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Choosing a grass trimmer

electric, grass, trimmer, which, better

grass trimmer. the only true solution for mowing grass in areas that are difficult to reach for a wheeled lawnmower, such as around bushes, trees, along paths, fences and walls.

There are petrol (eg STIHL FS 55. Husqvarna 128R) and electric grass trimmers (eg STIGA SGT 1000 J).

First, you need to decide for what purpose you need a grass trimmer. If your plans include making hay for pets or controlling weeds at home, then you definitely need a professional gasoline grass trimmer. But for every grass trimmer you need the right cutting head. It is chosen in accordance with the plantings in the future cultivated area. If there are a lot of shrubs, fruit trees and stones, you will need a cutting line, because during processing it is extremely necessary to take care of the trees and not break metal knives. The shape and size of the knives are chosen taking into account the area of ​​the future processing.

Electric grass trimmers are of two types. bottom-engine and top-engine. Bottom engine grass trimmers are designed for regularly trimmed lawn grass that is softer than normal. They have a shorter operating time, i.e. he needs to rest more often. Very importantly, these grass trimmers cannot be used to cut wet grass. Top-set grass trimmers are more expensive, more powerful, and don’t shy away from wet grass. Thicker line, can cut thick, tall grass.

Electric grass trimmers are quiet, start-up at the push of a button and are environmentally friendly. However, it is more difficult for them to cut thick weed stems and even thick grass. In addition, his engine needs power, which is most often supplied through a long power cable, which constrains the freedom of action of the mower and threatens to fall under the knife. Trimmers with a built-in rechargeable battery do not need constant communication with the outside world, but they can cut the grass for a maximum of 20-30 minutes per day. The rest of the time will be spent on recharging their low-power, heavy and very capricious batteries during operation and storage.

Gasoline grass trimmers are noisy and time-consuming to maintain, and vibration levels are high. But that’s nothing compared to its performance. Petrol grass trimmer with disc and spool in one set. the most suitable tool for caring for a summer cottage, if you visit it relatively rarely. With the disc, you can already rush to the virgin soil, and mow herbs for pets.

Curved and straight shaft grass trimmers are available. Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer is also called hedge trimmer as it can be used not only for mowing grass but also for treating bushes.

Grass trimmers are available with D. handle (e.g. STIHL FS 38) and T. handle (e.g. Husqvarna 128R).

D. Shaped handle is convenient when the volume of work is small, but requires a lot of maneuverability, such as for processing shrubs, trees, paths and hedges. A line is best for this.

The T.-shaped handle is convenient for working in open spaces, while the movement you make will be similar to that of mowing with a sidelining. These grass trimmers are designed for large jobs in large open spaces.

A number of manufacturers, such as MTD, offer grass trimmers with a connector that allows you to connect a variety of attachments. This gives you a scythe that can be turned into a cultivator, snow blower, lopper or brush cutter. The ability to connect attachments is not the only advantage that the connector provides. The scythe is also more convenient to wash, in addition, the disassembled grass scythe fits into the trunk of any car.

When choosing a grass trimmer, you need to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the ergonomics of its design and ease of use, otherwise lawn care can turn into hard labor. The balance of the lawn mower, its ability to maintain balance during operation, despite vibration, and other factors significantly affect the quality of mowing. The more comfortable the grass trimmer’s handles or handlebars are, the more controllable and safe it is. The fastening belts significantly reduce the load on the hands during operation, a sufficiently long detachable rod allows you to increase the coverage area, if necessary, transport the device in the trunk of a car without problems.


Another indicator of productivity is the speed of the cutting element per minute.

In low-power versions, this parameter is not prescribed because there they are below 7000 per minute.

professional models have an acceleration of 7,500-12,000 rpm.

For a summer cottage or a small business, 6000 rpm is enough.

Large volumes of work require 9000-12000 rpm.

Grass Trimmer Selection Options for Grass

Understanding the key features of a garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited for specific tasks and will not cause unexpected problems. Here are the basic options for choosing grass trimmers.

The principle of operation and the device of the grass trimmer for grass

The grass trimmer is a garden tool for cutting green vegetation with a soft stem and not thick dead wood. Unlike lawnmowers, the machines are lightweight and are worn by the operator on belts rather than rolling on wheels on the ground. Low weight makes it easy to transport the devices to the work site and quickly move from site to site.

