Dump trailer for power tiller with his hands

How and what to make a trailer for power tiller with your own hands

A single axle tractor is a multifunctional agricultural machine. But, its functionality it owes, for the most part, to additional attachments, which are used with it. An example of such equipment is a trailer for a power tiller. It can be used to conveniently transport trash, building materials, fertilizer, seedlings, produce from fields and gardens.

In this publication we will figure out how to make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands.

How to make a trailer for a power tiller yourself: step by step instruction

A single-axle tractor is a very useful and multifunctional equipment for a private household. With its help you can perform a variety of work on the ground. But it can also be used for transporting considerable loads. And for this you need a cart for a power tiller. There are many ready-made models of trailers on sale. But their cost and quality are not always satisfactory. In this article we will tell you how to make a quality trailer for a single axle tractor with your own hands, using minimum expenses and effort.

Making a cultivator

Cultivators, which are made independently, are widely used for tillage before sowing.

trailer, power, tiller, hands

Ready-made attachments are equipped with their own motor, which bears part of the load when working in conjunction with a motorblock. But these functions are not present on all modifications of machinery.

Passive tiller can be assembled from separate parts and connected to your power tiller with an ordinary hitch.

The first step is to prepare the necessary parts and tools

In general, it is the usual combination of body, frame, wheels and hitch. To assemble a homemade trailer to the power tiller, you need to buy (and perhaps they are already in the household) the following parts:

  • pipes with a diameter of 60×30 mm and 25×25 mm, usually they should be iron for the reliability of the future product;
  • two wheels, perhaps you have stashed old unwanted from “Moskvich”, as well as springs;
  • Duralumin sheets, their thickness should be about 2 mm;
  • Sheets of steel, their thickness should be about 0.8 mm;
  • channel ;
  • fasteners.
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Of course, you can not do without the necessary tools when assembling a cart for a motoblock: an angle grinder for cutting parts, an electric jigsaw, an electric screwdriver and welding.

Tips and recommendations when choosing a trailer for a power tiller

When choosing, take into account where and how often you plan to use the adapter and with which power tiller it will be connected. So for big jobs and lots of work, you need a model with drop sides and tipping function. Loading and unloading will go much faster.

Trailer with folding sides and tipping function

The size of your future purchase depends not only on the amount of work planned, but also on the power tiller, or more precisely. its potential. If it has a maximum pulling capacity of 300 kg, the large cart will be useless.

Important! If you plan to transport cargo of 350 kg or more you need mechanical brakes. It is also important to choose steel hubs.

With any purchase most Russians focus on the price, but it is important to keep in mind the brand, the reputation of the manufacturer. On the products of popular firms the price is usually higher, but you should remember that these trailers are aggregated with almost any power tiller. it is on the list of priorities of any self-respecting manufacturer.

On the characteristics and price of trailers

Before proceeding directly to the topic, we would like to consider a few basic characteristics inherent in any trailers to power tillers. First, it is their carrying capacity. It is inexpedient to make a trailer that can’t transport 300 kilograms, so we will start from this minimum. As for the maximum payload, it should not be more than a ton. It is unlikely that a single-axle tractor will haul more.

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For example, the existing trailer for light motor-blocks with payload capacity of 300 kg and dimensions of 1mx0,85cm costs about 200. If you take the technique for a medium-sized power tillers, their price rises to 250, and the heavy till 500. Agree, the numbers are not small. Nevertheless, you can make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands without any problems and you will not spend much money. You always start with making a drawing. Let’s do that.

Trailer types

There are many different options for assembling trailers, so the first thing you need to decide for yourself which works best for you. To make an informed, educated choice, you need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the designs.

Fully one-piece designs are reliable, you can carry heavy loads in them, nothing will fall off, since all the walls are firmly welded to the base. The cart is ideal for transport.

Transformers increase in size because the sides can be folded away. The most convenient option is a tipper trailer. The body rises to a comfortable height, and all the garbage is unloaded.


In order to prevent the trailer from accidentally rolling on a slope and to stand firmly on the road it requires a simple braking system. How to make brakes on a trailer to a power tiller? It is best to use a parking structure from a car or motorcycle and bolt the mechanism near the driver’s seat.

As in any vehicle, the braking system is a factor in road safety. Independently you can make brakes, using a rope, traction and a drum:

  • A drum is fixed on the hub of one of the wheels.
  • They take a brake disk and weld a small piece of pipe to it.
  • Slide the mechanism onto the axle.
  • Fix the brake shoes with the cable to the axle and pull the cable to the lever near the driver’s seat.

Brakes are not usually fitted on two wheels. One parking brake for the trailer to the tiller is enough.

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How to make a power tiller dolly

The simplest version of the trailer, a cart for a motor-block is a monolithic block, which is placed on the grid frame. To make it you need traverses, longitudinal members made of pipes. Four struts are attached to the tubes along the structure.

And already to them (to their upper block) is welded strapping made of angle. If you want to supplement the trailer with folding sides, they must be made separately from the supporting frame. The platform grid is best covered with a sheet of duralumin, and fastened with bolts.

For the construction of the curbs use thin sheets of metal, fixing them with welding.

Depending on what will be the size of the cart for a power tiller, you can make several versions of the beam, to which the axle with the wheels is attached. For a large trailer is suitable only prefabricated, which consists of two channel bars inserted into each other and fastened by welding.

For a small cart, small in size, a square profile is sufficient. Such a device will allow you to perform the simplest functions of transportation of goods and passengers. Fitted with springs for a motor-pilot cart, the photo illustrates their prevalence and popularity.

Due to the fact that they are very easy to make and repair, and the hinged sides make loading and unloading easy, these carts are widely used in all farms where almost any single-axle tractor is available, whether it be Luch, Tarpan, Krot, Zubr, Niva, Salyut, Lifan 6.5, Husqvarna, Carver, or any other.

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