EcoFlow Blade Robotic Mower Lawn Sweeper Kit. Sweeper for lawn mower

What Is A Lawn Sweeper?

A lawn sweeper (sometimes called a “leaf sweeper”) is a lawn care machine that is moved over a lawn to clear it from debris.

It gets the job done much faster than a rake, and requires much less energy from you to operate.

The most common type of debris that lawn sweepers are used for is leaves.

However, lawn sweepers can also sweep up cut grass, pine needles, acorns, twigs and even man-made objects such as bottles.

While a lawn sweeper is best used on grassy lawns, some models also work on flat surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, making it a versatile tool for general yard care.

The Two Types: Tow Behind Push Lawn Sweepers

There are two types of lawn sweeper: push and tow behind.

A push lawn sweeper is called so because the user pushes the sweeper over the lawn, just like a push lawn mower.

A tow behind lawn sweeper attaches to the back of a tractor and is towed across the lawn.

How Lawn Sweepers Work

A standard lawn sweeper resembles a small push mower with a light frame and hopper (sometimes called the “bag” or “catcher”) for collecting the debris.

However, instead of reel-type blades (as with lawn mowers), the axle in a lawn sweeper spins high-velocity sweeping brushes that are usually contained within an isolated housing unit.

As you push (or tow – depending on which type you’re using) the machine over your lawn, the turn of the wheels rotates the axle on which the brushes are attached.

During the rolling process, the brushes “comb” through your grass, catching any debris in the way, and tossing it back into the hopper.

When the hopper gets full, you simply dump its contents into a pile that can be disposed of (through composting, burning, or other means available to you).

If you sit on a lawn tractor or riding mower with the lawn sweeper towing behind you, you won’t even need to leave your seat to dump the contents.

Lawn sweepers make your life easier by saving you time, energy, and frustration compared to raking.

To learn about three of the best models on the market, check out the best 3 lawn sweepers.

The Benefits of a Lawn Sweeper

Lawn sweepers are a better option than the most common form of leaf and debris clearance: raking.

Because lawn sweepers do not require much physical effort and time to operate.

In fact, they hardly require any effort at all if using a tow behind lawn sweeper.

They are much quicker than raking, as they collect the debris in one container (the hopper) while you move it along the lawn. Then you simply dump the contents close to where you will carry out a final disposal of the debris.

Raking, as you might know, requires a lot of physical effort. It puts pressure on the back and arms, which can result in body aches and sever discomfort (such as blisters on the hands).

And raking is inefficient because you end up gathering leaves into smaller piles all over the lawn rather than in one central and organized spot that is easier to clear.

Then you have to collect all the leaves from the smaller piles and transport them – usually with a wheelbarrow – to one larger pile which you eventually dispose.

Lawn sweepers can take just a few hours for a job that takes days with raking.

The Bottom Line: Speed, Energy, and Fun

Lawn sweepers are widely used across North America, especially by owners of larger gardens and lawns with trees.

They are a more time and energy efficient alternative to other methods of clearing lawn debris, such as raking and leaf blowing.

And they are a lot more fun to use too, especially if you can ride your tractor or riding mower around with a tow behind.

ecoflow, blade, robotic, mower, lawn, sweeper

If you want a lawn to to enjoy fully with your loved ones, it needs to be clear of debris.

A lawn sweeper is the best way to achieve a clean lawn that brings you pride and joy.

How To Buy A Lawn Sweeper

Lawn sweepers are widely available both online and across home and garden retail outlets across North America.

They need to be assembled out of the box, which requires some manual dexterity and patience with instructions.

If you don’t like DIY, you can often get the retail store staff to assemble the product for you at a small cost, before taking it home. Or if you order it online, you can take the box to the local hardware store, get it assembled by them (call and ask first), and take it back home to use.

The best for lawn sweepers are found on e-commerce sites.

Check out the best lawn sweepers for more information:

See the Best Lawn Sweepers

World’s First Smart Robotic Lawn Sweeping Mower

NO LAYING PERIMETER WIRES: With the tap of a button you can set a boundary without perimeter wires. The EcoFlow BLADE will remember your boundary for the next cut. Simply set a virtual boundary easily with the EcoFlow App.

