electric grass trimmer for grass what is the best choice

Best Electric Trimmers

In hard-to-reach places where wheeled lawnmowers are difficult to move, grass trimmers are used: in small meadows and lawns with difficult landscaping, in gardens around trees, bushes, near fences and hedges, etc. д. Our ranking of the best electric grass trimmers, popular among gardeners and earning positive feedback from experts and buyers.

When buying an electric grass trimmer, the choice of the best model is determined by the tasks:

  • An electric weed trimmer with power up to 600 watts is good for cutting soft grass. For mowing dense weeds, choose a model under 1000 watts. For young growth and thin shrub branches, an electric grass trimmer with more than 1 kW power is the best choice.
  • Low-power electric grass trimmers with an electric wire tend to be lightweight. Cordless models don’t have a long, tangled electrical cord, but they add weight and cost right away.
  • Rotation from the engine to the cutting head in powerful trimmers can be transmitted through a rigid shaft (these are grass trimmers with a straight boom) or a flexible shaft (devices with a curved boom). Models with a rigid shaft are considered more reliable, with a flexible transmit less vibration to the hands when working.
  • Type of cutting tools of the electric grass trimmer: fishing line, knife. Mowing head with a fishing line is applicable for mowing grass in hard-to-reach places: near fences, trees, near walls, etc.д. Multi-blade disc blade suitable for tall grass with tough stems, small brushwood, undersized growth.
  • The diameter of the line used is specified in the product data sheet, it corresponds to the power of the grass trimmer. Use 1,2-1,6 mm fishing line for permanent lawn care, 2-2,5 mm for occasional mowing, suitable for tougher grass.
  • D-shaped handle is convenient for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places, this handle is typical for low-power devices. J-grip handle for comfortable grip when mowing tough stems and tall grass.
  • For compact storage and transportation choose an electric grass trimmer with telescopic or collapsible boom.

Rating of best electric trimmers in 2021

Category Location Name Price
Good inexpensive electric grass trimmers 5 Huter GET-1500SL 4 600 ₽
4 Makita UR 3501 5 000 ₽
3 Huter GET-1000S 4 500 ₽
2 Denzel TE-1200 6 000 ₽
1 Makita UR 3501 6 000 ₽
The best electric grass trimmers for country houses 5 AL-KO BC 1200 E 7 990 ₽
4 Oleo-Mac TR 111 E 12 000 ₽
3 STIHL FSE 71 9 990 ₽
2 Makita UR3502 7 500 ₽
1 STIHL FSE 81 12 990 ₽

Electric grass trimmer which company is better to choose

Rating electric trimmers made on the basis of models from manufacturers in Germany, Russia, Japan. They are distinguished by their reliable reputation, long-term work on the market of technical goods and positive user reviews. The of devices range from 2300 to 8500

electric, grass, trimmer, best, choice

The following brands and manufacturers’ tools are included in the TOP:

  • Patriot. Russian brand, a leader in the production of garden and power equipment, power tools. The company was founded in 1973 in the USA, and in 1999 the sales began in Russia and CIS countries. In the same year the rights to the brand were bought and the first deliveries, including electric trimmers, were made.
  • Bosch is a German holding company with more than 130 years of history. It was founded in Stuttgart in 1886 and produced electrical equipment, then automotive parts and household appliances. Nowadays the company has more than 400 subsidiaries in 60 countries. Its products are sold in almost 150 countries, including Russia.
  • Huter is a German company founded in 1979, specializing mainly in production of electric generators and garden equipment. Today it operates in more than 50 countries in different parts of the world. The manufacturer entered the Russian market in 2004 and quickly became a leader in the sale of garden equipment, proving the high quality of its products.
  • Gardena is a German company that was founded in 1961. Originally it imported garden tools from France, but in 1968 invented its own irrigation system and immediately went to another level. Now its products are represented in more than 120 countries. The company manufactures a wide range of gardening and garden care products.
  • Makita is a major Japanese company with over 100 years of history, founded in 1915, selling and repairing lighting equipment. It also repaired transformers and electric motors. The factory entered the global market in the late 20s, and in 1935 began supplying products to the Soviet Union. The company now operates in more than 140 countries, producing more than 1,000. products, including grass trimmers.
  • Denzel is a German brand of Matrize Handels GmbH, which appeared on the Russian market in 2014 and in a short period of time came to a leading position. It manufactures home and garden care products from the best factories in Taiwan, China and Russia. Products are delivered to 11 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and the geography of the market is constantly expanding.
  • STIHL is a family-owned German company with over 90 years of history, founded in 1926 in Stuttgart, Germany. It produced the world’s first chainsaws and is still the leader in the field. In the 90’s the company acquires the Austrian VIKING, thus consolidating its position in Europe and expanding its range. Today the company sells its products in over 160 countries.
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Best Grass Trimmer | Top 10 Best Electric Grass Trimmers in 2021

TOP 12 cordless trimmers for grass: overview and features of the best models of 2021

Cordless grass trimmer. A successful product that can be used in the garden. With the choice of the device will help rating the best models.

STIHL cordless trimmers are indispensable tools in the home and garden, keeping the lawn looking beautiful.

Technique can easily cope with a number of fairly complex tasks, so with its help, the user can not only quickly mow the grass, but also to equip the area for family holidays.

To buy a functional tool it is important to know the basic criteria of choice and decide on the brand is better to buy equipment from a trusted developer.