With the blade of the grass trimmer you can:

  • keep the grass on the lawn low;
  • mow it between houses and along paths;
  • remove deadwood thickets next to the roadway;
  • cut off vegetation directly under the fence;
  • to cultivate the green shores of water bodies.

Grass trimmers are inexpensive compared to lawn mowers, and their increased maneuverability makes them easier to use. Such an instrument is bought by both residents of the private sector and utilities, as well as enterprises, in order to look after the existing territory.

The process of using a garden tool is to put the body on the operator’s body using special belts. The grass trimmer head is brought close to the grass and the button on the handle starts the engine. The torque is transmitted to the bobbin through a rigid shaft in the tube of the machine. The head contains a cutting element that cuts grass stalks at high speed.

To prevent impacts on solid objects and sticks flying out into the face, a protective cover is provided that covers 40% of the circle of the diameter of the cutting part of the tool.

Most modern trimmers have the following device:

fuel tank (in the case of an internal combustion engine);

rigid shaft for transmission of rotation from the motor;

bobbin with a cutting element (fishing line or knife);

Types of grass trimmers

The grass trimmer cutting head is removable or non-removable. Depending on this, the functionality of the models differs. But all grass trimmers fall into three categories.

Electric grass trimmers

This type of tool is powered by a 220V household power supply. The electric motor rotates the shaft and starts the cutting mechanism. To use the device, you must have a power outlet and a carrier nearby. This partially constrains the maneuverability and scale of operation of the tool, but allows you to work silently.

Also, such a device does not have harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Such models are well suited for summer cottages and private companies with a small area where you can do with one reel with a carrier.

  • lungs;
  • make little noise and do not disturb neighbors;
  • inexpensive;
  • there are powerful models;
  • no harmful emissions;
  • height adjustment of the handles;
  • possibility of setting different knives.
  • inconvenience from a wire that can be cut accidentally;
  • limited space by carrying length.
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Gasoline Grass Trimmers

The principle of operation of this type is similar to electric, but the rotation here is provided by an internal combustion engine. To do this, an additional fuel tank is attached to the bar, due to which the device receives a large mass.

With such a tool, you can freely move around the territory and even work where there are no buildings and electricity. There is no need to constantly remember about the cord and be afraid to cut it. It is actively used for mowing grass on the side of the road, maintaining the beautiful condition of courtyards in multi-storey areas and on the territory of large enterprises.

  • powerful models;
  • replacement of knives;
  • no space restrictions;
  • high performance;
  • reliable construction;
  • wide area of ​​commercial use.
  • heavy;
  • additional fuel costs;
  • more noise;
  • air emissions.

How to choose a grass trimmer for grass petrol and electric. expert advice

Lush vegetation between houses in a residential area or in the country can clutter paths and areas under fences. In contrast to a neat lawn, tall grass looks ugly. In factories, areas of greenery that are not trimmed create an unfavorable impression. Lawn mowers are used to remedy this situation. But due to their limited maneuverability and high cost, not everyone can afford to buy it, especially in the country or in the communal services. Now there are lighter counterparts. grass trimmers that can do the same job, but are more compact and inexpensive. To correctly choose this garden tool, you need to know the main types of trimmers and what parameters they must correspond to in order to cope with grass in a certain landscape.

Cordless grass trimmers

A less common garden tool is electric grass trimmers powered by a battery. This allows you to cut the grass just as quietly, but not depend on the length of the carrier.

Due to the limited use of time, such models are bought for caring for country houses where there is no electricity or for improving the territory of kindergartens and similar institutions.

  • silent;
  • setting of different cutting systems;
  • no space restrictions;
  • lungs;
  • energy reserve is enough for 30-45 minutes;
  • fast charging;
  • powerful models available.
  • operating time is limited by the capacity of the battery;
  • are more expensive than electric.

