DIY Tiller Mini Tractor 4×4 Fracture

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Mintractor from Tiller Bison

Chinese tillers Bison are equipped with gasoline and diesel engines of various capacities. For the construction of a tractor, diesel heavy tillers are recommended, which are equipped with a liquid cooling system. Due to this, the tractor will be able to work for a long time in conditions of high ambient temperatures.

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To make a tractor from a tiller with your own hands, you need to make a frame from a steel corner of 50 mm. On the front of the frame there are cross members for mounting the engine. The frame is additionally reinforced with cross members and braces that increase torsional rigidity.

The motor is rigidly mounted to the frame, therefore fatigue cracks may occur under the mounting points. The engine torque is transmitted by a pair of belts to the gearbox located above the rear axle. The working area of ​​the belts is covered with a metal shield (to protect the operator’s left leg) and a crossbar (to protect the hand from injury).

The steering gear from the “classic” VAZ models is installed on a bracket next to the pedal assembly. Serial parts of steering mechanisms of domestic and imported cars are used for the swing mechanism.

Mechanical band brakes are used for stopping. The drums are made of steel cylindrical billets (for example, old gas cylinders). Installation of levers and pedals is done on bushings located on the frame. Brake actuators are adjustable in length to compensate for pad wear and varying braking intensity.

Minitractor from Tiller Centaur

The most reliable and practical home-made tractors are designs created on the basis of professional or semi-professional tractors. Products have a high cost, which pays off with a resource and versatility.

The advantage of a tractor based on the Tiller Centaur is a diesel engine with a power of up to 9 hp. The engine is mounted in front of a homemade frame. The frame is assembled from scraps of channel bars or corners. To transmit torque to the rear drive wheels, a belt or gear transmission is used. The rotating elements of the kinematic chain should be covered with protective covers, which will prevent the operator’s clothing from being pulled in during operation.

Since the diesel engine is heavy, pay attention to the weight distribution of the tractor. If it is necessary to tow trailers, it is recommended to increase the load on the rear drive wheels. The front axle is not equipped with a suspension and is rotary. For the control mechanism, gearboxes from cars are used. When operating at full load, the axle must have reliable contact with the road, otherwise the tractor will be uncontrollable.

Mechanically driven shoe or band brakes are located on the motor output shaft or on the drive axle shafts. It is recommended to equip the operator’s workplace with a soft seat with an adjustable shock absorption system (from tractors or trucks). This solution will improve the working conditions of the driver, since the homemade tractor has no suspension.

Min tractor from Tiller MTZ

When building a tractor based on the MTZ tiller, a powerful frame made of a steel square section is used. The wheels and engine are covered with homemade sheet steel hoods. It is recommended to cover the cab floor with a rubber sheet, which will protect the metal from damage and premature corrosion. A feature of the designs of tractors based on MTZ technology is the possibility of reverse conversion.

In the scheme of a heavy home-made tractor, a hydraulic drive of auxiliary mechanisms (plow or blade) is used. The hydraulics are constantly driven by a gear pump, which is driven by a separate belt from a pulley located on the extended output shaft of the gearbox. The hydraulic drive is controlled via a spool valve. It is possible to use a hydraulic cylinder in the steering system, which facilitates the rotation of the steering wheel.

The size and power of the engine allows the installation of a car generator that will work in conjunction with the battery. In this case, the tractor is equipped with external lighting equipment (headlights, direction indicators, dimensions), and you can operate it at night.

Mini tractor from Tiller Cascade

Homemade tractors based on the Cascade are structurally little different from the rest. The engine is located at the front of the frame and drives the rear axle wheels. In the design of the rear axle, a gearbox and shortened stockings from the axle of the rear-wheel drive VAZ or Moskvich models can be used. The rear axle retains the standard main pair and differential. By shortening the stocking, the track is reduced to the required parameters. The stockings are fitted with standard hubs and rims with tires from the specified vehicles.

To control the tractor from the Cascade motor-cultivator, a rotary front beam is used, built on the basis of the crosspieces of the PAZ bus. Rotary hubs and steering gear are taken from VAZ vehicles.

The engine transmits torque through a belt drive to a four-speed gearbox borrowed from a Zhiguli (it is possible to use gearboxes from a Muscovite). The box is connected to the rear axle by a short propeller shaft. The disadvantage of this scheme is the increased weight and low cross-country ability of the tractor on soggy soil.

Mini tractor from Tiller Salyut

Products under the Salute brand are equipped with engines of BriggsStratton, Kohler Courage, Honda and others. The power of the units is 6-7.5 hp. The units are equipped with a mechanical two-speed gearbox with a reverse and an additional reduction gear. The torque is transmitted by a V-belt transmission to a mechanical gearbox connected to the driving axle shafts. The kinematic system uses two belts, which reduces the risk of slipping under load, increases the service life and the transmitted torque.

Due to the characteristics of the transmission, Salutes are often used as starting materials for the construction of tractors with a drive on two or four wheels. Before converting the tiller into a mini tractor with his own hands, the owner can purchase a ready-made set of parts for conversion.

When upgrading Salute to a mini tractor, it is recommended:

  • widen the front axle track up to 1200 mm (to improve stability);
  • increase the track of the rear base axle by installing self-made or factory axle shafts;
  • use standard tires as driving wheels.

Mintractor from Tiller Agro

When building a tractor based on Agro, it is necessary to take into account the low fracture strength of the standard axle. Cases of axle breakage during the operation of the tiller without additional weight have been noted, and with increased load the risk of destruction of the unit increases. To reduce the risk of breakage, modernized wheel gears are used (from UAZ or LuAZ vehicles). When installing gearboxes, it is possible to change the gear ratio, which allows you to increase the traction range.

