Drilling holes in concrete with a diamond drill bit


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If there is no possibility of using a drainage ring


We use modern European equipment “Hilti”, “Gidroshtress”, “Husqvarna”, “Veka”, “Elmos.Replacement kits are available.

With diamond drilling you can get almost any size and depth of holes, from small to very large diameter. Holes can be drilled in slabs and walls at any angle, and even “upside down” through the ceiling, if there is no access.

Main characteristics of the drill

Diamond drilling in concrete is performed with a drill, which has a circular design and is called a core bit. It can handle different materials, e.g:

Pins can be available in various diameters and lengths. They are used together with machines to mechanize the process. When choosing this consumable, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety margin. When a comparison is made with an ordinary drill, which works on the entire plane of the material, highlight the fact that the crown works only by the cutting edge. This reduces friction and noise, reducing debris and increasing productivity. Its edges are smooth. These products may have different threaded connections and operating lengths. Attention must be paid to the number of segments and the width of each one.

Price for drilling a hole with diamond drill bits

Diam. holes in mm.Work with brick and screed in per cm.nCm concrete work in per cm.Reinforced concrete per cm.n with the diameter of reinforcement 16 mmIn reinforced concrete, /cm.n Diameter of reinforcement above 16 mm
25-52 18,8 25,6 30,2 31,3
62-82 20,3 28,4 32,8 36,1
92-102 25,8 34,5 39,0 43,4
112-122 27,8 36,5 44,3 50,3
132-152 31,2 41,1 48,8 55,1
162-182 36,4 47,8 55,1 62,4
190-210 46,4 58,1 65,5 73,8
202-222 54,4 72,3 77,3 86,2
252 63,7 86,8 94,0 96,6
272 74,2 102,2 115,0 129,3
302 81,4 107,9 129,3 147,0
352 109,1 138,6 169,5 184,7
402 141,3 166,1 197,0 221,5
452 173,0 207,4 235,3 281,5
502 215,2 249,3 298,0 333,0
602 260,0 300,0 351,0 383,0

Specialized equipment with a diamond crown is universally used for:

  • arrangement of holes for the installation of sewage, heating communications;
  • creation of holes of different diameters in the load-bearing concrete walls for installation of air ducts, organization of openings for installation of ventilation systems; residential buildings, premises of commercial and industrial objects;
  • forming of openings for installation of windows and door leaves in brick and concrete bearing walls of multi-storey buildings;
  • dismantling of individual fragments of wall structures in the course of repair work on the redevelopment of the living space;
  • formation of wall niches, where built-in furniture, safe, various decorative elements will be installed;
  • cutting in horizontal and vertical surfaces of technical joints, etc.д.

Rule 4: the miser pays twice

brazing the segments onto the housing in two fundamentally different ways: by laser welding and by brazing with silver solder. Crowns with laser-welded segments cost more, but their connection is stronger. When drilling in highly reinforced materials it is more advantageous to buy one laser brazed drill bit than several silver brazed drill bits. For drilling in abrasive materials and unreinforced concrete the silver brazed drill bit is fine.

Drilling through concrete with a diamond drill bit. diamond drill versus conventional drill. And a little bit about dust extraction.

Greetings from colleagues and interested parties. I hope you will find this material interesting and informative. Let’s go.

From my point of view, to drill sub jacks SDS max is much easier and faster all others. But firstly times change, and secondly, having a protrusion in the lower back is very difficult to work with a machine weighing ten pounds, even with a shoulder strap. So I gave my beloved 5210C with a drebo bit to my partner for work on the industrial site, and I started to get a closer look at the diamond drilling myself. Finally settled on the Makita DBM131 wet cutter. It has many advantages over its analogues, there are also disadvantages, but the choice of handheld drilling machine is a topic of a separate conversation. In operation it has almost a month, satisfied with more than. Well, today I decided to write a post about the work of a diamond drill paired with a domestic drill bit, which is new to me, and to try to drill with the same drill bit using the most powerful cordless drill and try out the inner channel system of dust extraction, comparing its effectiveness and convenience with the long used and very well proven drill from the Ukrainian manufacturer. In the post there are a few short videos. So, let’s go. I will be making a triple subcutter in the heavy concrete of a panel house. It feels like a P44, but it’s modern.

On the operating table today is the drill itself with the necessary adapters. The water coupling is removed, t.к. dry drilling is not needed in the hell, instead of it, a South Korean two-wheel packing is installed. Two of the three adapters are homemade.к. native M18 chuck. it’s evil and a pain in the ass with consumables.

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Panel wall, one piece. Marked and leveled in advance. To do all three sub-plugs will be different ways.

