Forward trimmers

The well-known English company Forward was able to achieve considerable success in the production of high-class garden aggregates for domestic, industrial and garden purposes. The creators of the brand are constantly improving the lineup to meet the increasing demands of users.

Often, all products are complemented by shockproof, rubberized and dielectric plastic. It protects against the negative effects of moisture, protects against corrosion and increases the duration of operation.

The company has been engaged in the creation of these products since 2002 and for all this time has managed to create a positive image and distribute all products by color: professional units are characterized by orange color, and for household units. Blue.

The product range is huge, but Forward trimmers managed to attract the most attention, because they are used most often and demonstrate excellent functional indicators.

Advantages of Forward Trimmers

Naturally, each model has its own characteristics, but there are certain characteristics that are inherent in absolutely all garden products of the English brand.

  • The presence of a primer that allows the device to quickly start even after a long period of inactivity;
  • Light weight;
  • Reliable gearbox;
  • All-metal shaft;
  • Versatility, because Forward lawn mowers can work with both fishing line and knives;
  • Coating the walls of the cylinder with chrome, which increases the motor resource of the device;
  • The use of particularly convenient “bicycle” handles that can facilitate the process of controlling the machine;
  • Stylish appearance and use of resistant paint, which over time does not break.

The positive aspects include the reliability of the equipment, which will not fail at the most inopportune moment and ease of maintenance.

For a closer acquaintance with the features of brand products, it is necessary to consider the functional and technical characteristics of the most famous Forward braid models.

Lawn mower Forward FBC-720T PRO

Forward trimmers

The model is suitable for working in large areas and mowing even complex vegetation. The proven integral 28 mm straight bar will allow you to reach the farthest corners and not worry that it will break.

A reinforced upper gearbox and a two-stroke engine with 2 piston rings and a chrome cylinder can develop power up to 4.7 liters. With. The device is supplemented by a special anti-vibration system.


  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.2 l;
  • Weight. 8.5 kg;
  • Engine displacement. 71.9 cm³;
  • Handle clamp. Reinforced;
  • Swath width. 400/254 mm.

The device’s features also include the availability of the Quick Start quick and easy start system, the inclusion of protective headphones, a knapsack belt, a protective shield, a 3-blade steel knife and a 40-tooth carbide milling cutter.

Lawn Mow Forward FBC-431Q

The product has reinforced anti-vibration gears of the upper and lower locations. The engine is manufactured under license from the eminent Japanese company KAWASAKI.

Due to the increased diameter of the rod, working with the Forward trimmer has become even more convenient, it has a small weight, but is characterized by increased strength. The 2.8-liter petrol 2-stroke engine also contributes to excellent productivity.


  • Weight. 7.5 kg;
  • Tank volume. 0.85 L;
  • Cutting width. 40 cm;
  • In a set. A knife and fishing line;
  • The rotation speed of the knife is up to 9000 rpm.

The unit has a small weight, which makes it convenient to work with it for both men and women. You can adjust the length of the rod yourself, adapting it to the characteristics of your height.

Mower Forward FBC-35 Pro

Forward lawn mowers are a type of fairly powerful device designed to handle relatively large areas. The manufacturer recommends the use of Forward FBC-35 Pro for plots of 800 square meters. M

The cutting width can reach 42 cm, so this model is more practical. Weight. 5.5 kg, so everyone can cope with the unit. The handle is foldable and folds compactly for comfortable transportation or storage in farm buildings.


  • Fuel tank. 0.95 L;
  • Power. 1.7 liters. With.;
  • The working volume is 35 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Mulching. Absent;
  • The bar is straight.

The kit includes a shoulder strap, a knife and a reel with fishing line. The user himself can choose a cutting element, starting from the rigidity of the processed vegetation.

The model is quite popular, so picking up spare parts for it will not be difficult, as well as making a replacement. To carry out the operation, you must use the diagram below and follow the instructions described in the manual.

Lawn mower Forward CG 430B

The gasoline unit is equipped with a forced air cooling system, so it can actively work for a long time. A universal device can even be used to mow small shrubs, because the kit includes not only fishing line, but also knives.

The high arrangement of the engine ensures that even wet grass is cut off without the risk of damage to internal mechanisms and moisture. Naturally, when installing the blades, dead wood is also easy to clean.


  • Motor power. 1.36 liters. With.;
  • Type. 2 stroke;
  • Mowing width. 255 mm;
  • Weight. 8.9 kg;
  • The diameter of the fishing line is 1.4 mm.

The non-separable bar is resistant, so you can even process the site on an outstretched arm without worrying that the holder will break. The compact size of the braid allows you to store it in small corners of the house or in the pantry.

Trimmer Forward FBC-415B

The specified model of the manufacturer Forward has proven itself, because it belongs to the type of professional garden tools and is characterized by increased power. The motor contains 2, 4 liters. With. That will allow you to easily work in large areas.

Features include low noise and vibration, a reinforced gearbox and the presence of protection from overheating. The drive feed takes place thanks to the inflexible shaft. The cable system is no longer in use.


  • Engine displacement. 45 cubic cm;
  • Rotational speed. 2800.7000 rpm;
  • Type of cooling. Air;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 1200 ml;
  • Dir. Tool. Knife fishing line cutter.

The Japanese Walbro carburetor guarantees continuous operation, and the primer will allow you to turn the device on in half a turn in any weather. Forward trimmer is a bright representative of a balanced design and ergonomic control system.

Forward gardeners have long become true reliable helpers for many gardeners, which is why those people who have once tried an English-made product in practice immediately appreciate the quality approach to creating equipment and choose products of this particular brand for themselves.