Electric lawn mower what grass mows. Will a wheeled machine be suitable for such work??

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Review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not intended as a guide to purchase. Before to buy the mower it is necessary to consult with the expert.

Keeping your lawn in excellent condition is impossible without special equipment. If the grass covers not more than 1000 sq. m. If you have a yard and buildings nearby, an electric lawn mower is an excellent choice. These models do not make a lot of noise, so during the operation of the unit will not irritate the residents of the house and the neighbors. No ecology left out, the electric motor does not pollute the atmosphere. And the decisive factor for many homeowners is the affordable price of this garden equipment. On sale is a wide range of electric lawn mowers, so without the expert help of the average consumer in the choice can not do.

How to choose a lawn mower

Do not rush to buy the mower that your neighbor has or the one “everyone else is buying”. Here are a number of key parameters, knowing that you can choose a mechanical device that best meets your needs:

  • Mowing width. Varies from 30 to 54 cm and does not change. For spacious areas, it is better to take a lawn mower with a working width of 40 cm, otherwise you will have to bother every time you mow the lawn for a long time. If the green area is up to 100 sq. m. and there are obstacles on it, it will be more convenient to maneuver with the models of 38 cm or less in width.
  • Height range. Mechanical mowers can cut from 12 mm to 76 mm or more. Here it all depends on the type of lawn you want (for playing sports, resting on the blanket, just for beauty). Models with a setting of up to 38 mm just can’t mow tired lawns. Height adjustment of blades is stepless and smooth. The latter extends the mowing possibilities.
  • Wheels. Large wheels with deep tread are great for uneven terrain or high grass. Small and smooth chassis should be chosen only for even, short mowed lawns.
  • Handle adjustment. Changing the height of the handles is useful for alternating between several operators, e.g. when a father and his teenage son are mowing.
  • Grass box. Allows you to collect the grass in a container and pour it into a bag, saving you time on cleaning up after mowing. Some mowers are sold with one, others have to buy one separately.
  • Weight. Comes in 6-18kg sizes. The smaller it is, the easier to push the machine in front of you or load it into the trunk for transport. But low weight may indicate a flimsy design, so it is worth checking the strength on the spot before you buy.

Selection criteria

Before you choose a particular model, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • the amount of electricity allocated to the house (can be clarified in the resource provider);
  • The distance of the lawn or other landscaped area from the house;
  • the condition of the in-house wiring and extension cords;
  • The size of the landscaped area;
  • the height and type of grass on the landscaped area;
  • Relief of the planted area;
  • the desired mode of cutting the grass;
  • the size of the budget to buy a lawn mower.

The amount of electricity allocated

The amount of the allocated electricity (power) for most private houses is 5-15 kW, but the amount of the allocated power can be higher if there is an electric heating.

If the power of the lawnmower exceeds ½ or 1/3 of the allocated power, then when you turn on all consumers of electricity can be overdrawn, which often ends with the disconnection of the house from the power grid.

Therefore, the more electricity consumers in the house and the higher their combined power, the less electricity the lawnmower will get, which means that this parameter determines the maximum power of the mower.

If you do not know how much power is allocated to your house, find a contract with the resource provider or ask for a certificate, but you will have to pay 1-4 thousand for this.

You can reduce the impact of the allocated power on the power of the mower by turning off the other consumers of electricity, but if for some reason you forget to turn off one of the consumers, the probability of overconsumption and subsequent disconnection from the network increases dramatically.

For this reason, the most popular for normal residences and cottages are mowers that consume 1-3 kW. They are powerful enough to mow lawns and grass that is not too tall or thick and do not place too great a load on the electrical grid.

In homes with officially installed electric heating mowers with a capacity of 2.4-5 kw are in demand, because they have a higher capacity, and you have to use them in the warm season, when the load on the electric network is minimal.

Remoteness of the area from the house

The farther the area is from the house or socket in it, the longer the cable should be.

In addition, the cross section of the cable is important, because the more powerful the mower is connected to the network, the larger the cable cross section should be, and therefore the stiffer and heavier the extension cord will be.

