Disk nozzle on a drill for metal cutting

Drill attachments for cutting metal, sharpening drills, grinding and polishing

Performing construction or repair work, it is often necessary to cut a metal workpiece. To do this, use special equipment in the form of a cutter, angle grinder or hand scissors for metal. However, it is not always available at hand. You can cope with the task by using the attachment to the drill for metal cutting, which will perform the cutting of the product of small thickness.

With a large selection of different accessories for the drill, this versatile device can replace many other tools

Drill bits and accessories

Many craftsmen are accustomed to using the drill for its direct purpose, namely, to drill holes. But not everyone knows that this tool can be turned into a multifunctional device, supplementing it with special attachments, devices and stands, which will make the drill versatile and indispensable in any work.

Attachments and tips for drilling at an angle will allow to make a hole where with a regular drill can not approach

With the help of special accessories for the drill, which you can buy at any specialized store at an affordable price, you can drill holes of all kinds of diameters, cutting, grinding, polishing, screwing, mixing and milling. There are also pumping nozzles, designed for pumping liquids. The chicken plucking attachment is indispensable in the household. With correct and competent application of additional attachments the result will not be of worse quality as with a special single-purpose attachment, but the cost of such a universal tool will be many times lower.

According to their purpose, all existing nozzles are divided into:

  • Drill jigs and bits;
  • scissor nozzles for cutting metal;
  • stops;
  • angle jigs;
  • Grinding nozzles and polishing nozzles;
  • milling tools for wood and metal;
  • sharpening jigs;
  • Feathering nozzles.

Pumping nozzle for your drill is used to pump and drain liquids, such as draining rain barrels and children’s pools

When working with any drill bit, it is necessary to follow the safety rules:

  • the accessory must be firmly fixed in the chuck of the tool;
  • the drill has to be held with both hands, especially for high-powered models;
  • Constantly adjusting the tool’s pressure;
  • wear personal protective equipment;
  • do not touch the drill for a few minutes after the work is finished in order to avoid burns.

Drill bits: purpose and classification of removable attachments

The use of removable accessories allows to turn an ordinary drill, designed for the formation of holes, into a universal tool. Accessories greatly expand its functionality, eliminating the need to buy specialized equipment. Even for the most ordinary drill, the choice of nozzles, presented in stores, is so extensive that there is not one, but even several classifications.

Today there is a huge variety of accessories for the drill

You can find nozzles on sale for a wide variety of tasks:

  • screwing fasteners;
  • sanding;
  • blending;
  • cutting;
  • milling;
  • drilling holes of various sizes;
  • polishing; t. д.

If you use the nozzle and drill properly, you can get almost the same quality of machining as you would with a highly specialized tool. These products are divided into the following categories according to their purpose:

  • stops;
  • sheet metal cutting attachments;
  • bits and jigs for drilling holes;
  • bits with an angled design;
  • accessories for sanding and polishing various surfaces;
  • cutters for metal and woodworking;
  • feathering nozzles;
  • jigs designed for sharpening, blending, and other tasks.

The main types of polishing and grinding attachments on the drill

Polishing and grinding nozzles are the largest category of removable accessories for drills. They all differ in material of manufacture, shape and purpose, although they are attached to the tool in the same way. There is a special cylindrical pin in every bit for this purpose. They are fastened in the chuck of the tool.

Polishing and sanding pads differ in purpose, shape and material

The most common types of polishing and grinding nozzles on the drill:

  • end bits;
  • disks;
  • cup ones;
  • fan;
  • platter;
  • drums;
  • polishing discs in the form of soft disks.

These are just the basic types of nozzles, there are other varieties of removable tools for grinding. Some of them have a special design that allows the processing of products with complex shapes.

Please note! When selecting removable accessories for the tool, it is necessary to take into account the requirements prescribed in the manual. For each type of accessory there is a certain speed (number of revolutions) and power of the drill.

Extended functionality is the main but not the only advantage of removable tools. Nozzles allow you to work on different surface finishes without costly special equipment.

Angled drill extensions for hard-to-reach places

Advantages of metal and wood drill bits compared to highly specialized tools:

  • Quality processing of hard-to-reach areas.
  • convenient working conditions for small parts.
  • Economical.
  • Many accessories can be made at home.
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Removable attachments also have disadvantages:

  • In general, the drill is not as comfortable to work with as a highly specialized tool.
  • Requires practice in grinding to achieve quality results.
  • Lower output level.
  • The tool needs constant adjustment of the rotational speed.