Before you make a homemade tractor, you need to decide on the location of the engine: front or rear.

The construction process is as follows:

  • Make a frame and a front axle from metal profiles according to drawings.
  • Fasten the wheel hubs to the front axle blank. The hubs are equipped with mechanical or hydraulic brakes.
  • Mount the axle. If a split frame is used, the axle is rigidly attached to the front half. The entire frame is tilted to swing.
  • Install the steering gear on the frame and connect it with the steering linkage to the steering knuckles.
  • Install the steering column and check the operation of the controls.
  • Place the rear axle in its original place. It is attached to the frame with two bearing races. There is a pulley on the axle for transmitting torque from the engine.
  • Reinstall the engine and wheels.
  • Position the operator’s seat and foot control according to the drawings.
  • Adjust the operation of tractor units.


Chinese tillers are copies of Russian products. Engines of our own design and production are used as power plants, which are somewhat different from Russian units. The advantage of the models is the price, which is reduced by simplifying the design and saving on materials. Because of this, there were complaints about the quality of the products, but the latest models are largely devoid of such a drawback. Improvements in workmanship and assembly have driven the rise in popularity of Chinese products.

Functions, engine parameters and weight characteristics of Chinese equipment differ little from Russian counterparts. Common brands include products under the brands Zubr, Centaur, Aurora.

Mini tractor from Tiller Oka

Equipment under the brand name “Oka” is equipped with two-speed reversible gearboxes and gearboxes with a chain torque transmission scheme. The output of the engines reaches 9 hp. Home-made mini tractors from the Oka tiller can be equipped with a two-piece frame and a 4×4 all-wheel drive system. The engine is located on the front of the frame and is closed from above by a standard hood. Frame halves are connected by a universal joint from a truck.

A transfer case is installed on the rear of the frame. The front and rear axles are driven by propeller shafts that rotate standard chain reducers.

Preparing to create a homemade mini tractor

The process of creating a homemade mini tractor begins with drawing up a drawing, a kinematic diagram of the future “plowman” and preparing the necessary materials, tools, equipment. If you have the skills, you can develop a scheme for demonstrating the mechanisms and components of the tractor yourself, if not, find a suitable option on the Internet or use the example presented here.

As for the parts and components involved in the modernization of the tiller, you can use a purchased factory kit to convert it into a mini tractor. But this option is not suitable for those who want to make, for example, an all-wheel drive (4×4) tractor and at the same time significantly save money. Therefore, you will have to look for upgraded parts.

So, to create a homemade tractor you will need:

  • Set of tools;
  • Welding equipment;
  • Drill with a set of drills;
  • Metal pipes, channels;
  • Fasteners, hardware (bolts, nuts);
  • angle grinder, discs for working with metal.

Also, in order to make a tractor with your own hands, you will need two suitable wheels, a hitch, a driver’s seat, a steering mechanism, pedals and, of course, a tiller with sufficient weight and power. It is better to opt for a heavy-duty unit with a diesel engine (the Zubr, Neva, Agro, Scout models are well suited). This will make it possible to get, as a result of the alteration, albeit a homemade, but a productive mini-tractor, capable of effectively performing various agricultural operations. Surely you want him to carry out not only agricultural functions, but also be able to pull a trailer.

The weight of the unit to be selected must correspond to the state of the soil on which it is planned to use the homemade product. If it is compacted, dry, then the future mini tractor is unlikely to cope with the tasks assigned to it. Therefore, the harder the soil, the harder the cultivator will be needed. And the power of its engine should be related to the area of ​​the land plot on which agricultural work will be carried out using a motor-tractor. So, the larger the plot, the higher this parameter should be.

Installation of the brake system and electrical equipment

To begin with, determine the place (using the layout diagram) where the brake pedal will be located in the alteration. On the designated plot, mount the pedal mount and the main brake cylinder. Then the cylinder is connected with hoses to the brake drums located on the front wheels of the converted tractor.

Immediately after that, the brake system is checked for leaks and if it is broken, everything will have to be redone. To avoid ridiculous mistakes, it is better to use a visual drawing that shows all the main components of the tractor. For control, the system must be pumped over and the remaining air is removed. This will make it workable and provide proper functionality. The system can also be supplemented with a parking brake.

The next stage of self-alteration of the tiller into a full-fledged mini tractor is the connection of electrical equipment and the output of sensors to the dashboard. It is recommended to do this for the convenience and safety of vehicle operation. A temperature meter, a liquid cooling indicator, an ignition key, an oil pressure sensor and a fuel level in the gas tank are displayed on the panel. If desired, a homemade tractor is supplied with a sound signal, brake lights and direction indicators.

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Additionally, agricultural machinery can be equipped with cladding elements and a canopy. This will give the mini tractor an attractive look and make the operator’s work more comfortable. After the completion of the modernization process of the tiller, the homemade mini tractor should be run-in so that the parts are “ground in” and the lubricity of the mating surfaces improves.

Mounting the engine and hydraulics

The most profitable option for converting a tiller into a homemade four-wheeled tractor is a single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. this is usually installed on Chinese Scout, Bison and Russian Neva motor cultivators. A single-cylinder diesel engine is economical, so the operation of a mini-tractor produced on its basis will not be invoiced. It is typically positioned on the front of the frame, allowing the small tractor to maintain optimal balance when operating with additional tools. At the location of the motor, a fastening system is installed, which is better to make “floating” (sliding) in order to simplify the adjustment and tension of the belts.

