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Home.made lawn mower: how to make it yourself. the design and drawings of a home.made mowing

To date, many owners of the sites are wondering: how to make a lawn mower with their own hands from improvised means? And this is not surprising, since such devices today are in great demand among consumers, but, unfortunately, not every of them can afford to buy a good, practical and high.quality lawn mower to care for a personal plot, and every summer lawn wants to have a beautiful green lawn. So what to do?

The answer is quite simple. to make this “miracle” technology through your own forces, and this article will help you with this. Here you can find answers to all your questions about this process.

over, several ways to make such an unit will be presented to your attention and each of them is interesting and unique in its own way. So, let’s actually start learning to create agricultural “masterpieces” with your own hands and without the help of qualified specialists.

Friendship from the chainsaw

The first way is that we will use the old and long.unnecessary chainsaw under the world.famous name “Friendship”, about the technical characteristics of the chainsaw Friendship you will learn here. But if you do not have the presence of this model, then you can quite safely take the Ural chainsaw, for example, or another other model, there is no significant difference in this. Why exactly domestic chainsaws, and not say imported models?

Everything is very simple, because it is these chainsaws that have a high level of power, which we need so much to create a lawn mower, which in the future can quite safely cope with weeds and lawns have a significant number of stones.

So, before starting to understand the aspects of the “creation” of the lawn mower, it is worth clarifying the actual ones from what main details and the so.called nodes it will consist of, so:

  • The main and effective mechanism will serve as an engine;
  • The frame will be a kind of support for the installation of all the necessary nodes of the device;
  • a protective casing;
  • knives;
  • wheels;
  • Details and pens converting into the spectrum of the control system.

So, let’s get down. In this lawn mower, we will take the engine itself from the old chainsaw, precisely assembly. However, if the device is not working, then in this case it will not suit us. You must remember that it is by no means unnecessary to change in its mechanism.Just got out of the chainsaw and installed in a movable cart.

Now let’s figure out how to make this such a cart so necessary for us? To do this, take 25×25 corners, which will have dimensional indicators equal to 500 mm and 600 mm. To cook them among themselves in the form of a frame.

After that, it is necessary to install the wheels in the area of ​​the corners, which are actually designed for your lawn mower, you determine their direct size by personally. With the help of this kind of manipulation, you will get a kind of chassis.

After that, you must unscrew from the old chainsaw “helm” and tire. As for the handle of our trolley, you can make it from the pipes of the water supply precisely with the direct possibility of altitude adjustment. Naturally, this adjustment is not such an important necessity, but it is worth noting that it will be much more convenient to work with the device, especially if it will operate different people with different growth factor.

Technical characteristics of the MAZ of 20 tons are indicated about the functionality and reliability of the machine.

The production of production has been proved for several years to prove their competitiveness in the world market. Make sure of this by going through this link yourself.

Build an Auxilary fuel tank

Here // MachinSpec.COM/Kommunalnaya/Evakuator/Chto-PredPrinyat-Zabral.html, we will tell you where the cars are being taken on the tow truck.

You need to fasten the so.called “helm” to the made handle, then conduct lengthening the gas cable, as well as the fuel hose. It is important that the gearbox, together with the engine itself, should be turned into ninety degrees. This is done so that the shaft itself is located in the lower part, and for this it must be scrolled onto the frame.

This can be done through the use of a special hole that is located on the gearbox, but in the chainsaw it is used for tire fixing, and also use two mounting studs of the flywheel casing, which is located in the lower part. In fact, we have completed the basis for our device, there are very few left, namely, to install the tool of the cutting direction.

grass, advantages

In order to make it, you need a chainsaw “star” on which you actually need to install a small piece of pipe with a size in a coaxial position: length. 80 mm, diameter. 50 mm. After that, it is necessary to process this segment on a lathe in a turning machine.

But you need another segment, but in this case its length should be 80 mm, while the diameter should be 58 mm. It needs to be put on the first piece.

By performing these manipulations, you will receive a kind of telescopic shaft from pipes that need to be connected with special Bolts M6 that actually have countrogikes. They should also be in the diameter direction parallel to each other. As for the holes, they need several, since in this way you can easily adjust the high.altitude cut of the grass itself.

