Electric saw does not spin the chain reason. Stalls at maximum speeds and works only on leaks

Daw an electric forester works but the chain does not rotate

Electric saws are preferred for one significant reason. it is very light, and therefore convenient to work. Of course, you won’t go far into the forest. the network cable will not let go. But in use near the house (for sawing logs, woodwork, trimming trees, during construction and repair) the best tool cannot be found.

During operation, especially with frequent use, the electric saw begins to junk: it makes incomprehensible sounds, smells, does not slow down on time or does not turn on at all at all. There is nothing to be done. any technical device is not forever. And every working day shortens his life. But there are breakdowns that only a professional service will cope with (for example, the case is damaged). And there are cases when you can reanimate an electric saw with your own hands, making efforts, knowledge and skill.

We made a selection of practical advice on how to repair the saw on our own, without addressing a specialist.

Because of which most often electric saws fail

Any breakdown does not occur from scratch. Its roots often go into poor assembly and quality, or in improper operation. If you buy a quality tool from a reliable manufacturer, then it is not so easy to “ditch” it. But still, most often malfunctions arise due to:

Skachkov voltage on the network. If fuses are built in the tool. protection about voltage drops, then it will withstand deviations from 220 V by 10% in one and the other. Not more. If there is no protection, the motor burns.

Non.compliance with recommendations. Often the instructions indicate: half an hour of work, 15 minutes of break. Once it is written, then you need to observe. Avoid the regime is to overheat the motor.

Untimely lubrication. In the vast majority of electric saws Automatic lubricant. Make sure that the oil does not end. Remember that the work is “dry”. death for the motor. If the oil does not automatically enter the “star”, then lubricate it yourself, every 3-5 hours of work.

Power overload. If happened, this is also your fault, not the manufacturer. If it is indicated that you can cut logs up to 5 cm in diameter, then cutting a ten.centimeter barrel is a clear overkill.

Constructive shortcomings. This is already a mistake of the manufacturer. The most common minus is a rigid adhesion to the gearbox with an anchor. When transmitting strong load (dull tape or hard tree), it wedges and warms up. The gears wear out quickly. The way out of the situation is to hide and avoid overload on time.

What may be problems

All problems can be divided into two large groups:

The engine breakdown is characterized by the following:

  • The equipment does not start, stalls;
  • does not pump fuel in a primer;
  • unstable work, swimming;
  • It works at idle, during load it can swim, stall, shoot.

If the problem is in other nodes, the following phenomena are noted:

electric, does, spin, chain, reason, stalls

The chain does not rotate

Why the chain of the chainsaw does not rotate when the engine works even at full speed?

  • Leading star. Either she jammed, or the crown is so worn so that it is not affected and chaindoes not spin on a chainsaw. In any case, you need to assemble an asterisk to find out the exact reason why the chain does not spin. If the crown is worn, it is necessary to replace the asterisk (or the crown, if the asterisk has a prefabricated structure).
  • The brake circuit jammed as a result of the asterisk is blocked by the brake mechanism, while the engine works. Stop the engine and release the brake. If this happened under the load of the brake mechanism, it will have to be changed, like an asterisk, since due to high temperature many elements can melt and overheat.

The engine “shoots

If during work there are extraneous sounds similar to shots, then the problem with the silencer or carburetor. How to make a chainsaw work quietly? It depends on which unit in which node is.

Shoots at the carburetor:

  • Too later the ignition is that the fuel mixture does not have time to burn out in the cylinder, so a sound that looks like a small explosion is obtained.
  • Donested fuel mixture. There is too little gasoline to the mixture. adjustment of the chainsaw is required, or rather nozzles, to increase the fuel supply. Why is the chainsaw he gasps itself. for the same reason.

Shoots into the silencer:

  • Enriched fuel mixture. Why is the chainsaw “shooting”? There is too much gasoline and little air in the mixture, so the mixture does not completely burn out in the chamber and partially burned out in the muffler. Feast on the exhaust. a clear sign of this. It is necessary to clean the air filter or adjust the carburetor.

Overheating of the chainsaw

Why the chainsaw is warming? A engine or tire can bask. in any case, a small amount of lubrication is all to blame.

  • Overheating of the engine. Incorrect proportion of the fuel mixture or generally floods pure gasoline. Drain the fuel and make a mixture with proper observance of the proportions of oil and gasoline, as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Overheating of the tire. Cleaning or adjusting the oil pump is required, t.to. Oil is not supplied to the tire.