The transfer of power from the motor to the rear wheels of a homemade tractor is organized using a belt drive. The PTO transfer case, like the gearbox, can be used from a decommissioned GAZ-53 vehicle. The homemade power unit is mounted in such a way that the PTO pulley is located in the same plane with the pulley placed on the rear axle of the minitractor. At the same time, they outline the location for the clutch pedal. The belt drive is covered with a protective cover to avoid slipping during operation and to make its service life longer.

After completing the main work, a hydraulic lift is installed on a homemade mini-tractor with an engine from a tiller. The rework hydraulics kit should include an oil pump, oil reservoir, hydraulic cylinder and distributor. All components of the system are connected by flexible oil-resistant hoses. It is advisable to make the hydraulics in a floating mode. this will ensure the full operation of the tractor hitch. Then the tiller will work as it should.

Inexpensive tractor for the price of a tiller for only 150 thousand! Order here.

A large selection of attachments, which are also suitable for homemade tractors, see the link.

The entire range of heavy tillers (Scout.Ugra, Neva, etc.).

Then, the driver’s seat is installed, as well as headlights and dimensions, if it is planned to move the mini tractor along the roads. They will ensure safety when operating vehicles in the dark and will avoid problems with demanding road patrol officers.

How to make a frame

After preparing the tools and accessories necessary to create a mini tractor, the tiller’s frame is “re-cut” in order to adapt it to an additional pair of wheels, in accordance with the drawing. The platform of the future home-made machine can be made all-metal or break-through using channels or shaped metal pipes. Longitudinal and transverse spars are easy to make. they are cut by an angle grinder and connected by electric welding or fasteners. For greater reliability, bolted connections are combined with additional welding of seams.

When transforming a cultivator into a mini-tractor, it is often a fracture that is used, consisting of two independent half-frames, connected to each other by means of hinges. Thanks to this design, all four wheels of the tractor are almost always in contact with the ground, and they practically do not hang out when using homemade products on an uneven surface or slippery road. This allows you to increase the stability of the minitractor from the tiller, improve its maneuverability and cross-country ability when carrying out arable and transport operations.

To the front or rear section of the prepared frame, an attachment device is mounted according to the scheme, which will allow the tractor to make it possible to work with auxiliary devices. You can weld a towbar immediately behind for towing a trailer. this will further expand the functionality of a homemade motorcycle tractor, obtained from a tiller.

How to make a mini tractor from a tiller with your own hands

Every farmer knows that it is easier and more convenient to cultivate summer cottages and household plots using a small tractor. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough money to buy a factory “iron horse”. you can make it yourself from an inexpensive tiller. over, when there is interest in technology, engineering skills, the necessary equipment and tools, it will not be difficult to do this at all. The main thing is to understand the technical aspects, prepare for the transformation and choose the right tiller itself. Then the refurbishment can begin. By the way, the tiller’s instructions may contain a drawing that will help you understand how best to make a homemade product.

Installing the undercarriage

At the end of the installation, the hitching devices are installed on both axles (front, rear), and already on them. the wheels. The rear axle is usually attached to those that came with a tiller (Scout, Bison, Neva), and wheels from a passenger car or some kind of agricultural machinery are fitted on the front axle. It is important that they have a deep tread. this will make a homemade mini-tractor a high-mobility technique and with improved wheel grip. Then the management will be much easier.

To equip a homemade tractor with a full-fledged front running gear, they buy hubs assembled with a brake system and, preferably, complete with steering rods, a steering wheel, a gearbox and a steering column. They can also be altered by removing them from used cars.

Fastening the front wheels to the minitractor is carried out in this way:

  • A metal profile pipe is selected that corresponds to the thickness of the front axle of a homemade tractor;
  • Wheel hubs are attached to the ends of the profile;
  • The hub structure is fixed to the front frame directly in the center;
  • The steering rods are mounted, after which they are aligned with the steering gear;
  • The gearbox is fixed to the frame;
  • Put the steering rod, steering wheel;
  • Adjust the steering column, steering wheel.

Sometimes the front suspension of the tractor is supplemented with spring shock absorbers to provide more comfortable working conditions. After the steering column is assembled according to the drawing, you need to install the rear wheels.

The rear axle of the cultivator is mounted on bearings tightly pressed into spherical bushings. A pulley is mounted on it, which will transmit torque from the engine to the rotating nodes. You can leave the rear wheels without a differential. this will simplify the design and minimize the slipping of the future mini tractor when operating on loose soils.

The optimum diameter of the tractor wheels is 30-36 cm (as in the Scout T-15 model). If you put a homemade diesel unit on smaller wheels, it will simply roll forward. Fitting large wheels will make the machine uncontrollable and impair its maneuverability, especially when working with a trailer. At the end of the installation of the wheels and the steering column, the layout of the main unit of agricultural machinery. the engine.

Advantages of homemade tractors from tillers

The advantages of owning such a unit are obvious. Unlike a tiller, it will allow:

  • Expand functionality;
  • Facilitate the operator’s work;
  • Realize traction potential.

Compact Tractor Tilling Sod. Johnny Almost Bites Off Than He Can Chew

Using skills, you can make a multifunctional and efficient mini tractor from a conventional motorized cultivator with limited capabilities. Maneuverable, compact. it is able to work even in densely planted areas, between bushes and trees, as well as in a limited local area, without spoiling the paving slabs and asphalt pavement. Look at the form where there is a video about the work of homemade equipment.

