Electric screwdriver attachment for cutting wood

Variety of wood sander bits for your power drill

The electric drill is a universal piece of equipment for construction work. It serves not only for drilling holes. Thanks to additional equipment, such as a drill attachment for sanding wood, it perfectly copes with all kinds of surface treatment. Removable attachments come in a huge range, so one drill can replace many special tools for sanding and polishing.

The main advantage of using them is the acquisition of a multifunctional tool. It saves a lot of money, because you do not need to buy other implements for woodworking. The grinding attachments themselves for the drill are not expensive at all.

You can’t ignore the variety of nozzles. They are in such a wide range of products on the market that they can replace any machining tool and perform work of varying complexity. Some of them require a certain skill.

An important advantage is the ease of operation. You can choose exactly the model that will cope best with a particular task. There are special varieties for processing hard-to-reach places and small parts.

From the disadvantages it is worth noting a lower performance than that of specialized grinders. In addition, the use of many nozzles requires experience. it is not easy to use them, and sometimes not very convenient. But despite the disadvantages, the advantages still prevail, and the invention is in high demand.

Varieties of sanding devices

The sanding nozzle on the drill is made according to the same principle as the interchangeable blocks for polishing machines. The only difference is in installation. the connection of the drill with additional equipment is made with a pin for fixing, and the specialized machines use threads.

Their shapes and designs are varied and adapted to different types of work. According to this feature they can be classified into several groups.


Round nozzle with a flat base to which the sandpaper is glued. The main difficulty in working with this tool is the need to keep the drill at right angles to the surface, which does not always work. This results in defects in the wood. To reduce the risk of damaging products, it is better to choose rubber nozzles rather than plastic. Also, when buying, you need to make sure that there is a soft layer between the base and the sanding coat.

Such a wood sanding pad is used in the pre-finishing or finishing process. it depends on its hardness and grit size. Variations with adjustable tilt angle are available for ease of use.


This cup-shaped variety helps get rid of old paint on the surface, sand the wood and highlight its texture. You can find a special brush for each type of work. Metal ones loosen the wood fibers in the course of processing.

Therefore after its use it is necessary to grind the surface with the plate nozzle, then it is already possible to apply a coat of paint or varnish. The natural wood grain will stand out on the workpiece. The soft-filled cup brush head is suitable for sanding and fine polishing.


Their construction resembles a cup nozzle. But they do have one thing in common. the bristles run from the center of the disc to the edges. They interact with the surface in an end-face manner. They also have similarities with the fan variety, where the blades are set parallel to the base.

Their main purpose. processing hard-to-reach places, removal of old finish. You need some experience and skill to use them, so it’s better to practice on an unwanted product.


Such sanding pads for drills are made in the form of cylinders, on the side surface of which is glued sanding paper. They are used for scraping wood, metal, or glass. They are most often used for sanding inside holes and for sanding the ends of workpieces.


They can also be referred to as paddle sanders. This attachment is a sanding disc, which has many blades all over the plane. They are made up of sandpaper blades or other abrasives.

There is another variety, which is made in the form of a cylinder, and the petals are fixed along the entire side surface of the drum. This drill bit is especially useful for work on complex shaped wooden parts.


They are used where gentle polishing is needed. These pads are made of foam rubber, leather, felt or twisted rope. They are suitable for treating painted or varnished workpieces and for removing dirt on surfaces that are sensitive to abrasion.

Grinding wheel

This is a grinding stone in the shape of a ball, cylinder or cone. There are variations in soft material. Most suitable for small parts, hard-to-reach places.

Abrasive drill bit for metal and glass work. Same principle as the file, but the speed results in higher productivity.

Soft polishing discs are for finishing workpieces.

The fine metal-cutting nozzle “cricket

With its help it is possible to carry out very thin and accurate work, cutting parts from sheet metal strictly on the contour. The fixture features a double head, transforming the angle grinder into a handy cutting tool. The main advantage is the ergonomic hand pad for comfortable work.

