DIY circular sawing table

DIY construction

After preparing the sketch of the structure (with the dimensions affixed) and purchasing the required materials, you can start working. You should start by making a frame under the countertop. It can be made from a shaped tube. Having a welding machine and an angle grinder on the farm, it is not at all difficult to do this.

  • The necessary pipe sections are cut.
  • Sidewalls are welded.
  • Four pieces connecting the sidewalls are welded.
  • All welding and sawing points are processed with a grinding wheel.
  • Adjusting screws are attached to the ends of the legs, allowing you to set the table on a not very flat surface.

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Metal frame under the table top

Deciding on the design and construction

The simplest version of a circular table is a structure made of fairly thick plywood and boards

The base can be made of wood or metal. For the countertop, leafy tree species are chosen. A special hole for the disc should be made in it. The key property of the created table should be convenience.

Circular machine bed

Care should be taken to ensure its stability. Any loosening is unacceptable, otherwise it will negatively affect safety. The countertop should have the most flat surface. Then the likelihood of injury during work will be reduced.

A circular saw table requires the presence of guides

The structure can be supplemented with a special riving knife. He can be filmed. It is equipped with a special disc protection that allows it to get rid of the chips flying into the working.

Circular table guide carriage

Some remove the factory cover and change the factory platform to a homemade one. If you are not going to cut at an angle, you can remove the parts that adjust the inclination of the blade.

Advantages of a homemade circular saw table

After the work done, the tabletop is turned over and the markings are applied on the inside to deepen under the sole of the circular. Recesses are created with a milling cutter. The saw is installed in a homemade table, carefully fastened and tested for strength.

When making a table for a circular saw with your own hands, do not forget about the stiffeners. They significantly strengthen the structure, especially in conjunction with self-tapping screws.

The legs for the hand circular are attached last. The dimensions, as well as the height, depend on the master, the main thing is to properly fix them on bolts and self-tapping screws. They need to be set slightly off guard, and to control the strength with the help of all the same stiffeners.

for the popular range of circular saws

Important! For home workshops, devices with a power of about 1 kW are usually sufficient. Before purchasing a model, this point is important to consider, since the overpayment for the saw itself and for the electricity it consumes, as a rule, is not justified by the need.

The choice of modification, taking into account the purpose

When choosing discs for a tool, you need to pay attention to their technical parameters.

Homemade Workstation using Circular Saw as Table Saw

  • Sharpening angle of teeth. Soft materials are sawn with discs that have teeth inclined in the direction of rotation of the disc. Negative angle models are required for metal cutting.
  • Number of teeth. For cutting various materials, you should select blades with a different number of teeth: for soft. models with a large number of teeth, for hard. with a small number. For example, for wood, the minimum number of teeth is 24.
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The marking of the discs includes data on its diameter and the size of the seat

To use the circular saw for a long period of time, it is important that it is not too heavy, is ergonomic, and that the blades are well sharpened. Holding the unit in your hand for a long time is not at all easy. Operator fatigue can result in poor sawing performance. Therefore, many craftsmen working with saws practice installing them on a table.

Circular saws are often placed on a table

The idea of ​​such a device is to fix the saw body under the table top so that only one saw blade is above the table. The workpiece moves along the table top and is sawn with a rotating disc. Such a stationary device greatly facilitates work and allows continuous work without loss of quality and quickly. Manufacturers offer a large number of saw models placed on tables. Self-fabrication of the structure allows you not only to save money, but also to get the unit at your disposal in accordance with your own requirements.

Making a circular saw table is easy

Working with electronics

It is quite simple to make a table for a circular with your own hands with standard drawings, but you definitely need to take care of the power supply. If the master is well versed in electronics, then the best option would be to shunt the start and stop buttons, and fix them in a convenient place. A more simplified option is to pull the saw start button and turn it on with the power cord. But this method is not very safe, since in an emergency, the equipment will not be able to turn off automatically.

Do-it-yourself sawing table from a hand-held circular saw

Homemade do-it-yourself sawing table, photo and detailed description are attached.

So I decided to make a cheap and practical sawing table from a circular hand saw.
I bought laminated chipboard (yes, it is not right to do such things from chipboard, but the reality is that I did not find moisture-resistant plywood, and I must admit that I never saw it in my eyes in Minsk).
Took two pieces 600 x 800 x 16 mm and 300 x 800 x 16 mm.
I bought an aluminum corner 20 x 40 x 2000 mm and a channel 10 x 10 x 2000 mm.
Took 40 confirmations, two metal rulers of 500 mm each.

Started to work.
The base will be a 600 x 800 mm slab. Slab 300 x 800 mm, dismantled on lamellas 50 x 800 mm.
Made of them edging. which added rigidity. Collected everything using Kleiberit PUR 501.

I milled the cavity for the channel and glued it to the Soudal Fix All Classic. It is a pity that the channel is ten. and not 15. well, what is. I will find it, maybe I will redo it. Then I milled the tracks under the ruler.

I cut the rulers to size, positioned them exactly on the disk and glued them to Soudal in the same way.

Then I took up the parallel emphasis.
Once again, every time there was no desire to squeeze a piece of a stick with clamps, and I decided to focus on the similarity of factory sawing machines. Base aluminum corner 20 x 40 mm.
His rigidity is not particularly strong, so he strengthened it with a wooden plank, gluing them together with fix all.
A 20 x 20 mm corner was riveted to the back of the guide. This will already allow the fence to be positioned perpendicular to the table.
But I decided to get confused with the mount.
To realize the idea, a piece of aluminum was needed.

