Electric Lawn Mower – Top Models Reviewed by Verified Manufacturers

Electric Lawn Mower. Top Models Reviewed by Verified Manufacturers

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Justification for choosing a power tool

Tools for mowing grass. Trimmer, lawn mower, lawn mower have similar applications, but differ in the nature and scope of operations.

A lawnmower is called a massive tool, on the frame of which a drive and four wheels are mounted. Often, a device for collecting or chopping grass is mounted on the platform.

The cart can be self-propelled front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. The cutter is powerful, closed, the knot is called a deck.

The lawn mower handles clean, smooth lawns without brushwood. To mow inconvenient places, work in corners, you must use a trimmer or lawn mowing.

Technical Specifications of Electric Lawnmowers:

  • Power. 0.75-2.0 kW;
  • Swath width. 30-45 cm;
  • Cutting height. 30.60 cm.

Depending on the material of manufacture of the frame, deck, the presence of a grass catcher or a chopper, electric lawn mowers for cottages vary in price.

Choosing an electric lawnmower is justified if you have a network and connection availability. The working area of ​​the electric tool is 60 meters from the point of connection with the power cable. Advantage of models in comparison with a gasoline drive:

  • Less weight;
  • Easy launch and management;
  • Less noise during the work.

Significant shortcomings are the constant control of the stretching cord and the limited mobility of the mechanism.

The right choice for lawn mower manufacturers

Among the many companies offering their products to the villagers, from year to year the same brands are heard, their products are bought, ignoring other models.

Unlike well-known models of famous companies, the price of this electric lawn mower for a summer residence does not exceed 4.5 thousand at retail.

However, this is a good exception to the general laws of brand development. The companies included in the list of leaders value their reputation by constantly updating the lineup. Therefore, from year to year, these companies spend money not on development; their models are not cheap.

If you look at the rating of the best models of electric lawn mowers according to the Yandex market, in the first six positions in terms of price. Quality ratio, Bosh models are placed in the 1st, 2nd, 6th place.

According to the Guide-auction version of the popularity of the manufacturer of lawn-mowers, in July 2016, the first place was given to Bosch products. The cost of rating models is moderate from 10 to 14 thousand rubles.

2017 Lawn Mowers Rating: Top 10 Electric, Gasoline, and Battery Models

Popular lawn mower manufacturers

Products of the Swedish brand Husqvarna attract with a durable frame design with wheels on bearings and useful functionality: the ability to adjust the mowing height, equipped with a container for collecting mowed grass. The company offers manual gasoline lawn mowers and self-propelled lawn care equipment.

The assortment of the German company AL-KO includes high-quality spindle hand tools for mowing grass, electric lawn mowers (mains and cordless), as well as models with a gasoline drive, mechanical and self-propelled.

Bosch brand models are regularly featured on top lawn mowers. Electric and gasoline powered vehicles are distinguished by their productivity and multifunctionality, the ability to adjust the cutting height. The compact size and ease of use, coupled with an affordable price, allow the company’s devices to be in demand among customers.

Lawn mowers of the Japanese company Makita are not inferior in quality to devices of other popular brands. The assortment includes mechanical, electric and gasoline models. Customers appreciate the technology of this brand aesthetics and productivity at work.

Many buyers prefer models of the South Korean brand Hyundai. Most of the lawnmowers are equipped with a system of protection against blows of knives, so compact-sized devices can cope with grass mowing in places where analogues of other brands are powerless.

Competition for leading foreign brands in the production of lawn mowers is successfully made by the Russian company Interskol. The brand’s priority is gasoline models. The company can equip its units with additional functionality.

Below are the top 10 lawn mowers, which is designed to orient potential customers in the functionality of the equipment and the cost of its acquisition.

10. Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus

The tenth position in the ranking was made by an Italian-made gas mower. The device is designed for use in areas of up to 1400 m2.

The model is equipped with an engine with upper valves, which creates less noise during operation and saves fuel more economically.

The set includes a plastic 70 liter container with a cloth bottom for collecting mowed grass, a mulching knife. Mowing width 46 cm. Folding handle. The body of the model is steel.

  • Convenient mode for adjusting the cutting height (interval 28-75 mm);
  • High-quality wheels with a profile coating ensure a smooth ride;
  • Ease of use;
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Heavy (25.4 kg);
  • Price from 23 000 rubles.

For the Oleo-Mac G 48 PK Comfort Plus:

At the 9th position, the compact mower, which runs on gasoline fuel, is equipped with a powerful motor that, together with a working width of 51.5 cm, provides decent performance.

The attractiveness of the model also lies in its easy-start system, convenient location of all controls (near the handle) and anti-shock knife protection system. A 55 liter grass catcher is included.

The average price is about 22 0000 rubles

  • Low noise level;
  • Good stability and smoothness;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • The ability to adjust the cutting height;
  • Uninformative instruction;
  • The soft grass catcher is small and clogs quickly.

For Hyundai L 4300 S:

The network model of the German brand is one of the best electric lawn mowers in its segment, and its 8th place is quite natural. The device is equipped with a high-quality multi-turn motor with a capacity of 1.

4 kW, thoughtful shapes and compact dimensions allow you to cut grass as close as possible around obstacles. There is centralized adjustment of the position of the knives, the working width is 37 cm.

Automatic shutdown is provided to avoid overheating of the motor.