The nozzle is universal and compatible with modern power tools. Adjustment system allows you to set any degree of rotation of the cutting part, which makes it easy to work in difficult conditions. Thanks to its special design the cut is even, without jagged edges and burrs. This nozzle is indispensable in the car service.

Nozzle for thin sheet metal cutting





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Automatic screw feed

You can save up to 30% of your working time with this accessory. It keeps self-tapping screws in their original position and allows you to screw them in without holding them with your fingers. This handy device is indispensable for repairmen and carpenters who make wooden furniture and various interior items.

The nozzle is equipped with a special belt that provides automatic feed of the self-tapping screws. Special design inserts the fasteners into the hole. This makes working with an electric screwdriver easier, faster, more efficient. The nozzle is safe for hands and helps keep your fingers from getting cut.

Screw and screw feeder





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Accessories for cutting

Surely those who have used an angle grinder in their work have noticed how sloppy this tool cuts the processed material, there are jagged edges. But if you use a special nozzle for the drill, which is able to cut the metal, then you can notice that the work will be done more delicately and without damaging the metal. Such a device is actuated by the chuck of the tool to which it will be mounted. If you need to cut metal, it is better to choose a drill with the number of revolutions, which is about 2800 rpm.

Advantages and types

The cut will always be very even, it is comfortable to work, the nozzles are easy to maintain and use, no adjustments are required.

There is a very handy tool on the drill, called “Cricket”. It is a cutter with two cutting heads. Such a device is used in order to cut thin sheet metal:

“Cricket” is very helpful to the owner of the plot, who has decided to install a fence made of metal profile.

Apply “Cricket” for sheets of materials that have these parameters:

After processing, the surface will be smooth, no nicks will remain, the coating will be completely intact.

If it is necessary to make a good even inside cut, then first you need to drill a hole there.

The core of the tool rotates continuously, which means you can work with it on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. To use the tooling, it is recommended to buy a drill that has 3k. RPM. Minimum number of rotations per minute is 1500.

To cut profiled sheet metal or tiles, you can use the “Steel Beaver” attachment.

The principle of operation will be similar to the previous nozzle, but the cut will be made with the help of frequent reciprocating movements of the punch, which will bend the metal and tear it against the matrix. Straight-line and, if necessary, curved cutters are very easy to make with this attachment.

Cutting radius is 1.2 cm. Such jigs are characterized by the fact that it is possible to work with it at absolutely any angle. If you compare it to the “Cricket”, it is able to cut the metal, which has a large thickness of 1.8 mm. The advantage of the nozzle is considered a very even cut, as well as during the work there will be absolutely no sparks, the metal will not be deformed.

When you are done cutting metal, you need to move it very carefully, because the cut edge will become very sharp.

Advantages and disadvantages of grinding nozzles

Despite the abundance of solutions, such devices are still auxiliary and are not suitable for specific tasks. One of the main disadvantages. the weight of the drill. Heavy tools are difficult to hold with outstretched arms or overhead. The quality of the surface finish and the length of the procedure will suffer because of this.

But where high precision is not required, such as scraping materials or walls, this point is not critical. In a word, a grinding nozzle for a drill is a household device, not claiming to be professional.

The clear advantage of the tandem of drill and nozzle is cheapness with affordability. Expending a few hundred, you can get more than adequate return for home needs. I preferred the STIHL FS 120 with gasoline, and it would cost a lot of money to buy professional equipment. And it is not a fact that you will need a tool after necessary works are done.

Nozzle for power drill or Economical version of saber saw

Hello there!!) Small review of add-on for power drill / electric screwdriver, which expands the usage of the latter. Generally, nozzles for a drill were in post-Soviet times, but they are more rarities than mass copies. And here the Chinese are already on hand. If you want to know what is it and what it is with, then please follow this link below. There will be a disassembly and an example of how it works. So, we are going to talk about such an attachment for portable saw. Generally, not expensive attachments and other attachments, expanding functional of cordless drill are interesting, for with occasional use they are very helpful, and cost cheap and take up little space, much less than a separate complete tool. So I was curious to compare and assess how convenient it is to use it, compared to a normal tool.