Through work, the labor of which will be carried out relative to each other, thereby they will, let’s say, can compensate for the imbalance in a certain coefficient.

And now the last thing you have to do is to make a knife base. To do this, you need to weld a special disk made of metal to another pipe, and which has a dimensional indicator of 180 mm in a diameter of 4 mm sheet steel.

How to make a mower from a chainsaw with your own hands?

The easiest manufacturing option is a home.made mower based on a chainsaw. The design of the chain garden tool already has almost everything you need for work. The manufacturer remains to complete the device with the missing nodes.

Before the assembly of the gas mowing from the chainsaws, you will need to study the drawings. During their preparation, it is necessary to indicate the size of all the parts used and the procedure for their installation directly on the mower.

After studying the schemes, you need to prepare the materials that will be needed during operation:

  • metal corner. necessary for assembling a rigid support frame;
  • steel plate. required for the installation and mounting of the engine;
  • 2 pairs of wheels from a garden cart or a baby stroller;
  • fastener rail or pair of rotary disks;
  • 5-centimeter piece of pipe;
  • gear and bearing for connecting with a pipe;
  • knives from a steel canvas, which can be removed from a house hacksaw on wood;
  • Bolts, nuts, brackets and other fasteners.

From the tools, the designer will require a welding machine, a drill with a set of metal drills, as well as an angular grinder with a set of disks of different diameters.

DIY Friendship mower

To get high.quality and durable equipment for mowing grass, you need to strictly adhere to the correct algorithm of actions. The standard self.propelled lawn mower is collected in the following order:

  • First, the pipe must be inserted into the gutter of the used bearing, as well as motionlessly place the gear inside;
  • By the end that remained free, it is necessary to weld 2-centimeter “ears”. After that, the holes need to be drilled in the “ears”;
  • For the manufacture of knives, you need to cut the canvas from the hacksaw. It must be cut into several equal parts;
  • To fix the knives on the rotary disk or on the prepared bar, you must use rivets. The diameter of the finished design should be about 40 cm;
  • After that, you will need to cook a hard frame using a metal corner for this. The frame should be strengthened by steel spacers that will not let it break when the lawn mower is hit on a tree or bench. The dimensions of the support frame must correspond to the dimensions of the chainsaw;
  • Inside the skeleton, you need to install a rectangular stand. a mowing housing will be based on it. To make the equipment as balanced as possible, all its connections should be placed strictly at right angles and be tough enough;
  • To the finished frame, it is necessary to weld the mounts that will help to fix the wheels, handles and individual metal hooks required for the support of the entire device;
  • After that, you need to install the wheels;
  • Next, you need to fix the chainsaw, removing the saw headset from it in advance. The tool should be motionless on the frame;
  • Then, along the contour of the finished case, you need to cut the steel plate. It must be installed over a chainsaw. The result is a reliable metal casing that protects the saw from moisture and grass;
  • At the next stage, to the leading star of the chainsaw, the manufacturer should fasten a pipe with cutting knives of a home.made mowing;
  • At the end, it remains to install the handles on which you need to take out the levers and buttons to control the lawn mower.

According to this scheme, not only rotary, but also a segment-plot or chain lawn mower is made. The difference between them lies only in the device and the principle of action of the cutting organ.

You have an old firm or “Ural” chainsaw?

Here is an example of folk ingenuity. A beautiful frame from the corner was thrown out of unnecessary from a warehouse into scrap metal. Special wheels with a turnover of 180 0 on a hinged were found in the same place. If there weren’t such a frame, the platform could be boiled. The operated working unit is made with an independent drive from the chainsaw by means of belt transmission. The torque is transmitted to the wheels, where metal circuits 25 cm long serve as a cutting tool. lawn mowers from a chainsaw is effectively used for several years. An advanced version with a rotary cutter and a two.wheeled frame has been completed. It works more productively, but complicated in the manufacture.

Each master is proud of his ingenuity and tool performance. However, it should be understood that the collective mind of designers, designers creates no less functional, but safer tools.

The advantages of home.made tools include:

  • saving funds for the purchase of tools;
  • the ability to use the goods that have lost, but suitable for the use of parts;
  • thorough knowledge of your instrument and the possibility of its improvement and repair.