Any, even very thin and flexible two-core cable will do for 1 kW lawnmowers, but for 3-3,5 kW mowers the cable cross section should be 1,5-2 mm 2.


An extension cord made of such cable, even a length of 100 m will weigh 6-15 kg, but to find such a long ready-made wire with plug and socket is very difficult, because its length rarely exceeds 50 m.

If several extension cords are used, the possibility of them disconnecting from one another and causing an electric shock increases sharply.

In addition to its heavy weight, a powerful extension cord is also quite stiff, so the farther the area from the outlet, the more difficult it will be to work with a lawn mower because of the power cable interfering with normal movement, which can entangle your feet or get under the blade of lawn mower.

Condition of wiring and extension cords

Even small lawnmowers with less than one kilowatt draw so much current that they can cause a fire hazard if their wiring is faulty.

After all, any bad contact is an area with a high electrical resistance, which heats up as the electric current flows through it, and the stronger the current, the more heat energy will be released.

In addition, home electrical outlets and safety equipment are designed for a certain amperage, so exceeding that amperage will also result in heat and possible fire. The same situation with extension cords, without which it is impossible to use electric lawnmowers. any defect can lead to heating, followed by a cable fire or other problems.

Often it is the condition of outlets or extension cords that limit the power of electric mowers, or even make them impossible to use.

Therefore, when choosing an appliance, it is necessary to consider the state of the home power grid and the wires that will connect the lawnmower to the socket.

One of the ways in which you can increase the power of a usable lawnmower is to lay a separate line with a special socket and connect to it a sufficient length of extension cord on a spool. This will not only save you from a fire, but also reduce the negative impact of the lying wire on the movement of the lawnmower or person on the site.

The area of the plot

Theoretically, any lawnmower can mow grass on any area, but in fact, much depends on the width of mowing (capture), because the smaller it is, the longer the device will process an area of a certain size.

The longer the lawnmower motor is running, the stronger its bearings and windings heat up, so too much work can damage the motor and it will have to be repaired or replaced.

Some manufacturers indicate the maximum area the machine can handle in one application.

For example, for a model ELM3800 from Makita, the cutting width of which is 38 cm, and the engine power of 1.4 kW, the maximum area of the site is 500 m 2.

For most electric mains motors, which are installed on lawnmowers, running time under load is 20-50 minutes, so to determine the maximum area of the area just multiply the width of the unit by the path it will make during this time.

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How to mow properly so as not to damage the lawn

There are three basic rules for mowing that must be strictly followed if you want a beautiful, soft lawn.

You need to maintain the height of mowing

Many dachnikov, especially those who appear on their property rare forays, used to mow the grass almost to the root, even if it was originally a decent height. Remember: not more than 1/3 of the grass height may be mowed at one time! If your lawn is mowed too short, it can become diseased and leave the ground bare. over, instead of a soft covering, the grass will be dry and prickly.

A neglected lawn needs to be mowed in several stages. But in that case you have to adjust the height of the blades a few times. and not all mowers have it as easy as you’d like. I’ll have to go, look for tools, tweak Time goes by, mood changes, the working day is approaching. Owners of the AdvancedRotak 660 from Bosch don’t have these problems. Mowing height between 20 and 80 mm is adjustable in one go. Simply push the button and you’re ready to go with the desired cutting height. Mowing with less pressure is good for the grass, as it forms a more dense, softer covering.

The cutting height can be adjusted very easily! Photo by Bosch

No grass clippings should be left on the lawn

It is a good fertiliser, but not for lawns! Coarse grass clippings will start to decompose, and the lawn will wither underneath. This will result in a hollow surface. Therefore, anything that has been mowed needs to be removed. You can work with a rake, but it is much easier and quicker to use a mower with a grass catcher box.

Bosch makes sure you don’t waste time picking up grass. The AdvancedRotak 660 is equipped with a 50L collapsible grass catcher box. This means that grass is collected directly into a bin of ideal volume so you don’t have to stop and clean it out all the time. The grass catcher box can be stored folded, which saves a lot of space in the house. The lawn after work is fresh and clean, and everything that was mowed is easy to carry to the compost heap.