The tool came quickly, packaging. cardboard box with polyethylene foam cell Includes three saws (different), a hex key for the chuck, the manual and the nozzle Saw a different length and tooth: for quick wood cutting, just for cutting wood (his tongue does not dare to call exact), and for cutting metal (short, with a shallow tooth). Sabel head is not very big, the body is made of thick plastic The lock for the saw is not removable, made of special screw, a screw fixates and presses a saw in the lock. We set a saw into the slot of the chuck. Tighten the screw slightly. Now we need a drill, preferably a cordless one Clamp the bit into the chuck of the drill or electric screwdriver. If you use a cordless tool, you get an extra bonus in mobility))))

Before working, I check what is inside the body of the nozzle. Only 4 screws need to be loosened to disassemble the attachment The crank mechanism is located inside. The shaft is mounted on an LMxxUU linear bearing and on the other side is a support roller. The grease is present, it is possible to fill it up from time to time, if there was a lot of work Putting back together, and trying to work In principle, if the drill has a latch on (or masking tape on the trigger), you can work with one hand.

Looking for a victim, the simplest application is pruning of fruit and garden trees. Saw off a dry branch. The saw’s movement in the picture

You can see on the photo that the cut is clean, in general it was fast enough, it took me longer to get used to it, it cuts like a usual saber saw. Important points to note: You have to press the support bracket against the material, plus the material itself must be secured against “back and forth”. the excessive vibrations of a material (branches) reduces the efficiency of the saber tip The principle of work is approximately the following: we press the bracket, set the tool. We press smoothly on the trigger of the electric screwdriver, hold the other hand on the nozzle body.

There is no need to push hard. the teeth on the saw blade are big, the sawdust flies at once, a squeeze. and the branch is cut off. It is possible to turn the drill upside down. as convenient as possible. The quality of work is not affected. And in general, the tool is compact, self-contained. The separate nozzle does not take much space. I find it interesting. Really comfortable to work with. The big plus that the nozzle is compact, it can be put in one case / bag with an electric screwdriver or drill. And to throw a couple of saws nearby. Suitable for one-time jobs when you really need something to cut or trim, but do not want to bother with a hacksaw. It is not very comfortable to work for a long time The specificity of cutting with a sabre saw is that the material must be fixed, and the saw.to be held firmly in two hands. Otherwise there is an unwanted vibration, which negates all efforts to cut. And on the whole, greatly reduces the effectiveness of the nozzle. is easier then cut with a hacksaw (Or break).

It is better not to invent, to finish a little money and buy a full-fledged tool

From the serious disadvantages, I note the need to work with two hands. Uncomfortable. you need to find a third hand (or other body parts) to hold the material you are sawing. And in general, as a consequence of the overall cheapness of the nozzle. the lack of a mechanism for fast clamping saws. If you often change nozzles. it is boring, and the key should be somewhere to store.

A huge plus for the Chinese. they have perfected a simple technology to convert the rotation from the drill to a variety of attachments. You can find drill/electric screwdriver attachments for cutting sheet metal (scissors), rivet cutters, nail cutters, etc.п.

The product is provided for writing a review store. The review is published according to p.18 Site Rules.

Simple attachment made of screws

To make this attachment you need a long screw, 2 washers, a nut, and a few pieces of sandpaper.

Washer is put on the screw. Having cut the sandpaper into squares, a hole is made in the middle and all the workpieces are put on the screw. Then comes the turn of the second washer, and the whole set is clamped with a nut.

By inserting the device into a drill, it can be used to grind the cavities of wooden parts.

The disadvantage of such a device is to jam the thread with the drill chuck, resulting in a problem with the re-setting of sandpaper. Unnecessary part of a thread can be removed or 3 slits can be made on a screw. for them our self-made attachment will be clamped by the chuck of the drill.

Fixture for polishing

As in the previous case, we will need a screw, washers and nut, only instead of sandpaper will be used felt. After marking a piece of felt, cut out circles of equal radius from it.

Holes are made in the center of the workpieces, they are threaded onto the screw, and then clamped with the nut. The finished fixture is inserted into the chuck of the drill. One felt will not be able to polish the piece, so by turning on the drill, the nozzle is rubbed with Goya paste. After that you can get to work.

