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Secret method of instant sharpening of scissors

Dumb knives and scissors. the problem of many housewives. Now, of course, there are a variety of devices that actively advertise telemaries for sharpening a hand tool, but not always such “gadgets” can afford, and is there any point in forking them if the need for sharpening does not arise so often. Well, for example, to sharpen the tailor scissors. such a procedure must be done extremely rarely, unless, of course, you are engaged in this activity professionally. Meanwhile, there are very simple and proven generations secrets to solve this problem in literally half a minute.

Before you are puzzled by updating the cutting edge, critically inspect your tool. The reason for the failure in work can be an elementarily crash of fasteners in the center. It needs to be pulled up and glued, sometimes this alone allows you to return the scissors to duty. Another reason for the poor operation of the blades can be just pollution: drops of glue, sticky dirt remain on the metal, and because of this, the edge of the edge does not touch the fabric. You can get rid of all the superfluous by just rubbing the blade with a cotton pad with alcohol or a remedy for removing nail polish.

By the way, it is extremely undesirable to expose the scissors of disinfection by boiling, this can be hopelessly spoiled.

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Literally five to six sections-and after this procedure you can easily cope even with the very capricious fabric.

Adaptation for sharpening knives: bars, sharpeners, musat, household and professional manual machines for sharpening knives, advice and recommendations of specialists. in our publication.

Grandmother’s Secret: Gypsy needle for sharpening scissors

But this secret, although he is at least a couple of hundred years old, are known by few modern craftswomen. Meanwhile, this is how you can literally not be distracted by sharpening during the tailor’s work.

You will need an ordinary gypsy needle, that is, a large needle that is used for woolen thread or work with very dense materials like skin.

After this procedure, your tool will be in the ranks again. You will be surprised how effective this method is. Instead of a needle, you can use an awl, a stationery clip. Some just use the edge of an ordinary glass glass.

Smoot the scissors using a stationery clip

We take the usual metal stationary paper clip. The larger its size, the better.The sharpening technology is as follows. Clamp the tip of the paper clip with scissors.

Next, remove the paper clip. Repeat these actions 30-40 times. Corresponding notches appear on the paper clip.

With sandpaper

In this example, we will use sandpaper. The smaller its granularity, the better. Better to take “nulevka”. Everything is very simple here. Cut it into thin strips. At this time, there is a gut of blades. Do not forget to turn the paper to the other side so that the knives are sharpened evenly, or just fold it in half.

The process of removing the descents

This is the name of the site on the canvas of the knife. the border between the base of the working part and the surface of the tip. If the cutter has not been sharpened for a long time, chips appear on it. By removing the edge of the blade at the same angle over its entire surface, it will be possible to get rid of the defects that have appeared. To do this, take an electric sharpener or small file. It is important to remove the metal evenly from both blades. This can be achieved by applying the same efforts and roughly calculating the number of passages.

The more evenly the descent of the descents will be carried out, the greater the resource of the blade will be.


This manipulation can be performed using an emery bar with a granularity indicator of 400-600. In the process, the device should be periodically wetted in soapy water. The sharpening itself is made on grain with the length of the bar from the center of the processed zone to the edge.

To increase the productivity of the process, you should use a drill with an adapter. On its cartridge, a sharpener should be fixed. a stone or a circle. After turning on, it is necessary to start with a jagged.to.end. It is convenient if it is possible to fix the drill, and move the knife along the edge of the grinding circle.

In the process of processing, you should not attach excess pressure. Movements should be smooth. It is necessary to prevent overheating and try to hold the angle of sharpening in one position.

The use of a grinding machine

The use of an electric tochline machine allows you to sharpen the tool most accurately. The guide must be set at the right angle. The direction of rotation of the circle. aside to the edge of the blade. It is enough to conduct a blade 2-3 times for complete sharpening. You can make a device for fixing the scissors at a certain angle. This will increase efficiency and perform the operation repeatedly. There is no need to edit the tool after a grinding machine. If transverse zabins have formed on the blades, they can be left: they help to cut solid materials.

To sharpen the scissors for metal, use a vice and a file. The following actions are performed:

  • The tool is understood by the component parts.
  • One of the halves is clamped in a vice so that the sharpened side is located at the top.
  • The file should be moved only in one direction “from yourself”. With slow movements, defects of the cutting edge are removed.
  • The second processed part is also hidden.

Before assembly, it is necessary to lubricate the blades with anti.corrosion liquid, which extends the service life until the next sharpening.

Sharpening of manicure scissors

To sharpen manicure scissors, you need to use a sharpener with a diamond crumb. You must act very carefully, trying not to change the angle of sharpening:

  • Open the blades.
  • Install the processed part on a stable surface.
  • To tighten the cutting edge, starting from the ends of the blades, moving in one direction.

