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Converting a screwdriver to a network using laptop charging

In the event of a battery failure, a household screwdriver can be switched to mains power by making some changes to its design. This does not require a lot of expenditure of finance, time and effort. The positive nuances of such a transformation are obvious: you do not need to constantly charge the battery, and at the same time, the forced downtime will go away. After all, the shortest duration for charging the device is more than 3 hours.

However, when deciding to perform such a transformation with your screwdriver, you should understand that from now on you will need an alternating current to work with it. You will no longer be able to use it away from communications.

If you need to connect the screwdriver to the network, you can use the charger from an old laptop. It has similar characteristics to a screwdriver, and it can be easily found in every home or workshop. But, nevertheless, check what output voltage is shown for your charger. In this case, chargers for 12-19V are suitable.

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Scheme of your actions:

  • We take out unusable batteries from a failed battery pack.
  • We take charge from the laptop.
  • Cut off the connector and strip the wires from insulation.
  • We solder the bare wires or wrap them with electrical tape.
  • We make an outlet for the wire in the case.
  • Assembling the structure.

This manipulation will allow you to use the screwdriver at any moment, and without stopping for charging.

How to convert a battery device to a screwdriver from a 220 volt network

Today the screwdriver belongs to the devices that we very often use in everyday life. It is also irreplaceable in production. This device is suitable for a variety of electrical and construction work. With its help, furniture and other items are assembled, the design of which requires threaded connections.

The cordless screwdriver is compact and portable. But not everyone is happy with these advantages, because the device quickly runs out of battery, and you have to interrupt work halfway. Therefore, many owners of this tool are interested in the question of how you can convert a screwdriver with a battery to a network.

The reason for this decision is also the fact that when the device is not used for a long time, the battery is discharged on its own, which leads to breakdown of the screwdriver due to the destruction of some elements. It is impossible to repair a failed battery, and it is not always possible to purchase a new one. Often, component parts can only be purchased from the official representatives of the manufacturer. Accordingly, the cost of a new battery will be almost equal to the cost of a new screwdriver. Therefore, some craftsmen come to the decision to turn the screwdriver into a network.

Materials and tools required for this:

  • Charger from this screwdriver;
  • His native battery;
  • Soft multicore electric cable;
  • Soldering iron and solder;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Acid.

To begin with, you need to solder the lagging ends of the cable to the terminals of the charger. You need to know that copper wires of a cable with brass contacts can only be soldered after they have been treated with acid. Experts recommend using special solder, but sometimes the simplest methods are used in the form of acid treatment.

Why do you need to remodel a mains-powered screwdriver

In order for you to be able to use a screwdriver even in the most inaccessible places without unnecessary wires, at any time, the mobile screwdriver is converted to a network.

To carry out such a procedure is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. With the appropriate skills and all the necessary components, this process will take a little time.

Methods for converting a cordless screwdriver into a network vary in complexity. One of them. powering the charging from a laptop practically does not require knowledge and skills. To mount a computer power supply, you need to know how to handle a soldering iron, and to repurpose a Chinese adapter, you need to know how to handle a measuring device. In addition, there are several other methods for converting a cordless screwdriver directly into a network.


  • Using a power supply device from a personal computer instead of a battery;
  • Giving new life to the car battery;
  • Using, as source, a power supply from halogen lamps;
  • By connecting the Chinese 24V power supply board.

For brainy craftsmen, it is not difficult to perform such manipulations. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better not to risk it and seek the help of a knowledgeable specialist.

Convenient screwdriver from the network: features of use

The cordless cordless screwdriver is a great companion in your home. Almost everyone who he has never let down can agree with this. Those who stopped working halfway have a completely different opinion. This tool will help you always and everywhere, but exactly until the time the battery is discharged. over, the quantity in it is limited. In moments of idleness, the battery can also deteriorate. Batteries usually last no more than three years. When this time expires, it has to be changed or sent to the museum of obsolete things. The situation is possible if you convert the screwdriver into a network one. There are enough ways to do this.

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The power supply unit of the device provides the function of changing alternating current with a voltage of 220V. Standard screwdrivers consume a constant current, with a nominal value in the range of 9-18V. In this regard, connection to the network is carried out subject to the use of an electronic transformer. For these purposes, products of the Toshibra and Feron brands are most suitable.