To make a mini tractor from a tiller means to acquire agricultural machinery with the broadest functionality. Together with it, you can use a variety of attachments: cultivator, potato planter, cutter, harrow, rotary mower, plow, hillers, etc. And if you equip it with a hydraulically driven stacker, you can also use a homemade tractor as a stacker or a crane. Thanks to its practical design, working on such a homemade product is simple, comfortable and safe. And the remaining motoblock parts can be used to create other homemade products. A homemade mini tractor is better than the most expensive heavy motor cultivator and cheaper than a heavy tractor.

How to assemble a homemade fracture mini tractor 4×4?

To assemble a homemade 4×4 fracture mini-tractor, you will need to draw up a diagram, study the design features of the technique. The need for such a unit arises when it is necessary to cultivate the land, plant or harvest.

Step-by-step instruction

The classics of agricultural machinery are made by hand using a welding machine, disc plate, drill. The assembly of the mechanism begins with the manufacture of the frame. It consists of a side member, front and rear cross member. The spar is made from a channel of size 10 or a square tube 80×80 mm. Size 16 should be used for traverse. Any engine is suitable for a 4×4 mini tractor. The most suitable option is 40 hp. The clutch is required from the GAZ-52, and the gearbox from the GAZ.53.

To connect the basket and the power unit, you need to make a new flywheel. The bridge can be used in any size and is inserted into the mechanism. We make up the cardan shaft from different cars. In a homemade 4×4 tractor, the front bridge is built independently. Use 18-inch tires for good cushioning. The front axle fits 14-inch discs. If the wheels are smaller, the 4×4 mini tractor will sink into the ground. Otherwise, the technique will be difficult to control.

It is recommended to equip a minitractor 4×4 with a breaking frame with hydraulics. It can be taken from old agricultural equipment.

To reduce the load on the undercarriage, tires with good lugs are used.

During the manufacture of a mini-tractor for a household, it is necessary to use the cardan shafts of the main drive from trucks.

In all 4×4 mini tractors, a fracture with their own hands is installed by the gearbox closer to the driver and fixed to the frame. For pedal control of homemade products, it is recommended to use a hydraulic drum brake. Both the steering rack and the pedal control of the fracture will fit from the VAZ car.

Assembling equipment

Tractor components are bolted or welded together. Combined fastening of parts is sometimes possible. It is important to correctly position the seat removed from the car. The next stage in the assembly of equipment is the installation of the power unit. To attach the motor well to the frame, you need to use a special slotted plate. Then you will need to lay electrical and mechanical control systems. In order for such work to be done efficiently, the electrical circuit of the factory mini-tractors is being studied. Next, the body is sheathed, taking into account their wishes.

The next stage is the arrangement of the body and its combination with the engine block. A small trailer from a passenger car can serve as a body. If we briefly discuss the whole process of fractures, we get a simple algorithm: the tiller is located on the frame, a drum-type brake system and a steering rack from Zhiguli are installed.

we take any tiller. If we take the Neva tiller, it is more expedient to choose it with a coupling. Then the mini-tractor will transport loads and trailers. Another suitable tiller is the Centaur diesel unit. To decide which tiller to choose, you need to figure out the purpose of the mini-tractor. The 4×4 break frame tractor has the main advantage. maneuverability.


If necessary, you can make a mower, milling cutter, bucket. The main advantage of a break-frame tractor is its maneuverability. Its assembly is simple, so such an agricultural unit can be made by any summer resident who understands technology. The prime cost of a homemade car will be relatively lower than the price of a Pskov factory analogue.

The minitractor caliber MT 244 can be operated in any conditions and on complete off-road. The air suspension consists of a receiver, an updated vehicle control valve, and a compressor. The minitractor caliber MT 244 can be stored in the garage, and due to the presence of reinforced attachments, easy fixation of various devices is provided.


The wheelbase for a mini tractor is important to pay special attention to. Of course, it is quite enough to use wheels from a car, but here you should go measuredly. The required dimensions of the wheel disks for the front axle are approximately 14 inches. If you choose a smaller diameter, then there is a risk of incorrect operation of the mini tractor in the future. After all, it is important for us that the tractor does not fall into the ground. But there is another side of the coin. if the front wheels are too huge, the driver will have to gain strength to perform certain maneuvers. It will be physically difficult. But this process can be simplified using the power steering.

It is important that the tires of the wheels in a homemade mini tractor have good lugs. This will add maneuverability to the tractor, reduce stress on the chassis and simplify work.

Assembly technology

Before you create this colossus with your own hands, you should decide for what specific purposes it is intended. Perhaps in a certain case, mowers, milling cutters, shovels are important. The fracture process itself is described by a simple, concise method: the tiller is located on a frame built on its own. As for the brake system, it must be of a drum type, and the steering rack can be used from domestic Zhiguli.

Construction tools

In addition to spare parts, it is important to use a wide range of tools:

  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • spanners;
  • disc plate and many others.

Sometimes you may need to contact a welding professional or auto repair when designing. Here you need to build on your own skills and capabilities.

Fracture minitractor (breaking frame) 4×4 DIY homemade

Homemade mini tractor with a breaking frame

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Self-assembled mini tractor

Assembling a tractor with your own hands is not an easy, but rather interesting activity that requires diligence and concentration. There are a large number of assembly variations, but there is an optimal design, not only for experienced but also for novice designers. The design is shown in the photo.

The design of a homemade mini tractor

Let’s take a look at the frame design first. Not looking at the angularity from the outside, all the nodes that connect and chassis parts are distributed rationally.