To polish take a fine.grained sharpener and repeat the operation several more times. In manicure scissors with rounded ends to sharpen properly cutting edges is difficult. They can only twist the screw. Manicure supplies and filtering tools are not easy to sharpen with your own hands correctly. They should be pulled on a machine with laser adjustment of the angle.

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Having learned to hide the scissors on your own, you can not part with a convenient tool only because it has become swept away. Many sharpening operations can be performed at home or in a home workshop.

This will save funds, time and help to contain all economic equipment in working condition.

Ways to sharpen the scissors

If you find that the scissors began to cut worse, then it is necessary to sharpen or fit blades. Consider several ways to sharpen at home with improvised means. With their help, you can easily sharpen the scissors in a few minutes.

On a tochline machine

The first method is the home sharpening of scissors, which involves the use of a sharpener machine. Such equipment allows you to clamp the blades under the angle necessary for the master and control their movement along the sharpened circle. The only problem of this method is to find the grinding machines where you will find. They stand either in special workshops, or among experienced craftsmen who are engaged in the manufacture of blades at home.


For sharpening scissors, ordinary electric sharpener is well suited, it is available to most people, many use it in their home workshop. In order to properly sharpen the blades at home, you will need a supporting table, because you will have to fix the blade yourself both in the angle of inclination and in length.

If you have not worked on such machines before and plan to try for the first time, then we strongly recommend using pieces of unnecessary metal for training. Try to work in this format, if you succeed, then proceed to sharpen the scissors.

Using a sharpener

The most common way to sharpen blades. For it, a square rectangular stone from an abrasive is used. This method of sharpening does not require any serious skills. It is only important to have a firm hand and practice a little, but the results of this method of the best.

Sharpowing with sharpener stone

Before starting to work, moisten the grinding stone and prepare the scissors. It is advisable to promote the screw connecting the blades for the separate sharpening of each blade.

After that, maintaining one of the parts behind the ring and the hilt, fix it at an angle of inclination of the cutting edge and spend several dozen times with pressure on the surface of the stone. The movement should be executed from itself and only in one direction. During the work, follow the condition of the blade, periodically inspect the surface. If the blade looks smooth and is already acute enough, then proceed to sharpening the second.

After the work is completed, wipe both blades with a damp cloth and connect it back using the bolt.

Using a vice and file

This method is used to give sharpness to the edges of the scissors of medium and large sizes. Before starting the sharpening process, blades are necessarily fixed in special locksmiths. During the sharpening process, –4 files are usually used, or analogues with diamond coating.

To sharpen, clamp in a vice and use a file

Regarding the vise, you can not bother, any types that are in a home or garage workshop are suitable for work. During the clamp of the scissors, make sure that they are vertically, and the end of the blade is tightly clamped. The file needs to work in the direction of yourself, move it in accordance with the angle of the cutting edge. When the processing comes to an end, remove the burrs with sandpaper.

Using aluminum foil

Probably the easiest way for those who do not know how easy to sharpen scissors at home. It will only require the presence of aluminum foil, which is in every second house. You need to choose a piece of foil in size from 20 to 30 cm and roll it several times.

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You can sharpen a little with aluminum foil

Now that you have folded a sheet of aluminum foil, begin to cut it slowly, straight stripes along the entire length. During the cutting process, you drag the blades, so periodically check the result. When you reach the desired severity, wipe the blades with a wet cloth and evaluate the results of the work.

I immediately warn that this method of sharpening is temporary and only slightly corrects the tip of the cutting edge.

With sandpaper

Another way of sharpening is by nature completely identical to the method using aluminum foil. You need to take a small piece of sandpaper in size, it is advisable with the designation of GOST from 10-N and 20-N, fold it several times and cut it.

Scalp with sandpaper

As in the case of aluminum paper, only the cutting island is sharpened, but the result in the case of sandpaper at times is much better. Cut the sandpaper should be used in small “noodles” I use the entire length of the tip, periodically checking the severity of the blade.

Using a stationery

A method that can be implemented with a needle and a stationery clip. The technique is extremely simple, the process of the gear is not difficult, the ideal way to sharpen for those who do not know how to rule the quality of the blade at home. You need to choose a stationery paperwork, preferably medium sizes, t.to. A small paper clip can deteriorate.

Using a stationery or any metal rod for sharpening

We place a paper clip between the digits of the scissors at their base and begin to make non.cutting movements, slowly changing the position of the paper clip/needles. Cut until the blade is sharpened to the required level.

Using a glass jar

The next method of sharpening scissors at home involves the use of a glass jar. Someone can cause laughter for someone, but in reality it is extremely effective and is not inferior in its effectiveness to sharpening using sandpaper.