The height of the herbs is not adjusted, and the clearing is not always a tonsured one. The absence of a grass collector increases the share of manual labor. A heavy tool with narrow wheels, it happens, spoils the appearance of the lawn. this is an objective answer why it is better to use the factory manufacturing tool.

How to make a powerful mower from an old chainsaw that mowed any vegetation

Put in order a house plot, garden, garden or cottage, where the leg of a person has not stepped for a long time, it will not be easy because of thick and high grass. Mow it manually. hard and long. Can help out a chainsaw type “Ural”, which is not so difficult to remake into a mower. This does not need large costs, a lot of time, special knowledge and skills.

You will need it

After that, install it with teeth inside a steel pipe with an external diameter of 50 mm and reliably brew.

From the opposite end of the pipe, we weld the outside in the diametrically opposite directions “ears” from the steel strip. We carefully clean the welds and grind the corner grinder.

Symmetrically, the center we drill two fasteners and one at a time at the edges for attaching on the bolts to the central strip of knives, which can freely rotate around the bolts.

The basis of the frame in the form of a square we cook from a steel corner. We weld to its two opposite sides of the bracket, directed down, and to them. segments of steel rods with a thread chopped at the ends. This is the axes of the wheels.

To the two remaining sides of the frame, we weld on the one hand on the sides of the “horns”, directed up, for the installation of tubular handles, from the inner. a small breaks with holes for attaching the engine and units from the Ural chainsaw.

In front of the frame, we vertically set two, directed by the bend forward, arcs-border guards (guides) and fix them to the frame with welding. We put on the wheel axis on the rubber drive and fix them with nuts with washers. Put the drive on the frame and fix it to the base using bolts, washers and nuts. “Windows” in the frame on the sides of the engine are closed with patterns of tin or plastic and fix them to the frame with hardware.

Cutting organ (central strip and, freely fixed at the ends of the knives) with bolts and nuts we attach to the “ears” of the tube, which transfers rotation from the engine to knives.

We put on the tubular handles on the “horns”, which are connected from above for stiffness of the cross.member, and slightly bent downward for the convenience of control. Gas control on the engine using a cable is brought to the right handle.

How to make a lawn mower with your own hands

You can make a lawn mower with a gasoline or electric engine. Gasoline is used for large areas, they are not tied to electric power. In small summer cottages with a small volume of work, electrical devices are used. The unit consists of the following elements:

The engine is mounted on the platform, the cutter is under it. The handle and lever are attached to the platform itself. Self.propelled homemade haymaking will keep the lawn in excellent condition.

From the washing machine

A home master, if desired, can create a lawn mower with your own hands from a washing machine. Inexpensive lawn mower from the washing machine includes the following details:

  • engine from the washing machine;
  • steel knives;
  • wheels from the cart;
  • pipe for the handle;
  • electrical wir;
  • switch;
  • fork.

For the manufacture of homemade, you can use an 180 watts motor with a condenser and launch relay. This motor is taken from the washing machine. It is worth picking up or making wheels from plywood. They need to be placed at a distance of 5-6 cm from the surface of the soil.

This distance is the height of the mowing of grass. The number of wheels is 4, 3, 2. The sheet should have dimensions 30×50 cm. Knives are made of steel with a width of 20-50 mm, 2-3 mm thick. The cutting side bends slightly down, this will protect the shaft from garbage and grass. The pen is made by bending the pipe to make it convenient to support the unit. The handle is attached to the frame with welding.

A platform made of sheet is installed on the chassis from the cart. The handle is made from the pipes and fixed to the platform with welding. Make a hole for a motor shaft. In front of the frames weld a protective grille of steel. The top and bottom of the lattice are screwed with screws, and wire is welded to them.

Electric lawnies grate provides a knife gap for a knife. The engine is fixed on the platform, its shaft must go into a cut hole. A cut with sharpened teeth is put on the shaft. A hole is drilled in the middle.

The knife must be balanced and specify. The engine is covered with a casing to protect it from grass. Since the engine must cool during operation, holes are provided in the casing. Now the wiring is attached to the motor and fix it. The metal handle must be wrapped with a rubber casing to protect against electricity. You can also additionally make a travic collector for the lawn mower with your own hands.

From corner grinders

A cheap lawn mower made of corner grinder with your own hands is created as follows. The device case is made from the car disk. Cut the disk into 2 parts. The lid is welded to one part.