If the drill with a nozzle will be used to perform a small amount of work, then the listed disadvantages can be considered insignificant.

Types of drill bits for sanding wood and metal: classification by type of material

The scope of application of removable sanding tools is very extensive. With the help of drill bits for stripping metal you can remove old paint residue, rust marks and other contaminants from the surface. Such work is usually carried out in the preparatory stage before painting. Some attachments are used to deburr metal components after welding.

According to the type of material, polishing pads are: grinding stones, emery cloth, pads made of soft materials

Sanding tools can also be used:

  • For polishing metal, glass and plastic surfaces, as well as paint and varnish coatings;
  • edge treatment on glass;
  • sanding surfaces in hard-to-reach areas of workpieces
  • To remove burrs and other imperfections from the surface.

Three varieties of grinders and polishers are distinguished according to the type of material:

Sanding cloth is the most common material with abrasive properties, which is used for scraping and sanding surfaces. Such paper can have different grits and degrees of roughness, which allows you to choose the best option for roughing and finishing products. Wood sanding drills with sanding sheets can be used to polish surfaces.

The group of soft-touch attachments includes bits made of foam rubber, vinyl, felt, etc. п. They can be used successfully for removing corrosion and rust from surfaces, as well as for removing putty from walls and cleaning car bodywork from primer.

Sanding cloth attachments are ideal for polishing wood

Useful tip! The felt sanding pad polishes the paint finish on your car to a high gloss.

Grinding stones are a special type of abrasives, which is suitable not only for cleaning the surface, but also for removing various defects from it. These attachments can be used as drill bits for grinding metal, ceramics, concrete, and glass.

An overview of drill bits for sanding surfaces

Cup brush heads are made in the shape of a bowl, onto which the bristles are fixed. These attachments have a high degree of rigidity because their fibers are made of plastic or wire. Usually used as metal drill bits for removing corrosion, paint chips, stubborn dirt and slag from welding jobs.

Disc jigs are similar in design. However, in these drill bits, the brush faces out instead of forward. They should be used with great care. surfaces can be damaged if the procedure is not followed.

Disc-shaped drill bits are used for metal and woodworking

Disc jigs are made of resilient material. The edge of the product is flexible, so that the abrasive material can be brought to the machined surface at different angles, which allows you to grind even in the most inaccessible places.

The wheel of sandpaper is attached to the plate nozzles in different ways, and can be used for this purpose:

Drill fan tools look like a lady’s fan. In the center of the nozzle is a disc of small size. The sandpaper is mounted on it. And it is made not in the form of a solid cloth, but in the form of petals with an abrasive coating. The fan nozzle design is very movable. During use, it can change its shape, adapting to the relief of the surface to be treated. The fan nozzle can be used for machining:

Drill bit for cutting sheet metal: application area

The main purpose of such an accessory is the processing of metal workpieces, mostly sheet iron. The variety of options and types available on the market makes it possible, with proper practice, to make not only straight cuts, but also shaped cuts, which is essential when making a cut:

When choosing a specific type, it is necessary to determine the front of the future work. Circular hole cutting tools, which resemble a milling machine in principle, are available for sale. It is also possible to obtain devices for grinding metal, which is important when it is necessary to process edges or seams, especially after welding or cutting work, by using a nozzle.

All the models available on the market are subdivided into specific types according to their application. They come in:

  • for carrying out angular drilling;
  • performing grinding work;
  • for drilling;
  • those that allow for surface polishing;
  • used for sharpening;
  • used directly for cutting.

The difference of accessories to the power tool for metal cutting is not so much in the features of the functionality, but rather in the allowable thickness of the processed sheet, which must also be considered when choosing the best option.

Drill bits and accessories

Many craftsmen are used to using the drill for its direct purpose, namely, for drilling holes. But not everyone knows that this tool can be turned into a multifunctional device, supplementing it with special attachments, devices and stands, which will make the drill versatile and indispensable in any work.

Attachments and tools for drilling at an angle allow you to make a hole where a conventional drill cannot approach

With the help of special nozzles for the drill, which you can buy at any specialized store at an affordable price, you can perform drilling of holes of various diameters, cutting, grinding, polishing, twisting, mixing and milling. There is also a pump attachment on the drill, designed for pumping liquids. The attachment for plucking chickens is simply indispensable in the household. Correct and competent use of additional attachments will not result in worse quality, as with a special single-purpose attachment, but the cost of such a versatile tool will be many times lower.

