Do-it-yourself caterpillars for the neva tiller

What is the modification for?

The advantage of such an add-on as a caterpillar attachment to the tiller is, of course, that it increases the permeability of the latter. Such a drive has much more grip on the road than conventional wheels. Most often, the tracks are installed on the tiller when the load needs to be transferred, for example, on strong off-road conditions. This accessory will be very useful in the field with very “heavy” soil, as well as in many other cases.

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Conventional wheeled tillers are mainly used only in summer. Caterpillar tracks are convenient to operate, including in winter. Their permeability on snow is quite good. tillers with caterpillars in the winter season are very often used, for example, by hunters and fishermen.

Feedback from forums

“In the northern regions, there has always been a problem with movement during the winter period, when heavy snowfalls occur. And the snow level can sometimes reach more than a meter. In this case, you can ski. But this is difficult, because you constantly have to work with your hands. My tiller with tracked equipment allows you to do this without much stress. over, the cost of the Neva tiller with a tracked module is much lower than that of snowmobiles. And the efficiency is the same. So why overpay? “

Here’s how easy it is to get around on such a snowmobile from a tiller in winter:

“Due to the high rainfall in my area, I constantly encounter mud on country roads. And earlier it was possible to drive on it with great difficulty. The cars were constantly getting stuck in the mud. The tracked Tiller Neva is simply a lifeline. Thanks to him, you can always drive on such a surface. “.

Necessary materials

As mentioned earlier, to convert the wheel trailers Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, Plowman, Champion, Carver, Husqvarna into a tracked one, you will need a fairly powerful engine with axial blocking.

Power is important because such a tiller will be used on a rather difficult surface, the passability on which requires additional technical data.

Summarizing a little, we can highlight the main materials that we need:

  • The presence of the tiller itself with a gearbox with a powerful 4-stroke engine with axle locking.
  • A pair of extra wheels so you can pull the track on them.
  • The homemade caterpillar itself, made from handy tools.
  • Depending on what material will be used in the manufacture, we may need two large car tires, or a transport tape.

Using these materials, you can make a fully functional tracked tiller.

At the same time, you can make a full-fledged mini-tractor on tracks if you add an additional cargo platform, or use it as an all-terrain vehicle in the snow by adding a platform on skids. In general, full scope for imagination.

So which prefix to choose?

Thus, when buying such an accessory, you should pay attention to the following points:

Which specific tillers the drive is suitable for. This can be found out, for example, from the technical data sheet of the prefix.

Manufacturer brand.

Of course, sometimes one of the determining factors when choosing a crawler attachment for a tiller can also be the price of this product. The cost of drives of this type on the modern market can fluctuate between 25-35 thousand rubles.

Is it possible to make a caterpillar drive yourself

This type of attachment makes the tillers thus much more convenient to use. However, such drives are, as you might have noticed, quite expensive. Therefore, many farmers and summer residents simply assemble tracked attachments for tillers with their own hands. The design of this equipment is quite simple. And you can make it, if necessary, using even just improvised materials. For example, farmers often make such attachments using car tires with very high tread. In this case, the treadmill is simply cut off from the tire and pulled over the wheels of the tiller.

What models exist on the market

Manufacturers today mainly produce two types of tracked attachments for tillers: universal and designed for some specific models of equipment. When choosing this accessory, you should, among other things, pay attention to the model with which diameter and type of output shafts it can be installed.

Many companies produce similar products today. But the most popular among farmers in Russia are drives of the “CAM” brand. This company supplies several series of SP MB set-top boxes to the market. Each of these lines is designed for a specific brand of tillers.

In addition to the usual ones, there are triangular drives on the market today. For example, many domestic farmers and summer residents buy tracked attachments for GP-N1 tillers. The advantage of such models is considered, first of all, that they can increase the longitudinal stability of plowmen. That is, with high tractive forces in tillers with such attachments, the risk of raising the front part is reduced.

First option

The track module is an axle. At the bottom, 4 rollers are connected to this axis. These rollers are used to create tension on the track.

There are 2 gears on the left and right edges, which fall into the grooves of the tracks and serve to tension the tracks and bring the module into motion. The gears move in a horizontal plane using a special frame, which, after installation, is fastened with bolts.

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On one side, a gear train is welded to the shaft with gears.

With the help of a chain, the articulated gear drives the entire track installation.

