DIY adapter for a walk-behind tractor with a steering wheel

How to make an adapter for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands?

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Power Barrow for walk-behnd tractor (2nd-generation type)

A home-made adapter for a walk-behind tractor will not require special financial and material costs or specific knowledge from you. It will be enough to think about drawings and sizes, acquire some materials and the corresponding set of tools.

The minimum required accessories for self-assembly of the adapter to the walk-behind tractor is as follows:

  • Metal corners;
  • Metal profile square;
  • 2 wheels of suitable size;
  • welding;
  • dense metal sheets (for support for feet);
  • Small hand tool (screwdriver, saw, roulette and t. D.).

The general idea of ​​how the adapter should look like, we already led at the beginning of the article. Now more about the rest of the main elements of its design.

  • Frame. The main component of the future equipment. The design of some adapters provides for a combination with a motor-block one-piece, but such an adapter requires the restructuring and the motor-block itself (it will take a new station for the engine).
  • Suspension.
  • hitch. Provides stability and reliability of the entire structure. The type of hitch must be taken into account depending on the type of adapter. If the adapter is with a steering wheel, the hitch must be rigid. With a movable joint, the hitch must be swivel, on a horizontal hinge.
  • seat. A finished product is created or selected based on the preferences of the designer.
  • Control system. Appropriate in the presence of a rigid hitch. You can also make your own or buy.

The drawings below show in detail the dimensions of the adapter structure, as well as its main connecting nodes.

What is an adapter for the MTZ 09n walk-behind tractor

The adapter for the MTZ 09n walk-behind tractor is a design with 2 wheels. It must be connected to a walk-behind tractor (front or rear connection), and you get a transport that resembles an ATV. But in essence, you get a miniature, but quite functional tractor that will cope with a wide range of tasks.

Whatever the design of the adapter for the MTZ 09n walk-behind tractor, it has a seat. Thus, after connecting an additional module, you will be able to control the walk-behind tractor while sitting, and you no longer have to drag it using your own physical strength.

Advantages and disadvantages

The adapter steering of the walk-behind tractor is convenient because:

  • eliminates the need to walk behind motor vehicles;
  • there is a full realization of the traction potential of the walk-behind tractor;
  • the functionality of agricultural equipment increases;
  • transportation of the unit to a specific processing site is simplified;
  • management is facilitated. no more operator effort is required;
  • the structure can be disassembled if necessary;
  • sufficient balance is achieved in all axes.
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The disadvantages include an increase in fuel consumption, which, after rework, takes one and a half times more. However, these losses are justified by the ease of management and saving the enormous amount of time that the gardener spends when working with the land.

We make a front adapter for a single-axle tractor with our own hands

How to make a steering adapter for a walk-behind tractor? The type of construction in which the steering wheel is provided must have a rigid fixation. The steering gear is performed as a separate independent unit. A pair of wheels and an axle that serves as a steering gear are installed in the front and rear. Places of fixation are selected based on individual characteristics. The location of the steering mechanism depends on the type of spare parts. When assembling, it is recommended to perform exactly such an improved model.

A motor cultivator with steering has many positive qualities:

  • The operator will not spend the forces when moving behind the unit;
  • The technique has maneuverability and increased functionality;
  • traction force is realized at 100%;
  • On the fiberboard can be reached before the workplace, without the use of additional equipment;
  • ease of operation compared to other options.

Description of adapter for motoblock

The adapter is a special module for moving on a walk-behind tractor. With it, you will be able to operate the unit in a sitting position and at the same time cultivate the land. For example, the adapter for the MTZ walk-behind tractor has steering. It is quite possible to do it yourself. One of the sections of the article below is devoted to how this can be done. In the meantime, let’s talk about the appointment of this attachment.

With the help of the adapter, you can significantly simplify the use of this home appliance. You will get the opportunity to change nozzles for hilling or planting potatoes, flat cutter, plow and other devices. The adapter also speeds up absolutely any garden work. In other words, if you apply such a device in practice, the speed of working forces will increase from 5 to 10-11 km / h.

Necessary tools and materials

With your own hands and even without outside help, you can make a manual adapter or a dump truck adapter. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to determine the type of additional equipment. The next stage is drawings. You can use ready-made ones, based on the instructions for walk-behind tractors of the same brand, but already sold with adapters, or you can create it yourself. Making drawings with their own hands, careful attention should be paid to the main elements:

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When the scheme is ready, it is necessary to take care of the presence of the following tools at hand:

  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • sanding machine;
  • two wheels with an axle;
  • lathe;
  • ready-made chair of a suitable size;
  • Metal profile for frame;
  • steel corner and beams;
  • fasteners;
  • bolts, self-tapping screws;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • control levers;
  • a circle of steel with special holes. the basis for adhesion;
  • bearings;
  • Funds for lubrication and primer finished design.

