Do-it-yourself air filter for a single-axle tractor

Silencer for walk-behind tractor: how to do it yourself

The popularity of walk-behind tractors as a universal technique for a summer cottage has increased significantly in recent years. In general, these are quite profitable and reliable assistants. But, like any technique, they have their drawbacks and weaknesses. For most, even for the most expensive and powerful models, the muffler is such a weak spot.

Constant hard work, increased vibration levels, bumps and other negative factors most often affect this particular part, which leads to its breakdown at the most inopportune moment. A breakdown of the muffler leads to the fact that the performance of the walk-behind tractor drops dramatically, it may stop starting, stall, shoot.

In this article we will tell you how to make a homemade muffler for a walk-behind tractor with low noise, the quality and reliability of which you can already be sure of.

How to make a muffler for a single-axle tractor with your own hands?

If you decide to make a silencer for a single-axle tractor yourself due to a breakdown or poor quality of a factory part, first of all you need to get a minimum set of tools. For work you will need:

After it is worth carefully reading the device of the factory muffler, in order to understand the design itself, mark the weak points of the part. Usually, such vulnerable places are the fastening of the flange, which made from a low-quality metal or has an insufficient thickness, partitions of the expansion chamber, narrow pipes that drove the exhaust output, reduce the productivity of the entire motoblock.

Actually, the stages of manufacturing and assembling a new muffler should be performed in the following sequence:

  • flange mounting. Usually the thickness of the workpiece is selected in the region of 8-12 mm, but the thicker the better. Especially if the future design provides for the direction of the muffler up.
  • expansion chamber. In fact, this is the main part in the muffler. It looks like a certain thickening with partitions inside. It is these partitions that reduce the flow rate of exhaust gases and reduce the noise during the operation of the motoblock. To make a quiet muffler for a single-axle tractor, you need to place at least 3 partitions in the expansion chamber. Too many of these baffles will certainly help keep your single axle tractor quiet, but it will interfere with engine operation.
  • Exhaust pipe. This item must have enough thick walls and at the same time not to be too heavy, so as not to destroy the whole design. The pipe diameter should be selected the same diameter as the engine exhaust pipe. this will ensure the smooth operation of the entire fuel system of the walk-behind tractor.

Below is a detailed drawing for self-manufacturing a muffler for a walk-behind tractor.

We invite you to watch a video about what a self-made high-quality muffler for the Neva walk-behind tractor looks like:

single axle tractor shoot muffler

One of the most common muffler failures. Most often associated with a problem with candles or low-quality fuel. When a single-axle tractor starts shooting, sneezing and making other strange sounds during operation. first of all, you need to check the candles and replace the fuel, re-adjust the carburetor. If the problem persists, remove the air filter, with the engine running, cover the air with your palm and wait until the engine stalls. Repeat the procedure several times.

If the above manipulations did not help, it is best to contact the service center.

Flame from the muffler of the walk-behind tractor

If, during the operation of the walk-behind tractor, a flame escapes from the muffler, the problem is most likely in the incomplete combustion of fuel. Incomplete combustion, in turn, can occur due to a misfire, a saturated mixture, due to overheating or late ignition. Other causes could be water in the fuel, bad spark plugs, poor ignition, low cylinder pressure, or a degaussed flywheel. Consequently, with a similar problem, you should pay attention to the quality of the fuel, replace the candles, adjust the carburetor and ignition. If the above methods do not help, it is better to contact specialists. o-motoblokah.en

Method two

We figured out how to create a rectangular filter element, now we are moving on to making a cylindrical air filter with our own hands. Let’s take as a donor filter an oil filter device for Moskvich CS: GO-71. We perform the following manipulations:

  • We disassemble the filter device.
  • Remove the paper inside.
  • Instead of a paper curtain, we lay a paint roller, it is permissible to leave a paper curtain.
  • For the plug, use the cap removed from the can for cleaning carburetors.
  • We buy a gardening hose of a suitable diameter so that it can be put on the carburetor, to connect to the carburetor.
  • Assembling the structure.
  • Plug the free end of the filtering device with a plastic bottle of suitable diameter.

Air filter engine filter Motor Cultivator cleans the air that enters the carburetor. When filtering the filter element, dust and mud is lost its bandwidth, which causes a depletion of the mixture. Because of this, the engine work is disturbed.

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note! A contaminated air filter not only makes it difficult to start the engine, but also leads to loss of motor-cultivator power, increases gasoline consumption.

If the filter is damaged or absent, it can lead to a breakdown of an aggregate.

On the engines of most motoblocks of domestic and foreign production installed air filter from foamed polyurethane (foam rubber). Such filter elements reliably protect the carburetor and the engine from the fall of dust and sand particles.

In the case of motor cultivators, this is especially important, since milling cutters and plows raise a large amount of earth and sand into the air during operation.

Filters made of ordinary foam rubber are easily washed with gasoline, they are quite durable, and they are relatively inexpensive (about 200-300).