  • Convenient folding handle;
  • Simple mowing height adjustment system;
  • Light weight, but copes with grass 0.5 meters tall;
  • Good performance;
  • Availability. Price from 9000 rubles.
  • Expensive spare parts;
  • Weak wheels;
  • Uninformative user manual.

For Bosch ARM 37:

Affordable and high-quality electric network model of a well-known German brand takes the 7th position. The body of the device is made of high strength plastic.

The cutting width is 40 cm. There is a function for adjusting the position of the knives. A grass catcher and a mulcher are included in the package. The price varies within 10,000 rubles.

  • Simple mechanism for adjusting the height by means of a lever;
  • Perfectly mulches the beveled mass;
  • Powerful motor and not too noisy;
  • Organic design;
  • Maneuverability.
  • Skidding in tall grass;
  • Rather weak wheels.

For AL-KO 112858 Silver 40 E Comfort Bio Combi:

On the 6th place of the review of the best lawnmowers is a Japanese-made gasoline self-propelled lawnmower. All that is required of the user is just to manage to control the direction of its movement.

The technical device is equipped with a powerful engine, the use of a container for collecting grass or a device for grinding it is provided. There is also a cutting height adjuster.

The cost is from 35 000 rubles.

  • Rear-wheel drive and powerful wheels allow you to overcome bumps in the area;
  • High performance;
  • 7 options and convenient adjustment;
  • Mows any grass well.
  • The grass catcher is quickly filled, it is often necessary to interrupt;
  • No protection against collisions with an obstacle;
  • Difficulties with spare parts.

For Makita PLM 4618:

The rating is continued by an electric mower with mechanical control and a network type of power supply, which is excellent for maintaining a small house territory in order. In one pass, the machine mows 33 cm.

The model features a lightweight and durable polypropylene housing. For better cross-country ability, the device is equipped with rear wheels of a larger diameter than the front ones, and both pairs are shifted into the body to mow grass at the curbs and the edges of the wall.

The picker has a grass catcher.

  • Branded quality knife sharpening;
  • Silent work;
  • Safety light indicator;
  • Affordable price of about 7000 rubles.

For Makita ELM3311:

Gasoline self-propelled apparatus for the care of green lawns of medium and large area in 4th position. It can function in three versions: mowing grass with lateral discharge, collecting mowed grass in a combined grass catcher (70 liters), mulching. Coverage 53 cm, user-adjustable height (range 19-76 mm). 4-stroke motor with a power of 4.4 kW.

  • Power and self-propelled;
  • Attractive price for this type of equipment (about 30,000 rubles);
  • Good performance;
  • Convenient centralized height adjustment;
  • Multifunctionality.
  • There are difficulties in maintenance;
  • Uninformative instruction.

For Champion LM5345BS:

The self-propelled cordless lawnmower from the French brand is located in the third position of the top ten. The feature of this lawn mower is a combination of comfort and usability with an attractive design.

The device weighs 17 kg, equipped with a 50 liter grass catcher. The capacity of a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery is 40 cm wide. The cost is about 28,000 rubles.

  • Works silently;
  • No harmful emissions;
  • Convenient adjustment of the cutting height;
  • Mobile
  • Suitable for women and the elderly.
  • The battery is expensive (if replacement is necessary);
  • Not suitable for large areas.

For Monferme 25177M:

The best models of technology are always highly reliable, and the unit of the Swedish brand, which settled on the second line of the rating, is no exception. The equipment is equipped with a gasoline engine and all-wheel drive system. Thanks to this technical solution, the self-propelled model surpasses analogues in cross-country ability: bumps and slopes are overcome successfully.

Three operating modes are provided here: conventional mowing with lateral ejection, collection of mowed grass in the grass catcher, and mulching. Crowncut knife is made using patented technology.

  • Unpretentiousness to a lawn relief;
  • Designed for processing up to 2000 m2;
  • Spacious grass catcher;
  • Folds compactly.
  • Heavy (weighs about 40 kg);
  • Price from 58 000 rubles.

For Husqvarna LC 356AWD e 9614102-92:

The winner was a high-performance self-propelled lawn mower of the German brand, which is characterized by build quality, durable Briggs gasoline engineStatton 450E SERIES and rear-wheel drive.

Tires with a wide profile provide comfortable movement without harm to the lawn. There are three options for mowing: side discharge, collection in the grass catcher and mulching.

The grass catcher has well-thought-out ergonomics: during mowing, it fills up completely, but this does not interfere with the process and does not reduce productivity.

The kit comes with a spare knife and a set for servicing the engine. The average cost is about 26,000 rubles.

  • Mowing height adjustment with 7 levels (25-75 mm);
  • Maneuverability on any terrain;
  • Spare knife included;
  • Works very quietly;
  • Easy to start and assemble.
  • No soft grip on the handle;
  • Inaccuracies in the instruction manual.

For AL-KO Silver 46 BR Comfort 119387R:

How many buyers, so many opinions, and the rating of the best lawn mowers is pretty arbitrary. Choosing the right tool, you need to rely on your needs and capabilities.

If you have a small lawn in front of the house, it makes no sense to purchase an expensive gasoline-powered self-propelled unit, it is quite possible to do with a network or battery model. In addition, they are more environmentally friendly and less noisy.

And the owners of areas with uneven terrain should take a closer look at all-wheel drive gasoline models or trimmers that mow grass in any place.

Gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers. Ranking of the best models

Gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mowers are a great help in lawn care. Electrical options lose this both in power and in FortE operation. Gasoline units are independent of mains voltage and do not need cable layout and battery charging.