For the purity of the experiment an old and rusty wrench was used. As can be seen in the photo, after a short polishing time the treated area was effectively cleaned in a short period of time.

You can use this polishing tip to work on flat as well as shaped parts, but it will not cope with even small pits.

Leather wheel

As with the above handy tool, leather can be used instead of felt to create a tool for dressing wood chisels.

We use a file

A round file can be used as a file head by removing its handle and clamping the shank in the chuck. Small-diameter file is best secured to the base.

It is very convenient to grind holes and semi-circular hollows with such a device.

Epilogue Whether you use a purchased drill bit or make one yourself, it can prove invaluable in many jobs.

The main purpose of the drill when working with wood is drilling holes. However, they are much more useful than most people think. To extend its functionality use special nozzles for wood, which, in fact, and is devoted to this article.

Next we will consider what are the drill bits for woodworking, and for what purposes they are used.

Advantages and review of drill bits for wood and metal cutting

Metal or wood cutting devices are used when there is no other way to cut the material. They are also useful if heat is undesirable when cutting sheet metal.

Nozzles for cutting wood and metal are able to perform their functions quickly and qualitatively

  • High quality of cut.
  • The ability to cut any shape of hole in the material.
  • There is no need to buy consumables (discs on the angle grinder).
  • Easy-to-use system.
  • Some attachments can cut plastic sheet of a certain thickness.
  • If a cordless drill is used for work, the tool becomes mobile. It does not depend on mains power and can be used in the field.
  • Low weight.

An overview of our sheet metal cutting attachments

For cutting metal sheets are used three types of nozzles: “Cricket”, “Scissors” and “Beaver. Each has its own characteristics, structure, and is designed for cutting material of a certain thickness.

While using the “scissors” bit in a drill, the rotation of the chuck on the tool is converted into reciprocating motion. As a result, a special die knocks out a strip in the metal and separates the material. This line is 3.1 mm thick. This method of cutting sheets produces a good, even cut. The scissor head allows you to completely eliminate or minimize reworking of metal edges.

Not only can the “Cricket” slicer cut sheet metal, but it can also cut plastic material

The “Beaver” head works in a similar way, but it can be used to make both straight and curved cuts with a minimum radius of 12 mm.

Drill bit “Cricket” can be considered a universal tool, because it can cut not only metal, but also plastic sheets. In some cases it can be used for cutting profiles. It has two cutting heads for a perfectly even cut.

The table showing the material thickness limitations:

Type of material Recommended thickness, mm
“Cutting shears.”
Stainless steel up to 0.8
Brass and copper up to 1.5
Aluminium up to 2
Stainless steel up to 1.2
Steel up to 1.5
Aluminium up to 2
Plastic up to 2
Stainless steel up to 1.3
Steel up to 1.8
Aluminum Up to 2

Note! In order to effectively cut metal with the scissor bit, the power of the drill must be at least 2700 rpm. The recommended rate for the Cricket nozzle is 1500-3000 rpm (depending on the material), and at least 1500 rpm for the Beaver nozzle.

Characteristics and use of angle drill bits

Several varieties of removable attachments for various operations can be classified into the category of angled drill bits. Some tips are designed to create holes in places where a tool with a conventional drill will not reach. There are nozzles with adjustable and stationary angle. In the second case, the attachment is rotated 90° and locked in this position.

Angle fixtures can also be used as limiters. In fact, this nozzle simultaneously performs two functions: it limits the depth of the formed hole and provides the required position of the drill, resulting in an accurate angle.

Angle nozzles for the drill can be stationary and adjustable

You can also find on sale electric screwdriver attachment on the drill. It has a more complex structure than the conventional version. Such devices allow screwing fasteners (screws) at different angles.

Important! Nozzle for screwing fasteners can be used only with those models of the tool, in which there is an opportunity to reduce the speed of rotation.