Then, in the side of the disk, the opening is created, where it will be in front of the mower. Fixed on the wheel housing and handle. In the casing of the corner grinder or trimmer for grass, the holes are made. The device is fixed on the housing of the lawn mower using screws. The knife can be made of steel. Its edges are hidden on a sharpener and unfolded in the form of a propeller.

The cutting element is attached to the shaft of the corner grinder. A nut is wound on it. The cutting device is screwed with a bolt fixed into the nut. The switch on the corner grinder is fixed with a wooden bar. A switch and a fork are installed on the mowing handle so that you can connect an extension cord.

From the vacuum cleaner

Inexpensive home.made lawn mower from a vacuum cleaner is made as follows. From the old vacuum cleaner, you can remove the electric motor and apply it to create a homemade.

  • Electric motor from the Soviet vacuum cleaner Buran with a capacity of 300 watts.
  • A textolite plate with 260×180 mm dimensions, which is used as a support for the engine.
  • Wheels from the cart.
  • Chassis.
  • Pipe.
  • Switch.
  • A tin sheet for the performance of the casings that will protect the motor from dirt.
  • A steel corner from which a frame is made.
  • Electric wire.

You should prepare tools for work:

  • welding machine;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • drill;
  • wrench;
  • Eletrolobzik;
  • soldering iron;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • marker.

Create a cutter for a home.made mowing of grass. In factory devices, it is made from a strong polymer thread. You need to buy it and attach it to the steel segment with the hole available in the middle. Then make a knife from a saw. Solid steel soften.

To make a mower, the workpiece is heated to a high temperature and let it cool. When the knife is made, it must be heated again and quickly cool. The length of the cutter is about 30-50 cm. The cutting part should be sharpened at an angle of 60º. The edges are installed along the edges of the knife. The shaft opening should be precise, t. to. Cars need to be balanced.

The motor rotates at a speed of 11000-30000 rpm, while the imbalance can cause vibration.

All details should be perfectly fixed. So that the cutter is not damaged about the stones, it is carried out by the prefabricated: to the central basis, they are attached with bolts on both sides of steel knives. When hitting the stones, the knife will turn and will not be able to be damaged.

A hole is made in the plate so that you can install the engine from the vacuum cleaner there there. The engine is placed in a slot and pressed with a steel strip, which is mounted across the slots and screwed with bolts. A plot with a turbine is separated from the motor, instead of which a cutting element is installed on the shaft.

On the other hand, the turbine is removed and a fan of tin is put instead of it. To protect the engine from grass and dusting, tin casing is attached to the plate. You can use the cover from the vacuum cleaner from which the motor was taken. Attach a textolite plate with an engine on a chassis with wheels.

How to make a rotary mower

Useful in a summer house, a rotary mower with your own hands is performed so. Homemade rotary rotary rotational operating room is made from the rear axle of the VAZ. For work we need:

Inexpensive homemade rotary mowel is made like this. It is necessary to perform holes on the disks. Then attach the shoe to the bedroom, and the knives. to Shinka. Knife and shinka should be from each other at a distance of the thickness of the first. The cutting element should rotate by 360º. Carbon steel with a diameter of 8 mm is needed to create the axes of attaching knives. It is necessary to bring the axis to the stop by means of the disk. So the rotary mowers are made for the tractor or for the walk.behind tractor with your own hands. We proceed to the next homework.

How to make a lawn mower with your own hands

To date, there is a rather rich assortment of the choice of lawn mowers, various companies and models. But if you have a old engine lying, then why not assemble the lawn mower yourself. over, there is nothing complicated in this. The main thing is to have a suitable tool, materials and straight hands.

  • Engine;
  • Frame;
  • Knives;
  • Protective casing;
  • Wheels;
  • Control knobs;
  • Parts of the control system; tract for a walk.behind tractor. a walk.behind engineering plan, the necessary materials and tools.

On this page you will learn everything about how to make one.time tractor with your own hands.

DIY lawn mowing plan

We begin the work with the main part of the lawn mower. the frame, to which all nodes and assemblies will be fixed.


The frame of the lawn mower itself is a whole.metal sheet of 3 mm thick, in which the engine shaft hole is drilled. The corners for attaching wheels and control handles can be welded along the edges of the frame.

