Electric Grass Trimmer Battery Which Is Better


Electric Grass Trimmer Battery Which Is Better

Compact trimmer designed for mowing the lawn and clearing the area around the house. The battery has a charge indicator on the surface, which allows you to put it on charge in time. The rod can be adjusted in length, which is convenient for users of different heights. The angle of the mowing unit can also be changed, which makes it possible to trim the edges of lawns.

The string or knife can be installed without changing the head, which is convenient and does not require much time. The device is protected from damage by means of a restraining bracket. As a result, the equipment is not damaged by stones and other large objects.

  • Work for 20 minutes with plastic knives and 12 minutes with fishing line.
  • Low noise level compared to previous models.
  • Soft grip with flexible trigger and vibration absorption.
  • The presence of a special compartment in the case for storing knives.
  • Protection against unintentional launch due to a special activation key.
  • Charges for a long time and works little.

BOSCH EasyGrassCut 18-26

The trimmer has a well-balanced balance, therefore, it provides convenience in use. This is a lightweight model that does not cause discomfort even after prolonged use, provided the batteries are replaced. The battery lasts for 40 minutes, after which it can be charged or replaced with another battery. It takes 60 minutes to charge up to 100%.

For processing the edge of the path or near the fences, the handle can be turned and tilted. The semi-automatic line feed system provides user-friendliness. To do this, you do not need to remove the used element yourself, it is enough to lightly hit the coil on the asphalt.

  • On one battery charge, you can mow 6 tennis courts around the perimeter.
  • Battery interchangeability in all Home devices Garden.
  • Optimum working efficiency, low energy consumption thanks to the manufacturer’s patented system.
  • Use of high-quality mechanisms that remain functional for a long time.
  • Non-detachable shaft so you need enough storage space.

TOP 8 Best Battery Trimmers for Price and Quality

While there are general advantages of the devices, each of them is original. They differ in power, noise level during operation, as well as a number of other factors that you should pay attention to before buying.

Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

Convenience and versatility are provided by the ability to use a line reel or disc. With its help, get rid of old, dried grass. It also provides the ability to install a delimber and hedge trimmer, which cope with branches of different diameters. In this case, you can use the trimmer even for cutting trees.

The use of a brushless motor eliminates the need for maintenance. The power and speed of the reel ensures fast grass harvesting in all conditions. Eco-friendly thanks to battery operation.

  • Low vibration.
  • Easy to use, easy to carry thanks to the shoulder strap.
  • Mowing grass and trimming shrubs in hard-to-reach places.
  • Operability for 80 minutes on a single battery charge.
  • Protective cover that prevents stones and large items from entering the operator.
  • The set does not include a rechargeable battery, charger.

Greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30

An inexpensive cordless trimmer that is effectively used for mowing grass in the garden, in the local area, as well as in other places. Thanks to the compact size of the working part, it is able to mow grass in hard-to-reach places. Using a fishing line will help you fight soft grass. It is also used to level the height of the lawn where the mower cannot reach.

The width of one pass is 30 cm, a line with a diameter of 1.65 mm is used for mowing. The trimmer base can be tilted for user convenience and when trimming is required. Easy handling thanks to comfortable front handle and shoulder strap.

  • Light weight that does not cause fatigue when working.
  • Fuse for increased safety.
  • Adjusting the bevel area.
  • Turns on by pressing one button.
  • You need to purchase a battery and charger separately.
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Makita DUR181RF

This trimmer is used for young grass of light to medium firmness. This is due to the rotation of the line at idle speed at 7800 rpm. The line is fed automatically when the reel hits the ground lightly. To exclude damage to the latter, a special metal bracket is installed. Telescopic boom suitable for users of all sizes.

A battery is installed on the trimmer, which ensures efficiency for 45 minutes, after which it must be charged. The advantage is the presence of a battery and charger in the set, they do not need to be purchased additionally.