Main parts of the frame:

  • spars;
  • traverse.

The tractor spars have a three-stage assembled structure. The steps in the front are made of channels of the tenth size, the last one is made of a square-shaped pipe (material steel), with sides 80X80 mm. The traverse at the back is also made of a sixteenth channel, and in the front, a twelfth. The exact same system is also suitable for the preparation of the cross member.

For the tractor, you can choose any engine that suits the power. The best option is a 4-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. In terms of power. 40 hp, but as for a self-made model of a mini tractor for the purpose of working on home areas, this is quite enough.

Clutch with GAZ-52

The PTO transfer case and gearbox will fit from an ownerless GAZ-53 (or a similar model), and the clutch will fit from a GAZ-52. To dock the clutch basket with the power unit, it is important to re-make the engine flywheel and build an updated basket cover in order to fit the required size. The flywheel is machined on a lathe. You need to cut off the area at the back and carve another span in the middle.

The bridge is integrated into the mechanism without significant changes. It can be used in any size. Four ladders facilitate attachment to the frame. The propeller shaft can be assembled from different vehicles. Good shock absorption thanks to 18 ” tires.

Fitting wheels to hubs is easy. You can see that a part of it is cut out of the disk in the center with a hole for installation, instead of which the central part of the disk from the ZIL-130 is welded. The bridge in front is being built on its own. you don’t need to have serious skills for this, since he is not the leader. To simplify the assembly process, you can move the bridge from other machines.

Control and seat

Mini Tractor Car Seat

Usually, the installation of the control system and the kinematic diagram is started after the design of the chassis. An important point in this matter is the correctly placed seat. For this case, a passenger car seat is perfect. It is easy to find it in car workshops or garages. It is important that the steering wheel is attached at a comfortable height for the driver. The steering wheel should not push the knees, so it is worth mounting so that the labor process does not provoke any sensations of discomfort.

Steering wheel control

To increase the maneuverability of the tractor, it is necessary to install the hydraulic steering on the steering wheel. It is possible to find hydraulics on equipment that was written off in agriculture. To assemble it, you need an oil pump, which will be put into operation thanks to the engine. It provides the required pressure in the hydraulic motors. It is good when the wheels of the main shaft are to be controlled by a gearbox. The direction of rotation is due to a simple valve with four working positions.

Photo of drawings of nodes

Making Tiller Tines Out of Scrap Metal! DIY Rototiller Blades

With your own hands, you can design a 4×4 mini tractor with a breaking frame.

The 4×4 four-wheel drive tractor has the main advantage. good maneuverability. This, of course, complicates the assembly, since it is necessary to design a correct and high-quality shaft with connections.

During the manufacture of a homemade tractor with a breaking frame, it is necessary to use the cardan shafts of the main drive from trucks. There are many videos on making tractors yourself.

But the principles of manufacturing are used almost the same everywhere. In all tractors, the gearbox is retracted to the driver and fixed to the frame, the steering rods facilitate steering. Everywhere there is a hydraulic drum brake, which, like the clutch, has a pedal control. Accelerator and attachments are used manually.

Different parts are needed to design a mini tractor. Automotive fit perfectly. For example, a drum brake will fit the front wheels. The steering rack and pedal control will fit from a small VAZ car. According to the principle of searching for spare parts on the market, you can choose a manual control, a seat and other necessary parts for a mini tractor.

tiller “Neva”. the basis of a homemade mini tractor

If you decide to take the “Neva” tiller as the basis of your tractor, then be sure to choose it together with the coupling, and it does not matter whether it is factory installed or it was designed by hand. This will make it possible in the future to engage in the transportation of goods by hitching a trailer with a body. The comfort and convenience of the model will add attributes such as a steering wheel from a car, a car seat and pedals.

Of course, you can choose any tiller for the purpose of making a homemade mini-tractor, but it is still better to choose the Neva units. This is due to the fact that they are more reliable and powerful, and their volume can reach 8.5 liters. These properties guarantee that the mini tractor will be made with the least number of modifications.

The next step will be the manufacture of an adapter-dump truck, which is quite simple to make, just having the necessary material, electric welding and an angle grinder. The trailer can be tilted and rotated, as it is provided by a special system of the frame fastening structure itself. The controls in the tiller are duplicated, which allows you to use the tiller as a separate unit, having previously disassembled the homemade mini tractor.

The practicality of this design makes it possible to operate a mini-tractor for transporting not only building material (bricks), but also interact with loose soil components. The loader, which is designed for dumping and has been installed earlier, makes it possible to dump soil to any place without limiting the choice.

To your attention a selection of high-quality video material on homemade mini tractors.

Do-it-yourself fracture mini-tractor: create an assistant

Making a homemade mini tractor

First you need to figure out exactly what a mini tractor is. This is a conventional tractor, which is constructed on the basis of a tiller. They come in 3 types: completely homemade, reworked with factory tools and released at the factory.

Basics of the technology of self-assembly of a mini tractor

The natural first priority will be a clear layout of the alteration itself, the need to install specific equipment for the shed, for example, a mower, a tiller plow or a blade for a blade, is being considered.

Briefly, the process of breaking a tractor with your own hands can be described as follows. we place the tiller on a frame that was previously equipped for this purpose and made by hand. The brake system is based on a drum type and the steering rack can be used from Zhiguli.

Below you can see a selection of photos of self-assembly of the tractor.