One of the main advantages of self-propelled mowers is in facilitating the user’s work. Since part of the motor energy is transmitted to the wheels, the mower is only required to direct the braid and watch so that no stones fall under the knives.

There are two types of gasoline-powered self-propelled units. Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The former are good for mowing flat areas, the latter are suitable for lawns with a not very even landscape and for inclined lawns.

In addition to the rating, a number of guidelines that you should pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower will help you:

  • Case material. Aluminum alloys are preferred: they are light and quite durable;
  • Power. The geometrically more complex the site, the more powerful the device should be; it is logical, because the wheels should get enough effort from the engine so that the user does not feel discomfort; rear-wheel drive, as a rule, is more powerful, although they are characterized by lower fuel economy;
  • Strip width. The larger the lawn, the more appropriate the acquisition of a mower with a large grip; usually for small areas they take aggregates with a mowing width of up to 43 cm, for larger areas. With a width of more than 43 cm; mowers with a mowing width of more than 51 cm are considered professional;
  • Wheels. If the unit is more designed for mowing tall grass, then wide wheels are preferable; if the lawn is processed on a regular basis, the width of the wheels does not play a noticeable role;
  • Mulching is an option that allows grass not only to be cut, but also to be ground, thus obtaining lawn fertilizer;
  • Grass collection. If the site is designed for regular mowing and an exclusively decorative look, you must purchase a device with a grass catcher.

Husqvarna R 152SV

The rear wheel drive mower is perfect for consumers who are unlucky with the geometry of the lawn. The speed of movement is regulated (extremely fast movement. At a speed of 5 km / h), and this provides a smooth access to delicate shrubs and flower beds without risk of damage to the latter.

A sufficiently strong motor (3.8 horses) and a strong sharp knife make it possible not only to mow everything that “grows poorly”, but also to grind branches that fall in the way. There are three options for dumping grass. Sideways, back and in a 70-liter bag. Bonus is a mulching option. The height range of the mown greens is 33-108 mm (a total of seven levels). Mowing width. 53 cm.

Among the minuses is an insufficiently thought-out dumping of grass into a soft bag. In some cases, the pipe is clogged. Otherwise, this is a great machine for handling steep and complex lawns. Refueling a 1.5-liter tank is enough, on average, for 15 acres.

Husqvarna LB 448S

A reliable and powerful representative of front-wheel petrol lawn mowers. Refers to models of the middle price category. Suitable for heavy use. The engine from Honda starts smoothly and easily.

The cutting element is very durable (from silumin), resistant to corrosion and impact load. This is important when machining difficult sections. Central adjustment of the mowing height makes it possible to choose from 6 levels. There are two options for working with waste. Throwing back grass and mulching. The width of the greenery is 48 cm.

The manufacturer equipped the wheels with rubber with high treads, which provides good traction with the soil.

Among the minuses is the lack of a grass catcher. The disadvantages include the impossibility of speed adjustment.

Mcculloch M46-125R

Compact 28 kg front-wheel drive American model. Light maneuverable equipment will allow you to control grass on lawns with a lot of obstacles. It is equipped with a 3.5-horsepower engine with simplified starting. Speed ​​is not adjustable. 3.6 km / h are available.

There are 6 levels of mowing height. From 3 to 8 cm. There is a choice of dumping greens. Sideways or in a 50-liter bag. Combined capacity. Made of fabric and plastic. Coverage. 46 cm.

Among the shortcomings. The machine is voracious with respect to oil and does not have the option of mulching. But these gasoline self-propelled mowers are characterized by moderate cost and attractive stylish design.

Hyundai L 4300S

Rear-wheel mower with one of the best combinations of cost, power and ease of operation. It weighs only 27 kg, while it is characterized by 4 horsepower. A vibration and noise suppression system is installed on board, so power is much less reflected in the ears and hands.

Central mowing height adjustment. Within 25-75 mm. The four-blade knife is made of durable steel. The shape of the flaps contributes to the creation of a directed airflow directing the waste into a soft grass catcher.

The mower, for all its power, is reasonably moderate in fuel appetites. It features a soft start. Among the minuses. The lack of speed control. When processing a flat area, you have to move in order to catch a powerful lawnmower.

Craftsman 37093

This is the best lawn mower rating, if you take the power of equipment for the main criterion. 7 horses are hidden in the engine, which, given the rear-wheel drive nature of the device, makes the scythe an excellent choice if necessary to handle uneven sloping lawns.

Power will not be a problem when moving. The speed is regulated based on the tasks and wishes of the user. The rear wheels are high enough, which makes the mower even more convenient and maneuverable.

The mowing height is also adjustable. The 8-level system is set to a range of 3-9 cm. The mowing width is 56 cm. The grass catcher is voluminous (83 l) and is made of special material that simplifies the life of allergy sufferers.

Among the minuses is the relative gluttony with a small tank volume (1.5 l). The disadvantages include weight. 44 kg. However, the technique and self-propelled, in order to pay almost no attention to it.

Al-KO Highline 525 VS

Behind the sporty design of the rear wheel drive mower is a powerful, 3.4-horsepower setting. The technique is great for inclined overall areas. There are several options for dumping mowed grass at once. Mulching, sideways, backward and into a 70-liter grass catcher. The latter is easily fixed and removed, there is a fill indicator.

The mowing width is 51 cm. There is a 7-level adjustment of the mowing height. 3-8 cm. A characteristic feature of the machine is the height and dimensions of the steel casing are increased, which ensures an increased air supply. In addition, the housing is designed to allow grass to be mowed close to flower beds or a fence.