Regardless of the manufacturer and brand of the walk-behind tractor, timely maintenance of the engine air filter extends the life of the equipment.

Preparing a Chinese engine for winter

Chinese-made engines, be it the most famous Lifan, Forza, Brait, Champion and the like, are often used to create motorized towing vehicles and homemade snowmobiles. And if in the warm season these motors do not cause much trouble, then in winter, especially in severe frost, they can work unstably. To avoid this, it is necessary to prepare the engine for operation at low temperatures. Consider what needs to be done for this using the example of the Forza FZ6 engine.5 with a capacity of 6.5 liters.With., which is a copy of the popular Lifan 168F-2 of the same power.


To the engine crankshaft is easily rotated at startup and there was no lack of lubricant in the first minutes of its work, it is worth using synthetic oil with a marking SAE 0W-30, SAE 0W-40 or SAE 5W-30, SAE 5W-40. Yes, synthetics are more expensive, but it only takes 0.6 liters. You can take it for bottling, it will be cheaper. One liter for the winter should be enough for a 6.5 liter engine.With.

do-it-yourself, filter, single-axle, tractor

Synthetic oil is good because it does not thicken and retains its properties at low temperatures. Thanks to this, the engine can be started in almost any frost without heating.


The carburetor is connected by a rubber tube to the engine breather, which is located in the valve cover. Thus, gases from the crankcase enter the carburetor. In the summer, there is nothing wrong with this, only a little oil can get into the carburetor. But in winter, the withdrawal of crankcase gases into the carburetor contributes to its freezing from the inside. This is because crankcase gases are hot enough, and the air coming from the air filter is cold. This contributes to the formation of condensate and frost, which degrades the quality of the fuel mixture and can even block the throttle.

The problem is solved simply: just disconnect the breather tube from the carburetor and plug the inlet on it.

do-it-yourself, filter, single-axle, tractor

Carburetor breather plug

Thus, crankcase gases will simply be discharged to the outside. The tube in the valve cover can be directed down and somehow fixed, although it is already holding up well.

In the summer it is worth returning everything to its original position.

Air filter

In winter, it will be nice if not ice, but at least slightly warmed air enters the air filter. This can be achieved if the filter does not suck in air through 2 holes at the bottom of the housing, as it should, but near the muffler, cylinder or head. There are 2 obvious solutions:

  • Insert tubes of sufficient cross section into these 2 holes and bring them closer to the muffler or cylinder head.
  • Plug these holes and cut a new one on the side of the body from the side of the muffler. You can also use a tube, although the air will already be warmer than entering the stock filter without modifications.

You can leave the air filter unchanged if the engine is closed from cold air. about it below.


Chinese engines Lifan, Forza and similar have forced air cooling, which does not allow the engine to overheat. However, in cold weather, the force of this cooling will be excessive, due to which the engine will not be able to warm up normally and, accordingly, work stably.

This problem can be solved by partially blocking the air intake holes in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe manual starter. Or again closing the engine from the cold.

Air filter engine single axle tractor motor sich photo video.

Replacing the engine air filter Motor Sich photo video.

What air filter engine Motor Sich photo video.

Why air filters are installed on internal combustion engines, which air filters are better, where to buy an engine air filter, I will omit all these questions, since I believe that all owners of walk-behind tractors should know and understand this a priori.

Therefore, I will immediately go directly to the engine air filter single-axle tractor Motor Sich.

The air filter is installed in front of the carburetor in the air filter housing, the air filter housing is attached to the gas tank rack.

On engines D-250 and MS-10P, the air filter of the TM LAAZ engine is installed,. g. Livny, T450D-1109560-01 (this air filter is also installed on the TMZ-450D diesel engine)

The air filter body is slightly different depending on which engine it is installed, the MS-10P engine filter housing is shown in the figure, the engine D-250, on the air filter housing there are no: gas supply fitting B and crankcase ventilation tube (although Initially, when using the K-45 carburetor, the crankcase ventilation tube was there, in the air filter housing)

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The air filter is serviced after the first 25 moto/hours and after 100 moto/hours it is recommended to replace the air filter, but in actual operation, it all depends on the operating conditions, sometimes it is necessary to clean and blow out the engine air filter every day, as in some field conditions work is very dusty. Naturally, the replacement of the air filter can be done a little earlier or a little later.

In other words, each owner of a walk-behind tractor decides for himself when and after how many moto / hour to clean, blow through and change the air filter.

I also want to add that a cover is installed on the air filter, it can be washed in water with the addition of washing powder 20-30 g / 1 liter of water, at a water temperature of 30-50C.

To be honest, I have never washed the so-called filter cover on any air filters, but I always try to blow air filters with compressed air, as they get dirty.