  • Five angular positions of the mowing unit for difficult access areas.
  • Lightweight (3.1 kg).
  • Unlock button that prevents accidental pressing.
  • Additional front handle.
  • Compact battery.
  • Sometimes you have to go through the same place several times.

Petrol or battery. which trimmer is better to choose?

Battery models have a number of advantages over gasoline ones:

  • Lack of unpleasant exhaust smell;
  • Low weight;
  • Efficiency of work in small areas;
  • No refueling required;
  • The ability to replace batteries to maintain performance for a long time;
  • Increased convenience when used by women and adolescents, since K. No need to use unpleasant smelling gasoline and dilute it in the required proportion with oil.

comparison table

The table shows the main characteristics, on the basis of which you can make your own choice.

Model mowing width, cm Battery capacity, Ah Noise level, dB Weight, kg Average price, rub.
Greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30 thirty 2 96 3.5 6,000
Makita DUR181RF 26 3 82 3.1 7 400
CHAMPION TB360 thirty 2.6 96 2,3 8,000
BOSCH EasyGrassCut 18-26 26 2.5 91 2.1 7,700
Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC 35 4 96 5.5 11 600
PATRIOT TR 340XL thirty 2.5 96 4 12,000
STIHL FSA 45 25 2 87 2,3 10,000
Husqvarna 115iL 33 5.2 83 3.45 13,000

Ryobi RLT36C3325

Convenient folding model with a split curved rod and a D-shaped ergonomic handle. On the protective cover there is an adjustment of the cutting width. The battery is equipped with indicators that show the charge level. The charger also has indicators. Battery lasts 40 minutes of trouble-free operation.

The set includes a shoulder strap, which makes using the device comfortable and fatigue-free. The reel is equipped with an automatic line feed system. Different pressure on the start button regulates the engine speed.

  • Automatic line feed;
  • Battery indicators;
  • Adjustment of the number of revolutions;
  • Collapsible design.
  • Flimsy plastic bearing.

Husqvarna 536LiRX

A good, reliable, quality trimmer with the ability to install a three-blade grass blade. In terms of power, this technique is already suitable for professional use.

There is a convenient and clear digital panel on the bicycle-type handle. Battery with charge indicators. The trimmer head can be rotated in both directions. The windrower has a SaveTM mode for extended operating time.

Includes grass knife, belt, universal protection, but no battery or charger.

  • Power;
  • Grass knife;
  • Autonomous work up to 60 minutes;
  • SaveTM mode;
  • Excellent balance;
  • Comfortable harness.
  • No battery and charging included;
  • High price.

Makita DUR181RF

This model can easily cope with the cultivation of grass around trees, shrubs, flower beds, but it cannot fully mow the entire area. The work surface can be easily rotated 90 degrees, which allows you to form the edges of paths or remove grass that has grown through paving slabs. This trimmer will be the best friend of the landscape designer.

The boom is straight, the design of the protective cover will not allow the cut grass and earth to stain your clothes. Additionally, the set includes a shoulder strap and glasses. According to user tests, the trimmer is capable of autonomous operation for about 20 minutes.

  • Lightweight and mobile;
  • Good equipment;
  • Fast charging (20-25 minutes);
  • Easy to handle.
  • Short working time;
  • Not for tall grass.

Blackdecker STB3620L-QW

A powerful model that will cope not only with delicate vegetation, but also with weeds and young shrubs. The brushless motor is located at the bottom of the straight telescopic arm and ensures long run times. The trimmer is equipped with a torque boost system for cutting tough types of grass.

When working with thick-stemmed plants, the battery will last for 20 minutes of continuous operation, when working with delicate grass, the time increases to 40-50 minutes. But it will not work immediately to charge it. the battery must completely cool down.

  • Powerful motor;
  • Compact storage;
  • Copes with weeds;
  • Adjustable handle.
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Bosch ART 26-18 LI

Trimmer with straight bar and motor underneath. In this trimmer, the cutting element is not a line, but a plastic knife. Buyers note that they quickly become dull, so you need to worry about an additional set in advance. The device is lightweight, maneuverable, the cutting part is swivel.