The AdvancedRotak 660 can be easily removed from the grass catcher box. Photo by Bosch

The blade must always be sharp!

Otherwise, it doesn’t cut the grass, but tears it, and you get yellowed and withered cuts. The AdvancedRotak 660 features a specially shaped LeafCollect mower blade made of hardened, ground steel. That goes for quality mowing at any time of year: spring, summer, fall.

Thanks to the LeafCollect development, Bosch lawnmowers can collect fallen leaves! The blade shreds them and sends them to the grass catcher box. You get a clean area and useful material for compost. And all that without hard physical work!

The AdvancedRotak 660 is a lawn mower for clearing foliage from your garden. Photo by Bosch

Self-propelled, wheeled lawnmowers

These machines are designed for medium to large lawns. They come in several types.

The first type: the mower rolls on its own, the mower walks behind it, holding on to the handles and controlling its operation and movement. They are similar to hand lawnmowers, only with more engine power. The engine can be gasoline or electric.

Self-propelled electric lawn mower

The second type: the lawnmower rides the mower, steering it, is a rider. The rider is pleasant to use, because both men and women like to ride! it has a big cutting deck and a big grass catcher box that can be easily emptied by pushing the button under the operator’s (mower’s) hand.

The noise this machine makes is similar to any electric trimmer. Due to its small size and excellent maneuverability, it can work even in a limited area, although it is designed for medium-sized lawns. The main trouble with her work. an uneven surface and mole hills and bumps: in contact with them, a rotating blade raises a lot of dust and blunt.

This mower only cuts the grass, it does not perform any other function, and it has no additional equipment. But it copes with its task “perfectly”. A good choice if there is a place to store it and family finances allow.


The third type of self-propelled lawnmower is a mini-tractor. Used on large plots. Versatile, since it can be fitted with sweeping or snow-clearing brushes, a vacuum cleaner, cultivator, fertilizer spreader, etc.п.

Mini Tractor

On their own

Not all machines with an engine move themselves as we would like them to. Some models have a motor that only turns the blade. So if you fundamentally do not want to push the lawnmower, you should choose a self-propelled model. Pay attention to this already at the stage of purchase, so then do not bite your elbows. Self-propelled lawnmowers come in rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive (off-road mowers, so to speak).

If you don’t want to push the mower, look at self-propelled models

Design features

Today, more than 200 different models of lawn mowers are sold, some are highly productive, while others can only cope with overgrowth on a flat surface. Therefore, before buying a suitable option, you should know some of the nuances, so that the design lasted a long time and did not deteriorate.

All lawn mowers are divided into three categories:

You should buy only the option that is suitable for a particular area. Then there will be no problems with operation.

Electric lawnmowers

The main advantage of the option. low weight, maneuverability, quiet operation and absence of exhaust gases. However, not all such models are able to work on uneven terrain. That’s why a person should pay attention to devices with power over 1.5 kW. The motor should be in the upper part, which will simplify control and increase the reliability of the device. Electric lawnmowers with low power will get stuck in an area with weeds, as they will not be able to cut through it.

When using models with an electric motor, the main components should be treated with care. The temperature and condition of the motor must be constantly monitored; the device must not be used for an hour or more without breaks. The technique should be given a little rest every 15 or 20 minutes. Significant design drawback. cord. Because of him, the operator is tied to a certain area, so the device is suitable only for mowing grass in a small area.

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Cordless technique

Lawn mower on the battery. a modern solution for any cottage. Battery-powered technology is developing and becoming more popular every year. The advantages of such a solution:

  • Practicality;
  • The ability to work anywhere;
  • Low noise level;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Does not require connection to the electric network;
  • Maneuverability;
  • low weight;
  • Mobility.

Due to the last three advantages, the operator can effortlessly work even on uneven ground, and the grass is cut evenly and beautifully. But this solution has a disadvantage: low efficiency when working with hard grass. Because the equipment does not have enough power to cope with overgrowth. Basically, the device is bought to keep the lawn clean.