Among the shortcomings. It would be better to think of a design based on higher grass. In such a situation, the technique does not behave sufficiently in relation to its power.

Makita PLM 5121

Despite branding, this is arguably the best gas mower, based on a combination of price and quality. Although the braid is modest in size and weight (31 kg), it is equipped with a 3.17-horsepower engine. A sufficiently powerful motor is reliably protected from stones and other solid elements falling under the knife.

The width of the strip is 51 cm. The seven-level mowing height has a range of 2.5-7 cm. Among the pluses is the body made of durable steel and the presence of the mulching function. Among the minuses. Perhaps not the most attractive design and lack of grass catcher.

Oleo-Mac G 53 TK

Powerful lawn mowers are the best options for regular maintenance of complex lawns and lawns. This is one of the most powerful braids in our rating. 6 liters. With. Of course, the rear-wheel drive model. Despite some slowness, the mower rolls and cuts perfectly. It is easy to start, and the knives are sharp and wear-resistant. You can cut grass with great comfort.

Video: Electric Lawn Mower. Top Models Reviewed by Verified Manufacturers

The height of the well-groomed grass varies within 25-65 mm. The mowing width reaches 51 cm. The deck is made of aluminum alloy. There is mulching and a 65-liter grass catcher.

Among the shortcomings that consumers note are insufficiently strong wheels. Some buyers expressed a desire to see metal instead of plastic.

Champion LM4630

The Champion Mower is not a Champion in either parameters or price.

It is an excellent workhorse contributing to the optimal. Efficient, inexpensive and fast. Mowing of the grown grass. Motor power (4.1 hp

) more than enough to meet domestic lawn needs. The speed is quite high, and the user only needs to adjust the direction.

Among the minuses. Despite the steel case, some consumers complained about small deformations.

Huter GLM-5.0 S

The best gas mowers of the self-propelled type are those that are characterized by versatility. This model is great for mixed types of greens. 5-horsepower engine allows you to operate the equipment efficiently and for a long time. Exhaust. Almost 3,000 revolutions of the knife per minute. Mowing height. 20-85 mm (5-level system). The volume of the bag is 60 liters.

Among the shortcomings are the fast clogging of the grass catcher and insufficiently strong wheels.

Gasoline lawn mower: ranking of the best models

Lawn mowers have long been in the service of utilities, and they are also in demand by the owners of country houses. The choice of model depends on the cultivated area. If a large plot is located far from home, then a self-propelled gasoline mower here will be the best option for solving the problem of grass mowing.

Features of the device of self-propelled mowers

The comfort of using a self-propelled lawn mower is that it does not need to be pushed in front of you during operation. The car goes by itself, and the operator only directs it in the right direction. In self-propelled mowers, the torque from the gasoline engine is transmitted to the wheels. Thanks to this, a person who does not have great physical strength can control the equipment.

Important! Petrol lawn mowers have an impressive weight. Self-propelled function helps to cope well with the machine, without putting much effort.

All self-propelled models are divided into two groups:

  • Rear-wheel mowers do not have the ability to slip. Cars are characterized by high cross-country ability, drive well along mounds and pits.
  • Mowers with front-wheel drive are more maneuverable, but they need a flat terrain for a good ride. It is convenient to use cars on lawns where there are trees, beds, sidewalks and other obstacles.

Important! Many front-wheel-drive lawnmowers are equipped with a rear basket for mowing grass. Reviews from many users say that when the grass box is full, the center of gravity shifts. The front wheels begin to rise during movement, and the operator has to exert extra effort to control.

Self-propelled gas mowers with a metal and plastic body are produced. Components are added to the plastic to increase its strength. Such a housing is resistant to corrosion, does not fade in the sun and has a light weight. But even the most durable plastic does not withstand strong shocks. And they often happen when a knife grabs stones on a lawn.

The most reliable is a gasoline mower with a metal body. Over, aluminum alloys have a long service life. The steel body is susceptible to corrosion and has a greater weight.

The gauge of a gas mower depends on the model. For domestic needs, it is optimal to choose a model for which this indicator is in the range of 30–43 cm. Professional self-propelled mowers are designed for mowing large lawns. Naturally, their track gauge is also increased by more than 50 cm.

Attention! An important parameter is the size of the wheels. Less damage to lawn grass is caused by a wide tread.

When choosing a self-propelled lawn mower, you need to consider its features. There are models endowed with the function of mulching.

It is typical for each mower to have a certain number of switching steps regulating the height of mowing of green vegetation. Grass catchers are hard and soft.

The plastic basket is easier to clean and the fabric bag is lightweight.

Grass catchers still come with and without a fill indicator. The first option is more convenient, since the operator does not have to often stop the machine to check the basket.

Important! Professional mowers are equipped with a powerful gasoline engine, which creates a lot of noise during operation. These machines usually come with headphones.

The provides an overview of self-propelled mowers for mowing high vegetation:

Rating of popular gas mowers

Self-propelled model Husqvarna R 152SV

The rear-wheel drive car, which can rightly be called a jewelry one, tops the popularity rating. The mower maneuvers perfectly on lawns with complex geometric shapes. The maximum speed is 5 km / h, but smooth regulation allows the lawnmower to drive up to flower beds with delicate vegetation and shrubs.

A self-propelled mower equipped with a 3.8 horsepower gasoline engine is equipped. A special knife sharpening allows you to chop not only grass, but also small branches that have fallen in the way.