If the scissors do not cut. How to sharpen correctly

You can try to sharpen them using a round file with a small radius of the section. Sharpening is carried out with a slight movement, without pressure, from the base of the blade to its tip. Each blade is pulled separately.

The best option for sharpening manicure scissors is to contact the master. Sharpowing is performed using special tools for jewelry sharpening.

The sharpening of hairdressing scissors is also better to entrust the master. Such a process is truly jewelry. The master has to not only sharpen the blades, but also perfectly fit them to each other.

  • Filray hairdressers. Such tools have different blades. One even, and the second gear. To sharpen such scissors at home is practically possible. Special equipment is required for sharpening. Therefore, immediately seek help from the master.
  • Portnovsky scissors. Such blades can be tried to be sharpened independently by choosing one of the methods of the proposed above. It is recommended to use foil or sandpaper for sharpening.
  • Kitchen scissors. Designed for cutting herbs, soft products, cutting meat and fish. Such scissors can be tried to sharpen the listed home methods. They will cope well with sharpening. a file, sandpaper, an abrasive bar.
  • Garden scissors or secondary. You can sharpen the blades using a file, an abrasive bar or stone. You can also use a grinding machine.
  • Sheep cutting scissors. The blades of such scissors should be as sharp as possible. They are pulled with a small abrasive stone or file. You can also use a grinding machine. Scissors are quickly blunt, and turn to the master every time it will be costly. Therefore, it is advisable to learn how to sharpen yourself.

Folk methods

First of all, people always turn to this type of advice. One way or another, the main thing is that the method works and help you. To begin with, you can take a simple needle, put it in scissors as close as possible to the connection site, then start the cutting movement that will move this needle by the end of the blade. This method can help you get rid of small irregularities that arose on the edges of the blades and prevent them from working normally.

Further, folk instruction for sharpening scissors with your own hands goes to a simple foil. Many had to hear about this method earlier, since it is also very simple, and very well.known. Even old foil is suitable for this. It needs to be folded several times, but not very tight, and then start cutting it with scissors that need to be sharpened.

Similarly, the habitual sponge for dishes made of metal shavings also works. It is not necessary to sharpen the scissors on a new sponge, just take the old one that you are about to throw out. it is perfect for sharpening scissors. In addition to this, the sponge will also help you get rid of excess dirt that could stay on the scissors.

Similarly things are with sandpaper. To do this, you need fine.grained paper, which you can just take and cut. As you did in childhood with usually, only now it will also sharpen the scissors.

The last remained another interesting and unusual way. It’s about simple glass. First of all, you need to be very careful here. Take a simple glass bottle of small diameter, is well suited from some sweet soda, and carefully start cutting it as described in a item with a needle-start from the screw and end with the edge of the blades. It is important not to overdo it with efforts so that the glass does not crack.

Preparation of scissors for the sharpening process

It’s no secret that even the highest quality scissors will gradually dull over time, which is why it becomes impossible to cut even paper. But this can be fixed by sharpening them in various available ways.

However, before moving directly to the main sharpening process, some tool models have to be prepared or double.check. The fact is that quite often the functionality of the scissors can affect not only the sharpness of the blades, but also other factors.

For example, the operability of the cutting tool can be significantly reduced due to the weakening of their two halves of their bolt or rivets.

Weakening the fastening can cause poor scissors work

If this flaw is discovered, first of all, it should be eliminated, and then check the scissors, how much their cutting ability has changed. It is not excluded that they don’t even have to sharpen them. But if they still cut it poorly after the lifting, then they will have to choose a way to sharpen them.

Additionally, it is recommended to go through the blades with a cotton pad moistened in alcohol to remove pollution formed on them during the operation of pollution, which can also negatively affect the quality of the tool. Such layers are almost invisible, but interfere with good contact of the cutting edges.

Available in everyday life to sharpening scissors

Humanity, as they say, accumulates experience. This is that you can currently recall the whole list of different ways to sharpen the scissors. over, to do this quite often, literally without getting up, with the help of improvised means that can be found both at home and in the desktop cabinet in the office.

Naturally, there are special devices in order to sharpen not only knives, but also scissors. Some sharpening devices are made by companies that make the cutting tool itself, and are designed for products of a particular manufacturer. Another option is special sharpeners used to sharpen various sharp objects. There is such a tool in workshops for making keys, there is a scissors sharpening service at all inexpensive. But, as a rule, only masters turn to such organizations who need to put in order professional tailoring, hairdressers or manicure tools.

By the way, a hollow multifunctional machine can be done independently!