All necessary materials and tools can be purchased at the nearest economic store. If there is no chair that fits the size, you need to purchase a frame, upholstery and base for the seat, and subsequently make it yourself. All that is needed is to tightly lay the padding or filler on the frame, fix the upholstery on top with a stapler. Or you can buy a ready-made plastic seat at a hardware store. After the preparatory work is completed, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of the adapter itself.

Motoblock device

By its design, the 4 × 4 adapter, which is designed for the Neva walk-behind tractor, is a rather simple device. It includes several fundamental parts:

  • frame structure on which other accessories can be installed;
  • driver’s seat;
  • wheelbase, including wheel axle;
  • motor block connection mechanism, including.

In other words, the adapter is an ordinary trolley with a seat that is connected to a walk-behind tractor.

Motoblocks come in different brands and designs. The Russian user knows, for example: Caiman, Foreman, VIKING, Crosser, Texas, Patriot and others. After hitching the walk-behind tractor and the adapter, the resulting device can be compared in functionality with a mini-tractor, however, such a comparison is somewhat arbitrary, since the power will remain the same, because the engine still remains alone, and it is from the walk-behind tractor.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the positives:

  • If the hitch is movable, then the stability will be worse (the design can turn it over);
  • sedentary work leads to characteristic diseases of operators;
  • if you need to uncouple a single-axle tractor and an adapter, then this process will not be fast.

Adapter to Motoblock Neva

How to assemble a motoblock adapter with your own hands

You can perform a simpler and complicated design. Below will be both of these options.

Assembling a simple version of the adapter for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands

For its manufacture, you will need:

  • rectangular pipes;
  • wheels;
  • Schweller 0 40 cm long;
  • Coupling knot;
  • welding machine;
  • bearings;
  • fastening bolts;
  • Sitting.

Before starting work, you need to create a drawing. You can take advantage of ready-made schemes or make them yourself.

After that, start working. First cut the pipe on sections with dimensions of 1.7 and 0.5 m. The end of the short pipe is welded to a long one, and strictly perpendicular to. It will be the basis for fastening wheeled racks. Immediately make markers for 30 cm, denoting the height of the racks from the axis.

Then the wheels are attached to the bushings that can be used from the old garden trolley. Bearings are first attached to the bushings, after which, by means of welding, the braces are welded onto the central tube of the bushing.

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Frames are made in dimensions of 40×40 cm, but if necessary, these dimensions are reduced or increased. To the rear end of the frame with welding, a channel is attached, and the side pipes connect with each other bolts. Also, a lever is installed on the frame. To increase the adjustment force, an additional lever 75 cm long is installed.

Quite often, coupling units are purchased in stores. But it should be noted that this element must be of high quality. Therefore, if you plan to make it with your own hands, I need to pay special attention to quality.

The seat is attached to a metal support, which is pre-welded to the frame base, t. e. central pipe.

Assembling a complicated version of the adapter for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands

To make such an adapter for a walk-behind tractor, you will need:

  • steel pipes;
  • Sheet steel;
  • seat;
  • corners;
  • pair of wheels;
  • welding machine.

Such an adapter for a walk-behind tractor will be more functional. The assembled equipment can not only cultivate the land, but also be used to transport goods. Additionally, harrows, plows, hillers, etc. D. And in winter, a single-axle tractor can be equipped with a snow scraper.

This design consists of the following elements:

Before starting work, a kinematic diagram is created. This is necessary in order to correctly calculate all loads. You can also use ready-made drawings.

When making a frame, do not forget to install a fork with a sleeve, which are necessary for the free rotation of the trailer. Steel sheet needed for body. The coupling assembly looks like this: an iron pin 15 cm in size is inserted into the aperture of the drawbar, shaped like the letter “P”. However, it should be noted that this option wears out quickly, because due to the regular rotation of the trailer, the coupling holes become unusable very quickly. In this case, it is necessary to lengthen the U-like chain.

The seat is fixed at a distance of 80 cm from the front end of the frame. This process is carried out using bolts.

Thus, making a homemade adapter for a walk-behind tractor is not so difficult. Therefore, there is no need to buy expensive equipment when you can do it yourself. All items can be bought at the store or found in the shed at your summer cottage. A properly created design will allow summer residents to greatly facilitate their hard physical work.