Mains transformers of these brands are of high quality and reliable in operation. In addition, they are quite compact, lightweight, and do not complicate the work with the tool. Their load characteristics are close to those required for a standard screwdriver. Their design has 2 input and output wires, which allows to provide power to halogen lamps and other types of electricity consumers with a voltage of 12V. However, to use the converted device, you need to adhere to some rules.

Here they are:

  • Let the appliance rest for 5 minutes every 20;
  • Fix the cable at the elbow with your hand so that it does not interfere with the work;
  • Clean the power supply from dust;
  • Do not use too many extension cords;
  • Do not use the device without grounding;
  • It is forbidden to use a converted device for work at height.

Before each start of work with the converted device, make sure it is working properly.

How to convert a cordless screwdriver to a network: 5 options for solving the issue

How to make a screwdriver from the network

When the batteries stop working due to the fact that they have simply outlived their life, many begin to wonder how they can fix the situation and remake their old cordless screwdriver into the network with their own hands. After all, it is no longer possible to repair a battery with a destroyed element, and the cost of a new one is almost equal to the purchase of a new screwdriver. But the zealous and skillful owners came up with a way out. to power the screwdriver from the mains. Some were even able to invent a device that works simultaneously from the mains and from the battery. But it’s best not to.


Leading manufacturers of screwdrivers, as a rule, represent the fishing line of professional tools in a separate direction. Makita, Metabo, Dewalt, Bosh are companies whose products can be safely recommended for demanding work. Their band screwdrivers work with self-tapping screws 25. 55 mm. Senco Duraspin DS 275 and Makita BFR 750 RFE are machines that can drive screws up to 75 mm in tape mode.

All models have an adjustable screw head immersion. There is a possibility of reverse motion. over, there is no need to manually fill in an incorrectly screwed self-tapping screw. Adjusting the engine speed allows the most accurate adjustment to the operating mode. The filling mechanism is implemented as simply as possible. When working at different angles, the cassette tape does not twist.

Manufacturers are experimenting with handle shape designs, trying to balance the tool as much as possible for professional work. The Bosch GSR 6-45 band screwdriver with an attachment has a shape familiar to “household” models. The center of gravity of the D-handle tool is displaced to perfectly balance the unit and maintain the natural position of the drywall plaster’s hand when working.


Such a tool can be safely attributed to professional equipment, because when performing ordinary work, it is not very suitable and is intended for often repeated, similar operations. The cost of the tape screwdriver is superior to household models of similar characteristics. And it’s not just a special feeding mechanism. The devices are manufactured with an increased margin of safety because their purpose is large volumes.

You can even work with such a unit alone. There is no need to take out a new self-tapping screw every time, put it on the bit tip, hold and adjust for accurate direction. Thanks to the equipped strap, one hand is released. It becomes possible to securely hold the sheet until the moment when several screws will be able to quickly fix it to the guide planes.

Examining a suitcase with drywall tools

Anyone who is professionally engaged in drywall repair work knows that having a voluminous case with tools is a must for qualified work. By the way, the suitcase turns out to be impressive. Many ordinary people do not even suspect which drywall tool is required. Let’s consider these aspects in more detail according to the stages of the work being carried out.

How to choose a drywall screwdriver

Choosing the right drywall screwdriver is not an easy task. When covering a surface with drywall, different tools are used. a hammer drill, a drill, metal scissors, a drywall saw, etc. But one of the main ones is a screwdriver. intended for fixing the sheathing on the frame. A correctly chosen professional tool can significantly speed up and facilitate installation, so it must be purchased with all responsibility.

Frame assembly tools

Electrical and manual tools will be needed to assemble the frame. The main one is a hammer drill. With its help, mounting holes are drilled on surfaces made of durable material (concrete, brick, etc.). The hammer drill must be professional because they have to drill a lot. Low quality model will quickly fail.

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The hammer should be comfortable, it should fit well in the hand. They usually drive dowels into the wall and ceiling. Metal shears are used when trimming metal profiles. In this case, you will need ordinary scissors, which are often used for cutting profiles. Also small in size for working in hard-to-reach places.

A circular saw for metal can also be used for cutting. If the volume of work performed is large enough, then it is simply necessary.