The track has V-shaped inserts. These rates should be set with the V point in the direction of the tiller’s movement.

Proper Caterpillar Care

Homemade caterpillars will last much longer if you take care of them comprehensively.

General recommendations for care:

  • It is necessary to control the level of adjustment and tension of the chain;
  • Leaving on the finished unit, you need the chain to be complete and without damage;
  • All rubbing parts must be constantly wiped with machine oil to prevent damage.

Simple care recommendations will help prevent the failure of finished structures. the tracked tiller will become a versatile assistant for solving various tasks.

DIY snowmobile caterpillar

The main categories of popular vehicles equipped with main engines

The list of models of household vehicles and motor vehicles operating on loose snow and swampy soils is unusually wide.

The names of the machines themselves, adopted in everyday life, indicate their field of application.

Homemade track for a motorized towing vehicle

It is very common among home-builders to make tracks using car tires. For this, tires are selected, which have a suitable tread pattern, from trucks.

To make such a caterpillar, you need to cut the beads from the tire, and leave the treadmill. This is a rather laborious work that requires good patience, because the tool used is a sharpened boot knife.

To make the work easier, from time to time the knife blade can be moistened in a soapy solution to cut the rubber faster. One option is to use a homemade cutting device, or use a jigsaw with a fine-toothed file.

After cutting off the beads, if the track is too hard, you can remove the excess layers of rubber inside the resulting ring. If the tread pattern is not suitable for the conditions of use, then a new lug structure is cut.

The undoubted advantage of a home-made caterpillar from a tire over a caterpillar from a conveyor belt, in an initially closed circuit, and therefore reliability. The disadvantage of this caterpillar is in the limited width of the workpiece, which can be corrected by using a double-width option.

Track attachment device

The tracked module for the tiller is made one by one with two options. Each has its own design features.

Option one:

  • Axle with four rollers at the bottom. They create tension on the track;
  • There are two gears on the left and right along the edges. They are needed to tighten the tracks and provoke the movement of the module in a horizontal position. For this, a special frame is fixed with bolts;
  • A gear transmission is welded to the shaft;
  • The entire track unit is driven by a chain and an articulated transmission;
  • A caterpillar track having V-shaped rates. The tip follows the movement of the machine.

Second option:

  • A large gear wheel is fixed on the axle, on the frame there are eight rollers that keep the belt taut and smooth movement of the tiller;
  • When raising and lowering the gear, the belt tension level is controlled;
  • The track attachment does not need to be assembled by yourself, it is better to purchase one. This eliminates breakdowns that may be associated with incorrect assembly.

Recommendations for use

When using the tiller tracks, it is necessary to constantly check how well the chain is tensioned, and also regularly oil the parts whose friction occurs during movement. In addition, it is recommended each time before use to check whether any damage and breaks have appeared on the chain. After the trip, a scheduled inspection should also be carried out in order to detect any damage or broken hooks in time. When using the tiller, you should avoid driving over roots and stone massifs, as well as hemp, otherwise the track module will be torn very quickly.

For an overview of the tiller-all-terrain vehicle on tracks, see the following video.

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Necessary materials

As mentioned earlier, to convert the wheel trailers Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, Plowman, Champion, Carver, Husqvarna into a tracked one, you will need a fairly powerful engine with axial blocking.

Power is important because such a tiller will be used on a rather difficult surface, the passability on which requires additional technical data.

Track materials

Summarizing a little, we can highlight the main materials that we need:

  • The presence of the tiller itself with a gearbox with a powerful 4-stroke engine with axle locking.
  • A pair of extra wheels so you can pull the track on them.
  • The homemade caterpillar itself, made from handy tools.
  • Depending on what material will be used in the manufacture, we may need two large car tires, or a transport tape.

Using these materials, you can make a fully functional tracked tiller.

At the same time, you can make a full-fledged mini-tractor on tracks if you add an additional cargo platform, or use it as an all-terrain vehicle in the snow by adding a platform on skids. In general, full scope for imagination.

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Car tire use

For a tiller, caterpillars are often taken from car tires. Craftsmen claim that the design has high reliability when the specified element is included in it. In order for the resulting tiller to be practical, it is imperative to take care of the quality of car tires. They must have the correct tread pattern. In this respect, tires from large cars and tractors are preferable. The tread pattern is of key importance as it acts as a lug.

