DIY Tiller Stand

How to do

Cut the boards with a saw or jigsaw into eight pieces: four pieces 60 cm long and four pieces 40 cm long.


Frame: Family Handyman / YouTube

To assemble the frame, mark each long board with a straight line 2 cm from the narrow edge. Drill two holes on this mowing line.

Frame: Family Handyman / YouTube

Collect the frame from the boards. Fasten them by screwing self-tapping screws into the holes with a screwdriver or screwdriver.

Frame: Family Handyman / YouTube

You will get the following construction:

Frame: Family Handyman / YouTube

Apply two mowing lines each to the remaining boards: 8 cm and 16 cm from one end. Drill two holes on each line. Do not completely screw the screws into the holes located closer to the center of the boards.

Frame: Family Handyman / YouTube

Assemble a cross from these parts and fix it by deepening the screws to the end.

Frame: Family Handyman / YouTube

Attach the crosspiece to the frame by screwing in the screws with a screwdriver or drill at an angle of 45 degrees.

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Grab Bar for Jon Boat Floor

Place the tree in the stand. Fix and select the angle of inclination of the tree by screwing self-tapping screws with a ring (or simple long self-tapping screws) into the remaining holes using a screwdriver with a hex key clamped in a chuck (or a Phillips bit).

Frame: Family Handyman / YouTube

The whole process of creating a stand can be viewed in

What do you need

What do you need

  • Furniture board 250 × 60 × 2 cm;
  • circular saw (if any);
  • pencil;
  • drill;
  • drill 2 mm;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws 40 mm long;
  • PVA glue;
  • jigsaw or hacksaw;
  • paints and a brush. optional.

How to make a tree stand and decoration for it

There are simple options, and more solid ones that will last for many years.

What do you need

  • Two boards 250 × 5 × 10 cm;
  • hacksaw, jigsaw or circular saw;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • drill;
  • drill 3 mm;
  • wood screws 64–75 mm long;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • small hex wrench;
  • eight self-tapping screws with a 70 mm long ring (can be replaced with conventional long self-tapping screws).

In the form of a base covered with fabric

How to make

Use a circular saw to cut the furniture board into the following parts:

  • Base 36 × 36 cm;
  • eight diagonal strips (long) 46 × 4 cm;
  • four horizontal strips (long) 44 × 5 cm;
  • four horizontal strips (short) 40 × 5 cm;
  • four side panels 40 × 38 cm;
  • eight vertical slats 30 × 5 cm.

Mark around the edges of the side panels 2 cm from the edge. These touches will help you when assembling the box.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube


Assemble the base of the box. First, drill holes in the corners of the side panels, and then screw in the self-tapping screws.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube

Insert the bottom inside and screw it with self-tapping screws.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube

Apply glue to the strips, attach them around the perimeter of the walls.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube

Saw off the corners of the diagonal planks with a hacksaw or jigsaw at an angle of 45 degrees.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube

Glue the strips to the side walls with PVA glue.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube

Try on the remaining slats and cut out the middle of them. Attach the resulting parts with glue.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube

Cover the box with paint if desired.

Frame: BuildersSA / YouTube

Such a box can be used not only as a decoration for the base of the Christmas tree. It’s also a good place to store things after the holidays.


As a sketch, we took the model of the “Wooden Rump” stand, which is a rather flexible option. Most wooden models are made according to this analogy.

Tools and materials

To make a wooden stand you will need:

  • long board 5-7 cm wide;
  • self-tapping screws, the size of which depends on the thickness of the material;
  • tape measure, which can be replaced by a building ruler;
  • pencil or marker;
  • jigsaw or saw;
  • screwdriver or drill;
  • crown bit.

Manufacturing from wood

Without much hassle, you can make a do-it-yourself tree stand for a Christmas tree. The simplest and most handy material is moisture-resistant plywood, the thickness of which should be about 20 mm for stability. Only when starting to make a homemade stand, it is necessary to take into account the size of the tree itself. For a small tree, plywood will be the simplest and best option, which is easy to work with.

For a large tree, it is better to use natural timber. It will be more difficult to work with it, but this is the only option for living solid wood, which is characterized by obesity, which will cause the plywood stand to turn over.

In addition, when planning the manufacture of a stand for a real Christmas tree, it is necessary to take into account that it will need to be put into water, and then fixed. Otherwise, the needles will quickly fall off under the influence of room heat.