Angle-type bits are usually sold as kits, which include tips of different diameters. This makes it possible to install screws and self-tapping screws of different sizes. In rare cases, there are removable devices that allow you to turn an electric drill into a grinder with an angular design.

The main accessory types for electric screwdrivers

You can find on sale a lot of devices that expand the functionality of the power tool. The user can get, thanks to attachments on an electric screwdriver, pump, mixer, saw, polishing brush and other types of specialized equipment.

All detachable attachments are divided into three main groups:

The working element of the bits belonging to the main group has the form of a Phillips or hexagonal head. Suitable such nozzles for an electric screwdriver for screws of any type. They ensure an excellent grip on the fastener. In some nozzles, the heads are magnetized, which greatly facilitates the screwing process. In terms of technical characteristics and capabilities, these tips are similar to screwdrivers.

The existing bit types for electric screwdrivers differ in the shape of their working part

Combination fixtures belong to the category of all-purpose attachments. Unlike basic pins, they have a working organ on both sides. Each end of a combination bit has its own size and its own fixing system. the bit can be easily separated from the other end to make it more convenient to use.

Special purpose bits are mostly available as wire twist bits for electric screwdrivers. They can also be used to control the penetration and retraction depth of sharp-angled fasteners.

Useful tip! To increase or decrease the turning speed of the sleeve, simply press the start button more or less.

Characteristics of riveting accessories for electric screwdrivers

Traditional riveting, which has a one-piece design, is used very rarely. Many professionals prefer to use a welding machine. However, not every craftsman has such equipment in his arsenal, and also has the necessary skills to work with it. The optimal choice in this case would be a riveting nozzle that is mounted on an electric screwdriver.

Electric screwdriver attachments for rivets can only be used on models that have a reversible drive

These devices can be used on electric and cordless tools for installing rivets of nut type and other fasteners that have a core.

It is worth noting that riveting nozzles for an electric screwdriver can be used only on those models of the tool that have a reversible drive. These tools are designed for mounting aluminum or steel fasteners whose diameter is between 2.4 and 5 mm. They can also be used to install sleeves made of non-ferrous metals with a diameter not exceeding 25 mm.

If you use a battery powered electric screwdriver to install the rivets, you must make sure that the battery voltage does not exceed 12 volts. The assembly process itself is not especially difficult, and the accessories are compact enough to be stored together with the electric screwdriver in the same case.

Basic types of angle adapters for electric screwdrivers

Angled adapters allow for screwing and unscrewing in hard-to-reach places. Such attachments greatly simplify the work, because the tool can be held perpendicular to the surface, and self-tapping screws at an angle, and both left and right.

electric, screwdriver, attachment, cutting

Angle adapters facilitate work in hard-to-reach places

Two types of angle adapter for electric screwdrivers are distinguished according to their technical characteristics as well as their functional purpose:

Angle adapters use a flexible coupling to change the direction of the torsion axis. Externally, the device looks like a drill used in dental clinics to treat teeth. The removable handpiece consists of a flexible shaft that connects the working bit to the chuck of an electric screwdriver. This type of attachment facilitates and speeds up work in hard-to-reach places where screws need to be unscrewed.

Please note! Flexible angle sockets for electric screwdrivers are not suitable for fasteners that are made of durable alloys.

Rigid adapters are short bits that change the direction of the rotation axis mechanically. Its chuck is much more robust than the previous version. Rigid adapters allow you to install and remove fasteners from either side. Screwdrivers of this type are usually used in professional screwdrivers, whose motor is designed for high loads and strong vibrations.

There are two types of angle nozzles for electric screwdrivers: flexible and rigid

The main types of polishing and grinding nozzles for electric screwdrivers

Polishing and sanding nozzles for an electric screwdriver is a large group of detachable accessories, including many varieties. Tips can be selected in this category to perform a variety of tasks:

electric, screwdriver, attachment, cutting
  • polishing metal, wood, glass and lacquered surfaces
  • Scraping corrosion and old paint residues off metal items;
  • sanding wooden and metal surfaces.

Thanks to the great variety of sanding accessories for your electric screwdriver, you can find sanding tips for jobs that can’t be done with standard methods.