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The manufacturing process can be roughly divided into several stages. Here they are:

  • After finding suitable tires, a track for tracks is cut out of them. This is a laborious job that will take a long time.
  • A well-sharpened knife is used for cutting. Better to take the one that shoemakers use. From time to time, it must be moistened in a soapy solution. This will make the rubber easier to cut.
  • Both sidewalls are cut from the tires. To simplify the process, you can use a jigsaw with fine teeth for this. Remove excess fragments inside the tire, if necessary. If the track is too hard inside, this manipulation can be repeated.

The advantage of this method is that there is no need for a ring connection. The tire already has a closed structure.

Thanks to this, it is possible to improve the indicators of the reliability of the tracks, which is especially important in conditions of heavy loads. Yet such tracks are of a rather limited length. It corresponds to a similar parameter for a car tire.

Advantages of homemade gas engines from MTZ tires

Due to the continuous lining of the track under the rollers of the machine during the movement, a large area of ​​contact of the belt with the ground is formed, which significantly reduces the average pressure of the machine on the soil.

The range of the average ground pressure of the equipment with main engine is from 11.8 to 118 kN / m2 (from 0.12 to 1.2 kgf / cm2), which is significantly lower than the pressure of a human leg.

Such low pressure indicators provide protection of equipment from immersion in the ground, swampy soil or snow. By varying the size of the surface area in the zone of contact of the caterpillar with the support, they achieve the optimal ratio of the vehicle’s cross-country ability with its tractive effort for towing loads.

When equipping vehicles with caterpillar tracks, homemade Samodelkins use a transport belt or tires from automobile and tractor wheels.

The photo below shows a homemade all-terrain vehicle on tracks made of a reinforced type conveyor belt 250 mm wide. Grousers are used with a height of 25 mm.

All-terrain vehicle on a caterpillar track from a conveyor belt:

For most craftsmen, old tires from MTZ tractors of various models are more preferable raw materials for the manufacture of gas engines.

Among the main advantages of MTZ tires, as source material, and the tracks themselves made from these tires, include the following factors:

  • Availability of old MTZ tires. Quite often, after dismantling, they are stored in the depths of the enterprises’ utility yards, cluttering the territory.
  • The tire is a closed continuous structure, does not require stitching the ends of the tape.
  • On a tracked platform made of a tractor tire, there is no need to build up lugs, since the tires have a pronounced factory-made tread relief.
  • MTZ wheel tires have high strength and wear resistance, ensuring reliable, trouble-free operation of the caterpillar track on soils containing sharp stones.
  • Versatility of use. you can choose tires for all types of tracked vehicles, including measures to modernize equipment or increase the width of the tracks.
  • Recycling of used tractor tires solves the most important problem of recycling dismantled wheels. the possibility of their reuse.

Of the disadvantages of working with tractor tires, two circumstances are noted:

  • limited fixed track length due to the dimensions of the blank tire;
  • the need to double two tires when mounting a caterpillar with a width exceeding the width of one blank tire.

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Phased technology

Several reliable DIY technologies have been developed for creating a tracked structure. They have shown themselves to be more reliable, so they are often used. Which one to choose depends on the skills and materials that you may need. You can make tracks for a tiller with your own hands, following the recommendations of the masters.

What materials are required

Converting the wheel modules into tracks requires a powerful engine. It must have an axis block. Power is important, as the vehicle will be driven by the tiller on difficult roads. Without improvement, getting good maneuverability is unrealistic. Basic building materials that are required:

How to make Caterpillar very easily ~ DIY ~ Tutorial.

  • Motoblock machine with gearbox, 4-stroke motor, axle block option.
  • Several additional wheels to put on a caterpillar.
  • The track attachments themselves.

Depending on the building material used, two good diameter tires and a conveyor belt may come in handy. If you include a platform here, you get a compact tractor.

When choosing a building material to make tracks on a tiller with your own hands, it is important to take into account that it should not be heavy. The motoblock device is not equipped with a powerful engine, it simply cannot cope with a heavy load and will break. Tracked modules are made from:

  • Motorcycle tires.
  • Chains.
  • Tubes.
  • Belts.
  • Conveyor belt in symbiosis with a bushing.

Tiller attachments are usually made from car tires. these elements can be converted without problems. It is correct to take tires of large trucks, taking into account the existing tread pattern, shape, because the pattern will improve grip. Tractor tires or elements from other large machines are perfect.

