DIY Tiller Front Module


The main task of the technique with the front adapter is to speed up and facilitate the processing of the garden.

If you attach additional devices to the device, you can expand the range of applications:

  • remove hay;
  • to cultivate the land. to plant and collect;
  • clear the area from snow;
  • level the soil surface;
  • transfer small-sized cargo.

Algorithm of actions

To start assembling additional equipment for a motor-cultivator, you will need a drawing, in accordance with which the fastening elements and the construction of fragments will be made. If you have special skills and experience, a homemade adapter for the tiller and the drawing can be done independently. If you are afraid to make a mistake, you should take ready-made drawings. Before designing, it is recommended to check and verify the compliance of dimensions and numbers.

Advantages and disadvantages

After the tiller has been modernized, the designers note the positive qualities of the front adapter:

  • ease of use;
  • the disclosure of the traction resource. the existing abilities increase;
  • the possibilities of work are expanding. tillage will be accelerated;
  • if necessary, the unit is disassembled and assembled;
  • good balance in weight and axes;
  • you can move around on the device.

The disadvantages include the fact that in the presence of a movable hitch there is a deterioration in stability.

The tiller adapter consists of the following structural elements:

Steering type adapter

How to make a steering adapter for a tiller? The type of structure in which the steering wheel is provided must be rigidly fixed. The steering gear is carried out as a separate independent unit. A pair of wheels and an axle that serves as a steering gear is installed at the front and rear. Fixation points are selected based on individual characteristics. The location of the steering gear depends on the type of spare part. When assembling, it is recommended to perform just such an improved model.

A motorized cultivator with steering has many positive qualities:

  • the operator will not waste energy when moving behind the unit;
  • the equipment has maneuverability and increased functionality;
  • traction force is realized at 100%;
  • you can get to the workplace on the tiller without the use of additional equipment;
  • ease of management compared to other options.

Types of front adapters for the tiller

Converted technical devices are of the following types:

  • With telescopic drawbar type. This detail adjusts the width of the tiller adapter.
  • With drawbars of various lengths. The short clamp is designed for light weight devices, the long one is suitable for heavy mechanisms.
  • The purpose of the equipment is the transportation of goods. Models have a special body that can withstand increased stress.
  • With lifting link mechanism. Equipment that has suspension equipment is easy to operate and move around.

Do-it-yourself front adapter for the tiller

Tools and consumables:

  • metal corners, square profile;
  • bearings for the steering wheel and column;
  • metal sheets;
  • a pair of wheels, preferably on an axle;
  • drills, electrodes, discs for an angle grinder;
  • fasteners;
  • wrenches of various sizes;
  • electric welding apparatus;
  • lubricants. grease;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill.
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At the preparatory stage, a selection of a kinematic scheme should be made, which provides for the balance indicators of the entire structure. Overload warning should also be provided. It is recommended to use ready-made drawings of the adapter with the steering wheel to the tiller.

Drawings of key adapter assemblies

Coupling mechanism. It looks like a welded structure inserted into the main frame and bolted to it. Consists of two pieces of square pipe welded onto each other and a piece of regular “water” pipe with a gauge of 1.1.5 inches.

In the pipe, not fully inserted, clamped by a bolt, a stem with a welded on homemade tee. The stem is lubricated with grease and allows the tee to rotate along the axis, to ensure the rolling effect when moving on uneven ground.

Wheel attachment assembly. The structure consists of two perpendicularly welded pipe sections. The horizontal section is inserted into the fixing pipe and bolted together. On the vertical part, an axle with a wheel is fixed (on bearings).

Other nodes of the adapter are not so important, and we will not consider them.

Tiller adapter design diagram

The tiller adapter is a kind of towing device made on the frame and having two wheels. Structurally, adapters are divided into several types, in terms of simple, they can be simple and more complex. The main types are considered universal, these are those that are capable of transporting goods and perform soil cultivation, and simple ones, capable of performing only soil cultivation.