The trimmer works for 20-30 minutes, it takes an hour to charge. To work, you need to constantly hold the button, which does not imply long-term operation.

  • Mobility;
  • Quality;
  • A light weight.
  • Long charging;
  • Knives can fly off during work;
  • No belt included.

Top 7 best cordless grass trimmers for power and durability

The cordless trimmer is a type of electric scythe that is very simple and easy to operate. Even the most fragile woman can handle such a mower. But it is very difficult to choose a really high-quality tool. To make this task as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the best cordless grass trimmers.

  • Rating of the best models
  • Patriot TR 230M
  • Ryobi RLT36C3325
  • Patriot TR 340XL
  • Makita DUR181RF
  • Bosch ART 26-18 LI
  • Blackdecker STB3620L-QW
  • Husqvarna 536LiRX
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a battery-type trimmer
  • Criterias of choice
  • Power
  • Rod types
  • Types of handles
  • Spare cassettes and reels
  • Number of batteries
  • Cassette quality
  • Reliable manufacturing companies
  • comparison table

Patriot TR 230M

This trimmer is designed to work neatly and precisely. It is convenient to use for mowing and trimming grass in hard-to-reach places. Light weight. 2.6 kg provides comfortable work without straining your hands. A teenager or elderly person can easily cope with such a device.

The trimmer has a semi-automatic reel with 1.6mm line. When mowing long edges, castors can be used, which are mounted on the cover and take some of the mower’s weight on themselves.

The rod is straight, retractable, with a D-shaped ergonomic handle. The battery is designed for 30 minutes of autonomous operation, after which it requires charging for 1. 1.5 hours. The lower part can change the angle of inclination.

  • Simple controls;
  • A light weight;
  • The ability to work on wheels;
  • Telescopic handle.
  • Do not cut wet grass;
  • One battery included.

Rating of the best models

We’ve put together an overview of the well-proven and expertly rated cordless grass trimmers.

Patriot TR 340XL

Trimmer with an overhead motor and a straight telescopic bar, which is made of a corrugated aluminum profile and is adjustable in length. The mower is well balanced. The axial swing of the rod rotates 90 degrees with a convenient lock. In this mode, it is easy to mow the edge.

The device works for about 30 minutes, it takes an hour to charge. Battery cells from the manufacturer Samsung. A wheel can be connected to the trimmer. Includes a shoulder strap. No need to remove the reel from the mower to replace the line.

  • A light weight;
  • Fast charging;
  • A set of adjustments;
  • Easy line change.
  • Works for 10 minutes when cutting tall grass.

4 Stihl FSE 81

The products of the German company Stihl are well known to summer residents, gardeners, professional foresters and janitors. The Stihl FSE 81 electric trimmer is a standard of quality, although its cost is significantly higher than that of competitors. The device has a decent power (1,000 watts) and a vibration-damped soft handle that allows the operator to work comfortably even in difficult conditions. The model is equipped with a flexible drive, which reduces the load on the motor when the cutting head is locked. Support wheel prevents mowing of flowers or plants in the beds.

Well-deserved praise from users was awarded to the high-quality assembly, excellent quality materials and high power of the Stihl FSE 81 electric trimmer. The technique is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and durable work. The disadvantages are the high price and the lack of a belt in the kit.


The Kruger electric trimmer is comfortable to use. Maneuverable model of the German brand with a reinforced and durable body. It can handle territories with an impressive area of ​​up to 10 acres. The set with the tool comes with additional fishing line, knives, including and victorious, which do an excellent job not only with grass, but also with shrubs or young trees.

The user can adjust the height of the stick. Vibrations when using the device are smoothed, so you can work with it for a long time.