Grass ejection can be arranged to the side, back, or use a grass catcher. The cloth bag is designed for a capacity of 70 liters. Cutting height is regulated by an eight-speed switch and has a range from 3.3 to 10.8 cm.

The width of the knife is 53 cm. There is a mulching function.

Powerful Husqvarna LB 448S

A knife made of silumin withstands blows on stones found on the lawn. This allows the lawnmower to be used in complex as well as heavily contaminated areas. The mowing height adjuster has 6 steps. The grass is thrown back. There is a mulching function. The mowing width is 48 cm. The rubber tread of the wheels with a deep pattern provides reliable traction.

Many users consider the lack of a speed regulator, as well as a grass catcher, a drawback.

Compact mower McCULLOCH M46-125R

The American self-propelled mower weighs 28 kg. The front-wheel drive car is characterized by maneuverability, which makes it easy to go around many obstacles on lawns and lawns. The mower is powered by a 3.5 horsepower gasoline engine. The motor is characterized by quick start. The speed is one. 3.6 km / h and it is not regulated.

A six-step mowing height regulator with a range of 3–8 cm is installed on the mower. Mowed grass is ejected to the side or a grass catcher with a capacity of 50 l is used. The basket may be cloth or plastic. Grass mowing width is 46 cm.

Of the shortcomings, users highlight the gluttony of oil, as well as the lack of mulching function. An advantage is considered modern design and affordable cost.

Simple and inexpensive HYUNDAI L 4300S

Lightweight lawn mower suitable for private use. The rear-wheel drive car is equipped with a 4 horsepower engine. The mass of the unit is about 27 kg. A big plus is the presence of anti-vibration and noise reduction systems.

Easy on the go machine practically does not tire your hands during long work. The range of adjustment of the cutting height is 2.5–7.5 cm. The cutting element is a knife from four blades.

Flaps create an air stream that throws the cut vegetation into a cloth grass catcher.

Of the positive qualities, users highlight economical fuel consumption, as well as easy and smooth engine start. The main disadvantage is the lack of speed control. A maneuverable mower with a powerful motor moves smoothly along an even lawn, which makes the operator keep up with it.

Super powerful CRAFTSMAN 37093

If the rating of lawn mowers is traction, then this model will occupy a leading position. The machine has a 7 horsepower engine. Another big plus is the rear-wheel drive. With these characteristics, the mower processes large areas with difficult terrain without rest.

A powerful motor is not an obstacle to comfortable movement. The speed controller allows you to adjust the machine to the requirements of the operator.

The large wheel radius contributes to maneuverability and minimal damage to lawn grass. The eight-step mowing control makes it possible to set the height in the range from 3 to 9 cm.

The mowing width is 56 cm. The volumetric grass catcher is designed for 83 liters.

The disadvantage is that users consider the small volume of the fuel tank, because 1.5 liters is not enough for such a powerful engine. The lawn mower weighs 44 kg, which is also a lot. But the car is self-propelled, so its large mass does not create problems in work.

Sports AL-KO Highline 525 VS

The lawn mower features a modern sporty design. The model is equipped with a 3.4 horsepower gasoline engine. Thanks to the rear-wheel drive and the large diameter of the wheels, the mower has excellent stability on uneven lawns.

Mowed grass is ejected to the side or back. The rigid grass catcher is designed for 70 liters. A big plus is the presence of a basket full indicator. The width of the knife is 51 cm.

The seven-step mowing regulator has a range of 3 to 8 cm.

The steel case is distinguished by its good shape, due to which the air flow increases, the grass is thrown into the basket. In addition, the machine can drive up tight to any obstacle.

A disadvantage is users consider the low cutting height. For such a powerful engine, this range could be expanded.


Anatoly, an employee of a utility company, the company acquired the CRAFTSMAN 37093 gas mower two years ago. The machine is a beast. For the day of work, we give rest only at lunch. The engine does not overheat, starts quickly. We mow without problems on any uneven areas. Stones often come across, but the case and knife have not yet been affected. Everything except a small tank is thought out in the mower. I often have to do refueling. Nikita, the owner of a suburban area. Near the house I have a large adjoining area of ​​11 hundred parts. Mowing grass in such an area is difficult with a trimmer, so I bought a McCULLOCH M46-125R lawn mower. There are no complaints during the season of using. The mower is lightweight, comfortable, rides around the lawn like a toy.

10 best gas mowers, 2017 rating

Gasoline lawn mowers have several advantages. They are cordless, have a powerful engine that allows you to clean large areas of stiff and tall grass, and are cheaper to maintain compared to electric lawn mowers.

We present you the most top gas mowers, which will save summer residents and owners of private homes a lot of time and effort. They are selected by user rating on Yandex.Market.

No lawn yet? Carefully consider choosing a quality lawn mixture.

Here is a ranking of the best lawn grass producers.

And if you care about nature and a gas mower is not your option, feel free to choose the best electric lawn mower of 2017 and make sure that there is a power outlet next to the green lawn.

  • The average price is 14,400 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 46 cm.
  • Cutting height. 20-85 mm.

Opens our selection of the best lawn mowers of 2017 with a wheeled model with a tough 60-liter grass catcher. The cutting height is easily adjustable with the lever, the control knob is adjustable depending on the height of the person, and in general the device is simple and reliable to handle. When working, it does not make much noise.

Disadvantage: there are no official representative offices of the manufacturer.