The following low-cost devices can’t boast high power, but they are lightweight, compact and mobile. It’s the best choice for a small area.

Rating and review of low-priced models.

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Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

Model Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00) with 280 watt electric motor located underneath.

An excellent choice for users who need to mow smaller areas.

The device is equipped with a D-shaped handle, traditional for this type of tool.

Additional handle folds up, boom is straight type.

trimmer elektrichesky for the grass has a cutting width of 26 cm, the use of fishing line with a maximum diameter of 1.6 mm is allowed.

The safety of the operator during operation is ensured by a rugged safety guard. Presented grass trimmer stands out for its low weight and attractive appearance.

Technical characteristics:

  • Bottom-mounted version;
  • rotation speed. 12500 rpm./minute;
  • noise level. 95 dB;
  • the maximum power is 280W;
  • Design. handle with adjustable height, straight boom, D-shaped handle;
  • the complete set of scaffolding is also available;
  • weight. 1,9 kg.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 (0).600.8C1.H00)

Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 (0.600.8C1.With the help of the cable of 250 Watt (H00) it will help to turn an unkempt vegetation near the house into a well-groomed lawn, to clear a thicket on a small country site.

This unit accepts a line diameter of 1.6 mm.

Working width of 230 mm when mowing. The electric motor is located on the bottom of the device, the motor develops up to 12.5 thousand revolutions per minute at idle speed.

Grass trimmer‘s folding handle has the most popular D-shape for this type of equipment.

Special safety clamp prevents the grass from being thrown to several directions.

The device weighs less than two kilograms, so it is easy to work with it on the site for the user of any build.

Technical features:

  • bottom-mounted motor;
  • rpm. 12500 rpm./min;
  • Noise level. 95 dB;
  • maximum power. 280 W;
  • design. folding handle, straight boom, D-shaped handle;
  • Optional: anti-vibration system, fishing line included;
  • weight. 1,9 kg.

GARDENA EasyCut 450/25 (9870-20)

The GARDENA Electric Grass Trimmer EasyCut 450/25 (9870-20) is lightweight and compact. ideal for cutting lawns and lawns in private gardens and country houses.

Adjustable telescopic handle allows the grass trimmer to be adjusted to the individual physical shape of the operator.

Additional handle provides even more ergonomic handling.

The filament spool can be quickly and easily adjusted to the desired angle of working position.

Fixed settings allow you to position the element at an angle of 0/10/60 degrees.

Removable fence helps protect flowers and shrubs from damage during mowing.


  • bottom mounted motor;
  • Speed of rotation. 11800 rpm./min;
  • Noise level. 95 dB;
  • maximum power 450 watts;
  • Construction. folding handle with adjustable height, straight boom, D-shaped handle;
  • Additional filament included;
  • weight. 2,5 kg.
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Denzel TE-650

Budget Denzel TE-650 with 650-watt electric motor.

Has an advantageous ratio of excellent performance and excellent ergonomics, making it ideal for cottage use.

High rotational speed of the cutting element allows an effective mowing in any vegetation in open and hard-to-reach places.

The diameter of the tooling in this model is 1.3 mm. The device is equipped with an automatic line feed system, this facilitates the installation of the latter in the trimmer head.

Height-adjustable telescopic handle, tilt can be changed in respect to the motor.

Standard D-handle for extra comfort at work.

Technical characteristics:

electric, grass, trimmer, best, choice
  • Lower-mounted version;
  • rotation speed. 9000 rpm./ minute;
  • noise level. 95 dB;
  • The maximum power is 650 watts;
  • Special design. folding handle with adjustable height, straight boom, D-shaped handle;
  • additional. a fishing line in the complete set;
  • weight. 3.45 kg.

Top 16 best electric trimmers for grass: rating 2021-2022 and what model to choose for dacha

Electric grass trimmer. the best tool for lawn care and weed removal on the site.

If there is electricity in the dacha, it is this kind of tool will be the most suitable, because it does not need to pour gasoline or regularly put the device on a recharge.

Choose an inexpensive, but reliable and functional electric trimmer for grass will help rating the best devices, based on reviews from owners and expert advice.

How to choose a grass trimmer for grass?

Garden trimmer for grass is designed for clearing the site of unnecessary vegetation. If the area is small, and there are few overgrowths, you can buy a compact inexpensive unit, but for processing large areas you need a powerful, reliable and productive device with good technical data.

Choosing a grass trimmer for grass, it is necessary to take into account:

  • power source (gasoline, electric grid, battery);
  • power (for small areas will be enough 0.25-0.7 kW, and for large areas. 0.9-1.8 kW);
  • cutting width (depends on the type of lawn: the more weeds and the wider the lawn, the greater the cutting width required);
  • weight (for the elderly and women, it is better to choose devices with a weight of no more than 3 kg);
  • performance (expressed in the number of revolutions per minute; for personal works in the country and garden areas, 7000 rpm is enough./minute.);
  • line diameter (the thicker and denser the grass, the larger the line diameter is required);
  • cutting system (the knife is suitable for a uniform lawn without obstacles, the line. for thin and soft grass, including. in narrow spaces);
  • autonomy (1 Ah is enough for 15 minutes of work without interruption);
  • Tank volume (when selecting a gasoline or diesel trimmer for grass, it is important to consider the volume of the tank must be at least 0.6 liters).