Smart OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE: X-Vision tech integrates LiDAR, precise RTK positioning and visual sensors with AI inside that allow the EcoFlow BLADE to recognize obstacles intelligently and give your yard the perfect cut every time.

X-Vision enables BLADE to detect and analyze objects ahead precisely, so that it won’t get stuck and can re-plan the mowing route automatically.

AUTOMATIC ROUTE PLANNING: No more routes that are messy and random. Automatically plan the Zigzag mowing route with RTK precision up to /- 2cm and blind spot.

ENGINEERED WHEELS: The EcoFlow Blade electric lawn mover easily overcomes up to 40m obstacles and 50% slopes due to its omni-directional engineered wheels. The omni-directional front wheels are 200mm in diameter, which reduces 40% of the resistance when making turns. oh. and no blind spot while mowing. With its RWD High Torque Motors, the EcoFlow BLADE can negotiate up to 2x higher max obstacle heights than other traditional robotic lawn movers.

WIDER CUTTING RANGE: BLADE boasts the industry’s widest cutting range in both width and height. The EcoFlow robotic lawn mower has an impressive 260mm cutting width, 80mm wider that other common robotic lawn mowers. It also offers more range in cutting height with a range of 20mm-76mm, which is 18mm in greater height range versus other electric lawn mowers. Finally, no manual adjustment needed, set it all in the EcoFlow app.

ecoflow, blade, robotic, mower, lawn, sweeper

ANTI-THEFT : With 4G eSIM inside the BLADE, users can precisely locate the mower for anti-theft.

WATER AND DUST RESISTANT: EcoFlow BLADE has a built in rain sensor and only heads out to cut when the weather is just right. If it senses rain while mowing, the EcoFlow BLADE will had back to the charging dock and wait for the grass to dry before heading out to finish the cut. With IPX5 Water.Resistant rating, maintenance for BLADE is super easy.

EASY CONTROL APP: Boundary setting, route planning, and razor adjustment can all be done in the EcoFlow app. With its cutting-edge technology, the EcoFlow BLADE Smart lawn mower offers an effortless mowing experience that takes care of your lawn with precision and efficiency. The virtual mowing boundary feature allows you to define the exact area you want to mow, giving you complete control over the process.

WORRY FREE SERVICE: BLADE comes with dedicated 1-on-1 service team through EcoFlow.

WARRANTY: Industry leading 31 years warranty. Lifetime free replacement on accessories Accessories include cable and other wearing parts.

LAWN SWEEPER KIT: With the EcoFlow Lawn Sweeper Kit ( sold separately) the EcoFlow BLADE can sweep the lawn while mowing and collecting leaves/wast/stick etc automatically.

EcoFlow BLADE Lawn Sweeper

CUTTING EDGE LAWN CARE: The EcoFlow lawn sweeper is a cutting-edge lawn care solution that effortlessly collects leaves, grass clippings, and other debris, ensuring that your lawn remains well manicured and visually appealing.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO MANAGE: The EcoFlow lawn sweeper features a robust, lightweight construction, making it easy to maneuver and operate. Its adjustable brush height allows for optimal performance on various lawn surfaces and debris types. The spacious collection bag ensures that you can cover a large area before needing to empty it, saving both time and effort.

HIGH QUALITY WHEELS: Equipped with durable, high-quality wheels, the EcoFlow lawn sweeper glides smoothly across your lawn, reducing the risk of damage to the grass. Additionally, the ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip and less fatigue during extended use.

COMPATIBLE WITH THE ECOFLOW APP: This lawn sweeper offers users the convenience of monitoring and controlling its settings remotely. This Smart functionality makes lawn maintenance even more effortless, allowing you to FOCUS on enjoying your beautifully kept outdoor space.