If there are no animals in the house, you can use a regular glass jar as a vessel with water. If there are pets, then it is better to replace it with something more durable.

Having decided on the material, you need to plan the details. You will need:

  • legs;
  • base that fixes the trunk;
  • fasteners.

It is always necessary to start manufacturing with cutting the base and forming the legs. The base should be round. A hole is made in the center of this circle, the diameter of which should be no more than 40 mm (this is the average diameter of the barrel). The base must necessarily have 3 legs in order for the figure to be stable. The legs are a relatively long crossbar that is inserted into the cell cut in advance at the base from the end side.

After the parts are connected, we select nuts and screws, and assemble the structure.

For artificial Christmas trees, a wooden cross is quite suitable, which does not imply the use of containers with water. Its manufacture is much easier than constructions with containers. This requires 2 boards. A notch is cut along the inner side of one, equal to the width of the second board, which is superimposed on the whole board. A hole is cut in the center of the structure so that the Christmas tree can be inserted. Legs are nailed to the top board, as well as to the bottom.

You can also make a stand from regular planks without unnecessary cuts. For this, 4 narrow boards are taken, which on one side are nailed to each other so that a narrow square is obtained, and the other side acts as a support (there will be 4 legs).

If live trees are bought every year, and it is not known what diameter the trunk will be, then it is recommended to make an adjustable crosspiece. For manufacturing, you will need 3 supports. It is desirable that the length of each is 250 mm. The ends of these supports are cut at an angle of 60 degrees and holes are cut into them for screws for connection. On the outside, make 2 parallel grooves to cut the hole evenly.

In some cases, you can use the simplest method: making a stand from the most ordinary log. To do this, we cut the material at our discretion (you can horizontally, or you can also vertically). After that, the workpiece must be cut in half. The flat side acts as a support, and from the outside we make a recess for the barrel.

Water cannot be poured into such a structure. But you can pour sand into the recess and pour it lightly with water. This will allow the tree to retain the needles.

Step by step diagram

Examine the sketch and use a pencil to mark up the chalkboard accordingly. If the tree is high (about 2 meters), then the bars must be selected more:

  • Using a special tool (saw, jigsaw), cut 2 identical blocks.
  • On the element that will be below, make a groove in the center. Its width should be equal to the width of the second bar.
  • We insert into the groove the upper part, which should fit firmly.
  • In the center of the cross, using a drill with a crown attachment, we cut out a round hole.
  • We twist the parts with screws.

Practice shows that very long legs of the crosspiece will cause stumbling of children playing by the Christmas tree. To avoid this, it is recommended to cut each end of it at an angle.

If it becomes necessary to put the tree in a container with water, then the legs are extended under the crosspiece. Their height should be equal to the height of the vessel. Having done this, we cut out a through hole in the center, we substitute water under it.

What can be used to make a stand

A stand for a Christmas tree. both artificial and for a living one. can be made from almost any available means. These can be boards, bottles, or metal bars.

A metal stand, unlike wood or any others, will last longer, but it is more difficult to make. The difficulty lies in the need to be able to work with certain tools (such as a welding machine).

If the tree is small artificial, then it is quite possible to get by using a cardboard box as a material. To fix the tree and give stability to the box, you need to put bottles filled with water or sand in it. A Christmas tree is placed in the center between them and is fixed, for example, with sand, which fills the box, despite the bottles.

Having decided to use this method, you must remember that the sand must be dry. Otherwise, the cardboard will get wet and disintegrate.

How to make from metal

With a number of necessary tools at hand, you can make a beautiful metal stand yourself at home. For this you will need:

  • iron pipe cut with a diameter equal to the diameter of the barrel;
  • metal rod made of soft metal with a diameter of up to 12 mm;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • hammer;
  • building corner;
  • welding machine;
  • rust remover;
  • paint of the desired color.

The first step is to cut off the necessary part of the pipe, which will be the base.

It is not necessary to make the base too high, as this will make the structure unstable.

You need to make 3 legs from a metal rod. Having cut off the desired length of each leg, you need to make two so-called shoulders (the fold is done at an angle of 90 degrees). The fold depends on the height of the base pipe. In order for the figure to be stable, the leg must be made longer (about 160 mm). Of these, 18 mm will go to welding to the base (upper bend), and 54 mm. for the lower bend.