Mini tractor based on tiller “Zubr

If you have a high-power diesel engine with a Zubr tiller, you can do it yourself into a mini tractor. You must also have the appropriate tools, assembly instructions, photos (diagrams) and the following parts:

  • frame;
  • brake system (cylinder);
  • footrests on which the pedals are placed;
  • steering column with rods;
  • front beam (assembly includes brake discs and hubs);
  • rear fenders;
  • hitch with manual lifting mechanism, assembled;
  • wheels that will be installed in front (suitable from a Zhiguli car or other tillers).

Suitable tools include: hammer, drill, wrenches, welding machine.

Having collected all the above details with your own hands, you will get a homemade fracture mini-tractor from a tiller.

How to self-assemble a tractor from a Centaur brand tiller

Naturally, the most durable, reliable and powerful version of the fracture tractor will be a model whose design was based on a professional or semi-professional trailer. Thanks to their use, the performance of the device and the resource of use increase.

One of the optimal types of such units is the Centaur tiller, whose diesel engine power reaches 9 hp. Of course, the decisive factor when choosing components, such as a tiller, will be the purpose and functions assigned to the tractor.

It is necessary to think in detail about the body structure, how it will be connected to the engine block. The body and frame are made using profiled pipes, and metal corners can also be used. When installing a powerful engine, the body can be made from a small trailer to a car or motor vehicle, only you need to take into account in advance how it will be attached to the tiller.

Additional tips and warnings about the mini tractor

If you have enough money, you can buy some old Zhiguli, Oka, a tiller to use it as a “donor” for a future homemade mini tractor.

You can buy without documents, while it is quite used, therefore, which is relatively small, in comparison with a ready-made mini tractor.

The essence of this advice is simple: in order not to look for spare parts and parts everywhere, you can take everything from one machine, i.e. gearbox, clutch, etc. By the way, the car body can then be sold.

Also, an important point is the registration of a home-made unit in the traffic police. Of course, you can not do it if you do not plan to leave your garden, but for those who plan to use public roads, this action is necessary.

The fact is that a mini-tractor, even a home-made one, belongs to special equipment, therefore, it requires mandatory registration with the inspection. If these rules are not followed, the employee may impose a financial fine on you, and the vehicle itself may be removed to the parking lot.

Instructions on how to make an all-wheel drive mini tractor with your own hands. drawings and dimensions

Having appreciated all the advantages, many are wondering. how to make a 4×4 mini tractor? In principle, this assembly method is not much different from traditional methods, except, perhaps, the structure of the frame structure.

Basically, the frame is solid, but in the breaks, an option with a breaking frame is provided, from which the name itself comes.

The appearance of the structure may be a little puzzling to an outside observer, but its seeming unpretentiousness should not be misleading. The fact is that everything inside is located so proportionally, if you follow the drawings exactly, which allows the unit to show quite good performance indicators.

By the way about the drawings. This is probably one of the most important stages of the entire assembly, because the success of the entire design depends on the correctness of leaving a detailed drawing and determining the exact dimensions.

The fact is that the specifics of self-assembly involves the adaptation of some parts to the individual characteristics of the frame or power unit. This is understandable, because the components are taken from completely different equipment, which leads to their dimensional mismatch.

The adjustment itself is carried out mainly on a lathe, which in itself assumes the presence of a detailed drawing. After all, it is much easier to make certain holes or grind, looking at the drawing, than keeping all this abstraction in your head.

So, having made a drawing, we proceed to the assembly process:

  • The frame itself will consist of traverses and side members. The spars, in this case, have a three-stage structure. The first stage is made from channel number 10, and the last one is a square steel pipe with dimensions of 80 × 80 mm.
  • The rear traverse is made from channel number 16, and the front one. from channel number 12.
  • If you are converting a tiller into a mini tractor, then the main power unit will be the engine located on the tiller. If not, you will have to purchase the engine separately. In principle, any diesel engine of the required power (at least 12 hp) can be used.
  • However, experts advise taking a more powerful one. a motor with 40 hp. and water cooling.
  • The gearbox and power take-off shaft, as well as the clutch, can be taken from the GAZ-53 and GAZ-52 cars, respectively. They will not work ready-made, so you will have to modify them a little. To do this, you need to re-make the motor flywheel, cutting off a little from the back and drilling one hole in the middle.
  • The bridge can be installed in the unit in the desired form without any manipulation. It is attached to the frame structure with four ladders.
  • Wheels can be taken from old cars, but 18 inches is considered the optimal diameter. The process of mounting the wheels on the hubs is quite simple. It is enough to cut out the hole required in diameter from the center of the disk, and the center of the disk from the ZIL-130 is welded to this place.
  • The front axle is not that important, because it will not be the driving one. Therefore, you can take a bridge from another technique.
  • The steering is best hydraulically assisted. You can take it from old agricultural equipment, but for its correct operation you need an oil pump.
  • By the way, the driver’s seat also needs to be installed correctly, because a person spends not a single hour controlling the unit. The seat must be positioned so that the steering column does not rest on the knees of the person.

In general, the assembly of a homemade all-wheel drive mini tractor is carried out using third-party spare parts, among which, mainly, automobile.

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In particular, the drum brake will be used in the front wheelbase system, and the steering rack will be borrowed from the cars of the VAZ family.

Other components can be freely found on the spare parts market, where there are quite a lot of useful things. In addition, on specialized sites there are a sufficient number of advertisements for the sale of parts that can be purchased for mere pennies.

Application area

Of course, the power of a home-made unit may be somewhat weaker, but at the level of domestic use, this fact is almost invisible.