Accent transfer. Its role is to drink safely.

In front of the case, in the same plane as the chain, but at a distance of 8-15 mm from it, a flat steel (sometimes plastic) part with several teeth and two protrusions for fastening.On inexpensive energy.efficient saws for the house, the toothed emphasis is not installed and does not cast as a continuation of the case.

When cutting a tree, especially the upper end of the dustproof tape, the risk of back injury increases. Thus, the tool is installed as close to the barrel as possible, resting the tooth on the surface, and use it as a supporting layer. Tough emphasis when immersing the saw and its ascent / lowering rolls the entire surface along the body, partially removes the load from the hands and reduces the effect of return.

I saw the headset. What to look for when choosing.

Tyr. Length: 30, 35, 40 or 45 cm?

Before buying the tool, the user should know about the features of future work. The saw disk should be such that its length is sufficient to cut up to 80% of the trees in one installation. If its size is smaller, then you will have to cut the fans.A long tire requires a powerful and, therefore, heavy drive, since each tooth of the chain has resistance in contact with a tree. It was created for large.diameter logs, but it is inconvenient to cut the garden on a stretched weapon, and when harvesting firewood, part of the energy will be consumed idle.The optimal length for home and garden is 30, 35 and 40 cm.

Why the tire wears out.

This element of the saw set is used to direction the chain movement. It consists of three plates cooked with butt welding: two external and one internal, in the gap between which a groove and a driven star are formed. Holes are made inside the tire: for the intake of oil, the pin of the chain tension and studs.All parts of the saw are installed, and these are also: a saw chain, devices for its lubrication and tension, the leading star has their own resource and are consumables.

Even with the neat use of the best electric wood saw with chrome.plated plates made of molybdenum steel, the tire gradually wears out.With a powerful supply of its lower side, it is erased; Due to the abrasive action of sand contained in the bark mixed with butter, sawdust and dirt, the width and depth of the grooves increase. If the oil supply is insufficient, the bus heats up due to constant contact with a moving chain, the sides wear out unevenly, the slider form an external ledge, which should be polished by a file.

Net. How to check the degree of sagging.

The chainsaws are delivered disassembled. The user must pour lubricant oil into the tank, insert the saw chain into the tire groove, install them on the tool and remove them.With proper tension, the circuit will be easily rotated, and when stretching with two fingers in the plane of the tire will fall by 5 mm and will return when it is released.If it is weakened, the risk of jumping from the stars increases, and if it is too tense, it begins to jam, heated the tire, increase energy consumption.During operation, when the chain is wiped with a tree, it heats up and stretches a little. To prevent excessive tension during cooling, it is recommended to remove it at the end of the sawing.

Chain oil. Which brand to choose for a new wood saw?

Oil reduces friction in the locations of the circuit and at the site of contact with the bus. In most household models, its consumption is installed at the factory and is not regulated. During sawing, a small part flies away with the ends of the teeth, and the rest is absorbed by chips.

SAE 30 oils at high air temperatures are used to fill the tank. SAE 10 is recommended for small sizes and sawing pine, spruce and highly tossed trees. Oils are made for a chain both on an oil basis and based on products of processing of vegetable oils, which are harmless to the soil.

Why is the chain on the chainsaw?

The reasons that the chain does not spin on the chainsaw. damage to the leading star and burning the tip of the saw guide may serve. First of all, you will need to inspect the clutch. If an uneven wear of teeth, cracks or other defects is observed on the leading star, then the asterisk must be replaced.

If the chain of chainsaw closes and breaks after that, then you need to inspect the tire. The burning of its tip, as well as any other part of the guide, leads to increased heating and displacement of the chain. During the rotation along the tire, the headset shifted aside shakes. This is evidenced by cases in which the chain is stretched on a chainsaw precisely in those places where the operator previously discovered burning and melting the guide.

The reason for the burning of the canvas is most often a breakdown of the lubrication system of the cutting headset. In this case, it is necessary to carefully examine the oil pump, as well as rinse it from garbage or frozen lubrication.

How to make a chainsaw work quietly?

Before finding answers to this question, you need to figure out why the benzo tool began to work louder.