The functionality of the equipment depends on the battery. Of course, the more expensive the model, the more effectively it copes with its tasks. But you can not forget that from active use, especially on difficult terrain, the discharge of the battery will occur equally quickly. And this will affect the quality of mowing.

Gasoline variant

The main advantage of gasoline lawnmowers. high power and autonomy. Therefore it is suitable for difficult terrains. Disadvantages of such a performance are and most often it is a lot of weight, high noise level and price. But if a person has the whole area overgrown with high and strong grass, then the only solution. gasoline models. They will quickly and efficiently cope with vegetation and do not require the operator to have special skills in handling such equipment.

In addition to the type of engine, lawnmowers differ in the way of movement. There are only two differences:

  • Models with automatic movement. The device moves by itself. A man is only required to operate the device.
  • Non-propelled equipment. In this case all the movement is made by the effort of the operator. This is a more complex option, as it requires certain knowledge and skills. Therefore, beginners prefer to use self-propelled lawnmowers. You can buy them in any store, the cost is at an affordable level.

How to choose an electric lawn mower for dacha

Before buying an electric lawnmower, you will have to study dozens of models, comparing them by technical and operational characteristics. Use the following parameters to evaluate.


Lawn care machines are divided into three classes depending on the power of the electric motor:

  • Low power. up to 1.5 kW. compact, maneuverable, lightweight. Suitable for small lawns and yards with young vegetation and relatively flat topography. Can mow a maximum of 40 cm in one pass.
  • Medium. 1.5-2 kW. mow lawns with small slopes, cut thick and old stems, can mulch. Due to their size and weight, not every woman can handle them.
  • Powerful. over 2 kW. reliable and powerful machines with cutting widths up to 76 cm. Women can quickly cause fatigue, make a lot of noise, and need a reliable power source. a cheap extension cord may not hold the load.

Height and width of cut

Every owner mows the lawn for himself. Mowing in the yard, for example, leaves low growth. 3-4 cm, in the garden. longer. up to 7-8 cm, changing the height of mowing is useful when working on slopes. Most models change the height of the deck in steps to control the length of the cut stalks:

Dense and old growth is recommended to mow in two passes: to the maximum height, then. to the desired.

Improvement speed depends on working width. Selected on the basis of its size. Manufacturers recommend that the information in the table be followed.

The more powerful the motor, the more the lawn mower blades grab.

Grass shedding and mulching

The simplest budget models throw the cuttings to the side, for turning into hay and fertilizer or for manual cleaning. Most models are equipped with containers for grass collection. grass catchers. The bulkier it is, the less often it needs to be emptied, but it makes the device heavier and reduces maneuverability. Containers come in:

  • The cloth ones are light and compact but they get clogged with chopped grass, need to be shaken out and thoroughly cleaned, not always waterproof;
  • Plastic. easy to empty and clean, the peoria can get clogged with grass;
  • Combined. a plastic frame with a fabric base for grass.

Filling indication is a pleasant bonus for the operator.

Mulching. the process of shredding grass and spreading it evenly over the mowed area to fertilize it and cover the ground in drought conditions. Activate the function during dew and cut long grass is not recommended. it will put a noticeable strain on the motor and mechanical parts.

Wheels, handle and body

With wide and large wheels the device is easier to drive through thick grass and overcome small obstacles. For areas with many obstacles in the form of beds, trees and buildings, it is advisable to take a three-wheeled model. it is more maneuverable. Wheels on bearings will last many times longer than those on bushes, especially plastic ones.

The handle must have a variable position and height. Preferably a soft anti-vibration coating or at least a rubber coating.

Enclosures are made of plastic and metal (steel, aluminum). Polymer material scratches quickly, fades in the sun. Steel is strong, durable, but they can rust if scratched. Aluminum. scratches shine in the sun, they are almost invisible, it is not subject to corrosion.

Electric grass trimmers are poorly suited to mowing tall grass due to insufficient motor power and design features.

Reel vs Rotary Lawn Mowers // Pros and Cons, Cut Quality, How To Mow Low

If there is nothing to replace them, but an overgrown area needs to be cleared of vegetation, then the most powerful models equipped with a straight shaft and a variety of cutting tools are suitable for this.