The finished structure should first be properly treated with a solution from rust, and then it should be painted. You can’t do such work at home, everything is done in the garage or shed.

How to make a stand for a Christmas tree with your own hands?

  • What can be used to make a stand
  • Manufacturing from wood
  • Tools and materials
  • Sketch
  • Step by step scheme
  • How to make from metal
  • Design options

Design options

It doesn’t matter what material was used to make the stand. It is advisable to properly arrange it after the work done so that the structure looks aesthetically pleasing. Some plan the decoration based on the New Year’s decor, while others prefer to give the Christmas tree and stand a natural, natural look.

In the first case, the simplest option would be to wrap the stand with tinsel. Or you can get down to business creatively and make something like a snowdrift under it. For this, a white cloth is taken, which is wrapped around the stand. To add volume, you can put cotton wool under the material.

If you plan to reuse it, then it is easier to sew something like a white blanket stuffed with cotton wool or padding polyester. You can embroider snowflakes on the made blanket.

When you want the tree in the apartment to resemble a forest beauty, the easiest way is to place the stand in a brown wicker basket. After that we fill the basket with cotton wool imitating snow.

If the legs of the stand are too long to fit into the basket, then you can try instead of the basket to use a box, which is also decorated at your discretion.

You can see a visual overview of creating a wooden stand for a Christmas tree with your own hands in the following video.

Storage stands

After comfortable reading, books, study materials and magazines need to be stored somewhere. Plastic stands are perfect for this purpose. They provide storage of books in a vertical or horizontal position.

Such coasters are very practical, lightweight and have an affordable cost, so they can be used to organize the storage of books and magazines at home. The presence of partitions between departments allows you to sort books by genre, author, size and other criteria.

A book stand is an indispensable thing in every home where a schoolboy or student grows up. In the workplace, such devices will also not be superfluous. It is very convenient to fold various documents and necessary papers in them.

What are the coasters

A stand for reading books can be metal, wood, cardboard. You can make such a convenient device with your own hands. Metal stands are more practical, they easily support the weight of the book and the need to constantly fold and unfold the device.

The most common stands consist of a plastic part that holds a book or notebook, a metal height adjuster and metal fasteners that hold the book in position and prevent the pages from turning. The desk stand for books must be stable and create the correct slope of the textbook.

Modern stands have a variety of shapes and designs, but the only thing that remains unchanged is their functional component. The placement of textbooks in an upright position contributes to the correct position of the lens, which prevents its deformation and preserves vision even with increased eye strain.

Stand for books: what are, their functions. How to make a stand with your own hands?

The book holder has been known to us since school days. Its use not only increases comfort during classes by freeing up space on the desk or table, but is also recommended by ophthalmologists to maintain healthy vision in children.

Why do you need reading stands

In elementary grades, teachers often require a book holder in the classroom. School desks are small and inconvenient for the child if it is necessary to use a book and a notebook at the same time. That is why the small and practical stand will become an indispensable helper for your child in all lessons.

Oculists approve of this decision and in every possible way support primary school teachers. The vertical position of the book will not provoke severe eye fatigue during classes and will prevent changes in the structure of the lens of the eye.

In addition, book holders are school rescuers, because with their help an optimal distance is always maintained between the book and the eyes, which also greatly affects the state of vision. Correct seating of the child at the desk, maintaining an even posture and maintaining the correct distance between the eyes and the book or notebook will ensure healthy development of the child and relieve unnecessary fatigue from the visual apparatus and spine.

How to make a stand for storing books with your own hands

Small cardboard boxes can be used for homemade coasters. It is optimal to use for this purpose cardboard packs of cereals, milk cereals. In this case, the stand for books should be selected taking into account their size. By measuring the required width and height of the books, you can trim the boxes.

You need to trim the following images:

  • Cut off the tops that cover the box.
  • Then a straight line is drawn diagonally from the top corner to the middle of the opposite side. This action must be done on both sides.
  • The box is cut along the lines drawn. As a result, he gets a stand, beveled on one side. In terms of practicality, it is no different from purchased plastic options.

To make your self-made book holder look beautiful, you can glue it over with white or colored paper. You can use self-adhesive tape of a suitable color, or decorate the fixture with a beautiful patterned fabric. When decorating a stand, we advise you to use your imagination and customize a practical thing to the interior of the room.