Electric Grass Trimmer Machine,Makita UR 3501,ഏറ്റവും കൂടുതൽ വിൽക്കുന്ന പുല്ലുവെട്ട് മിഷ്യൻ

How to choose an electric grass trimmer: 4 best electric trimmers

grass trimmer refers to landscape tools for outdoor lawn maintenance, seasonal and curly pruning of bushes, trees and even weeding:

  • The devices are popular with professional gardeners who process various types of herbs and other plants. Powerful cutting ability makes the tool effective for the maintenance of parks, private estates.
  • Motorized mowers are popular with gardening enthusiasts who have difficulty keeping an open space tidy with common garden tools. Cutting speed, interchangeable cutting heads and a number of convenient functions make the device useful in summer cottages, on a personal plot.

There are many varieties of this popular garden device, so it is important to consider several factors at the same time in order to get the right one. Some people need the most powerful engine for long and difficult work, others just need to mow the grass near the house in time.

electric grass trimmer Vitals Master EZT 063g (54016)

Vitals Master EZT 063g electric grass trimmer has significant performance, comfortable operation and simple design.

  • Power consumption 0.55 kW;
  • Working surface diameter 27 cm;
  • Weight 3.00 kg.

The cordless unit is equipped with a 550-watt motor that delivers 10,000 rpm to the cutter. Adjustable arched handle and telescopic arm are easily customized to suit the individual operator.

  • Cutting part. monofilament on a spool with automatic feeding provides a bevelling of 270 mm.
  • Handle tilt adds serviceability.
  • Plastic sheath protects the structure.
  • The aluminum rod is lightweight, does not rust.
  • Motor and gearbox are designed for heavy loads.

The lightweight rotary head grass trimmer works in confined areas near trees, fences or open lawns. Convenient in mowing grass, weeds, when pruning bushes. The main advantage is the removal of grass on uneven or tiled surfaces. Minimal weight and small dimensions increase mobility.

  • Efficiency.
  • Reliable build.
  • Quality materials.
  • Durability.
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Anti-vibration system.
  • Low noise threshold.

Cons: The lower position of the motor limits the operating condition. The manufacturer from Latvia does not recommend working with wet grass, so that water does not enter the system.

Electrokosa Belorus MTZ KG-3100

Electric scythe for grass Belorus MTZ KG-3100 has a number of features. Well-positioned bike handles are covered with soft rubber to reduce vibration. Safety guards and a shoulder strap enhance the safety of the model. The high-engine mobile grass trimmer has a significant 3,100 watts comparable to small petrol mowers and delivers 7,000 rpm for mowing, but with minimal noise and no odor.

  • Power consumption 3.1 kW;
  • Cutting width 38 cm with fishing line, 25.5 cm with a knife;
  • Weight 5.5 kg.

The fairly lightweight model demonstrates the ergonomics of each element. Choose from steel knives or monofilament to increase maneuverability and variability in processing. The position of the motor allows you to work in all weather conditions.

  • Adjusting the height of the handles.
  • Protective cover.
  • Robust one-piece boom with rigid shaft.
  • Replaceable three-blade disc or semi-automatic reel with line.
  • Copper winding.
  • Engine on top.
  • Air cooling.
  • Service tool bag.

The simple start button is protected against accidental start-up. The presence of a sturdy casing protects against injury. During assembly, reliable and high-quality elements are used. The complete set of the “Belorus” brand includes replaceable cutting tools, high-quality equipment, a carrying strap. Key features include efficient mowing in open and confined areas, trimming thin branches, removing weeds on tiled or asphalt surfaces.

  • Environmental carrier.
  • Effective performance.
  • Minimal noise.
  • Long-term operation.
  • Vibration warning elements.
  • Protection against accidental start.

The only drawback of the device is the connection to the power source.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Grass Trimmer?

It is difficult to combine all the requirements when manufacturers around the world annually release new landscape care products with different capabilities and focused on the characteristics of their country’s flora.

A top review will help you find the best electric mowers for the needs of our customers:

Electric scythe Vitals Master EZT 144vs (54010)

The Vitals Master EZT 144vs electric scythe stands out with its power. The design uses a belt drive from the motor to the shaft. such a system practically eliminates the risk of engine failure. Belt replacement can be done without special training.

  • Power consumption 1.4 kW;
  • Cutting width with a fishing line 42 cm, with a knife. 25.5 cm;
  • Weight 3.00 kg.