Where can I get a piece of aluminum? Saw off from the disc.

I took an unnecessary clamp. borrowed the parts I needed from it.

I cut a thread in a blank.

Rip fence married with a two-bolt clamp with anaerobic glue.

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It turned out very convenient. not much worse than the factory quick-release stops. Then there are little things. installation of an outlet, wiring, switch. The button in the saw is locked.

All this works in conjunction with an auto-start vacuum cleaner. I forgot to photograph the broach carriage. but everything is clear there.
The circular is now based on the 160th disc. this is certainly not enough.
At the moment, the cutting thickness is 37 mm.

Probably, in a month I will buy and install another circular. based on 210 or 235 discs.
It will definitely be a circular with a riving knife.
If I put a circular with a 210-235 disc, then I will definitely assemble a soft start module for the saw.

Of course, such a sawing table made from a hand-held circular saw is an economical option. the need compels. And it does not completely replace the factory product. especially when it comes to sawing at angles.
There are two positions on my desk. at 90 and 45 degrees. This is usually enough.
Excluding the circular saw that was on the farm. the cost of all materials (without glue) was 30. even taking into account the saw for the 235th disc, the cost of such a machine will not exceed 160. which is exactly half the price of a factory table like Bosch or Makita.

Circular table

A table for a hand-held circular saw with a slot in the center is sometimes reworked from a regular kitchen or assembled from beams or metal profiles. Experts strongly recommend covering a table for a circular saw with a sheet of galvanized metal, since an uncoated base is threatened with abrasion in the center from constant friction of lumber, which in turn will negatively affect the quality of the cut, and the depth of cut will be uneven. It is better to make the cross braces that strengthen the sawing table from a steel angle of 60. 80 mm with a horizontal segment outward in order to simplify the installation of the side limiter. A homemade table on which a circular saw from a circular saw will be installed must be strong and stable, and it must also be securely fixed in a stationary position.

The world’s simplest sawing machine!

At the very end of the video, I’m playing the FlexCut knife! Of course, I have a good sawing machine, I need.

Manual device from an angle grinder

If the farm has an “angle grinder”, then there is no better device for a hand-held circular saw. Not sure how to make a mini circular saw at home from such a popular tool? Do not despair, because its manufacture means only providing a sliding stop and an axial handle to an existing unit. The sliding stop includes in its design two pieces of a metal corner of a small section, located on both sides of the saw blade. With the help of bolts and nuts, the corners are connected from the front and rear sides with a transverse bundle, and the technological gap between the sidewalls of the thrust structure and the working element will be provided with washers.

It is necessary to put on a metal band clamp on the angle grinder so that its screw tie is located at the bottom, and a strip of galvanized metal with a hole for a sliding stop folded in half is fixed to it. In principle, a special clamp with a stand can be made as a whole, but in this case, the thickness of the metal strip, ideally, will be at least one and a half millimeters. Further, in the gear case of the future circular, you will have to make a couple of holes for the bolts, for which it is disassembled, and the drilling points are determined. Through the holes made, an axial handle for a circular saw assembled from an angle grinder is attached, since the existing handle will not allow for a high-quality cut, even if the master has remarkable physical strength.

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The axial handle, which will be supplied with a circular from an angle grinder, is made from a metal rod or tube. The design in shape can be a transverse bracket or a kind of horn. The ends of the metal part, with which the handle is attached to the gearbox, are provided with holes for fasteners. There is one important point here: the ends cannot be riveted in order to exclude the deflection of the handle during the work of the circular, assembled by hand. It is also necessary to make an adjusting bar from a piece of metal rod (4. 6 mm), for which we bend one end into a loop, rivet a little and form a hole for the front bolt of the stop. The uniformity of the gap, as usual, is adjusted with washers.

A thread is cut at the other end of the rod to connect it to the handle. First, one nut is screwed onto the thread, and after the assembly of the structure, the second. By tightening and lowering the nuts of this device for a homemade circular saw, the depth of cut is adjusted. This is how at home you can convert an angle grinder into a full-fledged disc tool designed for cutting various materials. By the way, redoing a circular from a drill, you can achieve a similar result.

Stationary machine

A circular saw, as close as possible to the factory models, requires a competent approach to assembly, therefore, before making a stationary circular saw, it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail. In principle, a tabletop mini circular saw differs from a stationary one in the height of the bed, which directly depends on the nature of the work performed and the dimensions of the workpieces that the device will process. One-time work can be carried out on a compact table saw, while a circular from a hand-held circular saw can be easily hidden in a shed or closet, and a carpenter who constantly manipulates lumber will need a stationary home-made circular. Below is a diagram on which all the elements and accessories for a circular saw of this type are described in detail.

As can be seen from the figure, homemade circulars of this type have an understandable design, and drawings like the one presented above greatly facilitate the process of their assembly. Before making a circular, as well as assembling a circular table with your own hands, we will consider each detail of the unit separately in order to know all the subtleties of its work and installation.

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How to assemble a stationary circular saw

For more convenient work with the machine, the craftsman made a movable stop on the furniture rails.

Aluminum corner served as a longitudinal stop.

To adjust it, loosen the bolts and move it to the distance required for further work.

However, in this position, the saws will be lost 10-20 mm.