Do-it-yourself excavator from a walk-behind tractor

Preparatory stage: where to get the drawing

You need to choose a specific, clear and understandable scheme for assembling your earth-moving machine. There shouldn’t be any difficulties with the choice. Can be used:

  • Scaled-down factory diagrams of large excavators of the “Belarus” type.
  • Ready-made drawings from the Internet, posted by craftsmen. Interesting working options can be found not only in runet, but also on foreign resources.

Having selected the optimal drawing, you need to make an estimate and roughly decide on the costs of consumables and parts.

Hydraulic system

In factory excavators, the hydraulic system consists of 4 parts:

  • slewing bearing part;
  • arrow;
  • ladle;
  • control system.

When making a do-it-yourself earth-moving machine, you can resort to a simplified version. In this case, you will need a slewing ring and boom. The column is mounted on a supporting structure, the role of which can be played by a single-axle tractor. To make the nodes yourself, you need to have 4 hydraulic cylinders to move the boom up and down, control the bucket, and turn. Old hydraulic cylinders from Soviet-made trucks will do.

For the hydraulic drive, it is convenient to use an inexpensive gear pump. It is an easy-to-use, easy-to-repair, low-cost solution. Most often, craftsmen choose NSh-10, combining it with the R-16A distributor.

If necessary, an increase in the power of equipment is achieved by the simultaneous installation of 2 pumps with 2 distribution units.

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Mini excavator units

The boom and hydraulic system can be purchased as a set, and simply install them on the base. Such a solution will save you from many mistakes and searching for spare parts. For the entire period of operation, you can forget about setting up the earthmoving machine. But such kits are expensive, and with due experience, home craftsmen prefer to make all the nodes with their own hands. Upgraded units from old technology can also be used.

Constructive decisions

A homemade hand excavator is assembled in the same way as factory car models. In this technique, there are nodes:

DIY Homemade Mini Excavator 360 Slew

  • Carrying frame mounted on tracks from a tractor or motor vehicle.
  • ICE for hydraulics actuation.
  • Slewing bearing.
  • Hydraulics.
  • Ladle.
  • Arrow.

The best solution would be to install equipment on the T40 or create a similar trailer with your own hands for installing a motor, tank, wheelset on it. The stability of the machine will be provided by additional shoe fastening: a pair of “shoes” will keep it from overturning.

The motor can be an internal combustion engine with a capacity of 15 kW. Japanese or even an inexpensive Chinese model.

How to make a bucket

The bucket serves as the working part of the machine. This part is subjected to maximum loads, therefore, increased requirements for the quality of the material are put forward. The optimal solution. sheet steel 6-9 mm thick.

Individual blanks are calculated according to the drawings and cut from the steel sheet, reliably welded together. Steel plates are additionally used to strengthen the sides and bottom. Bucket efficiency and productivity will be improved by weld on strong tines on the front. For them, “fingers” of tracked vehicles can be used.

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Electric walk behind Tractor movie.

Usually, when creating homemade earthmoving equipment, a front and back shovel are used. But if necessary, dragline can also be assembled. a technique designed for large pits, trenches, etc. It will be needed when the bucket is working below the platform on which a homemade excavator is installed.

Model selection

A properly assembled mini-excavator is in no way inferior to models created according to all the rules in the factory. It has some advantages for private use: minimal fuel consumption, easy transportation, adaptation to specific needs, low weight. You can work in any area, including warehouses and other enclosed spaces. Usually, such a technique is required at dachas, at country houses, used in digging holes and pits, for shallow communications, etc.

Types of homemade models:

  • An excavator from a walk-behind tractor, based on an existing mini-tractor or just a car. It uses attachments. An autonomous vehicle is being assembled on a caterpillar or automobile wheeled chassis, capable of moving around the site on its own. Another option is a vehicle that can be moved using assistive devices. If necessary, all attachments can be easily dismantled, and the used base is again used for its intended purpose.
  • Mini excavator from scratch. A time consuming option for the most experienced craftsmen. It is impossible for a beginner to cope with such a task, time and money will be wasted. You will need specific skills or qualified assistants, a good baggage of technical knowledge.
  • A simple budget solution. a trailed excavator on a T40 trailer with a frame and a wheel axle.

An autonomous engine, hydraulics and specific equipment are installed.

DIY mini excavator

Frequent renting of earthmoving equipment is a costly procedure and does not provide convenience to the owner of the site. Another thing is your own compact car, with which you can save on the rental service, consume a minimum of fuel and at the same time get all the functions of full-fledged models. It is not easy to create such a technique, but for a true master it is not impossible. How to make a mini excavator with your own hands? First you need to determine its parameters and type.


The stand was made from a 50 × 50 profile pipe with a thickness of 4 mm, which was welded to stiffening ribs. For the manufacture of loader arrows, a 60x40x4 mm pipe was used. A hydraulic system is installed to set the entire structure in motion. lifting hydraulic cylinders 50x25x250 mm, evacuation cylinders 42x20x250 mm. Additionally, a removable bucket is installed on the frame, forks (photo) (welded from a profile pipe 60x40x 4 mm), a dozer blade.