The manufacturer provides 1400 watt models of power and a head rotation speed of 10,000 rpm, as well as excellent equipment. Thanks to its high technical capabilities, the grass scythe works on open, confined and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Plastic reinforced shell to protect the device.
  • Protective cover.
  • The upper position of the engine allows you to work in any weather.
  • Package includes semi-automatic reel and 3-blade knife, tool bag.
  • Copper motor winding.
  • Straight shaft and smooth start.
  • Symmetrical double handle.
  • Knapsack vest for carrying and working.

The tool is designed for processing low grass in small areas, has excellent assembly and quality parts.

  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Efficiency.
  • Low noise threshold.
  • Durability.
  • Anti-vibration system.

electric grass trimmer BauMaster GT-3516

The German brand BauMaster GT-3516 electric grass trimmer is produced in the Chinese own factories of the BauMaster brand. The ecological mower has a universal purpose and processes lawns in home gardens. A distinctive feature of the model is work on rough terrain with difficult terrain. It is the perfect tool for stylish Japanese-style landscapes. The machine copes well with grass on tiled and asphalt paths, near trees, fences and foundations

  • Power consumption 1.6 kW;
  • Cutting width with fishing line or knife 38 cm;
  • Weight 4.18 kg.

The mobile, lightweight device operates at 5000 rpm. The unique D-shaped handle allows you to work in comfort, adjusts in height when mowing on slopes. The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of manual transportation of the product using a collapsible bar.

  • Height adjustment of the handle.
  • Protective cover.
  • Dismountable rod.
  • Replaceable cutting knives and line.
  • Automatic line feed.
  • Air cooling.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • Service tool bag.

Constant and long-term functionality is ensured by the ease of replacement of elements, easy assembly, low weight, excellent quality of the knives. Protective guards reliably protect the operator from accidental objects falling under the knife. The strap supports the braid while working on one shoulder to reduce fatigue.

  • Ecological odorless electric motor.
  • Effective performance in a confined area.
  • Minimum noise level.
  • Long and simple operation.
  • Vibration compensation.
  • Protection against unauthorized start-up.
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The disadvantage of a small model is the dependence on a power source.

Electric versions of the trimmers operate with virtually no sound, as if the quiet instrument was not using the engine. A huge advantage lies in an ecological source of food, for which you do not need to prepare gasoline-oil mixtures.

Among the disadvantages of electric mowers are low power and limited cutting radius. Despite this, the devices do an excellent job of treating lawns, small bushes and even removing vegetation from road surfaces. Trimmer requirements based on individual needs make selection easier.

Top 12 Best Electric Grass Trimmers

Place Model Price
Best Electric Grass Trimmers for Grass for Value for Money
#one STIHL FSE 71 Find out the price
# 2 Makita UR3502 Find out the price
# 3 Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.000) Find out the price
#four Makita UR3000 Find out the price
Best Inexpensive Electric Grass Trimmers for Grass
#one Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00) Find out the price
# 2 Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 (0.600.8C1.H00) Find out the price
# 3 GARDENA EasyCut 450/25 (9870-20) Find out the price
#four Denzel TE-650 Find out the price
Best Advanced Electric Grass Trimmers
#one STIHL FSE 81 Find out the price
# 2 EFCO 8110 Find out the price
# 3 Oleo-Mac TR 111 E Find out the price
#four EFCO 8091 Find out the price

The models considered below are distinguished by increased performance, advanced functionality and equipment. It is the best option for maintaining large lawns and lawns.

Rating of TOP-12 electric grass trimmers: how to choose, review and characteristics of the best models

electric grass trimmer for grass. review and rating of models. Key features, technical parameters, advantages and disadvantages of today’s best electric trimmers.

The electric grass trimmer is a versatile tool necessary for the owner of almost any land plot.

This device will help to get rid of vegetation in places where the lawn mower is powerless. around trees, bushes, fences, in potholes and depressions in the soil.

Best Battery-Powered String Trimmer Roundup | Hand-Tested for Performance & Value

The device is also suitable for trimming grass on small lawns.

In the review, we will consider the best models of electric trimmers today, we will find out everything about the features of this type of garden equipment.

Denzel TE-650

Budget device Denzel TE-650 with 650 W electric motor.

Possesses an advantageous ratio of excellent characteristics and excellent ergonomics, making it ideal for summer use.

