Electric Lawn Mower Makita Does Not Develop Turnover

Electric Lawn Mower Makita Does Not Develop Turnover

Owners of private houses and summer cottages know how important it is to always keep lawns in good condition. But in order to achieve such a result, you need to use special equipment that will help to get an excellent result with minimal time and labor. Modern gardeners and gardeners give preference to electric lawn mowers. Next, we will consider some features of devices of this type, and also make a rating of the best electric lawn mowers-2019.

Bosch rotak 32

The Bosh 32 lawnmower opens the rating 2018. 2019. Compact and maneuverable equipment from a Hungarian manufacturer mow grass qualitatively without additional energy costs.

The model runs on a powerful battery. Thanks to the battery, the mower functions wirelessly. The equipment is equipped with a Syneon Chip system. This is intelligent energy management, 20% longer battery life. In addition to the device itself, the kit includes a mounting kit, battery, charger and additional grass catcher.


  • Mowing tall grass poorly
  • Small mowing perimeter

I use equipment for one year. This is my first lawn mower, so there’s nothing to compare. Koshu plot in 12 acres twice a week. For a thorough haircut, you have to mow one place three times. The bearings of the device are noisy. A good mower, but working with it takes a lot of time.

The benefits of electric models

Today there is a large selection of lawn mowers (mechanical, electric, gasoline, cordless and hovercraft mowers). Each owner of the summer cottage independently chooses the type that is most suitable for him, but in recent years a large number of fans of electric lawn mowers have appeared. Let’s consider what advantages this type has, why they are the best. The main advantage of lawn mowers of this class is its high environmental friendliness and low noise level during operation of the mechanism.

Electric lawn mowers, introduced on the market in 2019, are equipped with high power engines, which allows them to compete with gasoline counterparts. Also an indisputable advantage is the low weight and overall dimensions. So, the average weight of a gasoline lawn mower is about 30 kg, and an electric one. 20 kg, that is, this unit will be convenient to use even for women and teenagers.

Due to the small size of the electric motor, electric lawn mowers have larger grass catchers, and some models are equipped with additional units that increase the functionality of the unit and thereby raise the rating of garden equipment in this category. Electric lawn mowers compare favorably with ease of maintenance. To get started you just need to turn on the toggle switch. Also, in case of any malfunctions, this device is much simpler and cheaper to repair. Modern technologies have improved the design and create self-propelled electric lawn mowers, which greatly facilitates the care of the lawn on the site.

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The best inexpensive wheel-mounted electric lawn mowers

Low-cost lawn mowers are in high demand among summer residents. This technique is able to maintain small areas sown with grass. Experts recommend paying attention to time-tested models.

Bosch ARM 37 (0.600.8a6.201)

The BOSCH ARM 37 brand lawn mower is perfectly balanced in all key ways. With an electric motor power of 1.4 kW, the technician makes accurate sweeping with a width of 37 cm. The model is equipped with a rigid grass catcher with a volume of 40 liters. The height of the grass can be adjusted in the range of 20-70 mm, for this there is a central 5-position lever. Experts gave the mower the first place in our rating for maneuverability, thanks to which it is possible to easily mow the lawn in areas with difficult terrain. Due to its low weight (12 kg), both the elderly and adolescents can control the unit.

Users are pleased with the operation of the lawn mower, its reliability and ease of use. The disadvantages include the lack of a mulching function and a plastic case.


  • Power and performance;
  • Accurate mowing;
  • Lightness and maneuverability;
  • Ease of use.


  • Plastic case;
  • No mulching function.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E

A worthy competitor for German technology was the Korean lawn mower Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E. To the strengths of this model, experts attribute a powerful electric motor of 1.6 kW, which is not afraid of moisture. Good wheel drive provide large wheels. Although the deck and case are made of plastic, their strength is beyond doubt. It should be noted and a capacious grass catcher (40 l), equipped with a fill indicator. The central handle helps you select one of five levels of mowing height (25-65 mm). The swath width (34 cm) looks somewhat more modest, but the car does not pass in front of thick grass.

Most owners are happy with the operation of the lawn mower. Some users complain of grass getting stuck in the unit; removing it is quite problematic.


  • High-quality assembly;
  • Large wheels with bearings;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Capacious container.


  • The passage to the grass catcher is clogged.

Dde LME4318

Dde LME4318 electric mower boasts the highest productivity. Chinese technology is driven by a 1.86 kW motor. Thanks to its high power, the mowing width reaches 43 cm, and the grass size after the passage is from 25 to 85 mm. The manufacturer took care of ease of use. He installed a handle to move, a folding handle design makes it easy to transport the mower in the car. The slanted green mass enters a 50 L rigid grass catcher.

The lack of mulching function and soft plastic did not allow the technology from the Middle Kingdom to rise higher in the ranking. Of the advantages, owners note high performance, affordability, ease of use.