Say Good-Bye to Laying Wire Barriers

Virtually Magic

The EcoFlow BLADE is a robotic lawn mower without perimeter wires. The BLADE offers a convenient and efficient way to maintain your lawn without the hassle of laying wire barriers. Using virtual boundary-setting technology, you can easily set mowing limits through the EcoFlow app in just a few minutes. Whether you want to stay within your yard, avoid certain objects, or link multiple lawns, BLADE has got you covered. Plus, if you move or make changes to your landscaping, you can easily edit your boundaries with just a tap of a button. Say goodbye to tedious lawn maintenance and hello to a smarter way of mowing with the EcoFlow electric robot lawn mower.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

The EcoFlow Blade electric robot lawn mower is equipped with advanced technology to avoid obstacles. X-Vision technology combines LiDAR, RTK, and visual sensors with AI to allow the EcoFlow BLADE to recognize obstacles and adjust its mowing route accordingly. This intelligent system ensures that BLADE won’t get stuck and can continue to mow efficiently. With X-Vision, BLADE can detect and analyze objects in front of it with precision, making it a reliable and efficient tool for easy lawn maintenance.

Omni-Directional Engineered Wheels

The BLADE electric robot lawn mower is equipped with engineered wheels that allow it to easily navigate over up to 40mm obstacles and slopes up to 50%. The large 200mm omni-directional wheels reduce resistance by 40% when making turns and provide better visibility while mowing for optimal maneuverability. With a maximum obstacle height of 2x that of traditional robotic lawn mowers, this machine is designed to handle tough terrain.

No more manual adjustments

The EcoFlow BLADE is revolutionizing lawn care with its advanced robot technology. This electric lawn mower outshines the competition with a remarkable 260mm cutting width, thanks to its innovative BLADE technology. It is an impressive 80mm wider than most other robotic mowers on the market. This electric lawn mower offers an exceptional cutting height range, adjustable from 20mm to 76mm, which is an impressive 18mm more than other common Smart lawn mowers. The convenience factor is elevated by the EcoFlow app, which eliminates the need for manual adjustments. Embrace the future of lawn care and never mow your lawn again.

Maintenance is a Breeze

Smart lawn mowers like the EcoFlow BLADE are designed to withstand the elements. Equipped with a rain sensor, the Smart mower will only operate when the weather is suitable for cutting. If it detects rain, the EcoFlow BLADE will return to its charging dock and wait for the grass to dry before resuming its work. Plus, with an IPX5 water-resistant rating, maintenance for the BLADE is super easy!

The EcoFlow BLADE is Super Smart

The EcoFlow BLADE Smart lawn mower offers a unique feature that sets it apart from other robot lawn mowers. it doesn’t require a perimeter wire to operate. Instead, the EcoFlow app allows you to set a virtual mowing boundary, giving you complete control over the exact area you want to mow. With its advanced technology, the app also allows for easy boundary setting, route planning, and razor adjustment, ensuring a precise and efficient mowing experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of perimeter wires and hello to effortless lawn care with the EcoFlow BLADE.

EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower Specs

Robotic Lawn Mower
Battery Life 120 min, more than 400 ㎡
Sensor IMU Sensor, Lift Sensor, Rain Sensor, Wheel Encoder, Lidar, Camera
IP Rating IPX5
Fully-Charged Working Time 240 min
Cutting Height 20-76 mm
Cutting Width 260 mm
Climbing Ability 28 degrees
Vertical Obstacle Climbing 40 mm
Recharging Time 130 min
Refrigeration Power Rating GPS, Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS
Bluetooth Channel 2400-2483.5MHz
Charging Station Input Voltage 5A
Charging Station Output Voltage 25.2V DC Max
Charging Station Output Current 7A Max
Net Weight 16.2 kg / 36 lbs

EcoFlow Lawn Sweeper Specs

BLADE Lawn Sweeper
Dimensions 622 mm 457 mm x 388 mm
Net Weight 10.1 lbs / 4.6 kg
Container Capacity 0.03 m³
Input 24V, 180W max
Sweeper Width 346 mm
Sweeping Brush Type TPEE
Operating Temperature 14ºF-113ºF (-10ºC-45ºCº)
Storage Temperature -4ºF.140ºF (-20ºC-60ºC)

EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower FAQ

A) Check the blade disc and the spare blades. If a spare blade is damaged or falls off, please replace it or install a new one. If the blade disc is damaged, please contact the after-sales service department for maintenance.

ecoflow, blade, robotic, mower, lawn, sweeper

A) Use the remote to return BLADE to the charging station and restart the mapping process The slopes of boundaries cannot exceed 15° for mapping Please only mow dry lawns

A) Use the remote to return BLADE to the charging station and restart the mapping process Clear all obstacles from the lawn before mowing

A) Connect the GNSS antenna to the charging station correctly Check the condition of the charging station cable Please ensure that BLADE and the GNSS antenna are close enough to one another

A) The spare blades are replaceable, so the user does not need to sharpen them. You are recommended to replace the three spare blades every quarter. Take care to protect your hands when replacing them so as to avoid accidental injury.

A) Lithium ion battery/ternary lithium battery

A) The rated voltage is 21.6V

A) It’s recommended that you monitor the condition of the cutting BLADEs and change them when needed. To clean BLADE, use a high-pressure water hose to wash the front and rear wheels, as well as the BLADEs. Do not point the high-pressure hose directly at the BLADEs. Wipe the camera and battery compartment with a soft cloth. When storing BLADE, ensure the battery is fully charged and place it in a well-ventilated place. Charge the battery every six months when not in use.

A) Check the connection and try again Move BLADE back to the charging station and try again Move BLADE back to the charging station and try again

ecoflow, blade, robotic, mower, lawn, sweeper

A) Use the remote control to move BLADE to the start point and start mapping again Reduce the distance between the start and end points to less than 1 m Use the remote control to move BLADE to the start point and start mapping again

A) On an uneven area, the blade disc height will be automatically adjusted to adapt to the terrain.

A) Before upgrading, ensure that the charging station, antenna and the power cable are all connected and that BLADE is on the charging station. If you have purchased the Lawn Sweeper Kit, install this too before upgrading. During the upgrade process, do not tap “Restore to Factory Settings” in the app, press any buttons on BLADE, or move any components.

A) The EcoFlow Blade garage will be launched as an accessory later, and users can purchase it based on actual needs.

A) Mowing Mode has three speeds: Slow, Standard and Max. BLADE travels at 0.4/0.6/0.8 meters a second respectively.

A) The cutting height refers to the height from the blade disc to the tire. The actual height of cut grass will be larger than the set value as the grass is soft.

A) When creating maps, you need to create a path to connect the two mapped areas. BLADE will mow the first area and then follow the path to mow the second area.

A) The moving speed of the robotic lawn mower in the Silent/Normal/Dynamic modes is 0.4/0.6/0.8m/s (1.31/1.97/2.62ft/s) respectively, with the corresponding blade disc speed of 2600/2800/3000rpm.

A) 1. Please check the spare blades and the height of grass. If the spare blades are blunt, replace them with new ones. If the grass is too high, please cut the grass to expected height with a hand mower first. 2. If the actual height of grass is significantly larger than the set cutting height, the robotic lawn mower needs multiple (5) cycles to achieve the set mowing height.

A) 1. Check whether the wheel is stuck in sand, gravels and other soft ground or deep trench. In such a case, you can set the soft foundation as a No-go restricted zone in app, or fill the trench for a flat ground; 2. Check whether the tire is covered by a lot of soils, grass clippings and the like; 3. Check whether any foreign matter is stuck near the tire or the blade disc, and clean the tire and its accessories when necessary. If the wheel is damaged, please contact the after-sales service.

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Lawn Sweeper

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This Paddock lawn sweeper will ensure you always keep a tidy yard. Designed with simplicity and durability in mind it is very simple to use and will save you hours of raking and bending over picking up leaves and small branches. Perfect for towing behind ATV’s, Quad bikes and even ride on mowers!

‘Paddock’ 48″ 54″ Lawn Sweepers

Effortlessly collect leaves, twigs, grass clippings and more!