Varieties of Electric Screwdriver Grinding Nozzles

There are more than ten varieties of tips for the electric screwdriver, with which you can sand the surface. Removable jigs of this type consist of a rod on which the abrasive material is attached:

Electric screwdriver sanding accessories consist of a rod on which the abrasive material is attached

The most popular among craftsmen are the following types of removable tips:

  • Disks. these products can be rubber or plastic. Equipped with fixed and adjustable pins.
  • End brushes. made of hard and soft materials, can have different shapes (drum, washer, cone).
  • Cup. nozzles brushes on an electric screwdriver with fibers of brass or metal, as well as tips with a soft filling of foam rubber or felt.
  • Disc-shaped. removable devices with soft padding or bristles made of brass or steel wire.
  • Drum. they use an emery strip as an abrasive and are suitable for finishing holes and end areas of glass products.
  • Fan type. composed of several elements covered with sandpaper. They are used for machining surfaces with complex geometry.

There are many different kinds of grinding tips for electric screwdrivers

Please note! If desired, you can use a compact electric screwdriver with a socket for jewelry processing. The tip is so precise that it enables you to polish fine details on precious metal jewelry.

Features of the polishing nozzles for electric screwdrivers

After processing the product polishing tip its surface is perfectly smooth. For this purpose an end disc is used, which removes the microscopic top layer of material. No change in thickness of the workpiece as a result.

Drill bits for various purposes for work in the home workshop

Main types of accessories for cutting, grinding, polishing and other tasks. Nozzles for metal, plastic, wood.

The bits for polishing various surfaces in an electric screwdriver have a stop disk with mounts for fixing the polishing material. This element is held in place by a threaded tip. Since the tool shaft can rotate both to the left and right side, you can find fixtures with connections of the appropriate type on sale.

The polishing disc on the nozzle wears out during use, so it should be periodically replaced with a new one. Replaceable products are only a few millimetres thick. They are generally made of polyurethane. Although there are other variants. made of felt or wool of natural or artificial origin.

There are variants of polishing nozzles for electric screwdrivers made of felt or wool

Some types of tips can be used for polishing car bodywork and glass, as well as for products made of polycarbonate. Such nozzles in the process of work should be held parallel to the surface to be treated.

The main types of nozzles on the electric screwdriver for cutting metal and wood

For many construction and repair work requires a jigsaw, attachments to an electric screwdriver in the form of special scissors or a saber saw can become almost a full-fledged substitute for this tool.

Removable tips in the form of scissors for cutting metal come in several varieties:

Each of them has its own principle of work and is designed for cutting sheets of a certain thickness.

The main purpose of an electric screwdriver when working with wood is to drill holes

Review of electric screwdriver bits for cutting sheet metal and plastic

Disc cutters are complete with two steel discs. One of them rotates due to the rotary motion transmitted from the chuck on the tool. The cutting wheel for an electric screwdriver is designed so that the metal is cut in a straight line even without marking.

Disc cutters are used in cladding and roofing work using:

Note! Disc scissors are maneuverable enough to create shaped cuts, but they will not cope with the manufacture of complex parts made of metal.

Cutting scissors on an electric metal screwdriver. an attachment that is highly maneuverable and allows you to get a very precise cut. The edge is as even and neat as possible, so there is almost no chance of cutting your hands when working with metal.

For grinding and polishing

If you install a sanding and polishing attachment on your drill, you can do the following work:

  • Polish metal, wood, and glass surfaces.
  • Grind metal as well as parts made of it.
  • Remove corrosion, nicks and scale on old coatings.
  • Sanding the edges of glass.

The advantage of grinding attachments to the drill is that for such work there is no need to buy equipment that has a rather high price. And if you apply nozzles, you can perfectly cope with these tasks, the surface will remain perfectly smooth and even. And another positive point is that they can be used for processing hard-to-reach places, which cannot be reached with other tools.

If you bought a nozzle on the drill to process wood or other material, you should first read the information carefully, because different types of jigs will need to set different power and number of revolutions on the tool.