High speed of the cutting element allows you to effectively mow any vegetation in open areas and in hard-to-reach places.

The tooling diameter in this model is 1.3 mm. The device is equipped with an automatic line feed system, which makes it easier to install the latter in the trimmer head.

The telescopic handle is adjustable in height, it is possible to change the tilt of the boom relative to the engine.

Standard D-shaped handle for extra comfort when working.


  • execution. with the bottom engine;
  • rotation speed. 9000 rpm;
  • noise level. 95 dB;
  • maximum power. 650 W;
  • design. folding handle with adjustable height, straight bar, D-shaped handle;
  • additionally. fishing line included;
  • weight. 3.45 kg.
  • quality materials and assembly;
  • relatively high power;
  • relatively low weight;
  • affordable price.
  • tight power button;
  • no belt included;
  • bottom engine.

Oleo-Mac TR 111 E

The Oleo-Mac TR 111 E unit with the most optimal overhead engine with a power of 1.1 kW is a light and easy-to-use electric grass trimmer for mowing lawns and mowing vegetation on the site.

The presented equipment is equipped with a thermal relay to protect the motor from overheating, a reliable and lightweight aluminum curved bar, a suspension belt for better balancing of the grass trimmer in the operator’s hands.

Semi-automatic reel using 2mm line allows you to work non-stop.

Anti-vibration system reduces the burden on the user during long-term use of the device.


  • execution. with the top engine;
  • rotation speed. 11000 rpm;
  • noise level. 96 dB;
  • maximum power. 1100 W;
  • design. folding handle with adjustable height, curved bar, D-shaped handle;
  • additionally. anti-vibration system, fishing line and shoulder strap included;
  • weight. 4.5 kg.
  • low price;
  • excellent workmanship;
  • high performance;
  • high-quality mowing;
  • durable, reliable coil;
  • large protective cover.
  • palpable vibration;
  • the cut grass is periodically wound on the spindle under the head.

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.000)

electric grass trimmer Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.000) with the ability to work with both a fishing line and a knife, will cope with any type of lawn mowing and trimming of hard and long vegetation.

The equipment boasts the ability to quickly and easily replace the reel with a line with a knife.

High power tool motor guarantees excellent mowing results.

Adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable handle design provide optimal balance for any size operator.

For greater ease of use, a cutting line storage system is provided in the handle of the device.


  • execution. with the top engine;
  • rotation speed. 9000 rpm;
  • noise level. 85.5 dB;
  • maximum power. 950 W;
  • design. straight bar, D-shaped handle;
  • additionally. fishing line, knife, shoulder strap included;
  • weight. 5.7 kg.
  • top engine location;
  • easy line / knife change;
  • high power;
  • high-quality assembly.
  • short cable;
  • expensive branded fishing line;
  • tight movement of the start button.

Makita UR3000

electric grass trimmer Makita UR3000 with an adjustable D-shaped handle and a handle that is easily adjusted to the user’s height, allows you to turn grass mowing on the site into a pleasant and quick procedure.

The presented model is equipped with a powerful 450-watt low-position motor, a 30-cm power cable with a plug, a trimmer head that develops 9 thousand rpm.

As a cutting element, a line with a diameter of 1.65 mm is used here.

The set includes a shoulder strap for convenience and safety when working.

The acoustic noise value of this device is 96 dB, the weight is up to 2.6 kg.


  • execution. with the bottom engine;
  • rotation speed. 9000 rpm;
  • noise level. 96 dB;
  • maximum power. 450 W;
  • design. folding handle with adjustable height, curved bar, D-shaped handle;
  • additionally. fishing line and shoulder strap included;
  • weight. 2.6 kg.
  • light weight;
  • Ease of use;
  • good build quality;
  • telescopic handle.
  • it is inconvenient to clean the protective casing;
  • the complete belt is not the most convenient;
  • tight start button.

TOP 10 grass trimmers

electric grass trimmer Makita UR3000

Lightweight, compact grass trimmer with ergonomic design

The Electric Grass Trimmer is designed to remove vegetation from small backyards. The engine of the device operates at high speeds (up to 9000 rpm), which allows you to quickly and effortlessly get rid of grass, even in areas with difficult terrain.