The main area of ​​application of this do-it-yourself unit is agricultural work. This term covers a fairly wide range, including many related works. In other words, a homemade mini tractor is needed for the following purposes:

  • plowing of land holdings for the purpose of their further use;
  • cultivation of the soil, as well as getting rid of weeds;
  • soil harrowing;
  • sowing on treated soil;
  • planting and digging potatoes.

In principle, this is the main purpose of the mini tractor, for which it is made. But, its application can be significantly expanded if a special connection for additional equipment, mounted and trailed type is provided in its design.

If everything is done correctly, then your homemade product can additionally perform the following work:

  • transportation of various goods (transportation of firewood, construction waste, etc.);
  • snow removal in the winter season;
  • mowing lawns and lawns, and making hay for livestock.

As we can see, the mini-tractor breaking the classic 4×4 with its own hands can significantly facilitate the life of any rural resident, because with the help of this technique it becomes possible to perform all types of work that are required with competent maintenance of subsidiary farming.

The indispensability of a home-made unit is also due to the fact that a minimum of investments and funds are used in its manufacture, which is very important for rural areas.

For more information about the operation of an all-wheel drive mini tractor, see

Do-it-yourself 4×4 fracture on VAZ bridges. all-wheel drive minitractor with Lifan engine. drawings and diagrams

Here all sorts of craftsmen appear who have adapted to make such units out of all the rubbish that they have in their garage.

What a careless owner would have thrown into a landfill, a savvy and resourceful person is able to make a completely workable device out of this that can perform basic agricultural work.

Quite popular among such craftsmen is the do-it-yourself 4×4 fracture mini-tractor, which is a rather bizarre design.

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade design

In a crisis, the defining moment that affects many areas of life and industry is the issue of saving money. It is this circumstance that pushes many enthusiasts to independently manufacture not only mini tractors, but also other agricultural equipment.

Modern grain crushers are quite compact and energy-intensive, they are easy to use and delight their owners. Household grain crusher. ideal in terms of price and quality.

To facilitate labor and increase productivity, various types of manual cultivators have been created for cultivating the soil in the country. gasoline, electric, manual, light and heavy. By clicking on the link, get acquainted with the manual cultivator for giving.

In the last decade, among summer residents and gardeners, an apparatus has become famous. a sprayer called “Beetle”.
Here is all the information about this wonderful device.

This fact, in many respects, becomes decisive, especially for rural areas, where there has been no employment for a long time, and, as a result, no money. All that people living in villages and villages have is their personal economy, which feeds them throughout the year.

Therefore, homemade units in rural areas will be popular for a long time.

In addition to the obvious cost savings, self-assembly has a number of advantages:

  • Due to its compact dimensions, a home-made unit is capable of working in fairly small areas. Given that most private gardens are small, this circumstance becomes important, because the use of large-sized equipment, in this case, is inappropriate.
  • A quick return on investment. literally in one season. This is a consequence of the savings on components that were described earlier.
  • Quite good performance, which is demonstrated by a homemade unit.

However, no matter how you might want it, homemade mini tractors also have certain disadvantages that must be pointed out:

  • When assembling, there is a certain problem of finding the right parts and spare parts.
  • A consequence of the previous problem is the issue of repair, because if a certain part fails, it will be quite difficult to find it.
  • Self-assembly requires certain knowledge in technology, as well as the ability to work with a welding machine and a lathe. In other words, the assembly is not suitable for everyone.
  • Due to the fact that an all-wheel drive homemade mini-tractor is made mainly from old components, this may affect the frequency of equipment breakdowns.

As we can see, there are a lot of disadvantages. But, at the household level, self-assembly becomes almost the only alternative, due to its relative cheapness.

And for the household level, this is the very thing, especially since there is an almost ideal combination of those manufacturing costs and the quality that is obtained at the output and space for the selection and manufacture of additional equipment (see do-it-yourself rotary tiller).

with an article about a mini tractor with a cabin.


Homemade mini-tractor breaking 4×2 from tiller

Dear visitors of the site “Samodelkin friend” from the material presented by the author, you will learn how to make a homemade mini-tractor from a tiller with a breaking frame with your own hands. A mini-tractor is an excellent assistant in running a private farm, thanks to it you can plow and cultivate the land, as well as transport various goods around the site, and in the winter season to clean the snow.

You can assemble a mini-tractor in a garage, while having a minimum of spare parts from the domestic auto industry and a little scrap metal) The basis for creating the presented MT was the time-tested OKA tiller, changes were made to a minimum, namely, wheels from VAZ were installed and gas and clutch cables were thrown over pedals. Steering from the car “Moskvich-2140” steering wheel “Sobol”. The second half-frame is welded from the corner, in the rear part there is a hitch for transporting a car trailer.

In the front of the tractor there is a blade with an adjustable angle of attack for cleaning snow (standard from the tiller) but completed with a mechanism for lifting and fixing the blade in the transport position.

And so, let’s look at the design features of a mini-tractor from a tiller.

Materials (edit)

  • tiller OKA 6 l / s
  • steering “Moskvich”
  • metal corner
  • wheels VAZ 4 pcs
  • sheet metal 2 mm
  • driver’s seat
  • fog lights and alternator


  • welding inverter
  • angle grinder (angle grinder)
  • set of wrenches
  • drill
  • measuring and locksmith tools
  • skillful hands)

Step-by-step photos of assembling a mini-tractor from a tiller with your own hands. Blade for clearing snow from a tiller with a modified lifting mechanism. Making a break frame, or more generally it is more of an adapter. The throttle and clutch cables are folded over the pedals. Installing hubs and making rear fenders from 2 mm metal.

