ensure a safe distance for others, since adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw is carried out on a working engine
  • It is not necessary to extract a carburetor from the unit for its configuration

The process of setting up the chainsaw mechanism:

  • Warm up the engine, letting it work for 10 minutes
  • Find the location of the screw l and using the screwdriver we rotate it in one and the other. Upon rotation, an increase in revolutions will be observed (the engine will work louder) and a decrease (when rotating in the other direction)
  • We determine the optimal value of revolutions, which should be 1.5-2 thousand revolutions. It will be problematic to determine the newcomer by ear, so you can connect a tachometer. Details about the connection and use of the tachometer are described here
  • After choosing the optimal speed value, you need to turn the screw L to 1/8 or ¼ turn (indicated in the documentation for the unit) counterclockwise, and click on the accelerator button. If the engine responds instantly and evenly, that is, it gains speed quickly, then you can continue the procedure. If the failures are found, then the speed should be reduced, and again repeat the check by the accelerator
  • If after these manipulations the chain on the unit does not move, then you need to smoothly begin rotation of the screw t or s clockwise. Move the screw along the time of the clockwise you need to until the chain starts to move
  • As soon as the chain begins to move along the tire, you need to twist the t or s screw back to a quarter of turn
  • The chain must stop the chain. If it continues to move, then you should also twist the screw s. Ideally, the chain should not move at the idle speed of the unit
  • The motor with a configured carburetor should work evenly, and when you press the gas button, the speed should increase sharply. With uneven operation of the motor, you need to repeat the settings from the screw L, checking it for 1/8 turnover counterclockwise. After that, the process of moving the screw S is repeated, on which the adjustment of the gasopyle carburetor is completed

The regulation process is not finished on this, but the tool can already be checked in action. For beginners and inexperienced sawmills, it is recommended to complete the setting process on this. For a more accurate adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw, you need to set up maximum speeds. We proceed to setting the screw H for experienced sawmills:

  • Determine the enrichment of the mixture by exhaust. To do this, we develop the turnover to the maximum, and look at the nature of the exhaust. The presence of brutal smoke and a strong vibration of the tool indicate excessive enrichment of the mixture
  • A tachometer (if it is connected) will show a large number of revolutions. more declared in the characteristics
  • To reduce maximum speed, you need to move the screw h by several revolutions counterclockwise
  • The maximum revolution is re.conducted, and the process is repeated again if necessary

It is interesting! You can determine the depleted mixture by such signs as screaming of the motor, its rapid heating, interruptions in ignition and detonation. It is impossible to allow the depleted mixture, since it will lead to a rapid failure of the cylinder-piston group.

Make sure that the tool is correctly configured by the following signs:

  • The chain at idle does not move
  • The engine works like a four.stroke motor
  • When you press the gas handle, a quick response of the motor and a set of revolutions occurs
chainsaw, sturm, carburetor, adjustment

To make the most only possible setting, you will need to use the wired or wireless tachometer.

On the Stihl 170 and 180 chainsaw, the tuning process of the chainsaw carburetor looks somewhat simpler, since there is only one screw there. A detailed description of the process of regulating the carburetor on the Stihl MS180 chainsaw is shown in the video.

How to adjust the carburetor on a Chinese instrument

We will figure out how to properly adjust the carburetor on the Chinese chainsaw of different brands. The configuration principle is similar to the one that was described in the material above. First you need to inspect the tool, and identify the presence of adjusting screws. Usually screw t is located on top, and the screws l and h below. To access these screws, you do not always need to remove the protective cover or casing.

If there is a different number of screws on the Chinese chainsaw, then based on their number, you need to make an appropriate setting. The device and principle of operation of all chainsaws of different brands and manufacturers are approximately the same, therefore, problems will not arise with adjustment.

It is interesting! Electric engines are installed on the electric saws that do not need to use carburetors, so they do not need to perform settop manipulations on them.