The tool has an ergonomic design. The weight of the model is only 2.6 kg, so even a fragile woman can easily cope with the electric scythe. The built-in line head rotates up to 180 degrees, which allows you to cut grass even in the most difficult-to-reach places. Anti-accidental start-up function ensures the safe operation of the device.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 450 W;
  • cutting width 30 cm;
  • cutting element. double-strand head with a fishing line (1.6 mm);
  • barbell. curved.

This model is chosen by the owners of country houses and personal plots. Due to its convenient configuration and light weight, the tool does not cause any discomfort in operation, and the ability to adjust the length of the rod helps to customize the device individually for the user.

  • a light weight
  • lock against accidental start
  • powerful engine running at high rpm
  • mows wild plants with thick stems
  • low noise level

electric grass trimmer DIOLD GRE-1.7

High performance grass trimmer with powerful motor for cutting grass and deadwood

Simple and easy-to-use grass trimmer with high power motor. The grass trimmer blade rotates up to 8500 rpm.

An overhead engine mount and a T-bar bike handle provide a comfortable ride. The tool is equipped with a shoulder strap to reduce strain on the operator’s back.

The key features of the model are high power and long runtime. The ability to use a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm increases the efficiency of mowing grass by 1.5 times. If necessary, the line can be changed to a blade.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 1700 W;
  • cutting width. 42 cm;
  • cutting elements. fishing line, knife;
  • bar. straight.

This powerful and convenient device with low noise level is suitable for use in small backyards and summer cottages. Despite the weight and power ratings, the trimmer is easy to operate. The electric scythe is designed to work in large areas (20-60 acres), the model mows even tall grass and weeds.

  • high power electric motor
  • low vibration and noise
  • high speed of rotation of a knife
  • the presence of a strap for convenient balancing
  • comfortable T-handle
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electric grass trimmer Hammer ETR450

Lightweight and compact grass trimmer for a neat lawn cut

The electric grass trimmer is equipped with a telescopic bar, with which you can easily adjust the height of the tool, adjusting it to the height of the user. Compact size for easy storage.

The engine of the device is located at the bottom of the structure and is protected by a casing. Lightweight and easy-to-use device copes with its tasks perfectly.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 450 W;
  • cutting width. 25 cm;
  • cutting element. fishing line (1.3 mm);
  • rod. straight, telescopic.

The tool is ideal for mowing vegetation in small areas, caring for curly lawns, mowing grass along fences.

electric grass trimmer BLACKDECKER GL8033

grass trimmer with curved telescopic bar for comfortable cutting of grass

The lightweight and compact grass trimmer is equipped with an adjustable bar. The tool is small in size, which greatly facilitates its transportation and storage.

Powerful motor provides line rotation up to 7000 rpm. A high-performance device allows you to take care of a plot of several hundred square meters. And the swivel grass trimmer head and vertical roller make it possible to create a perfectly flat edge and neat lawn edging.

Adjustable handle allows you to choose a suitable angle with respect to the boom.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 800 W;
  • mowing width. 33 cm;
  • cutting element. fishing line (2 mm);
  • rod. curved, telescopic.

A practical and inexpensive model suitable for grass harvesting in country houses. A high-performance device will easily and quickly cope with the task.

electric grass trimmer Huter GET-1500SL

Powerful and powerful electric grass trimmer for cutting thick grass

A decent device that definitely deserves attention. The trimmer has a powerful air-cooled engine. The device is equipped with a rigid cutting line with a diameter of 2.4 mm and a disc for mowing dense vegetation.

The rod of the device is equipped with a “Start” button and an auxiliary handle for comfortable work with the tool. A special guard protects the operator from small debris and cuttings residues. The device is equipped with an arched handle and a strap for comfortable operation.

  • type. portable;
  • power. 1500 W;
  • cutting width. 42 cm;
  • cutting elements. line (2.4 mm) and 3-blade disc;
  • barbell. straight.

The model is suitable for work in areas with lush vegetation. High power grass trimmer, complete with high quality cutting elements, allows you to cope even with dead wood.

Key features of tool selection

When choosing a suitable model, you should focus on the type of device. There are models for working in small areas, devices for cutting tough grass and powerful hedge trimmers for tough jobs.

