Frame dimensions for converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor

Tools and materials required

The first stage of the work is to draw a drawing and prepare the equipment. Scheme of nodes and mechanisms with the appropriate skills can be developed independently or use those that are presented below.

As for the accessories, ready factory sets for modification will be suitable. they are in any case cheaper than the mini-tractor itself. But this option is suitable only for those who do not want to save money on absolutely everything.

Creating a homemade tractor will be impossible without:

  • angle grinder and discs.
  • fasteners and hardware (bolts and nuts).
  • Studs and pipes with a metal base.
  • A drill that comes with drill kits.
  • Welding equipment.
  • A tool kit.

Do not do without two suitable wheels along with the attachment and the driver’s seat, steering mechanism, pedals, the motorblock itself. It must have a sufficient level of power.

The heavy class of a diesel-powered power tiller is ideal for a homemade mini-tractor.

Examples of mini-tractor drawings

Drawing of the layout of a mini-tractor “Muravy

How to assemble a homemade tractor from a power tiller or car: our point of view on the question

Many owners of power tillers do not once think about the modernization of their agricultural equipment. In fact, it is not very difficult to improve the available unit, and make a full-fledged mini-tractor out of it. However, you will need to study the recommendations and follow the order of actions. this will give you the opportunity to get an effective homemade mini-tractor, which will be able to solve absolutely all the tasks assigned to it.

Varieties of mini-tractors

Regarding what was originally taken as a basis, there are several varieties of mini-tractors, remade from a power tiller “Salyut”:

  • Homemade tractor with an engine identical in power to the engine of a power tiller, successfully performs all agricultural work on an area of 2-3 hectares.
  • A minitractor with a more powerful engine will be able to perform all agricultural work on large areas. plowing, plowing, weeding, planting potatoes.

Thanks to the additional hitch the possibilities of homemade machines are greatly expanded. snow removal, haymaking over an area of more than 5 hectares.

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How to make a minitractor from a power tiller of MTZ?

To develop a quality and fairly productive tractor to use power tillers MTZ 05, MTZ 09, MTZ 12 or other models. They are equipped with a two-cylinder engine that shifts the center of gravity forward.

When remodeling, the main goal is to eliminate the problem of an offset center of gravity:

frame, dimensions, converting, power
  • Set up the machine to work with a mower.
  • Remove its front pad and install in its place the front wheel from the motorcycle, as well as the steering wheel.
  • Attach an adjusting rod to the top of the frame, which will make the structure stiffer.
  • Weld on the driver’s seat.

You end up with a compact three-wheeled tractor with high performance. You can see what it looks like in the photo.

A kit for converting a power tiller into a mini tractor

To simplify the mechanism of modification, you can buy a ready-made kit for converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor. Such a kit will give you the opportunity to convert one type of machinery to another in a short time. Often this kit for converting a power tiller consists of:

  • ready frame;
  • front beam;
  • hitch;
  • levers;
  • pedals;
  • steering wheel;
  • wings;
  • driver’s seat.

This kit will be very useful for those people who are interested in how to make a mini tractor from a motor block in a short time.

But those who like to do everything themselves, and have the necessary elements at home, can construct everything with their own hands. A prerequisite is to fully adhere to the drawing.

Kit for converting a power tiller into a tractor

It is possible to buy a separate kit for any of the above mentioned power tillers in order to transform it into a mini-tractor. Many manufacturers anticipate the desire of users to change the single axle tractor into a tractor, and sell a set of spare parts for this purpose. Its cost can reach 350-400 dollars, but it is worth this money.

Power tiller convert to mini tractor

The kit for converting the tiller into a mini tractor includes a frame to mount the engine, a seat, a control system, a rear suspension with a lifting mechanism, a front axle with brakes and wheel hubs. As a rule, all parts are made of metal and are of good quality. To assemble a tractor from a ready-made set, it is necessary to use the attached scheme.

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You can, however, get by without buying a complete kit. To make a mini tractor from a power tiller with your own hands, in addition to the basis in the form of the power tiller itself, you will need other nodes and tools.

It is important to understand that not all structural elements can be made by yourself, something you will have to buy anyway.

ATV set-top box

Crawler attachments allow you to turn a regular crawler unit into a real all-terrain vehicle! No need to rebuild anything on the power tiller or its individual components. It’s enough to remove the regular wheels and put all-terrain tracks in their place.

In the conditions of our winters it is simply irreplaceable assistant, the rover can be used for driving on snow, for this you can connect an adapter, but not usual in the form of a seat and wheels, but in the form of skis.

The crawler attachment is also usable after rainfall. Conventional wheels are not designed for driving on wet ground, because even the grousers slip. Tracked all-terrain module allows you to significantly increase ground traction and ride on any surface.

frame, dimensions, converting, power

Feature of the track attachment Krutets:

  • Is compatible not only with MTZ, but also with other power tillers. Due to their design, they are perfectly suited to the “drilling” of each.
  • The length of the all-terrain attachment is 140 cm, height. 29 cm, width. 54 cm.
  • Construction weight 71 kg.
  • The power of the power tiller allows you to drive this equipment without any problems.

Remember to keep your hands off the road and never make a mistake! And you should be careful and cautious while controlling the ATV.

Benefits of installing hydraulics

The hydraulic system is installed on the mini-tractor to ensure the work of some of its mechanisms and facilitate management of the machine. A machine with hydraulic brakes has advantages.

  • The machine becomes easily controllable. The steering wheel can be turned with little or no effort, one hand.
  • The hydraulics allow to use different attachments.
  • Braking can be retrofitted with hydraulics to take the guesswork out of modernizing the braking system. Thanks to the hydraulic cylinders on the implement the braking effect is immediate.

It is possible to make the hydraulics on a mini tractor, if you buy a ready-made system in a store or use parts from old farm equipment.

Important! When installing hydraulics on a mini-tractor, it is necessary to take into account that some of the engine power is spent on servicing this node. So for tractors with low-powered engines installation of hydraulics will not bring any benefits.

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Advantages of a mini-tractor

The advantages of self-assembled minitractors include their price, which is much lower than the cost of a ready-made adapter for a motor-block. In addition, such a machine does not take much space, so you do not have to build a separate garage for it. Self-made minitractor, in addition, quite economical, runs on a couple of liters of inexpensive fuel and can reach speeds of up to 30 km / h. And spare parts for such a machine can be bought almost everywhere and are quite cheap.

Assembled by their own forces, with the installation of tires with deep tread, has a high cross-country ability and excellent traction with the ground. And fairly compact dimensions allow you to work even in homestead plots, densely planted with trees, and the home territory without damaging the asphalt or paving slabs.

In principle, any master who is friendly with equipment and tools, may well make a powerful and reliable unit with his own hands for the household. However, before constructing a minitractor, you will need to study a large number of different drawings and diagrams, read a lot of useful literature and watch videos. It should be said at once that there is no universal scheme and drawings, in order to assemble a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller. The fact that units from different manufacturers differ in their design, power and many other things.

Manufacturers produce ready-made adapters with a seat, allowing to convert some models of power tillers into a mini-tractor with their own hands. Such units include “Neva”, “Zubr”, “Argo” and most Chinese models. If such an adapter is not provided for the power tiller, you will have to make it yourself. This method requires more time than installing an adapter, but is less costly.

In addition to a power tiller “Neva” or “Salyut” will be needed:

  • A pair of suitable wheels;
  • metal pipes and corners, as well as a sheet of stainless steel;
  • a drill and a welding machine;
  • comfortable seat;
  • set of tools;
  • accessories.