If the engine is flange, then it is attached directly to the frame. If the engine is ordinary, then it is necessary to weld additional mounts for the engine ears on the frame itself.


A engine for an electric lawn mower with your own hands is suitable for any asynchronous, with a capacity of 1 kW and from 1,500 revolutions per minute. Of course, you can use a semi.kilowth engine, but for these purposes it will be weak. You can also use the engine from the old washing machine. If the engine is three.phase, it should be connected through the capacitors.

[tip] plus an asynchronous engine is that it is low.[/TIP]

If you use a synchronous high-cost engine, then the noise from it will be heard within a radius of 50 meters.

Knives for the lawn mower

Knives are best made of instrumental steel 2 mm thick and a width of 20 to 50 mm. In general, the thinner the steel of which the knife is made, the better such a knife will cut. But the fat knife is much stronger. Because various bumps, stones and so on are found in the way. This also needs to be taken into account.

There are two types of knives. The first is one strip that is fixed symmetrically to the mandrel. The length of such a knife is usually 30-50 cm. The second option is two short knives, only 5-8 cm long, which are fixed along the edges of the mandrel opposite each other. Knife mounting is carried out by one or two bolts.

How to make a polting for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands.

Looking here, you will get acquainted with the Motobobki Motobo.Azubr Minotor (Zubr).

By clicking on this link you will fall into the world of combines John Deere (John Deere).


The casing usually is a ring made of sheet metal. An ideal option for the lawn mower made by your own hands is the casing carved from the body of an old washing-shaped cylindrical shape with a width of 15-20 centimeters, which is fixed on the frame.

[TIP] The casing prevents from scattering in different directions of cut grass, as well as the roller of any parts from the lawn mower as a result of its breakdown.[/TIP]


It is best to install a lawn mower by two wheels than four. Since on two wheels it is much more convenient to maneuver by going around various obstacles. Wheels can be used from a baby stroller, especially since two wheels are sold in the market. And in the event that one breaks, you can buy a couple of the same replacement at once.

You can also make wheels yourself, making them from bearings and plywood. The diameter of the wheel must be selected so that the knife is at a distance of not more than 5-6 cm. This is the only way to achieve an even and clean cut. It is also advisable to adapt the protection for the knife if the lawn mower is made in a two.haired version.

trimmer for grass from corner grinder

Each master has a corner grinder. This is the most suitable tool for creating a trimmer for grass. Unlike store devices, it is stronger in power and has good speeds.

Consider how to make a trimmer for grass from a corner grinder with your own hands, work order:

  • First prepare a bracket. It is designed to cover the corner grinder body. The metal plate is applied to the case and bended.
  • There are threaded holes on both sides of the case, in which the transit handle is attached. They attach a trimmer for the grass to them.
  • In the bracket, holes are drilled on both sides so that they correspond to the openings located on the tool body. For accuracy, the details make notes with a marker, clamp it with a vice and drill.
  • Then the guide is attached to the bracket. Its size should correspond to the length of the case or be a little shorter. The guide is attached by the welding machine, the remains of the scale are knocked down. The part is polished with a metal brush.
  • A handle (bar) is made from a metal pipe). To fix the handle under the slope, the tip of the pipe is cut under the beard. The finished handle is welded to the structure, the scale is knocked down and the part is cleaned with a brush.
  • To attach the tool, you need to unscrew the protective disk of the corner grinder.
  • Then the homemade is installed on the wheels. To do this, you can borrow wheels from a cart or a baby stroller with brackets.
  • First mount a corner grinder, then a wheel with a bracket. Everything is fixed with a bolt. On the other hand, they make the same fasteners.
  • The cutting node is made from a steel cable. A kapron wire designed for trimmers is suitable. It is threaded through the clamping nut and a hole for the key according to the Cross-Cross method. Then the nut is twisted with the cables.
  • The wire is fixed with island.

For safety precautions, it is recommended to make a protective device for the device. A corner grinder cover is made of aluminum sheet or thin tin.

Lawn mowed on wheels from battery.end corner grinders

Another version of a corner grinder mowel is a manual portable trimmer for herbs on wheels, which can trim the lawn in the most inaccessible places.