I also want to say that air filters from scooters and motorcycles become normal, in particular, the air filter from the Minsk motorcycle (it is also the air filter of the Ant scooter) air filter 3.1121-11600

The only thing you need to drill a central hole and put sealing rubber on one side, since the air filter from the Minsk motorcycle is closed with a metal cover on one side.

The video clearly shows how to remove the air filter and how it can and should be blown with compressed air.

If you have any questions or additions, please feel free to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Do-it-yourself air filter for a single-axle tractor

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Why you need an engine air filter

A combination of fuel and air is needed to form the combustible mixture necessary for the operation of the engine. On average, a car absorbs it from the atmosphere about 15 liters per 1 liter of fuel. It enters the system through the air intake, the air filter nozzle, which is usually established next to the radiator grille.

Its quality leaves a lot to be desired. Street dust, dirt rushes along with air to the motor through the collector, threatening with serious clogging, the output of the power unit and subsequent expensive repair.

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The average statistical amount of dust that can penetrate into the “engine” for the period between two MOTs (15 thousand. km). 100-150 g. This will certainly lead to a breakdown of the power unit.

Reliable protection against these troubles is an air filter that cuts off the supply of such litter. The corrugation of the air filter installed after it passes the purified atmospheric flow suitable for work.

Also, this device eliminates the noise of the air supply through the channels and regulates the temperature of the combustible mixture in gasoline ICEs. The latter factor is especially necessary in cold weather to heat the fuel. This achieves the optimal effect of fuel combustion, improves the environment: significantly less harmful substances come out through the exhaust system.

Additionally, we recommend reading our expert’s article on how to change the oil filter.

You can learn about how the cabin filter is replaced from the informative material of our specialist.

single axle tractor shoots muffler

The device of motoblocks is quite simple at first glance. However, troubles happen that can simply stop the work on the land and the operator may not know what to do.

If you notice that a single-axle tractor began to shoot at the muffler, you need to immediately stop work and try to find the cause of the breakdown and immediately fix it. Make it very easy.

So, if you have such a problem, then the reason may be hiding in the spark plug, or rather, gaps in the spark supply occur in it. You need to clean the candle itself first. Then you must unscrew it and connect the candle body to the mass, while simultaneously scrolling the crankshaft of the starting handle, checking for a spark.

If you start a single axle tractor and it shuts off and pops out of the muffler, you need to check the spark plug. If it is wet, you need to clean it or even replace it with a new one. The presence of liquid on the candle will cause the spark between the electrodes to not appear.

Snowplow attachments for a single-axle tractor: types and applications

Manufacturers of attachments offer three options for snow removal attachments for walk-behind tractors, which differ in the way they remove snow mass. Freshly fallen snow is well swept away from the cleaned surface with the help of rigid rotating brushes. Such a snow blower for a walk-behind tractor is indispensable where paths and platforms have a decorative coating that cannot be harmed when removing snow. The brush is mounted under a canopy on a rotating shaft.

In one pass, a single-axle tractor equipped with such a brush clears a path up to one meter wide. You can adjust the capture angle in three directions: left, forward, right. Adjustable and stripping height, which simplifies the use of attachments.

Rigid brush connected to the walk-behind tractor, suitable for cleaning freshly fallen soft snow. This attachment is height adjustable and also swivels left and right

How to turn a single axle tractor into a small bulldozer?

Hard rotating brushes will not work with wet and packed snow. It is necessary to use a suspended snow shovel with knives. a single-axle tractor with such a nozzle resembles a small bulldozer, which is able to loosen a layer of snow, capture the snow mass and move it to a dump. The bottom edge of the shovel The manufacturers are specially protected by a rubber ribbon to protect not only the cleaning surface, but also the tool itself from possible damage. Attach the suspended snow shovel to the drawbar with the front of the universal hitch. The width of the surface being cleaned at a time is also one meter. Blade can be adjusted vertically and in three directions. The speed of a walk-behind tractor equipped with such a shovel during the harvesting period is from 2 to 7 km / h.

Snow shovel connect to Motoblock in the case when it is necessary to clear the territory of the estate from heavy and blind snow

Features of a rotary snow blower

Large volumes of snow mass are easier to handle with a rotary-type snow thrower. When using this mounted snow blower for a walk-behind tractor, which has the highest performance of all the options considered, it is possible to collect snow to a depth of 250 mm. The main design elements of this nozzle is a simple auger, which is combined with a paddle wheel. The rotating auger captures the snow mass, which moves upwards with the help of a paddle wheel. Snow, passing through a special bell, is thrown with force far beyond the cleared path or area. It is very interesting to watch the work of a rotary snow blower attached to a walk-behind tractor.

A mounted snow blower for a rotary-type walk-behind tractor has the highest performance, so it can easily cope with large volumes of snowfall

Important! The design of universal walk-behind tractors does not provide for the presence of systems that protect the rotor from getting stones and ice. This option is mandatory for winter special equipment. We must remember this and, when driving a walk-behind tractor, be careful. Otherwise, you will have to repair the snowplow nozzle.