Sanding and polishing attachments are an ordinary rod, on which the sanding material will be attached, such as felt, foam rubber and sandpaper.


There are the following types of jigs:

These devices will be divided not only by type of design, but also by hardness: they can be hard, super soft, soft or embossed.

Cup sander can be used for sanding wood or other surfaces. Such a device consists of a rod on which the chuck is fixed and the housing, which resembles a cup. Inside the cup there are a lot of bristles of different hardness. this tool is typically used to remove corrosion from old paintwork. There are also some models that have very soft polishing materials: foam rubber, felt. The body is made of durable plastic or metal. If you have bought a soft nozzle on the drill, it can be used for polishing the car surface.

Disc tooling consists of a rod, sanding material and body. The difference from the previous model is in the direction of the bristles. In this variant, it will be directed from the center to the edges of the disk. Such a brush should be used very carefully, because you can easily spoil any coating. The bristles come in steel wire or brass.

The plate tooling is made on the same principle as for grinding devices. But instead of a thread, it is equipped with a fixed or movable rod, which is fixed in a chuck. Sandpaper should be fixed with special Velcro.

It is recommended to buy a plate nozzle that has a movable rod, with a rubber or soft thick layer between the velcro and the base. Then you can adjust the desired angle of the drill and smoothly repeat the contour of the material to be worked.

If the work is done using a rigid plate, it will be very difficult to control it. And if you manage to make a slight tilt, it will noticeably deepen into the surface of the piece. In the end, the metal may simply be ruined. That is why it is better to use a tool that is firmly fastened.

Fan, drum, and end plate

Fan nozzle looks like a small disc in the center, and the edges are attached to the petals of sandpaper or other similar material. With such a nozzle, you can work hard-to-reach places, cavities inside or grind a hole, as the tool will take absolutely any shape. The attachment is fastened in the drill chuck in the same way as the previous types.

Drill jigs are made as a rod with a cylinder and covered with sandpaper on top. It differs from the platter head in that the surface to be sharpened is parallel to the chuck and not perpendicular. Glass, metal or wood can be sharpened. Usually used to grind the edge of glass. A distinction is made between hard and soft, depending on the purpose of purchase.

An end snapper looks like a rod at the end of which the required machining material is attached. This jig works in the same way as a file. It makes it very easy to enlarge holes, as well as to remove nicks and make smooth edges.

Other nozzles

  • There is an angle nozzle for the drill, with which you can make holes in places where it is not possible to work in the usual mode. The angle can be adjusted, or it can be constant. 90 degrees. The bits can be used to drill holes in concrete, wood, tile or ceramic tiles, as well as in metal and other materials of large dimensions. The attachment is made of quality steel, so that the hole stops smooth and has no cracks and chips after processing.
  • There are also tools, which are designed for sharpening drills. It is a kind of body with a guide and sharpening stone, which is located inside. The holes for sharpening drills have different diameters. Their number can be up to 15 pieces.
  • Mixer nozzles are used to mix different mortars, paints or other necessary mixtures. Select device according to the consistency of the fluid.
  • To screw in a screwdriver or a screw, you can buy a special attachment, but it is desirable to apply only to those drills, which are equipped with low-rpm function.
  • If there are poultry on the site, you can buy a nozzle for plucking. This jig will instantly remove absolutely all feathers from the carcass. The advantage is that meat and skin will not be damaged at all. It is not even necessary to pre-scald the bird before starting the work, and there is no need to treat it with a blowtorch after the work. This tool is very easy to use, you just have to attach it to the drill and bring it to the carcass. The fixture is made of lightweight materials that take up very little space.
  • If you are working with wood materials, then for this purpose specially sold attachments-cutters of various kinds. The part can be made in different shapes, openings can be processed, and defects can be removed.

Before you start working with any attachment, make sure that it is securely fastened, always hold the drill with only two hands. And also during the work it is necessary to wear glasses so as not to hurt your eyes.

As you can see, the devices are made for absolutely any purpose, and it is not necessary to buy expensive and massive equipment, because everything can be done with only one drill. Explore all the nozzle options and choose exactly the one you need to do a certain job.