This is a quality piece of equipment which you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Attach the extra wide sweeper to the back of your quad bike, ATV or ride on mower and quickly and effectively pick up the mess. The unit includes 10″ brushes driven off the rotation of the wheels and these brushes rotate and throw grass clippings, leaves, twigs and other yard debris into the catchment bag.

These sweepers are absolutely ideal for cleaning up the Autumn leaf fall and will ensure a presentable yard all year around. Collecting fallen leaves through Autumn and Winter ensures the grass continues to be exposed to sunlight and grows minimising die off.

The unit is constructed from powder coated steel with plastic wheels ensuring many years of trouble free service. It comes with a hitch pin to allow simple connection to your ATV or ride on mower. The sweeper is easily manageable by a single person with connection and disconnection a breeze.

This sweeper is ideal for people with medium to large yards, small farms and acreage. If you own a ride on mower, you can justify the need for a tow behind lawn sweeper.

Lawn Sweeper SLS48 SLS54
Width 48″ or 54″ wide options
Capacity 413L (48″) / 470 L (54″)
Connection type Hitch pin
Features Engagement lever to activate sweeper
Maximum speed 8 km/h
Construction Powder coat steel frame
Includes Catchment bag/sock
Warranty 12 Months

Assembly The lawn sweeper comes partially assembled. Full assembly instructions are included and allow approximately 20 minutes.

When to Use a Lawn Sweeper and Why

Keeping one’s lawn tidy requires regular maintenance, especially when debris like leaves, rocks, sticks, and trash threaten to ruin the appearance of a well-kept lawn. To prevent your lawn from losing curb appeal, you can invest in equipment specifically designed to make lawn upkeep safe and virtually hassle free.

Visit our rental equipment inventory if you need lawn and garden equipment.

What is a Lawn Sweeper?

A lawn sweeper operates similarly to a vacuum by easily gathering debris and leaves from the surface of one’s lawn; however, a lawn sweeper does not run on power. With its spinning brushes, the sweeper collects debris into its bag. There are two types of lawn sweepers available, including a manually perated one and a lawn sweeper that attaches to back of a lawn tractor. You can purchase a lawn sweeper wherever other household and garden appliances are sold.

Why Use a Lawn Sweeper?

There are several reasons why someone may choose to use a lawn sweeper instead of another piece of equipment. Lawn sweepers and leaf blowers share a common purpose: removing debris from one’s lawn. However, unlike lawn sweepers, leaf blowers are disruptive and potentially harmful. Not only can regular leaf blowing aggravate neighbors living close by, but it can also result in hearing loss if you’re not wearing protective gear. In addition to being noisy, leaf blowers create hazardous air pollution. Due to noise complaints and dangerous pollutants, the use of blowers has been banned in several areas.

A lawn sweeper also prevents debris from becoming entangled in the blades of a mower, reducing the likelihood that the blades will dull. Since it operates like a push mower, the lawn sweeper gathers debris more quickly than if you were to use another method. By collecting debris in one place (the sweeper’s bag), it’s easier to add this material to a compost pile. This can significantly reduce your time spent outdoors by eliminating the need to use a rake or pitchfork.

When Should You Use a Lawn Sweeper?

You should use a lawn sweeper once the leaves begin to fall. This is because it’s much easier to use a sweeper when leaves are dry, as opposed to when they’re wet. A lawn sweeper also comes in handy when cleaning driveways and sidewalks after a light snow of ½ inch or less.

During the seasonal months, a lawn sweeper is a good alternative for bagging grass if you don’t own either a bagging or mulching mower. Use a lawn sweeper instead of a broom or hose to clean off a dirty driveway or sidewalk. Sweeping a driveway with a broom requires more time and effort. Using a hose to wash off either a driveway or sidewalk may cause a steep rise in one’s water bill for the month. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of time and money when using a lawn sweeper.

A lawn sweeper is a helpful tool when maintaining the appearance of a lawn. In addition to getting rid of debris, a lawn sweeper is safer and more convenient than other lawn care equipment.