The first socket. The 82 mm crown bit with four segments on the M18-M16 adapter and the Drillduster dust outlet. Well, and a 3M six hundred and twenty respirator, because I still cherish my smoky lungs as a memory.

No dust at all, the bit goes well. Goes in at 50mm deep in just under three minutes.

The next socket. Impact drill XPH07 electric screwdriver and the same hood.

Why battery. I only have one 600 watt power drill, lying idle, t.к. An electric screwdriver is much more powerful and convenient. I would compare it to an 800 watt drill. The purpose of the experience is to see if I can get by with a battery-powered drill and a diamond drill bit instead of a battery-powered torch and a carbide drill bit. Let’s go. Drilling at 2100 rpm.

To be honest, I’m a pain in the ass. Every drill should have a D-handle, but this is a pistol grip. that’s really uncomfortable. And the side handle is not a helper, it’s more of a hindrance, but it’s needed. I already used it once for drilling without a crank and I fucked up my knee with it when I was trying to undo the nut on the back swingarm of my bike and the 185Nm tangential wasn’t working and I limped for a month and I’ve cured working without a crank. The process began only when I put my weight of 80 kg on it with my hip, otherwise it did not drill, but just scratched the concrete. Of course, you could try to put a Diamond Heath crown there, t.к. like 32,000 beats./min. the drill provides, but I’m 100% sure that it will have to be pressed the same way, and it will be quite a show, especially if the socket is 300mm from the floor. And I’m just as sure that the same fuck-up will happen with a regular drill with a pistol grip and a peorator, and the peorator will be even worse. he, as a rule, revolutions per minute rarely exceed 1100, and they are so damn necessary. Another question is how long the impact coupling on the drill will last, I suspect not very. All in all, an unfortunate combination, for nothing but 1.I spent 5k on the hexagonal adapter. Ah, yes, I almost forgot. drilling time at 50mm was about 7 minutes and a couple of minutes of foul language. Accumulator at 4 A / h sat down about a third, with a torch and carbide drill, I do the same three or four slots, but with less effort.

And the last socket I will do in a pair with this thing

Called “dry drilling slurry collection device”. Basically. coupling on bearings for dust extraction through the inner channel of the drill bit and adapter. The problem is complicated by the fact that in the adapter to the middle of the hole runs only 10 mm for installing the guide drill with an SDS shank, I specifically designed it so, for already sick of tapered shanks and drills on the concrete that need to knock out the wedge. And then. The 9 mm is like a depth limiter of this very shank. The cherry on the cake. to create the most difficult conditions in the work, I drilled a central sub slot open to dust on both sides. By the way, that’s what’s bad about the drillduster. it almost doesn’t stick to the wall if the socket is already drilled under it, even if the core isn’t knocked out. This is where you need a fixduster, but it is difficult to buy in the lyrics aside, here comes the fun part.

I do not really know if you can see on the video, but in the work is very funny to see how the dust is sucked under the crown and its side vents. Yes, there is a small dust exit, but compared to the work in general without everything it is nothing. And then two more things. the first one is almost a full bag in the Kercher, the second one is a full bag in the Kercher. I forgot to put duct tape on the water inlets, t.е. the vacuum cleaner sucked air for nothing on the output shaft as well. The second point has only come to me now, as I write this text. Another plus, even if not all electricians important. the possibility of a loop-through connection to the vacuum cleaner, t.к. you can forget about synchronized starting with a wall suction cup and you’ll need an extension cord.

My opinion. This thing works, and it fucking works. So fucked up that yesterday in the workshop I made this

This is the kind of thing where an intracanal dust extraction would be just right. I’ve been wanting to try borisksy templates for a long time, but the idea to pay 1700 for five pieces of plywood did not meet with the understanding of common sense. So I got a sheet of 5 mm AMG5M aluminum, a screwdriver, a 67 mm bimetal bit, a circular saw, and voila! It’s not done yet, I’ve got some horizontal-vertical notches for level sighting, grinding, chamfering, screwing down the waterpipe, but that’s for another time if you’re interested. Hopefully, it’ll make a nice little thing for 68mm crowns.

That’s it. It was me, Kilowatt from the cultureless capital, with respect to my subscribers and apologies for my rare appearances. no time at all, vomit-work-rare-and-diarrhea and customers with insane installation deadlines.

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Thanks to ! I’m excited about the topic. Or cats, boobs. Drilling and dusting! That’s what I need in a 2-52.

By the way, I’m looking forward to Monday, I’m itching to start knocking down the tiles.

Before the new year, an acquaintance did holes in the monolith (a new apartment), diamond bits were not so worked with what is. I used carbide bits. First I drilled holes with a torch, and then I cut them with a drill bit. Of course the carbide bit on the third hole is frayed, but the eternal tool (hammer and scalpel) is always on hand. Basically 30. 40 minutes for the socket hole, and everything’s fine. The last few holes went like clockwork. I’m getting the hang of it. Diamond is good but expensive. if you don’t do it often.

