Electric screwdriver attachment for cutting sheet metal

Threading Pump Nozzle

The pump nozzle is for quickly pumping liquids. Powerful centrifugal design for greater efficiency. Suitable for work in the garden, in the cottage, in the garage. Helps pump non-corrosive, flammable liquids, including seawater, oil, organic solvents, fertilizer.

The pump is made of durable metal and plastic, it is not afraid of corrosion and exposure to external factors. It is efficient and easy to use. The nozzle is suitable for pipes/hoses with a diameter of 15.8-21 mm. Suitable for power tools with 350 V output.

2 Awesome Drill Attachment ! Metal Sheet Cutter Test

Drill bit types for metal cutting: their costs

If you need to cut metal and do not have an angle grinder or hacksaw, you can use an electric drill with a special attachment. These devices allow you to separate a section of sheet steel, and some models allow you to work with a metal profile as well.

These devices have not only a large number of advantages, but also limitations, the main of which is the thickness of the material with which you can work.


To the question of whether you can drill into metal with an electric screwdriver, professionals give a positive answer. However, it is worth knowing that metal cutting by means of an electric screwdriver is only possible at home and for work of insignificant volume. For example, on a proposed project, it is easier to bring several attachments than one heavy power tool. For professional work in conditions of industrial processing of metal sheets of great thicknesses, the nozzle on the electric screwdriver will not replace a specialized tool such as an angle grinder.

The device that turns an electric screwdriver into a metal-cutting device is essentially a punch. It evenly pierces the metal plate through multiple reciprocating motions. In the course of work, the tool affects the sheet to a point, due to which the coating retains the maximum performance qualities.

The special accessory enables the craftsman to work with thin metal and tinplate up to 2 mm in width. The product consists of two cutting parts, one of which is covered with a handle. If the blade becomes blunt, the handle can be adapted to it, and work can continue with the sharp part. According to some masters, this method is even faster than, for example, when working with an angle grinder. Edges of the cut are not deformed, convenience is created by the absence of sparks when cutting.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the scissor-cutting head for metal and metal tiles

Using a special attachment for handheld power tools to cut metal has several advantages compared to other methods of processing:

  • Getting the cut of the desired quality by means of repetitive reciprocating movements of the eccentric piston.
  • No need for frequent replacement of consumables.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Versatility, because only by changing the nozzle you can perform all the necessary manipulations with the material.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • The nozzle can be used with pneumatic and electric devices.
  • Getting a cut of any shape.
  • Reasonable price.

Accessories for metal have only two disadvantages. First. the need for skill and practice to get an even cut and improve efficiency. Second disadvantage. the ability to work only with two hands, which is inconvenient for some types of work.

Back to note! The instructions for use of metal tile establishes a ban on its processing with an angle grinder, so the purchase of the nozzle will be the only option to keep the warranty.

The woodchopper attachment will help you quickly chop wood chips and split small logs

A special nozzle on the drill brush to help quickly cope with the task, and without the risk of injury. It is made in the image and likeness of a wedge-sharpened cleaver, which in ancient times was used to cut firewood with a hammer. The nozzle is threaded for greater efficiency, and it works in tandem with an electric or cordless tool for increased performance.

This cone-shaped implement inserted into a drill or an electric screwdriver easily splits dry logs at low speeds and can also chop small logs.

The brush knife with 200 mm length and 40 mm diameter weighs 900 g. The two-part thrust thread occupies about half of the entire length of the nozzle, fits perfectly into the log and quickly cuts it into wood chips.

Made of high-strength steel, CT45, and has a hardened tip.

The bit is equipped with a special adapter, which allows it to be easily inserted into a chuck of a drill or an electric screwdriver.