9. Oleo-Mac G 48 PK

  • The average price is 26 990 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 46 cm.
  • Cutting height. 28-75 mm.

An Italian-made wheeled lawnmower with a rigid plastic 60-liter grass catcher. It has 4 options for adjusting the cutting height, it is possible to install a mulching nozzle. This is the lightest lawn mower in the ranking. Its weight is 25.4 kg.

8. Al-KO 119065 Silver 520 BR Premium

  • The average cost is 36,990 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 51 cm.
  • Cutting height. From 30 to 80 mm

The first self-propelled model on the list of popular lawn mowers.

She has a stylish black and silver case, a soft grass catcher with a volume of 70 liters and a powerful engine (6 hp).

7. Al-KO 119670 Highline 525 VS

  • The average cost is 39,990 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 51 cm.
  • Cutting height. 30-80 mm

This self-propelled model differs from its “colleague”, which is on the 8th place in the rating, with a rigid grass catcher, the possibility of throwing grass apart from the grass catcher both back and side (AL-KO 119065 only sideways), massiveness (39 kg versus 37 kg) and blade rotation speed (up to 2800 rpm against 2400 rpm for AL-KO 119065). And the price of AL-KO 119670, respectively, is higher.

6. Champion LM4627

  • The average cost is 16 800 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 46 cm.
  • Cutting height. 25-75 mm.

One of the most beautiful lawn mowers in our top 10. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, this device has several advantages: self-propelled, two options for ejecting grass (side and back), mulching, a large and soft 60-liter tank and 7 levels of grass mowing height.

Among the shortcomings: there is no adjustment of the speed, and it is difficult to maneuver with this lawn mower, it weighs 34.5 kg.

5. Makita PLM4621

  • The average cost is 39,050 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 46 cm.
  • Cutting height. 20-75 mm.

A self-propelled lawn mower with a convenient height-adjustable handle, a large 60-liter soft bag and a 5-level mowing height adjustment. This model is widespread, so if necessary it is easy to find parts for it.

Cons: you have to turn the mower on its side and drain the used oil from the neck.

4. Al-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A

  • The average price is 28 190 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 46 cm.
  • Cutting height. From 30 to 80 mm.

Beautiful and powerful Austrian-made gas mower. It has a mulching mode and 7 levels of adjustment of the cutting height. A feature of this model is the fill indicator of a 70-liter hard grass catcher.

But what this mower doesn’t have is a side discharge of grass. And users complain that the right part of the grass catcher is quickly clogged with mowed tall grass, and left space remains empty.

3. Champion LM5345BS

  • The average cost is 30,300 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 53 cm.
  • Cutting height. 19-76 mm

It is a self-propelled gas mower with the largest mowing width.

Grass ejection can go both sideways and backward, or in a soft grass catcher with a volume of 70 liters. Powerful 6 hp engine manufactured and assembled in the USA, although the apparatus itself is Chinese-made.

The lawn mower starts, as they say, with a dime, and during operation the vibration is practically not transmitted to the handle.

However, it is also the heaviest lawn mower from the top 10, it weighs 41 kg.

2. Makita PLM4620

  • The average cost is 27,207 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 46 cm.
  • Cutting height. 20-75 mm

Not too heavy (29.1 kg) wheeled lawn mower with mulching, soft grass catcher with a volume of 60 liters and 5-level adjustment of the cutting height. Due to the fact that the diameter of the rear wheels is larger than the front, the device is convenient to deploy.

1. Al-KO 119387 Silver 46 BR Comfort

  • The average cost is 31,990 rubles.
  • Cutting width. 46 cm.
  • Cutting height. 25-75 mm

In the first place in the ranking of the best gasoline lawn mowers for a summer residence is the model, which is the golden mean, both in weight (30 kg) and in capabilities.

Advantages: high-quality Austrian engine assembly, mulching, 7 levels of mowing height adjustment, hard 65-liter grass catcher, quiet operation.

How to choose a gas mower for a summer cottage?

The modern line of gas mowers is represented by a diverse array of models and manufacturers. Their difference is technical specifications, appearance, and cost.

If the plot in need of processing is large, then a gas mower is the best choice. When working with it, unlike the electric model, there is no need to pull a long cord, the lawn mower is also subject to operation with wet grass.

In this article we will consider rating of gas mowers, and also select the best models for the summer cottage.

Rating of gas mowers

Gasoline lawn mowers: models and features

When choosing a mower, you need to consider that self-propelled models are the most powerful and productive. They easily cut off any grass, even with the toughest stalk and can work on a site with an uneven surface.

Such models do not require much physical effort at the time of operation, since due to the energy generated by the engine during gasoline combustion, the wheels of the structure move more easily on the lawn.

It is only necessary to direct the unit in the right direction.

Self-propelled models of mowers are divided into two types:

  • Front-wheel drive units with good maneuverability, and designed mainly for working on flat areas with a large number of plantings (trees, flower beds, flower beds);
  • Rear-wheel mowers are well suited for the treatment of inclined and uneven areas (knolls, humps).

Modern gasoline lawn mowers have a moving platform on which a high power motor is installed. Due to this, the entire weight of the unit does not fall on the operator. With high productivity, the lawn mower in 60 minutes of work, mows grass on an area of ​​10 to 30 square meters. M

The main advantages of gas mowers:

  • Work on AI-95 and AI-92 gasoline, low fuel consumption;
  • High maneuverability at work and mobility;
  • Great performance, ease and reliability in operation;
  • Long working time, there is no need to constantly cool the engine;
  • Adjustment of the height of the cutting elements and the level of mowing grass;
  • Independence from electricity, lack of difficulty in maintenance;
  • The possibility of processing areas with an uneven surface;
  • A diverse range of functions (mowing grass, its collection and grinding).