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Pen and Pencil Stand Requirements

A hand-made stand for pens and pencils is convenient and practical: even at the stage of creating a layout, you can calculate its optimal volume and shape. There are a lot of options:

  • For a nightstand in the corridor, where one pencil for urgent notes should be modestly placed before leaving, this can be an elegant narrow glass with one compartment. The load placed on the bottom will give stability to the shape.
  • A copy with several s is suitable for the student’s desktop: when deciding how to make a pencil holder with your own hands on the student’s desk, it is worth considering all the stationery he uses every day.
  • Students rarely use an abundance of colored pencils and decorative pastes. For a working corner, a small container with a couple of compartments will be enough. On such a table, mounts for electronic devices are much more needed.
  • The chief’s desk organizer must be not only voluminous, but also stylish: its design must correspond to the status of the owner. Decorative techniques and hand-made techniques make it possible to fulfill such a requirement. A do-it-yourself stand for pens and pencils upholstered in leather or an embossed substitute will look much more advantageous and presentable than factory standard plastic models.
  • A child needs the most spacious and picturesque box for office supplies: a do-it-yourself stand for pens, pencils, felt-tip pens and crayons should be roomy, elegant, and stable. A restless child will constantly overturn a light and unbalanced model from the slightest push.

DIY pen holder: photos, styles, ideas

Competent organization of the workplace is one of the conditions for good working capacity. All sorts of little things affect productivity: the comfort of the posture, the convenience of the location of the necessary items, the aesthetic appearance of the whole. The DIY pen holder is a convenient and stylish organizer. keeps writing instruments in order and decorates the flatness of the table.

A DIY pen holder is a great gift. He will remind about the donor for a long time, as he is constantly in front of his eyes. The main advantage of such a seemingly modest presentation is its versatility. Everyone uses pens and pencils: schoolchildren, students and retirees. Such a souvenir will definitely be in demand and love for the need.

A glass of pencils and or old markers

A cut of a plastic bottle with a bottom is taken as a form. If a different container is chosen, then it is worth making sure that it has an even cylindrical shape: for this model, expansion to the edges will not work. For decoration, you will need a set of colored pencils or dry felt-tip pens: the latter usually accumulate a lot from parents. Felt-tip pens are simply glued to the walls of a plastic cup with Moment glue. The stand turns out to be bright, unusual and very thematic.

Stationery Stand Ideas

As the main element of a homemade stand for pencils and pens, any container can be:

  • glass containers;
  • a metal jar for coffee, tea or sweets;
  • a hollow tube or piece of a plumbing unit;
  • a set of identical rings of a suitable diameter;
  • slats or sticks and a frame made of rings;
  • plastic bottle.

Even children can be involved in the search for an idea and work on the creation of an accessory. Slightly inaccurately pasted figures or an uneven border of hand-painted painting will be much nicer to the kid than the most expensive desktop organizer. It’s easy to make pencil holders from a bottle or coffee can with your own hands, and the educational value of such a device is invaluable. From a young age, the child will be accustomed to order on the desktop and organization in general.

The shape of the cylinder, from which you get the most comfortable do-it-yourself pen holder, can be bent yourself. This will require a sheet of plastic, cardboard, or loose metal. A wooden container can be hollowed out from a saw cut of a large branch, or it can be assembled from plates using the typesetting method. In the latter case, you can effectively play with the tones of an array of different varieties: such a hand-made wooden pencil holder will look no worse than expensive premium souvenirs. In a word, it is worth showing a drop of imagination, and the idea will come by itself.

When looking for a base for a stand, one must not forget about the main requirement. stability. A plastic cup, for example, will surely hold 1-2 pens, but will fall under the weight of a set of pencils. If the found form is not stable enough, it is necessary to put a load on its bottom. These can be heavy stones or coins. On a table of small thickness, two magnets will perfectly cope with the role of fastening, one of which is placed on the bottom of the stand, and the second on the back of the tabletop.

Non-standard stands for pencils and pens: ideas for self-realization

Children’s stand from an old pyramid

The child loses interest in the rings worn on the axle by the age of 3-4 years. But this is the age of active hobby for drawing. The rings that have become unnecessary can only be fastened with glue for plastic and provided with a cardboard or plastic bottom: a bright and unusual container for crayons is ready.