DIY cultivator

Rectangular frame made of pipe d 57 mm. The paws used the S-shape (photo 5, p. 1) of the old technique. There is also an additional mount for two standard harrows (2).

Come here

Formerly a back walk in America, Gravely was the largest American manufacturer of walk-behind tractors, and several more American companies have made them since the early 1900s. But the larger tractors produced after World War II drained the market for many tractors, and even Gravely stopped production around 2003.

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American manufacturers have never introduced much innovation to this equipment sector either. even in the last days of their production, Gravely still lacked double-sided rudders. While Europeans adopted this extremely practical design in the 1960s, almost all tillers are now produced in Europe, mainly in Italy, which has more than 15 brands. Two Italian brands found in North America. these are BCS America (based in Portland, Oregon) and Grillo, with BCS being the most famous as they have been imported since the mid 1970s.

Homemade excavator (from a walk-behind tractor) with your own hands (8 photos)

Why not entrust the hard manual labor to a mechanical friend who will do everything quickly, efficiently and efficiently? With the help of a do-it-yourself trailed excavator, you can greatly simplify your life when digging cesspools, trenches for sewers, and fill up bulk materials. Everything that is done by a person for 2 hours, a homemade excavator will do much faster.

The main frame, on which the hydraulics, booms and motor are attached, can be made arbitrary.

A group of young people from Voronezh managed to launch a small-scale production of such homemade products.

The boom and bucket can be purchased from the building materials market.

Both in the snow and in the heat, the device works as it should.

You don’t have to bother too much about the general appearance of the finished product, the main thing is efficiency.

A universal model for any type of task.

The vibrant colors of the excavator will make a gloomy day fun.

The metal profiles made a good frame for the device.

An irreplaceable helper for a lonely farmer.

Children always want to be like adults in every possible way, and often imitate them. They are observant, inquisitive, and sometimes really want to feel a little older, especially when it comes to controlling adult technology. Fathers who are friends with the tool and want to please their children have an excellent opportunity to build a children’s excavator with their own hands.

There is nothing complicated and costly in building a model in the photo.

Any child will be delighted with such a toy, made as a gift from dad.

The model does not have to be very complex, it is enough to put your soul into the work.

Everything ingenious is simple, especially when it comes to a child’s smile.

Bolts, nuts, wood, a couple of tools and a great desire. all you need to get started.

With the help of such a toy, a child learns to work from an early age.

The toy can be based on a disc from a P13 car or any other that is in a garage or an old shed.

The farm cannot do without construction equipment. Let’s say there was an idea to bring water to a country house. To do this, you will need to dig a long, deep trench. Digging with a shovel is long and difficult, especially for older people. How to save your energy? You can build a homemade excavator. This will require investment. But such a homemade product will be useful for life and for other tasks. A homemade excavator will cope with all the work quickly. You can make a homemade product using ready-made drawings.

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Excavator with manual drive, perfect for digging trenches in small areas.

Hand excavator boom assembly with bucket.

Single Bucket Excavator Attachments.

Dimensions and diagram of a bucket for a mini excavator.

Dimensions of the main “body” of the excavator. boom.

Another good drawing of an arrow with a bucket.

Nice drawing made by students from St. Petersburg.

When performing gardening or summer cottage tasks, the small size of the shovel may not cope with the given amount of work, especially in the spring and autumn, when the soil needs digging. A mini-excavator will perfectly cope with this task, which can be assembled with your own hands according to drawings from the Internet, using a locksmith tool. An excavator model can be made once, but it will come in handy for a lifetime.

All purchased materials for the device will cost less than buying a factory model.

The advantage of the construction will be ease of disassembly and transportation.

Frame and wheels can be attached from an old car.

New York homemade product. Nothing worse than ours, it is worth taking note.

An interesting model with a computer chair. Give every gamer an excavator and the country will have developed agriculture.

Why not clean up the snow quickly and easily?

It’s comfortable on the throne of the mini-excavator and the work is in progress.

Homemade construction will be able to meet any expectations and investment.

In order not to rent construction equipment for a lot of money, you can build a homemade excavator with your own hands. The homemade product will be no different from the factory model, as it will do the same job. At the same time, the costs will be minimal. A homemade excavator is made according to drawings, examples of which are presented on the Internet.

A homemade device has many advantages that factory models do not have. The advantages include: low fuel consumption, relatively low weight and ease of transportation.

These mini excavators are completely autonomous and can be used anywhere.

The excavator can be made on the basis of a walk-behind tractor.

The use of such a device in the Russian provinces guarantees the envy of the neighbors.

Form and purpose are limited only by imagination.

The advantage of a homemade excavator is that you can always make it convenient for yourself.

The easiest solution in building a homemade product is to buy a ready-made boom and a hydraulic system.

On such a “tank” you can earn by digging fields or digging holes.

A do-it-yourself excavator will show itself perfectly in the country or in the village.

An interesting engineering solution, although not entirely practical.

Why buy something for crazy money when you can do the same for less money.

You can make an excavator completely from scratch, but this requires a lot of knowledge.