What materials for manufacturing will be needed:

  • pan or a small cylinder from the freon;
  • steel sheet;
  • 4 wheels, bearings and axes;
  • a segment of a metal pipe with a round section;
  • A piece of thick carbon steel for the manufacture of a knife.
  • corner grinder with nozzles for cutting metal and grinding;
  • welding machine;
  • drill with a crown for metal;
  • optional, but desirable. a lathe and a tape grinding machine, a spray can;
  • Marker and roulette.

DIY mowel manufacturing process:

  • To make the case, from an empty gas cylinder you need to cut off the upper or lower part. Finding the center of the convex bottom, cut it with a corner grinder and weld a flat piece of sheet steel.
  • The next step is to make a clamp (one or two) for fastening the corner grinder to the body. It can be made from a piece of pipe or thick steel. Make a hole in the center of the body along the diameter of the clamp and weld it.
  • Make a pipe for the removal of mowed grass: drill a hole in the housing and weld the knee from the pipe so that the grass does not fly on you during work.
  • Knock for the future trimmer for grass cut and sharpen. To weld a long nut to the center of the workpiece. So that the grass does not wind on the axis, you can weld a piece of the pipe above the axis, and the end of the end to brew and drill a hole under the nut.
  • Next, prepare the axes for the wheels: drill them along, cut the threads for the screws and fasten the wheels. Process the finished axes to the metal case, if necessary, make steel shields for reliability of fastening.
  • The final stage is painting and assembly of the structure. You can start work.

Manual lawn mowing instructions for grass

First of all, it should be noted that the engine in no case should be included in the room that is closed, since this is fraught with deplorable consequences and poisoning, this is at least what can happen. As for working with the device itself, it must be carried out without fail during high.quality lighting or during the day.

You must also remember the permitted time of noise, since the device works on the motor and naturally noisily, so respect other people. Do not force them to serve the “serenades” of the work of the motor after nine o’clock in the evening. In addition, it is necessary to pay due attention to the very position of the tool during operation in particular on the slopes.

It is also important to remember that if you want a braid to serve you for many years, then do not “drive” it, since the most optimal speed of the device is equal to the usual speed of a person’s calm walk. over, it is important to note the fact that the mowing itself should be carried out exclusively in the opposite direction of the slope, that is, you cannot mow on top to bottom or vice versa, only across.

In order to fully protect yourself, you must pay due attention to the degree of the slope itself, since it should not exceed the indicator 15. Also observe extreme caution during the direct change of turn on the slopes themselves. It is important to very carefully produce maneuverability with the device in the process of moving back, actually at the moment when you pull the device in your side.

You must also remember that the mower itself is enough “vulnerable” relative to stones and solid waste, therefore, when you move in areas where there is no grass, it needs to be turned off in order to minimize the possibility of damage, like its devices, so the knives themselves. It also applies to the moment when you move the unit to the place of work.

Forbidden! Perform work with a mowing if it is damaged, even if the degree of breakdown is insignificant. This is especially true for a body, a container intended for collecting mowed grass, a reflector, lids located in the rear. You should also not make any changes in the adjustment that was established by the manufacturer.

Also the direct launch of the starter and the engine itself should be made taking into account the instructions of the manufacturer. over, you must have your feet at an optimal and safe distance from the device of the cutting direction.

You can not include a tilt of the clip at the moment when you are starting the engine itself. Even if there was a need for inclination, then it must have a minimum indicator. To this, the raising of the device should be performed exclusively from the opposite side of you.

Chinese self.sides of Shakman, although they have a low cost compared to their counterparts, are in no way inferior to them as assembly and functionality.

Click here and you will learn about all types and characteristics of the fork loaders.

Here // MachinSpec.COM/Leszagotovitelnaya/Benzopila/GoodLuck.html, you will learn how to distinguish the GOODLUCK chainsaw Original from a fake, because it is much more pleasant to use a quality unit.

It is also important to remember that the engine starts cannot be performed if you are in front of the direct ejector. Pay due attention to your hands and legs not next to the knife rotating. If it is in motion, then at this moment you should be exclusively in front of the area of ​​the hole intended for the release of mowed grass.