And another tool that is rarely used is the cutter. They can quickly make holes in profiles. Most often it is used when there is a need to make holes for electrical wiring in plasterboard partitions. A tool similar to a cutter is a pliers for joining two profiles using the riveting method.

Restrictor nozzle

The main role of the screwdriver nozzle is to control the screw-in depth of the fasteners so that the drywall layer is not damaged by the screw head.

The limiting nozzle is made of solid steel. It can be used on both cordless and corded screwdrivers. With the help of an adjustable support, the device can be adjusted to different screw-in lengths of self-tapping screws. 20-55mm. The drilling depth is adjusted with a knurling roller without additional devices.

Automatic tape feed, instant switching of self-tapping screws from tape to individual screws is carried out without additional tools.

Open transport wheel prevents dust from entering during drilling, thus ensuring a long service life of the bit.

A rubberized steel stopper and an ergonomic 45 ° rotatable handle, designed for right and left handed users, provide access to any angle. With a screwdriver attachment, it is easy to operate the tool with one hand. while the other remains free.

The screwdriver attachment saves a lot of time and provides precise guidance

Tape screwdriver. a tool for professionals

When laying drywall sheets, in the case of large volumes of work, you can often see how professionals, without turning off the screwdriver, without interruption, screw several tens of self-tapping screws. Looking closely, you can see that they are fed to a rotating bit, tucked into a special plastic clip. Such a tape screwdriver, when working, is somewhat reminiscent of an equipped machine gun. The feeding mechanism in it works on a similar principle.

Screwdriver bits: functional tips for power tools

Screwdriver attachments greatly facilitate repair and construction work, since the process of assembling and dismantling various structures is simplified through the use of this convenient and useful tool. Removable devices allow you to expand the scope of its application, in this article you can familiarize yourself with the features of the most demanded of them. The text contains brief overviews of accessories designed for working with wood, metal and drywall.

For each type of fastener, you need a suitable bit for a screwdriver

Features of polishing tips for screwdriver

After processing the product with a polishing attachment, its surface becomes perfectly smooth. For this, an end disc is used to remove the microscopic top layer of material. Thanks to this, the thickness of the product does not change.

Drill bits for various purposes for work in the home workshop

The main types of accessories for cutting, grinding, polishing and other tasks. Accessories for working with metal, plastic, wood.

The screwdriver attachments for polishing various surfaces have a stop disc with fasteners for fixing the polishing material. This element is held by a threaded tip. Since the tool shaft can rotate both to the left and to the right, you can find accessories on the market with connections of the corresponding type.

During operation, the polishing disc on the attachment wears out, so it should be periodically replaced with a new one. Replaceable products are thin (only a few millimeters). They are usually made from polyurethane. Although there are other options. from felt or wool of natural or artificial origin.

There are options for polishing tips for a screwdriver made of felt or wool

Some tip types can be used for polishing automotive bodywork and glass, as well as products made from polycarbonate. During operation, such nozzles must be kept parallel to the surface to be treated.

Scope of application and features of the saw attachment for the screwdriver

Even with a jigsaw in the house, some types of work simply cannot be done with this tool. In such cases, the capabilities of the reciprocating saw will be useful. This type of screwdriver bit is usually used for cutting wood, although it can be used to cut thin plastic and sheet metal. Reciprocating saw can also be used to maintain a garden at a summer cottage. This type of attachment is suitable for pruning young trees.

The saw attachment for the screwdriver is used for cutting wood

Usually, the set comes with three interchangeable blades of different lengths. 10, 15 and 23 cm (only an approximate value is indicated, which may vary depending on the manufacturer). Buying such a tip will cost several times less than purchasing a saw. The nozzle is capable of operating at a speed of about 2000 rpm.

The body of the removable device is made of very durable plastic. The blades are made of the same material. Despite this, they are able to cope with the cutting of solid wood.

Note! When cutting the material, you need to firmly press the bracket against it, which will serve as a stop. This will reduce vibration and maintain the effectiveness of the reciprocating saw.

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Varieties of attachments for a screwdriver for grinding

There are more than ten varieties of screwdriver tips with which you can grind surfaces. Removable devices of this type consist of a rod on which the abrasive material is fixed:

  • sandpaper;

Screwdriver attachments for grinding consist of a rod on which an abrasive material is fixed

  • hard abrasive;
  • stiff fabric such as felt
  • brushes.