It is always easy to do any even new job, if there is an instruction, so do not be afraid to take up the configuration. Even if you do something wrong, then turning to a specialist, he will surely indicate your mistakes. If you have difficulties with adjusting the chainsaw carburetor, then describe them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Specialists, masters and just amateurs, together with the founder of the portal, will help you understand this issue.

STIHL saws and partner

In the Stihl 250, 361 chainsaws, also a partner 351, 350 carburetor adjustment is carried out using screws by the proportions of gasoline and air. If you let them go, then a large part of the fuel will be added and therefore the revolutions will be the highest, in an unpleasant case opposite, they will fall.

The partner is adjusted with a screw in the chainsaws with a screw with a tank t, and the calm, usually it is necessary to find the labeling. Standard tuning of the chainsaw is carried out during finishing tests. In the main percentage of fuel in the working consistency, in the main option after such options, which does not correspond to good characteristics. But they need to be saved in the 1st hours of operation during the run-in the device. After that, the saw can be adjusted without the help of others, but it will work fine on industrial settings.

But if it is decided to regulate without the help of others, then the acts are required to be performed in such a sequence:

  • screw l;
  • Later, configure the jacket n;
  • Then run to tuning the idle pass using the screw T (if the chainsaw is stihl. la).

At first, the screw L needs to be twisted in both directions in order to find the highest frequency of motor speeds. If the point is found, then the same screw is scrolling on ¼, the little reducing the speed. If, with all this, the chain continues to move at idle, you need to immediately crank the screw T (la) until the circuit is completely stopped.

After the option of the highest revolutions with a screw N, you need to check the frequency by the tachometer. In this case, when it does not correspond to the indicated in the service book, the configuration must be repeated. When a lot of smoke from the exhaust pipe comes out at the greatest speeds, then the mixture is very rich in fuel, if the noise is heard and the engine is very heated, then on the contrary. the poor. Later it is necessary to adjust the idle speed. With proper tuning, an even sound of the motor at low speeds should be observed, with all this the chain should not move.

Carburetor adjustment of the Chinese chainsaw

Carburetors installed on Chinese.made saws are made similarly to European ones and have the same settings screws.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw passes through the algorithm presented above, and differs in that when primary setting up the screws (L) and (h), they must be turned into two turns. Further, the carburetors of the Chinese saw are regulated in exactly the same way as European.

About how to adjust the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw in just 3 steps, read here (very useful article). As an example, we recommend that you see an article about the adjustment of the carburetor on the Carver chainsaw.

How to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw?

To install the assembly, place the tool on a flat hard surface. It is best to adjust the chainsaw in a place protected from dust and moisture.

The process of setting up the node should look as follows:

  • First unscrew the fasteners and remove the protective part of the saw. This will allow you to inspect the carburetor and, if necessary, clean it;
  • Next, you need to remove the standard tool air filter. If the saw is equipped with an additional foam insert, it must also be removed;
  • Then you will need a screwdriver to tighten the b and l bolts clockwise until it stops. This should be done very carefully so as not to break the bolts;
  • Then both screws should be unscrewed by 1.5 turns in the opposite direction;
  • Then you need to start the chainsaw motor and let it work for about 7 minutes;
  • As soon as the engine cylinder warms up, you will need to start turning the Bolt Bolt until the engine starts to work at maximum speed. Immediately after this, the bolt should be turned on 1/4 turnover in the opposite direction;
  • Then you need to set up the engine at high speeds. To do this, connect the electronic tachometer to the engine and start turning the B Bolt until the indicators on the display of the devices coincide with the instructions for the recommended maximum speed in the instructions for the saw;
  • Finally, it remains to adjust the operation of internal combustion engines at idle. To do this, slowly turn the T-Bolt counterclockwise while the engine works stably and smoothly. If the engine begins to stop, turn the tpue t cl is clockwise.

To adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw, it is necessary to work as accurately as possible with adjusting bolts. Excessive tightening of the screws will increase the load on the engine and other important components of the garden tool.