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P.S. watched a lot on youtube as “pro” drill in a plaster wall saying it is concrete and one hand and screwdriver to break out of the wall a piece of “concrete.

Tc, will you write a post about the templates?? Wildly interesting, they sell templates with and without a water level. (I like to cut a rectangle with a bolt and a half with a chisel.)

Nice, but long. I prefer to use a bolt cutter to cut a rectangle and chisel it out.

I only drill single holes with a crown or if it’s high. Or if the walls are really shitty.

Although I do not have pea more than 800 watts, maybe if I had, I would also complain about the waist.

What about the same borisk diamond hit? Same diamond, but with a micro-impact. and what’s the socket for which the 82mm drill bit?

What can’t they think of? I bought a Chinese diamond drill on AVito for 20 ths.(along with the frame

Drills up to 120 dia in concrete and 150 in brick with water cooling

The jacks go fast. even with rebar)

Hi, a couple of questions about the diamond. there is an opportunity to upgrade the tool. What do you think of this type of drilling after a while?? Whose crown manufacturing is better, have you tried the diamond percussion? How long on average does the drill bit last in the concrete? How does the vacuum cleaner work through the adapter 9mm, which is more effective (external or internal). Do you need a special drill bit for this, and what steel to make the adapter, whether it needs to be hardened?

I hope all this is not cheap tool you bought not only for the sake of drilling three holes and create this post)

Can you tell me more about what kind of drill bit with battery-operated first is used?? And how it relates to the fittings.

As I understand it, in the test was paneled weakly reinforced concrete, and how the layout with the reinforcement will go?

I drilled with a max pen, cut with a strobocut, then the dry cutters from the practice, distara. Now I’ve settled on a wet cut, Chinese ken drill, 76 bit, also Chinese, water pump. Longer than a max but easier to work with. And much faster than a dry cutter. Little dust but a lot dirt. Vacuum cleaner and nozzle only partially solves this problem. I’m even drilling under the ceiling with a drill bit, only 32. Dry cutters in heavy concrete wear out faster than they cut.

I had to make two jacks, considered economically impractical to buy a tool for two jacks, what to do there, I can manage in half an hour. I thought. Drilled holes on the perimeter and began to chip away with a hammer and chisel. form the slots. Man, that lasted half a day, the problem was the large width of the chisel and the nibbling of the fucking hard concrete off the bottom, especially when the depth of the opening to be shaped increased. The neighbors began to actively knock after a couple of hours (time was permissible). In the end, it turned out a bit crooked, the plastic insert podrosetnik sat on the cement, otherwise it dangled. So the “crown” is really a good thing. Thanks for the tips.

One question, why the fuck do you need to rotate the drill to irritate the hole all the time, it’s a drill bit, it should drill just fine.

Diamond disc for angle grinder and bottle of water.

Concrete features

Before you drill with a diamond drill bit in any kind of concrete, you need to know the features and characteristics of the building material. It is an artificial monolith made of binder, water, various additives and fillers. They increase frost and heat resistance, make the material waterproof and change the properties of the mass.

In a classical composition of a building stone consists of crushed stone, water, sand and cement. The percentage ratio of these components varies depending on production requirements. There is also a silicate concrete, which includes lime. Slag concrete is made with the addition of crushed slag. When steel sawdust is introduced into the composition, steel concrete is produced, which is characterized by increased strength. It is also possible to supplement the classic mixture with pumice and tuff to increase thermal insulation and lightness.

When drilling a hole, it is important to know the strength and density of the material. The strength is affected by the amount of binder in the composition. This parameter is measured in kilograms per centimeter. The heaviest varieties of material have iron, granite, diabase. To the lightweight include mixtures based on pumice, tuff, expanded clay aggregate.

The cost of diamond drilling holes in concrete and brick

Company “Almaz Best” provides services for drilling holes in building structures and the Moscow region. We provide favorable conditions of cooperation and guarantee impeccable quality of the final result. If necessary the works will be performed at night time to maintain productivity of the client’s enterprise. To clarify the cost of drilling services in concrete and brick you can call our employees by phone.


The experts of the company MSKDemontazh specialize in drilling blind and through technological holes of different diameters with professional diamond equipment. Branded drilling machines allow you to create holes with perfect geometry for the implementation of any customer requests.

The use of modern diamond tools is successfully implemented by MSKDemontazh specialists in the process:

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Drilling technological holes in the horizontal, vertical, inclined plane;

Installation of ventilation ducts, heating system;

Laying sewer, pipeline and cable lines;

Formation of holes for the arrangement of hoods, vents, ducts.