The most popular among the craftsmen are the following types of removable tips:

  • Plate. these products can be rubber or plastic. Equipped with fixed and adjustable pins.
  • End. made of hard and soft materials, can have various shapes (drum, washer, cone).
  • Cup. brush attachments for a screwdriver with brass or metal fibers, as well as tips with soft foam or felt filling.
  • Disc. removable devices with soft padding or bristles made of brass or steel wire.
  • Drum. an emery belt is used as an abrasive, suitable for processing holes and end zones of glass products.
  • Serrated. consist of several elements covered with sandpaper. Used for processing surfaces with complex geometry.

There are many varieties of screwdriver grinding tips

Note! If you wish, you can use a compact screwdriver with a face bit for processing jewelry. The nib is so precise that it allows you to sand fine details on precious metal jewelry.

Screwdriver bits: general information, basic tip types

Like detachable attachments for drills, screwdriver bits belong to the category of devices that are aimed at expanding functionality. Thanks to them, this tool can be turned into a universal screwdriver or a compact machine for cutting metal sheets. The range of handpieces offered by manufacturers is very wide. With their help, you can carry out construction work of any complexity at home, which ensured such popularity of the screwdriver.

To choose the right bits, you need to know the classification of products in this group.

Some buyers don’t see the difference between a drill and a screwdriver, but there is one. over, these differences must be taken into account when choosing removable nozzles for performing certain jobs. First, the rotational speed of a screwdriver is much lower than that of a drill. Secondly, it lacks a moment of inertia. In other words, if you press the shutdown button, the screwdriver will instantly stop, unlike a drill, which will rotate for some time.

All screwdrivers have a release clutch. It is designed to adjust the tightening force. Some models do not have a cartridge. Instead, a hex socket is installed in which the bits are fixed.

There are several types of tools, each of which can provide specific benefits:

  • Small screwdrivers. used as a miniature electric screwdriver for repairing watches, phones and small appliances.
  • Folding screwdrivers. these models are designed to work in a confined space that a regular tool cannot reach. If the handle interferes with operation, you can simply remove it.
  • Drill drivers are designs that are hybrids. They combine the best properties of each instrument.

Working attachments for a screwdriver can be purchased in sets or individually

Important! When working with a screwdriver, it is advisable to use protective equipment. This is especially true for operations such as grinding and polishing, during which fragments and dust are formed.

Varieties of screwdriver attachments for self-tapping screws in tape

To fix the screws with a screwdriver, not only bits, but also tapes can be used. They are part of the automatic fastener feeding devices. Such attachments make it possible to speed up installation work by about 2-3 times. The advantage of using them is that the master does not need to take a new self-tapping screw every time and install it on the bit.

To fix self-tapping screws, not only bits can be used, but also tapes

Manufacturers produce two types of drives with a tape feed mechanism for self-tapping screws:

  • Removable tape attachments for the screwdriver. if necessary, such a tip can be removed and additionally screwed on the self-tapping screw. This option is in high demand among consumers, although it is not without its drawbacks. The fact is that the attachment must be purchased together with a screwdriver.
  • Stationary mechanisms. in this case, the attachment together with the screwdriver is a one-piece structure. Such a tool belongs to the category of narrowly targeted and can only be used with tapes.

Tape screwdrivers are battery and mains. Devices that plug into an outlet cost half the price. However, they are completely dependent on the power supply and are not so convenient to use, since the hanging cord creates certain inconveniences. This is especially true when installation work is carried out on the ceiling.

Helpful advice! To increase the efficiency of polishing, the disc of the attachment must be lubricated with a special polishing paste.

There are two types of drives with a tape feed mechanism for self-tapping screws: stationary and removable type

The main types of polishing and grinding attachments for the screwdriver

The polishing and grinding attachments for the screwdriver are a large group of removable accessories, including many varieties. In this category, you can find handpieces for various tasks:

  • polishing metal, wood and glass surfaces, as well as varnished products;
  • cleaning products made of metal from corrosion and remnants of old paintwork;
  • grinding wood and metal surfaces.

Thanks to the huge variety of screwdriver attachments for grinding, you can select tips for operations that cannot be done with standard methods.

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