How to wash the carburetor of a chainsaw?

It is best to use a tool that is sold in pressure cylinders to clean the site of severe dirt. A dispenser and a long thin tube are included with the cleaner, thanks to which you can spray the product in any inaccessible places.

Keep in mind that the carburetor on the chainsaw is cleaned using combustible chemicals. You need to work with them in a special protective mask and only in well.ventilated rooms.

To clean the carburetor on the chainsaw, the node will need to be partially disassembled. The throttle valve, adjusting screws, housing and other parts of the carburetor will need to be washed with a product from a bottle and set aside until it dries completely. When all the elements dry, the node can be assembled and installed back on the chainsaw.

Alexander Trofimenko, 33 years old, Chernihiv region

“Guys, I have a chainsaw 270. I have been working with her for two years, but for some time, trabes and breakdowns have begun. For a long time I could not understand what was the matter, then it turned out that the settings of the carburetor had flown. I took it off, dismantled it, cleaned, washed, collected, put up gaps, manually adjusted. Then he went to the neighbor, lent the tachometer from that and it turned out that he was mistaken at 1,500 revolutions. So hearing is good, and the device is better in such matters.””

Alexey Ivanov, 47 years old, Tver

“After winter, the chainsaws have become poorly started, the engine works unevenly. Changed the candle to Champion, flooded fresh fuel. it did not help a gram. I rackled my head for a long time, why this happens, then I realized. the whole reason is in the fuel supply. My carb was littered. I had to blow it up and adjust it for a new exhibit. I spent three days and two tanks of gasoline on this business. Maybe it’s funny for you, but I got the experience and I tuned my chainsaw. I will not get enough.””

Sergey Akimov, 51 years old, Primorsky Territory

“I’ll tell you my sad story. Why sad, and therefore you should not get into the factory adjustments idle if you do not understand anything about it. In short, I bought a chainsaw, started, works fine. everything is through. I decided to cut the oak, 50. 55 centimeters in diameter. And it seemed to me that the relics were not enough. Well, since there is not enough, then I need to add and I climbed to the screws. Twisted them, and the chainsaw works worse and works worse, and then did not start at all. Spent a bunch of nerves, time, and then money. Then they made adjustment in the workshop and consulted with their crooked hands no more to the screws not to touch. The log is not sawn.””

Adjusting the gasopyle carburetor

Most chainsaws have three adjusting screws on the carburetor. In order about each:

  • T.Cooper screw. The idle screw is responsible for the position of the throttle, when the gas handle is completely released. If the throttle is not open enough, then the engine will stall with a released handle since the damper will block the supply of the fuel mixture. In the event that the throttle is open to a large value, then the chain will rotate, which is strictly prohibited by safety precautions when working with a chainsaw.
  • L-vint of low speed adjustment. This screw regulates the amount of fuel in the fuel mixture when the chainsaw is operating at idle. If the amount of fuel is large, then the engine will stall under load, if the fuel is not enough, then as a result. overheating of the engine, bullying, and so on.
  • H-vint of high speed adjustment. Is responsible for the amount of fuel in the mixture when the chainsaw. If this adjustment is configured for a larger amount of fuel, then the engine works “unacceptable” and smokes, and if less, we get too high speeds and overheating.