  • Shoulder strap that distributes the load evenly.
  • Increased power to handle large areas.
  • Good cutting width up to 380 mm.
  • Almost no noise during operation.
  • The range limits the length of the wire, but you can always use an extension cord.
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Rating of the best electric trimmers of 2019

Category Place Name Rating Price
Best inexpensive electric trimmers 1 Bosch ART 26 SL 0.600.8A5.100 9.3 / 10 2,500
2 Hammer ETR300 9.2 / 10 1 449
Best multifunctional electric line and knife trimmers 1 Daewoo DABC 1400E 9.6 / 10 5967
2 Patriot ET 1000 9.3 / 10 4590
Best cordless trimmers 1 Bosch ART 26-18 LI 9.5 / 10 8 350
2 Greenworks GD40BC 9.4 / 10 10,718
3 Ryobi RLT36C3325 3002107 9.2 / 10 6 830


Powerful top engine trimmer for fast mowing over large areas. Used for thorough mowing and maintaining a well-groomed appearance. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The trimmer can be used to cut between bushes, under tree trunks, near fences and in hard-to-reach places. A simple mechanism allows you to easily change the line and continue working. The device is equipped with a protective bracket that reduces the area of ​​the spreading grass.

  • Powerful motor (1400 W) allows you to mow any “weeds”.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles.
  • Good quality materials and workmanship.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (included).
  • Relatively heavy weight (6.7 kg).
  • Small safety bar.

1 Makita UR3501

Electric trimmer of a famous Japanese brand. With soft start function, it makes work more convenient and safe. Easily cuts off both young growth and tough shoots of perennial plants. Well balanced weight distribution, comfortable grip and suspension system with a shoulder strap. All this makes working with the tool very convenient. over, with a length of 1550 cm, the device weighs only 4.3 kg. We can safely say that this is the best model in its class in terms of ease of use.

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Great attention is paid to the safety of the operator;
  • Light weight;
  • Good balance and ease of use.


Convenient cordless trimmer so you don’t have to worry about wires when mowing. One charge is enough for one hour of continuous use. Enough time to bring the garden well maintained. The straight boom features an ergonomic D-shaped handle for agility.

The protective cover will keep out grass, earth or sharp objects. When working, it is necessary to wear protection on legs, arms and eyes.

  • No wires, not tied to an outlet.
  • Lightweight (2.3kg).
  • Convenient to mow in hard-to-reach places.
  • Battery lasts for an hour.
  • No shoulder straps included.
  • Thin line (1.6mm).

Makita UR3502

Model of a portable trimmer with a straight leg. Equipped with a powerful 1000 W motor, thanks to which you can quickly trim the lawn, bring the garden to a tidy condition. The trimmer cuts a strip of 35 centimeters at a time. Ergonomic D-shaped handle for maneuverability.

Also, thanks to engine power and cutting speed, the trimmer copes with dead wood and tall grass. The durable plastic cover protects you. The device is light enough (4.9 kg), you can work for a long time and not feel tired.

  • High power allows you to mow dead wood and large grass.
  • Good protective cover.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (not included).
  • The grass does not wrap around the shaft.
  • Inconvenient location of the power button.
  • May get warm with prolonged use.

Hammer ETR300

Inexpensive electric trimmer with light weight and comfortable design. With this device, you will quickly bring your lawn into a well-groomed look. Light weight and straight boom design give the trimmer agility. You can easily remove weeds in the flower bed by trimming the grass near the fence and tree trunks. Cutting width 20 cm.

The device is equipped with a cover that protects against grass, small stones and earth. It is not recommended to mow wet grass when the engine is lowered.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Light weight.
  • Compact size.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Factory thin line (13mm).
  • Small cutting width (20 cm).

Best inexpensive electric trimmers

If you want to mechanize your work, but are on a budget, electric trimmers from this category are what you need. All of them do an excellent job of the task, but at the same time they have their own characteristics. Let’s look at three popular budget models and decide which one is the best.