The choice of an electric grass trimmer depends on the condition and area of ​​the site on which the work is planned. A large area assumes the use of a powerful electric scythe, for small areas of country houses a light and mobile grass trimmer with a minimum number of functions is suitable.

Let’s take a look at the main factors that will influence the choice of a device.

Motor position. In electric trim models, the motor placement is top and bottom. Models with a bottom-mounted walk-behind tractor are lighter. The devices are suitable for work in small areas, they are low cost. Overhead models are more powerful, designed for mowing grass in large areas.

Electric motor power. Motors with different power ratings are installed in trimmers. This parameter determines the possible volume and complexity of the work. For small areas, a grass trimmer with a power of up to 400 W is suitable, devices with a power of up to 1000 W are capable of performing tasks in gardens of several hundred square meters. High-performance devices with a power of more than 1000 watts are excellent for dense growth and shrubs.

The presence of one or two cutting elements. Low power grass trimmers are equipped with a line reel to cut the grass. The larger the line diameter, the harder the vegetation the grass trimmer will cut. In powerful devices, cutting discs made of plastic or metal are additionally installed.

Rod device. There are two types of rods. straight and curved. A straight bar is considered to be more durable and reliable, a curved bar is more convenient to use. For curved bar trimmers, only line can be used as cutting element.

A pen. In electric trimmers, manufacturers install semicircular or T-shaped handles. The first option is ideal for working in small areas with hard-to-reach places, T-shaped handles are more suitable for working in open areas.

Electric Grass/String Trimmer GH900 Black and Decker

Protective goggles, belts, ergonomic rubberized pads, and other parts and accessories greatly facilitate the operator’s work. It is not difficult to make the right choice, the main thing is to clearly understand the needs and follow the recommendations of specialists.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main malfunctions that may arise during work and how to fix them.

Preparation for work

With the electrical unit, everything is clear. plug it in, press the button and you’re done. The operation of the equipment does not depend on the quality of the fuel and the availability of engine oil. For a beginner, this option is ideal.

For the operation of the petrol trimmer, the preparation of the gasoline mixture is required. As a rule, the tank lasts for 30-40 minutes, after which refueling is needed. The petrol trimmer is started manually using the starter handle. The operations are not complicated, but a little skill is needed here.

Working hours

If both models are about the same in terms of engine power, then in terms of operating time, the gasoline engine outperforms its electric counterpart.

With the same engine power, the electric grass trimmer mows the grass in a continuous cycle for no more than 30 minutes, then it needs to rest for 15 minutes for the motor to cool down. The lawn mower does not have this problem. She can work until the gasoline in the tank runs out.

Power supply

As for electric trimmers, they work from the mains. Accordingly, in order to start them, you need a 220 V network.When it is not there at all, or the area is large and there is no point in pulling wires to the outlet, in this case the petrol trimmer is the best solution.

Electric Grass Trimmers VS Petrol Trimmers. What to Choose?

What to choose for a garden an electric grass trimmer or a gasoline equivalent? Already from the name you can see the main difference. the power source. How exactly does it affect the performance of the brushcutter? Let’s look at the example of FUBAG garden equipment.

For comparison, we need two models with the most demanded power for work in a summer cottage. An excellent option would be: petrol grass trimmer FPT 43 and electric scythe FET 1200, both models with a non-separable bar.

The power of this technique is quite enough for processing an average summer cottage in order to cope not only with grass, but also with bushes.

Before moving on to the differences, let’s define the common features of the equipment. both models:

Tucked in as a spool with line and trimmer disc.

Equipped with a shockproof casing for safe use.

They have bicycle-type handles, the angle of inclination of which is easily adjusted by a special screw on the bar.

Equipment weight

Another of the most important factors is weight. Even with an empty tank, the petrol trimmer will be heavier than an electric grass trimmer. Model FUBAG FET 1200R weighs 5.5 kg, petrol FUBAG FPT 43 with an empty tank. about 8. Taking into account gasoline, it is worth adding one more kilogram. During prolonged work, when the tool has to be held on weight, this difference becomes a significant factor.

What is the difference between electric trimmers and petrol trimmers?


The preparation time is compensated by mobility: if you can quickly move in any direction with a gas trimmer filled up, then the electric trimmer is limited by the length of the extension cord. In wet and rainy weather, you can’t mow the grass with a power tool.