For tillers of different power, different adapters are used, for a low power one, an adapter with a short drawbar is installed, for a powerful one with a long one. Also, universal adapters are equipped with additional functionality, an increase in track, lifting attachments, etc.

Additional Drawings of Simple Adapter

Below, a drawing of one of the most structurally simple adapters.

The following are welded to the frame, made of a square profiled pipe 5050 mm in size and 2 mm thick:

We make an adapter for the tiller with our own hands

At the moment, there are several types of adapter, as a rule, their designs are similar, and are, attached to the rear of the tiller, adapt with a comfortable seat.

The adapter is made of a square metal profile, with a length of 160 to 180 cm. Across this profile, another one, 50-60 cm in size, is welded, depending on which track you need, (wheel stands are attached to it). The height of the struts to the wheel axle from the top to the adapter wheel axle can be from 25 to 40 cm, depending on the design.

Further, braces are welded to the main metal profile and wheel hubs, they also serve as stiffeners. Their length depends on the angle of inclination relative to the entire structure and other parameters. Then, the frame structure is calculated and welded in the same way, to which the attachment will be attached. Side rails of this design are bolted to the wheel struts.

After that, a control lever is welded to the main frame, which has three knees, sizes 35, 55, 20 cm.To increase the applied force, another lever is attached to the lever, but already with dimensions of 80 cm.

Adapter seat, mounted on a support welded to the central metal profile. As you can see, making an adapter to the tiller with your own hands is not so difficult.

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How to make an adapter for a tiller with your own hands

The purpose of the adapter

Here, I think everything is clear, there is a fairly large amount of work on the ground, which is easier, faster and more convenient to do with an adapter. And working with such attachments as a rotary tiller, it is generally safer.

tiller, front, module

DIY tiller adapter drawings and dimensions

Below are the drawings and dimensions, as well as the materials necessary for the manufacture of an adapter for a tiller of complex design.

What you need when making an adapter

Below is a kinetic diagram to help balance the structure and avoid additional stress. The drawing below shows a diagram of a mini tractor made from Tiller Neva.

The engine of the power unit (2), which drives the front wheels (1), transmits the torque through the chain (3) to the reverse gear (4), and from it, through the cardan transmission (5), to the rear axle (6), driving rotating rear drive wheels (7).

Adapter for Tiller Neva

Drawings and dimensions for different tillers may vary depending on the design. So for the popular models of Neva, MTZ, OKA tillers, homemade adapters can differ significantly.

Having made a homemade adapter to the tiller, using various types of hitch with it, you can not only facilitate the work, but also significantly increase productivity.

DIY front adapter for tiller

Homemade front steering adapter for tiller: photo report on the manufacture of homemade products.

Dear visitors of the site The Builder Himself! We present to your attention another homemade product from the craftsman Mikhail, who is engaged in the construction of various homemade mini tractors and other agricultural products. technicians.

This time we will look at a rather useful homemade product that will undoubtedly come in handy for owners of tilers. a homemade front adapter with steering for a tiller.

Such a device greatly facilitates the work of cultivating the garden, because, in fact, by installing the adapter on the tiller, it will already be a mini-tractor with steering control, and working on a mini-tractor is much easier than with a tiller.

The process of building a tiller adapter is presented in these detailed

Homemade frame welded from a profile pipe.

The base under the seat is welded to the frame.

tiller, front, module

Steering rack from a VAZ car.

Steering rods also from a VAZ car.

As a result, the author made a mini tractor from a tiller with his own hands.


Wheels of 2 types are presented. metal and rubber. The former are used for heavy types of work in the field. The latter are designed for driving on a dirt road.


In this article, we present reviews of trailers and adapters for the tiller from KaDviOKA, as well as options for converting the OKA tiller into a mini tractor. Any attachment, including trailer and adapter, is designed to facilitate agricultural work for the owner of the tiller.