Why choose the best metal scissors for your drill

No need for an angle grinder if sheet metal is to be cut. The attachments on the drill for cutting metal in the form of scissors allow the following benefit:

  • Quality cutting line. Using the scissors on a drill or an electric screwdriver provides the best possible cut when cutting sheet metal
  • Not only suitable for electric drills, but also for cordless screwdrivers and pneumatic tools
  • Also very easy to work on the roof, even with a cordless drill or electric screwdriver
  • No need for high-powered electric tools
  • Not only straight but also curved cuts can be made
  • Versatility that allows you to use the device to cut any type of sheet material, not just metal
  • High performance. cutting thin sheet steel with a drill and special scissors allows not only to get a neat cut, but also to achieve the result in a short time
  • Easy to use. no additional training required to learn how to use the head
  • Easy maintenance. the attachment does not require special maintenance, because it has an uncomplicated design. To start using the tool, all you need to do is clamp the attachment into the chuck of the power tool
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Knowing the advantages when using a metal cutting attachment, you can make an appropriate decision about the need to purchase it. Many people are interested in the question of how thick the sheet material can pierce the drill scissors.

Manufacturers do not recommend the use of attachments for cutting sheet material with a thickness greater than 3 mm. However, it is also worth understanding that cutting such thick metal reduces the service life of the attachment, and also requires the use of a special powerful power tool.

Drill scissors can cut materials with a maximum permissible thickness (it all depends on the manufacturer of the attachment):

To make a curved cut with a pair of scissors you need some practice. Before you start cutting, you should practice. The principle of the cutting shears is based on the conversion of the rotary motion of the chuck into reciprocating movement. These movements actuate the knife, which is responsible for cutting the sheet material.

Drill and electric screwdriver scissors, although they have many advantages, but also have an affordable price, so everyone can afford such a useful device. If you have planned the overlapping of a house or an outbuilding, using metal profile or tiles, the use of a special attachment will not only facilitate and accelerate the work, but also allow manipulation with high accuracy and precision.

Mechanical methods of cutting

Mechanical cutting is also called cold cutting because the material is not exposed to high temperatures. The tools used are those with a higher strength and hardness than metal.

    Circular saw. The tool enables to cut metal at different angles with rather high precision. The disadvantage of the circular saw is its low cutting depth and high waste volume.

This device is also known as an angle grinder. It can be used to cut rebar, thick sheet metal and other types of metal products. This is the most popular equipment used for this purpose.

This saw lets you make cuts at different angles and makes them with great precision. Meanwhile, when using this equipment the resulting cuts are of limited depth and a lot of waste is generated.

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This is a high-performance metal cutting equipment, with which the processing of workpieces of uncomplicated configuration.

This equipment allows you to make cuts at different angles. Both the jigsaw and the band saw, due to their design features, impose significant limitations on the size of the products that need to be cut.

This type of equipment is innovative. It allows you to cut metal with high precision, and the thickness of the processed product can be up to 20-30 cm. The most significant disadvantage of this type of cutting, in which the product is not subjected to thermal effects, is the high cost.

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Drill bits can also be used for cutting other materials

Advantages and disadvantages of using it

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The nozzle is easy to put on the chuck and remove after work. In addition, the user discovers other advantages of using the tooling, among which are:

  • evenness of the cut;
  • no burrs on the workpiece;
  • the comfort of work
  • ease of use and installation;
  • no need for additional adjustment;
  • increased productivity;
  • Compatibility of known accessories with electric or pneumatic drill;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • possibility of cutting holes.

Tin, aluminum, and steel cutting heads have only two disadvantages. The first. they need to get used to. Over time, even a beginner in the construction and repair business will master the unsophisticated device and learn to work with it effectively.

The second disadvantage. the need to work with two hands. This complicates the work, for example, when installing a roof, if you use the nozzle on the drill specifically for cutting metal.

If you carefully read the instructions for installation of metal, you can find a note that cutting it with an angle grinder is strictly prohibited. If the user does that, the warranty on the product is void.

The reason is that the top layer of roofing is protected by a polymer, unstable to high temperatures.

Working angle grinder inevitably heats up, so in places of cutting melts the polymer layer, and then the zinc coating. over, sparks flying in different directions will increase the damage area. The result is disappointing. the deformation of sheet metal, the possibility of rust. Therefore, for sensitive materials, it is better to look for a nozzle.