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  • Powerful motor;
  • Carrying handle;
  • Wide swath;
  • Affordable price.


  • Flimsy plastic;
  • No mulching function.

Makita ELM3800

Japanese equipment Makita has long gained fame in our country. She is loved for reliability and durability. The ELM3800 electric lawnmower is no exception. Experts and owners praise the model for its quiet operation, unpretentiousness and ease of maintenance. You can control the equipment with one hand, it mows grass equally well both on flat areas and on terrain. The machine is equipped with a medium-power motor (1.4 kW), the swath width is limited to 38 cm. The height of the grass can be adjusted in the range of 25-75 mm.

The model stopped a step from the podium of our rating, because users noted a number of shortcomings. The quality of the plastic leaves much to be desired, the handle fastening does not differ in reliability, spare knives are expensive.


  • Reliability and unpretentiousness;
  • Grass collection indicator;
  • Lightness and maneuverability;
  • The knife is mounted on the shaft.


  • Weak mount handles;
  • The knife is blunt quickly.

Denzel 96606 GC-1500

The optimal combination of price and quality stands out Denzel 96606 GC-1500. German-Chinese technology is equipped with a powerful motor (1.5 kW), which has compact dimensions. Multilevel adjustment (6 positions) allows you to adjust the cutting height in the range of 20-70 mm. The swath width is 36 cm, all grass enters a hard grass catcher with a capacity of 40 liters. In operation, the model is quite convenient, it weighs 12.7 kg. The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on his product.

The lawn mower is on the fifth line of the rating due to a short wire, an unsuccessful height adjustment design (jumps to a minimum). But the affordable price and power of the equipment causes the owners only positive emotions.


  • Powerful engine;
  • Affordable price;
  • Compactness and lightness;
  • Hard grass catcher.


  • Short electric wire;
  • Unreliable fixation of a given level of cutting height.

Al-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

The AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE lawnmower working on the site will not disturb either the residents or neighbors. The noise level of this equipment is only 84 dB, which is lower than that of competitors. Due to the low price, the model arouses keen interest from potential buyers. According to NM data, over the last 2 months, 2454 people were interested in the lawn mower. The scope of the appliance is limited to a plot of 500 square meters. M, the swath width is 38 cm, and the height of the grass is adjustable from 20 to 60 mm. The advantages of the model include a hard grass catcher with a volume of 37 liters.

Users praise the car for its quiet operation and low cost. But power is clearly not enough for her, the motor often overheats, which leads to unplanned pauses.

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  • Low price;
  • Silent work;
  • High-quality assembly.


  • Weak motor;
  • Frequent stops due to overheating.

Hyundai LE 3200

The lightest (9.4 kg) and compact lawn mower in our ranking was the Korean Hyundai LE 3200. It is sold in the domestic market at the most affordable price. These features positively affect the popularity of technology. In many ways, it does not reach the leaders of the rating. A low-power motor (1.3 kW) allows for a single swath to make a swath with a width of only 32 cm. At the same time, the height of the grass can be adjusted in three levels, starting from 20 and ending with 60 mm. Mowed vegetation is collected in a 30 L rigid container.

Owners of the lawn mower are pleased with the speed of the engine, ease and convenience in transportation. The disadvantages include low productivity, a narrow uncomfortable handle, overheating of the motor.


  • Lightness and compactness;
  • High speed motor;
  • Low price;
  • Convenient adjustment of the cutting height.


  • Narrow swath;
  • Does not mow when reversing;
  • Low power.

“Choosing an Electric Lawn Mower”

Tips from professionals regarding choosing a quality electric lawn mower.

3 AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

High quality mowingCountry: Germany (manufactured in the UK)Average price: 5 990 rub.Rating (2018): 4.5

Within the budget series AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE stands out with a good set of key qualities. The wire lawn mower is equipped with a 1400-watt engine, the rotor of which provides a speed of 3200 rpm. A good result, even by the standards of the “price / quality” segment, however, noise from rotating parts reaches 84 dB, which does not combine with the concept of comfortable operation. The width of the mowed strip is 38 centimeters, and the height of the departure of the blade is adjustable in three levels from 20 to 60 millimeters. Mowed grass is ejected either backward or into a hard grass catcher with a capacity of 37 liters.

The main disadvantage of the mower affects the design. The engine’s ventilation blinds are located at the bottom of the machine, which is why manufacturers imposed a strict restriction on a one-time bevel (not more than 500 sq.M.). This measure helps prevent overheating of the power unit and significantly extend the life of the mower.

Al-KO 40e

A functional AL-KO device doesn’t just cut grass. It still fertilizes the soil using the mulching function. The grass milling mode is integrated in the lawn mower, which maximizes its efficiency. The crushed grass spills out onto the ground, thereby fertilizing.

The gardening machine is intended for territories whose area is not more than six hundred square meters.