The tread pattern can provide full contact with wet ground, and with an icy road, with a snowy track. In addition to materials for the tracked module, to create a full-fledged device, a tiller with a gearbox is required, as well as several car wheels. If necessary, fix the trolley and, if you want, even on skids, in order to carry significant weights through the snowdrifts.

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Structural differences

Tracks for Tiller Neva significantly simplify the transportation of cargo, the movement of the equipment itself. The tracked module covers a significant surface, the walk-behind tractor drives more evenly, provides the least pressure on the road and does not slip on difficult soils. The device on tracks can function even in bad weather, and in sunny weather it has excellent maneuverability.

It is not difficult to look after and use the module on tracks, but you can build it yourself. The main thing is to understand that when the motoblock device has caterpillars in the kit, its speed mode will be less, but insignificantly.

tracked tillers in the other are absolutely no different from standard walk-behind tractors:

  • The engine is suitable for 4-stroke with the possibility of auto-locking the axis so that the technical device can turn around without turning around in a circle.
  • There is also a requirement for a mandatory arrangement of water cooling to cope with overloads, due to which the engine heats up excessively.
  • A tracked module of this type is more efficient than an air-cooled one.
  • Hitch system, gearbox and gearbox in the standard model design. It is necessary to control when using the handle.

A mower for a tiller will help you quickly and efficiently remove not only grass from the site, but also weeds and even small ones.

When making tracks to the tiller with your own hands, you need to know that if you design them very high, then the center of gravity of the walk-behind tractor will change, and it will have problems when turning, and even bending to the side. It is necessary to make the second driven axle 2 cm longer.Also, using a bushing, it will be possible to expand the wheel base already available in the motoblock structure.

Additional Tips

Before making a caterpillar drive for a tiller, it is necessary to make drawings, determine the dimensions. They do this so that in the case of a very high self-made caterpillar for the tiller, it will be necessary to change the center of gravity of the walk-behind tractor. This will inevitably provoke problems when turning, as the technique will fall to the side. To avoid this, the second driven axle must be made longer.

In addition to the rules regarding the power of the engine, they also look at the cooling system:

  • Air cooling is ineffective with significant overloads, which will damage the engine.
  • Properly use water cooling, which has proven to be stable.

Attached attachments to the tiller can significantly improve the vehicle’s patency data. Therefore, it is possible to diversify the range of operations carried out that a home-made apparatus can handle. To put it another way, the created base in some situations outperforms standard wheels. However, the alteration of motoblock equipment may not suit the owners of these technical devices. It talks about special requirements for the engine.

The motor fits with good traction. Homemade production is suitable for execution in a garage. That is why the unit created in the garage is an excellent replacement for the tracked monoblock units on the market.

Application of the base from Buran

Conveyor belt

The technique is the easiest. In addition to the conveyor belt, it is required to take a sleeve roller chain. The ease lies in the fact that the creation does not require a large amount of additional materials and tools. To increase the period of application of the machine tape in the module, it is necessary to circle it along the edge part with a fishing line. Be sure to provide a step of 1 cm.

Particular attention is paid to the height of the material. It completely depends on how long the device will withstand. It is optimal to take a tape with a height of 0.7 cm at least. There is one more wheel to be taken care of on both sides. Suitable from an old car, but at the same time it matters that the size is the same as that of a wheel on a walk-behind tractor.

Car wheel

Tracked attachments to the tiller made of car tires are a popular solution. Craftsmen say the design will be more reliable with auto tire tracks. In order for the made device to be practical, it is necessary to take care of the quality of the tires. Tractor tires are what you need. The tread pattern plays a role as it is a lug. The process is phased:

  • When the tires are prepared, they cut the track.
  • This is a tricky job that needs attention. A well-sharpened knife is used for cutting. It is correct to take the one used by shoemakers. Periodically, it must be moistened in a soap solution. This makes the rubber surface easier to cut.
  • Both sidewalls are cut off from the tires. To make the process easier, take a jigsaw with not large teeth. Cut off excess parts inside the tire if required. If the track turned out to be hard inside, it is allowed to cut it again.

The operation of gardening equipment begins with its launch. tiller is a structure in which.

The advantage of this technique is that a ring connection is not required. The tire is already round. Therefore, it turns out to improve the strength indicators of the module, which is important in conditions of serious overloads. And yet, such designs are quite compact. The length will be the size of the tire used.