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All existing nozzles are divided into the following categories:

  • accessories for drilling holes and core bits;
  • scissor bits for cutting metal;
  • stops;
  • angle jigs;
  • grinding and polishing nozzles;
  • accessories for milling wood and metal;
  • sharpening tools;
  • Feathering nozzles.

The drill pump attachment is used for pumping and pumping liquids, such as for draining water from rain barrels and children’s pools

When working with any drill bit attachment, safety precautions must be followed:

  • tools must be securely clamped in the tool chuck;
  • the drill must be held with both hands, which is especially important for powerful models;
  • constantly adjust the pressure of the tool;
  • work in personal protective equipment;
  • do not touch the drill for a few minutes after completing the work to avoid burns.

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Material used

Sanding pads are made from various materials. They must be chosen depending on the surface to be grinded and the work to be performed. For example, a hard stone head is needed for removing rust and paint, and a soft stone head for polishing.

  • Soft. They are used for removing primer and filler, rust spots, polishing and de-gritting. Thanks to the soft action during work, the metal is not heated and does not deteriorate, which increases the quality of sanding.
  • Sanding pad. The most popular attachment on the drill for sanding wood. Varies in grit and roughness, allowing it to be used for different types of work. from rough surface cleaning to finishing work on parts.
  • Sanding stones. These are special abrasive stones, more hard and durable. With their help you can remove defects from the surface. They are typically used for the preparation and smoothing of concrete, glass and ceramics.

When selecting, it is important to be guided not only by the material, but also by its hardness and grit size. For example, the felt can be used to polish the car.

When working, it is important to hold the sanding attachment on the wood drill correctly in relation to the surface. For example, if the plate nozzle will not be positioned at a right angle, then its edges will easily spoil the surface. To understand the principle of operation, it is worthwhile practicing holding the tool properly in advance.

  • The worker holds the drill in his hands and works like a normal tool. This is the simpler and more familiar method, but it has disadvantages. Holding a drill for a long time can be tiring. In addition, it is important to monitor its position and do not tilt. This way grind large surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling, large furniture, car.
  • The drill is fixed on the table stationary, and the object is brought to it. You can achieve a high quality of grinding in this way, but it can only be used on small objects that you can hold in your hands.

Advantages and review of wood and metal cutting bits on the drill

Metal or wood cutting attachments are used when there is no other way to perform the procedure. In addition, they will be useful if the heating of the sheet material during cutting is undesirable.

Wood and metal cutting accessories perform their functions quickly and accurately

  • High quality cut.
  • Any shape of holes in the material.
  • No need to purchase consumables (discs on angle grinder).
  • Simple system of use.
  • Some attachments can cut plastic sheet of a specific thickness.
  • If a cordless drill is used for work, the tool becomes mobile. It is independent of mains power and can be used in the field.
  • Low weight.

An overview of our sheet metal cutting bits for angle grinders

Three kinds of fastener bits are used for cutting metal sheets: the “cricket bit”, “scissors” and “beaver”. Each of them has its own characteristics, structure and is designed for cutting material of a certain thickness.

When using the “Scissors” attachment on the drill, the rotation of the chuck on the tool is converted into reciprocating movements. As a result, a special die knocks out a strip in the metal and separates the material. This line has a thickness of 3.1 mm. With this method of cutting the sheets the cut is obtained qualitatively and evenly. The scissor cutter head does away with or minimises reworking of the edges on the metal.

The “Cricket” bit is able to cut not only sheet metal, but is also suitable for plastic

The attachment “Beaver” works in a similar way, but with its help, you can do both straight and curved cuts, the minimum radius of which is 12 mm.

The drill bit “Cricket” can be considered a universal attachment, because it can be used to cut not only metal sheets, but also plastic ones. In some cases it can be used for cutting profiles. The unit is equipped with two cutting heads for a perfectly even cut.

Table showing restrictions on material thickness machining:

Type of Material Recommended thickness, mm
“Notching scissors”
Stainless steel up to 0.8
Brass and copper Up to 1.5
Aluminum up to 2
Stainless steel up to 1.2
Steel up to 1.5
Aluminium up to 2
Plastic up to 2
Stainless steel up to 1.3
Steel up to 1,8
Aluminum up to 2

Please note! In order to effectively cut metal with the scissor bit, the power of the drill must be at least 2700 rpm. Recommended rpm for the “Cricket” attachment is 1500-3000 rpm (depending on material) and at least 1500 rpm for the “Beaver” attachment.