Rules for choosing a gas mower

Some models have a low noise level. When purchasing a gas mower, you should consider the following parameters:

  • The material of which the housing is made. Models made of durable plastic have a low weight and low price. But, they can be damaged if small debris, pebbles fall under the knives on the lawn and bounce off them. Experts recommend giving preference to models with a metal deck.
  • Different models and manufacturers have different wheel alignment. In addition, they can have a surface of various widths and whether or not to adjust. The wider the wheels, the better. If you need to mow grass on a standard lawn, the height of the wheels does not matter. And when working with high vegetation, you need to choose lawn mowers with higher wheels. At different manufacturers, the wheels have unequal maneuverability.
  • The main criterion that you should pay attention to when choosing a mower is the engine power, since it, due to the speed of fuel combustion, ensures the operation of cutting elements and wheels when moving the unit. Experts believe that it is impractical to acquire models with a capacity of less than 3 hp. Rear-wheel mowers are more powerful than their front-wheel drive counterparts, due to their operation on uneven surfaces. But, due to the high power, gasoline consumption also increases.
  • An important parameter, when choosing an aggregate, is the width of the mowed strip. If the lawn is small, then a mowing width of 43 cm will be sufficient, and for a large area, it is recommended to choose models having a mowing width of more than 43 cm. There are modifications with a mowing width of more than 51 cm, but they already belong to the professional classification.

The most comfortable to use are mowers with a seat and a steering wheel for control. Such units belong to the class of mini-tractors. A necessary additional function is the option of mulching the grass.

If it is present, the cut grass is crushed, again throws out onto the lawn and later serves as fertilizer for the soil.

In addition, it prevents the germination of weeds, slows down the evaporation of moisture, and, therefore, decreases the frequency of watering the lawn.

Self-propelled variations of lawn mowers are equipped with a tank in which mowed grass accumulates. With constant care of the lawn, the presence of a grass catcher is necessary. Such containers are made of plastic or dense fabric. The fabric version is lightweight, and the plastic one is easier to clean from grass and dirt.

When choosing a lawn mower, you should also consider the possibility of acquiring spare parts in the event of a breakdown. According to statistics, unit repair is required after 3-4 years of operation.

Knives can break if the balance is disturbed due to an impact, which will result in damage to the engine crankshaft. Therefore, it is important, when buying, to choose a manufacturer whose spare parts are always on sale. Regardless of the manufacturer, the mowers also have disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is the presence of a large amount of exhaust gases, and the high price of self-propelled models.

The most popular models are manufacturers:

The Makita company equips lawn mowers with the option of mulching, wheels on bearings, the grass cut is regulated in height and there is a grass catcher. Models are often in the first lines of the rating, due to high power and performance. When moving around the lawn, no wheel marks are left.

The Husqvarna brand has high-quality assembly and reliable parts, ease of operation and high power. The case is made of steel, it is possible to adjust the knives. The wheels of the unit are equipped with bearings.

Al-Ko models attract consumers with an external design, an easy-start system and a spacious grass catcher. It is equipped with an indicator that reflects the degree of capacity filling. You can set the height of grass mowing, there is an option for mulching.

Lawnmower Operation Rules

In order to avoid damage to the lawn mower, it is necessary to carry out maintenance on a regular basis: clean from grass residues, especially the body part and knife blades; periodically oil the engine and parts; monitor the level of gas in the tank.

In addition, to extend the service life, preventive maintenance is carried out. It is recommended to entrust it to specialists. It includes: sharpening knives if they are worn or damaged during operation; fuel system diagnostics.

Maintenance or repair of a lawnmower is necessary if:

  • Extraneous noise appeared during operation;
  • Strong vibration has occurred;
  • Poorly cut grass;
  • Sudden engine shutdown occurs.

If such problems occur, contact a service center.

When operating the lawn mower, the following rules must be observed: the appliance must not be used in an inappropriate position, otherwise the oil will fall into the crankcase, the normal position of the machine will be horizontal and the oil should be changed in a timely manner.

If you ensure proper care of the lawn mower, check the treated area before work for large debris, stones, then the unit will last a long time without breakdowns and will not cause trouble to the owners.

Self-propelled lawn mowers rating

Lawn processing requires appropriate technology. Therefore, lawn mowers are used to clean up the garden area. They greatly facilitate the gardener’s life and are able to quickly give the lawn a well-groomed, aesthetic appearance.

Attention gardeners presented self-propelled gas mowers rating, which includes the best models to date.

Cub Cadet CC 48 SPOEPrice 24 000 rubles

Cub Cadet CC 48 SPOE opens the top ten self-propelled lawnmowers. The unit has a bevel width of 48 cm and is equipped with a large grass catcher with convenient carrying handles.

Folding handles and a removable grass catcher provide convenient storage and transportation of the device. The cutting height is adjustable, thanks to the lever on the device.

The average cost of the Cub Cadet CC 48 SPOE is 24,000 rubles.

Stiga Collector 46 SPrice 21 000 rubles

Stiga Collector 46 S one of the top ten self-propelled gas mowers. The model is equipped with a rear-wheel drive for accurate mowing of a medium-sized lawn. Equipped with 4-stroke Briggs engine4 horsepower Stratton 450-series.

