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DIY motorized towing vehicle

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Homemade motorized towing vehicle: DIY step-by-step manufacturing with photos and descriptions.

A motorized towing vehicle is a simple vehicle for moving on snow and ice. The design consists of an engine from a motorcycle or walk-behind tractor, a cargo platform and a caterpillar with which the device moves. A sled sled clings to a motorized towing vehicle, on which the rider is placed, turns are carried out by tilting the motor dog towards the turn.

To build a homemade product, the author used the following materials:

  • Lifan engine (9 HP).
  • Safari variator.
  • Caterpillar from Ryde’s motorized towing vehicle.
  • Stars from the Buran snowmobile.
  • Chain and stars from a motorcycle.
  • Profile pipe.

Further, the process of making a homemade motorcycle dog itself.

A frame for a towing vehicle is welded from a profile pipe.

Track rollers and track sprockets taken from the snowmobile.

Installed the engine, variator, chain drive from the variator to the driven sprocket of the caterpillar.

We put a handle to control the motorized towing vehicle, to make a turn, just tilt the motor dog in the direction of the turn with the handle, the variator is controlled by tilting the handle back and forth.

Here is such a simple motorized towing vehicle made by a craftsman with his own hands, now you can go on it for winter fishing and take the right amount of cargo.

How to make a snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor with your own hands: instructions and diagrams

the single-axle tractor is a seasonal machine that is mainly used in spring, summer and autumn. So that it does not stand idle in winter, you can construct a snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor with your own hands. Having minimal skills in owning the instrument, it is not difficult to do this at all. Reverse alteration after winter does not take much time. Thus, the single-axle tractor will be used all year round for household work.

A snowmobile is a useful unit that is able to overcome snowdrifts. The technique allows you to transport small luggage. Many residents from the northern and central regions prefer to make such units from improvised means. A snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor turns out to be hardy and powerful enough. He has good cross-country ability and maneuverability.

Making wheels

Installation of wheels. Snowmobiles usually use cameras from a truck. Due to the hub, they are attached to the suspension. With the help of such wheels, ease of control and driving safety are ensured. For manufacturing, you need to put chains on the cameras for winter driving. Then the cameras need to be pumped up, the chains put on will turn them into circles with a ribbed surface.

There is also another way. Two discs made of metal are connected to each other, then attached to the sleeve, and then a camera is put on them, which is fixed with pieces of a conveyor belt. Tire protector can be used to protect the camera.

Other types of machines

You can also assemble an ATV from a walk-behind tractor, however, this unit does not develop ultra-high speed, but in terms of maneuverability and cross-country ability it is not inferior to its branded “brother”. Landing in a homemade ATV remains traditional, not motorcycle. Wheels are used from any passenger car.

It is worth mentioning an interesting homemade product called a karakat. The strength of the car lies in its large wheels, which are ordinary car cameras, tightened with strong straps.

Homemade discs are put on the karakat, modifying the standard car ones. A very original disc is also installed on a light single-axle tractor. To do this, two aluminum basins are connected along the contour, having previously cut the bottom to fit the hub, mount stiffeners and side stops to fix the camera.

With external clumsiness, the karakat has a high cross-country ability and stability. He not only can easily overcome swampy lowlands, but is capable of transporting a significant load (up to 100 kg).

We design a suspension

The shock absorption system for snowmobile vehicles consists of front and rear suspensions. These elements are designed to provide the smoothest ride possible so that the driver does not feel vibrations while driving over bumps.

Саморобний мотоблок / homemade walk-behind tractor

Telescopic suspension is one of the most common and simplest designs. It consists of a shock absorber and a spring, which are in the strut. Therefore, the suspension dampens shock-type vibrations. As a rule, the technique with its use shows decent maneuverability.

In order to make the rear and front suspensions independent, the side members must be connected to the strut and the steering bush. With this option, the smoothness of the run is ensured. For the front suspension, you can also use the original motorcycle shock absorbers.

Do-it-yourself snowmobile making

Observing a certain algorithm for installing a homemade product from a motor unit, you can avoid numerous mistakes. Snowmobile equipment from a walk-behind tractor must be assembled in a certain sequence. Let’s consider step by step the process of self-manufacturing of a snowmobile from the “Neva” walk-behind tractor.

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First, a sketch of the future structure is drawn up:

  • homemade frame (1);
  • the second sprocket of the intermediate shaft (2);
  • the intermediate shaft (3)
  • the first sprocket of the intermediate shaft (4);
  • driven track shaft sprocket (5);
  • track drive sprocket (6);
  • the drive shaft of the caterpillar (7);
  • two racks of the support ski (8);
  • two track idlers (9);
  • the axle of the idler rollers (10);
  • hitch (11);
  • tensioner (12);
  • four drum flanges (13);
  • four flanges of the drive sprocket (14);
  • steering column (15).

