Drill Repair Shop Tips

The Cobalt brand Ultra Grip screwdriver series uses ergonomically shaped Mosloben-resistant handles. They fit well in the hand, and you get tired less at work. For precise work, narrower handles are provided. They are more convenient when twisting small fasteners. To quickly find the right screwdriver, the ends of the handles of the Ultra Grip cobalt brand are marked with slots.

  • Magnetized tip

This option is necessary when working with small fasteners. If, during operation, a self-tapping screw or a screw falls, the magnetic tip will help to get the fasteners and fix it when tightening. If you have screwdrivers without magnetized lugs, use a magnetizing device such as Cobalt 646-713. You can magnetize or demagnetize not only screwdrivers, but also other tools.

  • The working part of the tools

Usually it is made of chrome vanadium steel. Impact screwdrivers use chrome-molybdenum steel or S2 steel. We wish you a good tool at hand and varied work for pleasure!

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Drill Repair Shop Tips

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