The signs and reasons for this problem include:

  • sharp shooting sounds or a stable increase in the volume when setting revolutions with a standard engine is a problem with a carburetor;
  • Periodic knocking sound. contact of the parts located nearby;
  • howling sound from the side of the drive. excessive wear of the leading star;
  • Loud whistling noise. problems with an inertial brake.

If none of these malfunctions are not any and the operator simply wants to reduce the noise of a working motor, then this can be done by replacing the standard muffler.

For this, prefabricated nodes from professional chainsaws are best suited. They are designed to be stinging the most loud sounds, so they will effectively cope with the normalization of the volume of the internal combustion engine less powerful chainsaws.

Security measures

When repairing the tool, we must not forget about security measures. First of all, you need to turn it off from the mains and do not include it on the network until the final assembly.

Work with a chain and tire is recommended to be carried out in gloves, this will protect the hands from cuts. When disassembling the screw connections, if the screw cannot be unscrewed, you need to stop making efforts and use aerosol lubricant like WD-40 this will remove the voltage and in a few minutes just unscrew the screw.

It is also worth remembering about electrical safety, it is possible to repair the parts of electrical equipment using only the face value of the parts that were originally installed.

How to sharpen a chain yourself

The work of a correctly sharpened tool makes it possible to significantly extend its resource. Regardless of the type of sharpening circuit, is the main operation to maintain the chain in good condition.

It is optimal to use a machine sharpening of the circuit. But if there is no way to use an electric machine, then you can use the manual sharpening method using a special file and guide conductor.

The chain is put on the tire and fixed in the saw. After that, the chain stretch is made. After it is stretched, sharpening is done:

  • At an angle of 90 degrees to the tire in the horizontal plane, a conductor with a file in the cutout of the cutting tooth is installed.
  • After that, a slope is made in a vertical plane so that the file repeats the direction of the previous sharpening.
  • 2-3 movements with effort is made to remove metal.
  • The conductor is removed and rearranged to the next tooth from this side of sharpening.
  • Having finished the tip of the edge on one side, the file and the conductor are rearranged to the other side, and the process is repeated.

As you can see, the process of repairing a chain electric saw is not a big problem, and even those who have never been repairing power tools are quite able to. Another thing is that before starting disassembly, you need to carefully study the device of the tool and imagine all the operations that will need to be performed during repair.

How to fix a Weed Eater when the head doesn’t spin

How to sharpen a chain yourself?

It’s hard to believe, but almost half of the breakdowns occurs due to a dumb chain. She pulls an increase in the load on the motor, its overheating and premature wear. With a stupid sawing tape, gear of the gearbox, leading asterisk, bearings, etc.D. The first sign of dulling is dark and small sawdust. The teeth cannot remove the desired layer, so the chips will grind. If you examine such a saw, you can see defects on the edge and even torn pieces. Masters advise to grind the saw as often as possible. If you tighten with this process, you will need to give the device to the workshop. Sharpening of files at home is possible on a special machine or manually. If you sharpen regularly, you can cope yourself by observing the rules:

  • Sharpowing cannot be performed directly on the ground, since dirt can score grooves with butter.
  • Use sharpening devices: files (circle and oval) mandrel and caliber.
  • The angle of sharpening should be more than 30 degrees.
  • The file should protrude slightly above the tooth.
  • Torture teeth one at a time, scrolling the tape.
  • Having sharpened the teeth using caliber, the cuts should be straightened (protrusions that are responsible for deepening during sawing).
  • If the cuts are slightly protruding for a fishing line for a trimmer of teeth, then you can just cut them with a file.

As you can see, the elimination of problems is easy, and there is a complex. Remember that with proper operation and care, the needs for repair will occur much less often.

Electric chain saw is an indispensable tool for owners of private houses and cottages. It can be cut off the branches in the garden, cut down trees, cut boards and other materials on wood.based. But no matter how expensive and reliable this unit was, the moment will come when small or large malfunctions will appear in it. Of course, serious breakdowns should be eliminated only in the service center. But minor repair of a chain electric saw can most often be performed with your own hand.

How to repair an electric saw in artisanal conditions?

Repair of an electric saw independently interests all owners of similar tools. It should be realized that at least a device has its own degree of wear, so you will constantly need to repair different malfunctions.

Electric saws have received extensive use in summer cottages for sawing branches, boards and trees.