Homemade mini tractor fracture 4×4: assembly photo with description

A breakage 4×4 minitractor with an engine from a Ural motorcycle: a photo of a step-by-step tractor assembly with a description.

In this homemade product, a break-type frame is used, this design makes the motor vehicle more maneuverable and convenient to control.

Further, the author provided photos with a description of the tractor, made by hand.

  • Engine and gearbox from the Ural motorcycle.
  • The second gearbox with a shortened output shaft from the 412th Muscovite.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Frame. breaking.
  • Bridges and cardan shafts from VAZ. 2103.
  • Manual lifting of attachments.
  • Length. 2000 mm.
  • Width 950 mm.

Homemade craft process.

Two parts of the frame are welded from a profile pipe with a section of 100 x 40 mm.

Fitting bridges and cardan shafts.


Swivel unit welded to frames.

The frame is installed on wheels, VAZ disks, tires from Moskvich.

Installing the transmission.

The engine of the Ural motorcycle was purchased at the scrap metal collection point.

This is how the engine looked after it was put in order.

Fitting and installing the engine.

Chain drive to propeller shaft.

The ignition is taken from the VAZ 2108 and modified.

Since the motorcycle engine is air-cooled, two electric motors with fans from the VAZ stove are installed on the sides to blow the fins.

Under the hood of the tractor.


Mount for hinged.

Homemade tractor after cladding with sheet metal.

We recommend reading an article with a detailed step-by-step photo instructions for making a tractor breakage with a Lifan engine.

Instructions for assembling a mini tractor from a tiller

Those who are interested in how to make a mini-tractor from a Tiller Neva, Forte or from Bison equipment, you need to know that the manufacturer does not really matter, this does not affect the efficiency of the tractor. The main thing is to correctly develop a drawing and a construction scheme. Also, the owner of the equipment can use ready-made developments.

Homemade tractor drawing

Kinematic diagram of a mini tractor

Equipment running-in

After completing work on the creation of a mini tractor, you need to treat the body with an anti-corrosion agent and paint it. Next, the equipment needs to be run in, so the operator can make sure that all mechanical components are working.

Once the technique has already been tested, it can be supplemented with a head light, canopy, hydraulics and other devices.


A wheel kit for converting special equipment into a mini tractor should consist of four wheels with a diameter of 12-14 inches.

Drawing 2. undercarriage

If you install wheels with smaller dimensions, then the mini tractor will bury itself in the ground while driving, and in the opposite case, the control will become more complicated.

How to choose the basis of a mini tractor

Before making mini equipment with your own hands, you need to choose a model that will act as a basis. In this case, it is required to take into account the following technical characteristics:

  • engine power, an indicator of its torque;
  • the mass of the future mini tractor;
  • type of power unit. gasoline, diesel;
  • plow dimensions;
  • manufacturer and price.

The area of ​​the territory that can be processed with the finished equipment depends on the power indicator of the tiller engine. It turns out that the larger the area, the stronger the unit should be. As for the weight of the device, it must correspond to the type of soil. For dense soil, you will need a heavy mini-tractor made with your own hands from Neva special equipment. Likewise, and vice versa, with soft ground, you need to use a light apparatus so that it does not tamp it.

The weight of the machine must be suitable for the type of soil. on dense soil you need a heavy tractor, on light, sandy lightweight

When calculating the dimensions, consider the processing depth and ease of use. The best option would be a cultivator with adjustable width. There are models on the market equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. The first option, when operating, emits a minimum noise level, has a slight compression and an easy start from a half turn. The diesel version is economical and highly productive when working over a large area or with difficult soil.

What is required

Before starting work, you should make sure that you have all the necessary parts, materials, and tools.

So, what is required for work:

  • tiller. It must be chosen taking into account the above recommendations. It is he who will serve as the basis in a homemade mini tractor.

tiller Neva. the best option for rework

  • Additional wheelset with axle. It is imperative to purchase bearings for the wheels, as well as a steering unit.
  • Metal sheets, pipes and corners. The material is needed to create the body and frame of the structure.
  • Elements for fixing parts and mechanical assemblies. In this case, washers, bolts, nuts, welding are used.

To carry out the assembly, in addition to the details, you also need to prepare a number of tools:

  • welder;
  • drill screwdriver;
  • a set of wrenches of different sizes;
  • pliers;
  • Angle Grinder.

A homemade unit has a number of advantages. First of all, this is the cost. Even if the DIY needs to buy a cultivator, they will spend less money anyway. In addition, you can create special equipment of the desired size, degree of adhesion to the ground, as well as performance.

As for the disadvantages, they are that the equipment made by hand is much inferior to the factory models in the level of reliability. Also, this technique often requires repair work.

Fracture from Tiller Bison

Operator’s seat and steering gear

After completing the manufacture of the frame with a body for homemade equipment, the operator’s seat should be attached to the structure. Here you can use the driver’s seat from any vehicle. It must be installed in such a way that the driver can easily adjust himself to the position of the seat. the height and angle of inclination. The steering wheel is created according to the principle of building the installation in karting. But here you need to strengthen and shorten the traction.

We collect a mini tractor from a tiller

the tiller is an indispensable tool for agricultural tasks. The multifunctional and powerful machine is a small tractor that does the bulk of the work on the site. With all the advantages of technology, it has a serious drawback. without the operator and his physical efforts, the unit will not work. But such a device can be independently improved. If you follow the recommendations of specialists and have a conversion kit available, you can make a mini tractor from a tiller.