It is also important that there are certain situations when it is necessary to stop the operation of the knife, engine, as well as remove the drive to the light of the ignition, namely:

  • before performing the elimination of the mechanical lock itself, and also when you need to clean the tool channel from grass;
  • Before you are going to clean and check the device itself, or you, for example, need to adjust the cutting height of the braid;
  • in cases where the level of direct vibration of the device is increased. But you must remember that exclusively a specialist can cope with this problem.
  • You have finished work, or you must transport the mechanism to another place;
  • It is necessary to refuel the mowing;
  • you need to remove the container itself, designed for injury.

You must remember that if your device has the presence of this kind of container, so many models do not have this advantage, then you should be careful in the process of its removal, namely, wait for the moment when the knives stopped completely.

grass, advantages

In addition, if your “assistant” has a special assembly device, in this case, you cannot work with it if the device does not provide a reflector or container.

The best model is a gas station for the STIHL FS 55 lawn

Many people ask about how to choose gasoline lawners manual, so that they are practical, not expensive and productive? The answer is quite simple, all you need is to opt for Stihl FS 55.

It belongs to light devices of this area, which also has a high level of practicality and quality, you should not speak excess, since the Stihl trademark will say for itself.

over, the device has the features of the constructive direction, which play an important role in the process of the mowing, which is produced quite easily and naturally.

over, the tool has the ability to both raise and lower the handle itself directly along the bar itself.

In addition, in its assortment there is a fuel manual pump. Even if the instrument was, say, in inaction for a long time, then this does not interfere with ease of making its direct launch. Such gas mowers gasoline hand trimmers for grass, the price of which ranges from 200 to 250, will undoubtedly become indispensable assistants to you.

  • Motor power: 1.0 l. C or 750 W;
  • Mass of the gas tank: 0.33 l;
  • Mass cylinder: 27.2 cubic meters. cm;
  • hose length: 1.47 m;
  • Starting system: manual;
  • drive: gasoline;
  • Dimension: 4.9 kg.

You will learn more about other models of STIHL mowels from this article.

Snowmobile or snowfall

Based on the trimmer motor for grass, you can convert to a self.propelled vehicle for movement along a snowy flat terrain or a simple snowbreaker (motorized sleigh) shown on the video for steep descent from the mountain.


Motosani are a footwater modernized by the engine or Finnish sledges, or made completely from improvised materials found in the garage, or purchased in the disassembly markets. The main components:

  • a frame made of metal pipes, cooked in the image and likeness of the finca sled;
  • A pair of old skis;
  • engine and gas tank from motorcycles, motoblock or chainsaw;
  • caterpillar, or a wheel from a car or motorcycle (the studded wheel from the enduro motorcycle is perfectly suitable) and the chain if the tire cannot be “tuned” with spikes;
  • a steering wheel for controlling a sleigh, which is suitable for a bicycle, a steering wheel from a walk.behind tractor, or welded with your own hand;
  • Seat (optionally): from a bicycle, scooter, or homemade in the form of a bench or stool.
grass, advantages

The assembly should start with the engine by connecting a circuit, cables and tubes to it, which will serve as a transmission. It is best to fix skis on a sedentary even basis. on the floor or table. Then the frame with the steering wheel is attached to the skis, the motor is installed. Before installing the seat, test the sled to eliminate all the shortcomings. And the latest is put the seat if it is provided.

Self.propelled guns

Self.propelled guns. a frame structure, including:

The frame is made of welded spars, on which racks of 30×30 cm are welded and cross. A steel pipe with a diameter of 14 mm is taken as a drive shaft. Skiing-musculoskel. Moving the snowmobile occurs with a screw or chain transmission.

What else can be done from a trimmer for grass

Homemade motorized motor vehicle. a vehicle for moving at short distances along the sidewalks and park tracks. The mechanism develops speed up to 40 km/h, due to wheels of small size it has small stability, for large loads and cargo transportation is not intended.

An old scooter is suitable for assembling the product, which mechanize:

  • install stiffeners using a square metal profile to enhance the frame;
  • selected stable and wide wheels, for example from a garden trolley;
  • The gearbox is made to transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel with chain gear;
  • Install brakes, gas handles and cables.

Motorized scooter is a good technique, but it must be remembered that children should not give such a “toy”.

DIY PVC Gasoline Tank

Dear Kulibins, share your experience: what is the most difficult thing to create a home.made unit?