Carburetor adjustment step by step

  • Check the condition of the air filter. Remove it or or clean it or change it. If the air filter is clogged with mud and sawdust, the work of the chainsaw will not be normal.
  • Check the condition of the muffler. It should be clean and non.attached. about cleaning the muffler here.
  • Before starting to adjust the carburetor, it is worth filling the fuel tank by at least half.
  • If the chainsaw is able to start, then she should let it work for a few minutes to warm up. If the adjustment is carried out “for cold”, then the mixture will be re.enriched after warming up.
  • It is necessary to start adjustment by adjusting the idle speed of. It is extremely desirable to have a tachometer, then we focus on 2700 revolutions/minute. If not, then we need to find the highest speed at idle. In this case, the chain should not rotate. If it still spins (a chain of course, not the Earth), then we achieve its stop by rotation of the screw t. The sound of the chainsaw should be like when listening to the file below. https: // Benzopilatut.ru/WP-Content/Uploads/2016/01/chainsaw-on-cold.WAV
  • We adjust high turnover- screw h. If we rotate it for a clock, then the turns will increase, and if you fall against the sentry. Twist it until the failures appear in the ignition. After that, turn it into about one fifth turnover. The sound of a chainsaw when working at maximum speeds should be the same as when listening to the file below. https: // Benzopilatut.ru/WP-Content/Uploads/2016/01/chainsaw-maximum turnover.WAV
  • We check how the chainsaw is gaining momentum. She should type them evenly and quickly. If the revolutions grow slowly, then we turn the screw L slightly.

If you still have questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев or better in the VK group.

Features of configuration of Chinese chainsaws

Chinese chainsaws, especially new models, may have some nuances of carburetor settings. Here are the main features:

  • To adjust the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw, you first need to set the idle mode so that the chain does not move along the tire;
  • A smoky exhaust may appear in average speeds, it is removed by turning the screw of the poor mixture;
  • You can not exceed the maximum number of roller rogues of the chainsaw (use a tachometer);
  • If you adjusted the carburetor on the Chinese chainsaw correctly, when discharging gas to a minimum, the device will not stall, and will also quickly develop speed.

Video about adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw

Video about adjusting and setting up a gasopyle carburetor

Carburetor adjustment

As we have already mentioned, the manufacturer sets quite accurate settings in which your chainsaw should work well. However, during operation, the wear of individual nodes and parts occurs, factory adjustments are violated.

The movement of any of the adjusting screws is not even a quarter of turnover, can lead to fairly unpleasant consequences.

Part 3 How to Tune Carburetor Husqvarna 235e Chainsaw

If you notice that the chainsaws are crashing, lost power, often stalls for no apparent reason: it’s time to adjust the carburetor.

Carburetor adjustment screws

The process of adjusting the Chinese chainsaw is carried out using manipulations with three screws: h (High), L (Low) and T. Screw t, depending on where and by whom your chainsaw is produced, may have a mark S or LA.

  • High: regulates the operation of the chainsaw at high speeds, is responsible for the work of the chief jail;
  • Low: is responsible for the operation of the engine at low speeds, is responsible for the idle nozzle;
  • T (s, la): through this screw, the optimal level of idle speed is adjusted;

Starting to adjust the carburetor, find the chainsaw passport with the table of the angle of rotation of the adjusting screws. Adjustment can be carried out with a special or ordinary flat screwdriver.

Step.by.step instructions for adjusting the carburetor:

  • Install a chainsaw in a well.lit room or in open space;
  • The next step depends on the chainsaw. On some models, adjustment can be done without removing the protective cover of the air filter. Other manufacturers close the screws with a casing that must be removed;
  • The main stage of adjustment is started by manipulations with screws h and l. Twist them all the way. Feeling resistance, unscrewing a half turn back;
  • Try to start the motor. If it does not start, achieve the desired result, turning the screw t clockwise, no more than ¼ turn;

Thus, we found the starting parameters to start adjusting.

  • Having launched the engine, let it warm up for 8-11 minutes;
  • Using the screw l, find the highest speed of the engine and unscrew the screw from this point by ¼ turn. In the presence of a tachometer, this operation is best carried out with its help;
  • The idle screw (T) achieve the normal operation of the chainsaw at idle;
  • Check the engine’s receipt, chase it in different modes;
  • If the breakdown could not be eliminated at home, then you will have to turn to experienced mechanics, which has not only knowledge, but also experience;

The process of adjusting the most common carburetors is given above, which are installed on Chinese.made chainsaws. The process of adjusting some branded chainsaws can be carried more insignificantly.

If possible, expensive devices should be repaired in specialized workshops.