Electronic saws are inconspicuous devices in summer cottages or in personal houses. They are able to simply cope with the sawing of branches, boards of large thickness, and additionally different wood blanks. To carry out the repair of this device, it is necessary to have some abilities and adaptations. Almost always, electronic saws are repaired by specialists with work experience. But there are certain types of defects that of course simply remove without the help of others.

Elements that will be needed if you set the goal of performing the repair of electric saw at home:

  • unique accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Ratfili in the form of circles and ovals;
  • mandrel;
  • Caliber;
  • chain sharpening device.

Why replace the star?

Remove the worn star for the following reasons:

  • With an old star, a dusty chain will stretch very quickly. After several applications, the chain will freeze and the tension will not help;
  • If you put a new chain on the old star, the smoothness of the chain will decrease, the quality of the cutting will deteriorate, the circuit during cutting will lead to the side;
  • The overall wear of the chainsaw will accelerate, the tool may fail at any time;
  • During operation, a chain break or jamming of the chain may occur (the risk of injury and damage to the saw housing, chainsaw);
  • The tire heats up faster, as a result of which the chainsaws overheat faster;
  • The load on the engine and the case will increase.

Important! Do not change the size of the star during the repair, use the manufacturer’s standard. Unauthorized replacement will affect the performance of a chainsaw or electric saw.

Are there any ways to extend the life of an existing star?

The main ways to extend the service life of a chain saw:

  • Use several chains (preferably three). This method is the most sparing and convenient for the owner of the chainsaw is that you do not need to constantly tighten the chain put on during hard work. The work of three chains, in turn, will save the life of the star and delay its replacement;
  • High.quality drive of a drive asterisk. This role plays an important role in the operation of a star and engine. Special lubrication is recommended for lubrication. The star bearing is not always activated, but only at idle, so it requires periodic lubrication. You can use tire lubricants, such as standard lubrication Repsol or Husqvarna.

How to fix the electric saw stops under the load of SAWS Repair Spring, gears

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Husqvarna chainsaw won’t stay running.

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Useful tips on how to pull the chain onto the electric saw

Installation of the tire on the electric saw on one end of the tire canvas there is a slot and two holes on the sides of it. When installing the tire with a slot, it is put on a special stud on the housing of the electric saw, and one of the holes on the pin of the tension mechanism.

The second hole on the canvas serves to transfer lubrication from the oil channel to the groove of the tire.

Installation of the chain circuit is pulled onto the leading star located on the saw case, and on the star at the end of the tire. When installing the chain, it is necessary to take into account the correct direction of its rotation, which is usually indicated on the product itself.

After installing the chain, the leading sprocket of the saw is covered with a casing, the clamping nut of which at the same time is twisted not to stop so that the tire is not fully clamped.

The circuit tension of the chain tension on Chinese electric saws is carried out using a special stretch screw, the head of which has a slalit under the screwdriver. It is located from the end of the device case. For a stronger tension of the chain, it is rotated clockwise.

electric, does, spin, chain, reason, stalls

The tension screw is rotated until the sagging of the chain disappears. After that, it is manually scrolling on the tire towards the housing of the electric saw. This is necessary in order to “straighten out” the teeth of the chain in the groove of the tire.

If the chain weakened after scrolling, then it is pulled again.After that, the tire is taken for its free end, lift it up to the stop and in this position is again eliminated by sagging chains.

At the last stage, the clamping nut is completely twisted on the casing closing the leading star of the saw. The tire is kept in a “raised” position.A properly stretched circuit should be freely removed with the hands of the tire grooves from two sides by about 3-4 mm, and when lowering, go back to the grooves.

electric, does, spin, chain, reason, stalls

Checking the tension after work. To this end, it is made by several trial cuts.

Often, after trial cuts, the circuit on the busbar tire weakens. This happens when its links were polluted, and during operation, these contaminants dissolved the grease.

If this happens, then the chain must be tightened again, after a little weakening a little pressure on the casing and raising the free end of the tire up. Electric saw, of course, before that you need to turn off the network.

At the end of adjustment of the tension of the chain, they always check whether it goes in the right direction without tension, whether it is pulled. To this end, it will be unlocked by pressing the start button and pushed the teeth forward with a screwdriver. If it moves a little by inertia, then everything is fine.

And the last. It is strictly impossible to adjust the tension of the saw chain heated or unexpected, otherwise there is a risk of its gap in subsequent work.

A complete video version of recommendations for pulling the saw chain on benzo and electric saw.