What it can be converted into

To create alterations from a motor unit, only basic knowledge of mechanics and the availability of tools are needed. Robust block design, very well designed by engineers, allows for modification of the unit.

The most common are the following typical designs:

  • snowmobile;
  • mini tractor;
  • all-terrain vehicle or karakat;
  • swamp-going vehicle;
  • ATV;
  • motorized dog;
  • lawn mower;
  • dump;
  • potato digger;
  • potato planter.

The mini tractor is perhaps the most popular homemade product. This design has a higher level of comfort compared to a motor unit. Here you need to take into account the factor of displacement of the center of gravity. This problem is solved by installing a second driven axle and increasing the front. A mini tractor is often complemented by a trailer.

On the basis of a walk-behind tractor, you can design an ATV or a karakat.

Boat motor

You only need to attach a uniaxial tractor to the hull of the boat, and instead of cutters, put aluminum blades, which should be located in the same plane with the shaft (perpendicular to the movement). The upper parts of the blades will move through the air, the lower ones will sink into the water. This makes it possible to develop a sufficiently high speed.

Self-made motorized towing vehicle “motor dog

It is a motorized towing vehicle (most often they are also called a motorized dog) that is actually an ideal option for outdoor activities. Naturally, the basis of any such unit will be some “Buranov” details, although the most important tool in creation will be your knowledge and skills.

Step 1. Initially, a mount for the motor and for the gearbox is welded onto the frame. The moto dog will move with the help of caterpillars.

Step 2. For this, the elements we need are taken from Buran. It must be cut across. This is done primarily in order to maximize its main chassis.

Step 3. Jumpers made of special metal “U”.shaped profiles can serve as connecting elements. But the caterpillars will rotate two axles, which must be specially milled to the desired dimensions. 50 cm long and 25 mm thick. “Cheeks” are welded to them, which are needed to attach all leading sprockets.

Step 4. In addition, support bearings are also fixed to the frame itself on all two sides (that is, two in the back and two in front). They are inserted into the supporting parts of the body itself. It is very important to take three carriages equipped with rollers so that the tracks themselves are supported. Previously, they are expanded and for this, already sawn carriages begin to be connected using inserts.

Step 5. Prepared carriages are placed on the “ears” welded to the frame. We put the motor with a pulley, connecting it to a four-speed gearbox with a belt drive (there is also a pulley on the box).

Rake hay under the walk-behind tractor.

Step 6. For full control, handles are installed from the pipe itself (1.5 cm, as well as 120 cm long), which are tightened with ordinary jumpers (in principle, in a completely arbitrary arrangement).

Step 7. After that, all this is closed with a metal profile, and all the conveniences are created for the full movement and transportation of the necessary goods. And yet, it is very important to make handles. both for the legs and for the hands. This is necessary in order to move as comfortably and safely as possible on snow and ice. At the same time, this motorized towing vehicle turns out to be very quiet and comfortable, and you manage to save a lot. about 60%, when compared with the purchase of a new snowmobile or some other similar equipment.

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Methods of work

Tracks are sometimes made of hardwood or Buran carriages that are sawn and joined by inserts. It is necessary to install pulleys on the four-speed box and the motor, which are connected by a belt drive. The steering wheel is complemented by built-in controls such as throttle and clutch levers, as well as a gear selector. It is removed from a scooter or moped.

Do-it-yourself assembly of a motorized dog involves fixing the handle on the right side, while the clutch and gearshift knob should be on the left. The steering wheel is fixed with two tubes, which should look like a letter P. The resulting fork is fixed to the rear axle with washers, which are reinforced by welding. As a result, there will be no difference in driving a conventional moped and a motorized towing vehicle.

You can change the technology of work. For example, a do-it-yourself pusher motorized dog is made using almost the same technique, but the difference is expressed only in attachments. For this, nodes and parts are used that were borrowed from other mechanisms and devices that had previously become unusable.

Homemade motorcycle dog

A home-made motorized towing vehicle made from scrap materials has a reduced operating cost and more powerful technical characteristics, in comparison with similar purchased models.

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The successful manufacture of a motor dog with your own hands involves several stages at once. Among them:

  • Selection of the main structural elements with the required parameters.
  • Study of drawings, diagrams and video instructions, which allows you to avoid mistakes during assembly.
  • Direct manufacturing followed by testing.

This allows you to make the necessary changes to the design and achieve the desired operating parameters, for example, lower fuel consumption or increased speed. If desired, you can implement additional compartments for various useful tools, tackle and other types of equipment.