The “advanced” home master, without spending a lot of effort and material, is quite capable of making a special machine on which any cutting tool can be sharpened to perfect acute. Read more. in a special publication dedicated to home.made machines and devices for a home workshop

Next, various methods will be considered that allow independently or using special devices to make scissors sharp.

The most affordable express sharpening

The first table selected the simplest options that are available for execution in any conditions. No matter how circumstances are, any of the listed devices will always be at hand.

Illustration Crack description of the method of sharpening scissors

How can I sharpen scissors

To sharpen any kind of scissors is possible with a sharpener (bar), foil, sandpaper and file. At the same time, the easiest way to give the original appearance to the clerical with hairdressing models than manicure. Special measures are applied to the decoy of manicure, for example, a small bar with a small abrasive material or sandpaper with a fine.grained structure is used.

It is interesting that you can find any tool in a household or construction store. It is important to remember that, despite the blunting of the blades of the scissors, you can cut in any case. Therefore, when working, you should use protective fabric gloves and perform all actions neatly.

How to sharpen scissors: step.by.step instructions

It can be sharpened with foil as follows:

Find out the result is simple: each time you will be easier to perform the action.

You can make a sharp tool using sandpaper by performing the following actions:

Reference! It is also possible, like foil, cut it as many times as it will be required to give the tool a sharpness. This is usually 20-25 actions. In approximately the same way, scissors with a metal sponge for washing dishes can be made sharp.

Sharpening with a grind stone is more complicated, but more effective than the previous methods of sharpening. To do this, you need to take a bar and put it on the fabric to prevent gliding or damage to the table. Then moisten the stone slightly and open the tool to the limits. Then, in the direction from yourself, start sharpening of each half of the tool, without changing the factory slope. The most important thing is to do the work extremely carefully, so as not to harm yourself and the product.

Scissors should pass through the stone completely, otherwise the sharpening result will be negative: they will cut the fabric with paper in an uneven way. It is better to start sharpening with a coarse.grained surface of the stone and finish fine.grained. Manicure tools are sharpened using the same technology. However, for their acceleration, small stone and fine.grained structure are used.

In general, you can independently sharpen such a tool for cutting paper or manicure yourself without resorting to the services of masters with professional equipment. It is enough to remember the above recommendations and instructions for action.

Sharpening of scissors “folk” ways

There are several “folk” ways to give sharpness to home scissors:

  • Abrasive bar. this method requires sufficient experience and dexterity. We place an abrasive bar on the edge of the table, open the scissors as much as possible, determine the angle and side of the sharpening (sharpening is carried out only on one side of the knife). We draw scissors with a knife on the surface of the bar several times, turn the scissors. In the process of sharpening, the knife should pass along the surface of the bar along the entire length. The angle of inclination should not change throughout the sharpening time. To remove the burr, draw scissors with a knife on a wooden bar along the fibers. If the burr is not very expressed, just cut a piece of paper several times!
  • File and vise-the difficulty of creating a perfectly-only surface of the supply due to the small area of ​​the file and a greater likelihood of damage can be considered a minus of this sharpening.
  • Sharpowing with a skin. for this we cut a sheet of sandpaper. For sharpening, you need a skin of granularity p80 or p120. When cut, the knife of the scissors glides over the surface of the skin and thereby grinding the metal. For uniform sharpening, it is necessary to cut one side of the sheet, and then, turning the scissors, cut the second side. It is desirable that the number of cuts is the same for each side.
  • Aluminum foil. this method can be attributed to editing (restoration of RK), t.to. no abrasive effect on metal. This method is similar to the described above, but for cutting we use a piece of foil several times (approximately A4 format). We cut the foil with scissors into thin strips. This method gives only temporary acuity.
  • Metal needle. this method is also an editing and affects only the very edge of the Republic of Kazakhstan (cutting edge). For such editing, take the needle (preferably thicker) and try to cut it into two parts. We move the needle between the knives of the scissors from the axis to the tips there and back. Repeat this action several times.
  • Glass bottle. this method is similar to “editing the edges with a needle”, but instead of the latter we use the neck of the bottle.

In order to sharpen the scissors correctly, the following rules must be followed:

  • rigid fixation of a hidden knife to ensure a unified geometry along its entire length;
  • Exactly following the inclination of the sharpening tool to the corner of the blade chamfer.

Sharpowing on the juke sharpener using the “Sharpening of the Scissors

For sharpening, we will use the “Juke sharpener”, a scissors sharpening, a set of diamond bars Juke with Greek JIS-240, 600, 1000 Grit, a bar of natural stone-tuffitis, mineral oil for sharpening, marker.

The sharpening process is simple and will not cause difficulties even in an inexperienced sharpener, and the result will be above the purchase of new!