Experienced performers in the course of manipulation with the diamond technique perform the following steps:

Choosing a diamond drill bit of the appropriate diameter for the specific purpose;

Securely fasten the installation with a diamond drill, ensuring firm fixation of the working surface;

Organize an uninterrupted process of water supply to the tool to avoid overheating and premature failure;

Install a tank for collecting waste water;

Run the unit and perform a full cycle of drilling followed by cleaning of the work area.

Impactless diamond core drilling technology prevents cracking of building material, thereby minimizing the risk of collapse and weakening the load-bearing capacity of walls and floor slabs. Increased safety is a key quality criterion for demolition, which means that the property can be used for a long time without restrictions or concerns.

Diamond drilling of holes in bricks

Door and window openings in masonry houses and non-residential buildings are made with diamond cutting technology without impact. this is our specialty. Operators of diamond tools can quickly and accurately dismantle partially or completely the ceilings, load-bearing walls, interior partitions while keeping safety regulations.

Successful competent use of professional tooling with proprietary components makes it possible:

Cut through multi-layered brickwork without dynamic impact on the material and without destroying nearby structures;

Minimize dust and noise generating during dismantling manipulations (powerful industrial vacuum cleaners and use of water for binding dust. a guarantee of cleanliness and preservation of the interior in proper condition);

Execute urgent orders in a short time, without compromising the quality and accuracy of the cut;

Comply with warranty obligations, fully realizing the needs of the customer.

drilling, holes, concrete, diamond

List of key phases of diamond drilling holes in brick:

The stage of measuring and drawing the final markings;

The main phase of drilling technological holes;

Removal and removal of disassembled brick blocks;

Installation of pre-calculated and designed reinforcement (channels and angles).

Diamond Core Bits vs. Carbide Core Bits. Concrete Drilling

A wide arsenal of working equipment is available, from hand carvers to high-powered wire saws for sawing thick walls. The use of fail-safe diamond discs and foreign equipment allows for the implementation of large amounts of complex dismantling works in the shortest possible time and with a guarantee of high quality.

Use the profile services of MSKDemontazh. transparent pricing and excellent service is guaranteed!

Drilling holes in reinforced concrete

Home repair, restoration and capital construction, ordinary household needs. the need to drill reinforced concrete structures arise very often. Because of the difficult passability of the heavy-duty structure of reinforced concrete, you can’t do without professional, powerful equipment.

Qualified executors follow all technological aspects of the dismantling procedure and guarantee 100% safety during the drilling of holes in reinforced concrete.

Identification of functioning wiring, pipes and cables in walls to allow them to continue to work;

Marking for exact hit of the crown in a given place of the wall structure;

Smooth start of the tool and observance of the optimum drilling mode in order to prevent premature failure;

Ensuring an uninterrupted supply of coolant to preserve the operating life of the crown and avoid dustiness of the room;

Removal of extracted reinforced concrete fragments and cleaning of the territory.

For the formation of wide technological holes with smooth edges for the installation of utilities, we recommend using the services of profile experts MSKDemontazh.

The operator acts according to a well-defined scheme. this contributes to:

Preservation of the bearing capacity of wall structures;

Prompt implementation of the set tasks without exceeding the budget specified in the estimate;

Observance of the maximum level of safety at the site;

Implementation of original planning solutions.

Before to cut a niche in the concrete wall or dismantle a part of bearing structure think about the possible consequences. It is better to approach this issue responsibly and enlist the support of professionals MSKDemontazh.

Finishing drilling

Not seldom the presence of interior decoration is an obstacle to the implementation of new construction ideas, solutions in terms of improving comfort. Indeed, the prospect of making a hole for an air conditioner or recuperator in a finished apartment is unlikely to please the property owner. Dust, a bumpy hole, damaged wallpaper, hours of noise and discomfort. are all companions of impact techniques.

Diamond drilling technology makes it possible to get a hole in a given shape quickly and much quieter than with a torch. But what is really important when working in the commissioned and occupied premises, without damage to the finish. Dust that rises in the air in case of percussive methods, is simply absent in case of diamond cutter. It is captured by water, which is immediately collected by a water collection ring (if we drill reinforced concrete) or sucked by a construction vacuum cleaner through the crown (if we drill brick).

When installing ventilation, extraction in the bathroom or kitchen the question arises “How to drill a hole in the tiles without damaging it?”. Our answer. only with diamond drilling. Any dynamic effect on the fragile structure of tile will lead to disastrous results. Diamond drill bit without labor accurately cuts through the hard surface of the tile without damaging its safety, and the use of systems for collecting sludge and dry drilling, will allow you to conduct these works without dust and dirt.