Do-it-yourself motoblock from a walk-behind tractor

Self-made motorized towing vehicle: a photo of a step-by-step DIY construction of a homemade product.

Motorized towing vehicle (Motorized dog). a vehicle towing vehicle with a caterpillar drive.

For the construction of the towing vehicle, a caterpillar and suspension elements were purchased.

Manufacturing of supports for driving and driven shafts and bogies.

Installed Lifan engine with variator.

The undercarriage is attached to the frame with metal plates 5 mm thick.

Installing the engine, variator and chain drive.

To quickly disconnect the cable, a slider and cable clamps were made from a corner and a tube with an internal diameter of 8 mm, welded all this into a piece of a profile pipe 25 x 25 mm sawn along.

Homemade motorized towing vehicle can be quickly disassembled and loaded into a car.

DIY motorcycle dog assembly ::

Do-it-yourself moto dogs are made today by many craftsmen. These devices are small tracked snowmobiles with which a sled can be towed. This type of technology became known relatively recently, about 20 years ago, but today it has already been able to gain popularity among a wide range of consumers. You can not only purchase equipment, but also make.

Winter motorized towing vehicle

Guided by diagrams, drawings and video instructions, it is enough to assemble a structure from pre-selected elements, which will allow you to quickly make a motorized dog. For a winter motorized towing vehicle, it is advisable to use a ski module for the driver’s platform, as well as a roller type of suspension. Otherwise, the design is completely identical to the standard.

DIY motorcycle dog: diagram and drawings

For lovers of hunting and fishing, a motorized towing vehicle seems to be an indispensable device. Since this kind of device is quite expensive, many are interested in whether a motorized dog can be made with their own hands. The scheme and drawings, if the necessary equipment and materials are available, will make it possible to manufacture this non-standard vehicle on your own.

DIY motorcycle dog

If you are a real fan of winter fishing or skiing on heavily snow-covered surfaces, you will be interested to know how you can make a motorized dog with your own hands without the help of specialists, using diagrams and drawings. This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, if you follow all the instructions and purchase the necessary equipment. This type of motorized towing vehicles is quite popular today due to their compactness and good maneuverability, as well as low fuel costs.

Features and types of motorized towing vehicles

A motorized dog is a type of tracked vehicle (with a caterpillar engine), a mechanical vehicle that allows you to move independently and transport various loads on impassable areas. This unit is all popular in the circles of hunters and fishermen, especially among those who prefer this simple and small-sized equipment to modern ATVs.

Later, equipment appeared for different seasons with a different purpose:

  • Help in towing heavy cargo;
  • Moving in difficult places, through snowdrifts, wetlands, clay and mud;
  • Help in agriculture and large production.

Modern motorized dogs can have a carrying capacity of up to 350 kg.

The main constituent elements and controls of the structure:

  • The engine (or power unit) is the most important component, the most expensive and structurally complex;
  • Chassis;
  • Swivel mechanism;
  • Frame with fasteners (holes);
  • Power-type unit frame;
  • Sub-frame or plate under the motor (responsible for the reliable fixation of the engine);
  • Steering wheel with built-in controls (including gearshift switch, throttle and clutch knob);
  • Ski module;
  • Transmission (responsible for the transfer of useful torque from the engine shaft to the very track of the motor towing vehicle).

The track attachment is a module where the driver’s seat and the walk-behind tractor installation area are located.

  • Sitting on a trailer;
  • Standing on a sleigh.

You can start and stop a snowmobile tracked vehicle:

  • By pressing the throttle lever;
  • Clicking on the clutch.

It is recommended to purchase the undercarriage already assembled, and the rest of the elements can be made independently. The fact is that the timing of the creation of the unit can be very stretched due to the laboriousness of the work, as well as the need for certain skills.

Homemade motorized towing vehicle for fishing

  • Combined;
  • Sklizovoy;
  • Katkova.

As we have already found out, a motorized dog for a walk-behind tractor is a caterpillar attachment with a fixed seat for a person, which has a caterpillar instead of the standard wheels familiar to all. Before making your own, you should prepare well: outline a drawing, choose bearings for support, grind bushings, prepare all the necessary materials and tools. But first things first.

Self-assembly of a motor dog

The approximate assembly time for a simple mechanism is 15 minutes, especially if you are a craftsman and have already had similar experience. Such equipment is extremely useful for residents of remote settlements, for example, it will be convenient for fishermen to get through the forest or field from home to the desired location.