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Characteristics and application of angle drill bits

In the category of angular bits on the drill can include several varieties of removable devices to perform various operations. Some handpieces are designed to create holes in places where a tool with an ordinary drill cannot reach. There are nozzles with adjustable and stationary angle. In the second case, the tool is rotated 90° and locked in that position.

Angular attachments can also be used as limiters. In essence, the bit performs two functions at the same time: it limits the depth of the hole being drilled, and ensures that the drill position is correct, resulting in an accurate angle.

Drill bit corners can be fixed or adjustable

In addition, you can find on sale electric screwdriver attachment to the drill. It has a more complex structure than the usual variant. These devices allow fasteners (screws) to be driven at different angles.

Important! The screwing bit can only be used with tool models which have a lower speed option.

Angle-type nozzles are usually sold as kits, which include tips of different diameters. Thanks to this it is possible to install screws and self-tapping screws of different sizes. In rare cases, there are removable attachments that allow you to turn an electric drill into a grinder with an angular design.

Mixer and vibrator for concrete: drill attachments for construction

Construction of monolithic walls and foundations has its own peculiarities. High-quality results can only be achieved if there are no voids when paving concrete. For this purpose, special mechanisms are used, called vibrators or compactors. There are many varieties of these devices, which differ in principle of operation (method of vibration transmission) and type of drive.

Attachments to the drill in the form of a mixer are used to mix mortars with different densities

Vibrator attachments on the drill or peorator belong to the category of portable or hand-held devices, which are connected to the power tool. The design of concrete compactors includes the following components:

the vibrator tip generates high-frequency mechanical waves and transmits them to the concrete mix. The design of the vibrator or vibrating hammer may vary, but their purpose is the same. The tip is connected to the motor of an electric drill by means of a drive, which can be metal or flexible, short or long. Flexible products reach an outside diameter of 1.5 to 3.5 cm and their length varies from 0.5 to 15 m.

  • Excess air and moisture are removed from the concrete mixture;
  • increases the quality and strength of concrete by eliminating voids;
  • the molds are filled evenly;
  • the mixture becomes homogeneous and fluid;
  • the curing period is shortened;
  • considerably extends the service life of the finished building.

The vibrator attachment can be used to remove excess air from the concrete mix

In construction, they also use mixer drills designed to mix mortars of varying degrees of density, such as concrete, paint, or wallpaper glue.

Note! The configuration of the detachable device is chosen according to the consistency of the mortar, otherwise the mixture will not be homogeneous.

Which drill is the right one for this attachment?

The paint stripper is simple and practical: it is compatible with most models of modern power tools (Russian and foreign). To treat old surfaces more effectively, it is recommended to use a drill:

  • With reverse, which will help to adjust to different conditions;
  • designed for continuous operation, including vibration;
  • Having a step or infinitely variable speed control.

Such a power tool will help to process the walls much faster and easier, without expending a lot of effort.

  • The rest of the disk of an angle grinder.
  • Bolt.
  • One washer sized to the inner diameter of the disc bore of the angle grinder.
  • Two washers with a diameter larger than the inside diameter of the angle grinder’s disk hole.

Making a cutting nozzle

Unscrew the disc. As you can see it should not be completely ground. If you do not have an angle grinder. Ask your neighbor or a nearby workshop, they still throw out such discs.

Put the large washer on the bolt. It does not have to be rectangular. Since it is hard to find large diameter washers, I used what I had on hand. The outside diameter of the washer must be larger than the attachment hole of the disk.

Then put the disk on the bolt. To make it stand strictly in the center, set the washer with a diameter approximately equal to the diameter of the mounting hole of the disk.

It cuts perfectly. Sparks, as when working with an angle grinder, no, because the speed of the drill compared to the angle grinder is very low.

Of course, in no case should you neglect safety while working. at least wear eye protection. Cutting tools have not become less dangerous because of the low speed and all protection requirements must be strictly observed.With this attachment you can clean the metal surface from paint or rust, cut the pipe in a hard-to-reach place, and much more. It’s a useful tool, make one for yourself. you will not regret it.