Good movement of the mower on any ground is facilitated by wheels mounted on ball bearings. The capacious grass catcher is designed for a long duty cycle. The handle folds up for easy transportation and storage. The cost of STIGA Collector 46 S averages 21,000 rubles.

Huter GLM 5.0 SPrice 19 000 rubles

Gasoline Self-propelled Lawn Mower Huter GLM 5.0 S ranked eighth in the ranking of the best garden tools for mowing grass. The unit works easily and accurately, thanks to the wide wheels, which are careful about the lawn, without leaving behind a rut.

The self-propelled komForten device in operation has a removable, adjustable handle, which greatly facilitates its transportation and storage. The model is equipped with a single-cylinder, four-stroke gas-cooled internal combustion engine with manual start. He is able to develop power up to 5 hp. Huter GLM 5 average price.

0 S is currently 19,000 rubles.

Hyundai L 4300S Price 22 000 rubles

On the sixth line in the ranking of gasoline self-propelled lawnmowers is the model Hyundai L 4300S. The unit with a mowing width of 43 cm is ideal for processing small lawns.

The lawn mower is equipped with a powerful four-stroke engine with a capacity of 4.0 horsepower and a four-blade knife made of quality steel. If a solid object gets under the device, the knife folds, which eliminates damage to the gross motor. The device has everything necessary for comfortable operation.

The average cost of the HYUNDAI L 4300S is 22,000 rubles.

Champion LM5345BS price 32 000 rubles

Champion LM5345BS ranked sixth in the ranking of the best gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers. Briggs engine 200 cc Stratton 675 Series see has a capacity of 6.0 liters.

With. The width of the processed strip is 53 cm. The “3 in 1” shearing system (collection in the grass catcher, mulching, side discharge) provides an excellent result. The model has an ideal ratio of price and quality. The average cost of Champion LM5345BS is 32 000 rubles.

Megagroup 5450 LTT Tonino LamborghiniPrice 34 000 rubles

Megagroup 5450 LTT Tonino Lamborghini located in the middle of the ranking of the best gasoline self-propelled mowers. It is designed for mowing small and medium areas up to 20-25 acres. When using the mulching function, it can process mowed grass into mulch and apply it as an organic fertilizer to the lawn.

Thanks to a high steel deck and a special two-blade knife, the mower can not only suck grass into the grass catcher, but also lift fallen leaves and small branches into it. This model is self-propelled and has rear-wheel drive, which greatly facilitates the work and reduces the load on the operator.

The average cost of the MegaGroup 5450 LTT Tonino Lamborghini is 34 000 rubles.

Husqvarna LC 153SPrice 51 000 rubles

Husqvarna LC 153S Ranked among the best gas mowers. A versatile, durable and self-propelled model for large lawns.

Equipped with a wide, robust steel cutting deck and ergonomic soft handles. Driven by a powerful Briggs engine Stratton. Trioclip technology, centrally adjustable cutting height and robust wheels with bearings.

The unit is equipped with a powerful Briggs engine The easy-to-start Stratton has a voluminous grass catcher that allows you to operate the device for large areas, and also includes three cutting systems.

Thanks to centralized height adjustment, you can adjust the cutting height with one lever. The average price of the Husqvarna LC 153S is 51,000 rubles.

Al-ko 119617 Higline 46.5 SP-A Price 29 000 rubles

Alko 119617 Higherline 46.5 SPA opens the top three self-propelled gas mowers. The unit can process territories up to 1400 sq.M.

The model has a rather large grass catcher, which increases the duration of the working cycle. The handle, if necessary, folds down for transportation and storage. Ball-bearing wheels enable optimal driving performance. Cost on Al-ko 119617 Higline 46.

5 SP-A averages 29,000 rubles.

Makita PLM4621Price 35 000 rubles

Makita Plm4621. One of the best gasoline self-propelled mowers today. A powerful and high-performance device running on gasoline is capable of processing areas of more than 1000 square meters. M

It has a four-stroke engine with a power of 2300 watts. With it, mowing the grass becomes not tiring and even a pleasant undertaking. Also, the pride of the device is strong wheels with ball bearings, which do not leave a rut and make the lawnmower maneuverable.

In one pass, Makita PLM4621 processes a 46 cm wide strip. Mowed grass does not remain on the lawn. It is mulched and automatically moved to a large 60-liter hay collection tank. Grass mowing height can be adjusted using a special lever.

The mower is very convenient both in operation and storage: it is enough to fold the handle and the device will fit even in a very modest storage room. The average cost of Makita PLM4621 is 35,000 rubles.

Turbo 53 S4Q HPrice 53 000 rubles

Turbo 53 S4Q H tops the ranking of the best gasoline self-propelled lawnmowers. The powerful Honda GCV 190 Autochoke engine is incredibly easy to start.

Thanks to the automatic damper drive, there is no need to think about manipulating the carburetor air damper. Just turn on the ignition and pull the starter cord.

The width of the haircut is 51 cm, so the machine is characterized by extremely high performance, especially since it is self-propelled, with rear-wheel drive.

The “3 in 1” mowing system guarantees an excellent result both when mowing with picking in a grass catcher, and when mulching or mowing with a throw back, which is important for overgrown lawns. The galvanic coating of the steel casing protects it from corrosion and extends its service life. The average cost of the Turbo 53 S4Q H is 53,000 rubles.