  • Caterpillar mechanism from the motorized towing vehicle “Bars Partizan”. 5001040 mm;
  • Frame. 5401000 mm;
  • “Lifan” engine (power 6.5 l / s) made in China.
  • Profile pipe;
  • Caterpillar;
  • Suspension elements.
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What distance should be observed between the axes:

  • The axis of the front shaft to the axis of the first roller carriage. 180 mm;
  • Front shaft to the top of the frame. 150 mm;
  • First to second bogie. 480 mm;
  • Second bogie to rear shaft. 190 mm;
  • Rear shaft to the end of the frame. 100 mm;
  • Bogie axles to the upper frame part. 200 mm;
  • Rear shaft to the top of the frame.
  • We are preparing a caterpillar mechanism with suspension elements, it is necessary to weld a frame from a profile pipe. the lower photo shows a shaft with leading caterpillar stars;
  • We are preparing a collapsible handle, equipped with a tension cable. You will also need a handlebar fastener. it will fix the handlebar in the upper position. In order for the equipment to start moving, you will need to remove your finger with a cable and bring the steering wheel to a lowered position. On the steering wheel itself, you should put on the throttle handle, equipped with a button to turn off the power unit (engine);
  • The variator will help to smoothly change the torque, as well as increase the traction force. this is necessary for the motorized dog to overcome the most difficult zones and areas. Thus, there is a transfer of torque from the driving to the driven sprocket of the driving crawler shaft. And the cable at this time performs the function of pulling the engine itself, which is responsible for changing the torque;
  • Then we start to create sledges and mounts on them. Such a collapsible design will easily fit in a car, so there will be no problems with transportation. And this compact towing vehicle can be assembled in just five minutes, by first installing the power unit on the frame;
  • After that, you should put on the caterpillar chain, connect the handle with the cable and attach the sledges;
  • At the end, a platform for loads is fixed, and then a folding-type seat is installed (directly to the sled by the legs). Turns are carried out due to the turn of the tug itself relative to the sled, it is possible to accelerate on such transport equipment up to 30 km / h.

A more detailed author’s assembly is shown in the video from the master himself.

You can easily and quickly make a motor dog with your own hands using diagrams and drawings. The unit is also conveniently transported in a passenger car, located in the luggage compartment. You can store equipment in a utility room or garage. The video below shows the process of running in a motorized towing vehicle.

Homemade motorized stretcher dog from a walk-behind tractor

Dear visitors of the site “Samodelkin friend” today we will consider one of the options for creating a motorized dog from a walk-behind tractor on a caterpillar track with our own hands. As always, everything is budgetary and affordable for an ordinary person, and so let’s go The author and designer is Nikolay from Arkhangelsk. Having a private house and a personal plot, the owner also has a multifunctional single-axle tractor “Tarpan” with the help of which he cultivates the land in the garden, there is a lot of work in the spring: plowing, cultivation, then planting potatoes, harvesting in the fall) in general, the single-axle tractor works the entire spring-autumn period, but in the winter it costs itself in the garage idle with dust). Nicholas thought no matter! How is this, the equipment is idle. and he decided to make a kind of snowmobile or motorized dog out of it.

As for the walk-behind tractor itself, no changes were made to the factory design, but the tracked platform, frame, tracks, leading stars, tension mechanism. Nikolai did it all with his own hands.

The track for the all-terrain vehicle is made of a conveyor belt and PVC thick-walled pipe, the tracks are bolted to the belt with bolts and nuts, the size of the tracks is 80 X 2300, the thickness of the belt is 4 mm. base along the axes 670 mm tension. The leading stars are cut from HDPE (low pressure polyethylene). The tensioning mechanism and the frame of the tracked platform are also made. It turns out that a single-axle tractor is simply installed on the platform, and that’s it. you can go)

The motorcycle dog additionally has a small box in the front part with dimensions of 700 x 800 mm, which allows you to place a part of the luggage on it (for example, a backpack, a drill, a gun, etc.); a sled or runners serve as a trailer. It walks confidently in the snow and pulls a load of up to 150 kg, a speed of 5 km / h, in principle, to get to the lake and back is quite normal.

Let’s look at the design features of units and assemblies.

  • conveyer belt
  • HDPE (low pressure polyethylene)
  • PVC thick wall pipe
  • bolts, nuts, etc.
  • professional pipe
  • welding inverter
  • drill
  • jigsaw
  • angle grinder (angle grinder)

Причіп для мотоблока своїми руками

DIY step-by-step instructions for assembling a motorized dog from a walk-behind tractor.

The crawler platform is welded from the profile, the tracks are made of thick-walled PVC pipe, they are bolted to the conveyor belt on one side at 2 points. Track tensioning mechanism. The drive sprocket is put on the axis of the walk-behind tractor. Build the platform. Here’s what happened in the end. Excellent equipment for hunting and fishing trips on snowy roads.