Agree. you can manually control the tiller, spending energy on your own movement, holding the tiller in the desired position and controlling its movement. And you can further simplify agricultural work by attaching a nozzle, called an adapter, to the tiller, which will already allow you to control the unit while sitting, spending effort only on switching levers and pedals. Work will go faster and more efficiently.

Trailer for tiller Huter (Huter) 500 kg

Stable and comfortable trolley for transporting goods, suitable for almost any tiller.


Huter Tiller Trailer

  • purpose. transportation of agricultural, construction and other goods;
  • dimensions, mm: 2840x1550x710;
  • carrying capacity, kg. 500;
  • manufacturer. China.
  • comfortable seat for the operator;
  • compatible with almost all tillers of Russian and foreign production.
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AMPK-500 characteristics:

Length 2550 mm
Height with wheels 1350 mm
Width 1070 mm


Preparatory stage of manufacturing the adapter

The adapter has a simple design, but the manufacturing procedure cannot be called simple. Initially, you need to take into account the drawings and dimensions, which will help create a device without flaws.

You need to acquire the following materials and tools:

  • Electric drill;
  • Welding;
  • Electro-chop;
  • File;
  • Square;
  • A sheet of steel with a thickness of 5 millimeters;
  • Several square pipes with a diameter of one inch;
  • A set of fasteners.

Key structural elements are manufactured as follows:

  • Coupling. Frame-mounted and bolted. A coupler is two welded pieces of square pipes and a piece of a water pipe. The latter is inserted into the stem with a welded tee;
  • Wheel fixing unit. Two pieces of pipe 10 centimeters long are welded at right angles. The horizontal section is inserted into the fixing pipe and securely fixed with a bolt. An axle and bearings with wheels are attached to a vertical workpiece.

How to Use a Tiller. Earthquake Victory Rototiller Review

When all the tools are prepared, the main parts are made, you can assemble the adapter.

Varieties of adapters for motor vehicles

Tiller adapters are divided depending on how they are attached.

The following types of devices are distinguished:

  • Rear adapter for the tiller. The hitch is located in front of the device, therefore, after connection, the adapter will be located at the back of the unit;
  • Front Tiller Adapter. Accordingly, the clutch occurs at the rear. The adapter is located in front of the motorcycle and will definitely have a steering wheel for control. Steering devices are of a more complex design type, and therefore their price on the market is much higher.

The following adapters are available for use:

  • Shortened. Small in size, which are operated with a light type tiller. Low weight allows the adapter to be attached directly to the wheel of the unit;
  • Elongated. Cope with heavy agricultural machinery. They are distinguished by their considerable dimensions and relatively large mass.

Depending on the availability of the body, the following designs are distinguished:

  • Bodywork. The existing body allows you to transport various cargo over a long distance. They are actively used for everyday tasks and harvesting;
  • Bodyless. They are used only for connection with a tiller.

When choosing an adapter, you need to pay attention to the design features of the device. It must fully meet the needs of the owner.

Characteristics of the TM-360 and TM-500 models:

Body size: 1200 mm / 920 mm / 1050 mm.
Weight: 95 Kg.
Dimensions: 2800 mm / 1300 mm / 1050 mm.
Transport track: 1178 mm.
Carrying capacity: 250-300 kg.

Trailers and adapters from manufacturers such as:

  • “Chuvashpiller Plant”.
  • “Mobile K”.
  • “Volcano”.
  • Mirotech Ural.
  • “Vsevolzhsky RMZ” and others.

If you wish, you can always make an adapter or a trailer for the Oka tiller with your own hands. We offer a drawing of a homemade tiller trolley based on the Oka beam:

Assembly, step by step instructions

The procedure consists of a serial connection:

  • frames;
  • steering wheel and control pedals;
  • trunk;
  • swivel bracket;
  • brake system.

At the last stage, an axle with wheels is mounted. Parts from an old moped or motorcycle may be suitable for this. Too long elements are shortened with an electric hacksaw.