Fuel consumption of the t 4350 Gasoline Trimmer

Fuel Consumption for Grass Trimmer Gasoline for Accounting Example of Calculation

Gasoline lawnmower is not uncommon these days, and you can find it in almost every household plot. There’s nothing special in its construction, and even a beginner can use it. But there are points to which you need to pay particular attention. For example, you know what should be the rate of gasoline consumption for a lawnmower, and on what values this figure depends? If not, this article is a very good source of information for you.

So, to begin with, let’s find out what the gasoline consumption of the lawnmower depends on. Here are important several points:

Let’s talk more about each of the factors.

You want to keep the gas consumption of your lawnmower to a minimum? Look out for units with a 4-stroke engine, such as the Huter GLM-5.0. This model is more expensive than a 2-stroke engine, but the economical fuel consumption will more than cover your budget.

When buying a lawn mower, keep in mind that most of them are designed for level surfaces. Therefore, if your area is uneven, make sure that your new garden helper has large wheels, which would provide her with good cross-country ability. Thus, the device will not have to strain too much and waste a lot of fuel.

It should be noted that for a plot with difficult terrain, it is better to buy a front-drive mower, which is endowed with the best maneuverability.

The two factors are closely linked. The higher the power, the wider the cutting width. Make sure the model you are interested in has the right balance. Accordingly, the wider the cutting width, the less time you will spend on mowing the lawn and the greater the gasoline consumption of the mower in this case will not exceed the norm.

Not only that, all the cutting parts are not stressed too much, but they also have a much shorter lifespan. We remind you that all repairs and sharpening of the cutting parts should only be carried out by a specialist in the service department.

Gasoline grass trimmer fuel consumption

Lawnmower. It’s a very simple device. There’s nothing special about it. And so many people buy it for their needs because everyone can learn how to work with it and pretty quickly.

Anyone who has relied on a gas grass trimmer should know that one of the most important characteristics for it is fuel consumption. And there’s a simple explanation. Above all, the device should perform its functions for a long time, so that there is no need to refill it for a long time. It’s always handy.

GENERAL! However, in this case, of course, the fuel tank will be large. As a result, in general, its design becomes complicated. And it’s going to make the job harder. Is it possible to find a reasonable solution in this situation? You can solve the problem by reducing fuel consumption.

Below we will talk about how it can be, on what depends the fuel consumption of the grass trimmer, and advise which gasoline is best suited for your work.

Factors that affect gasoline consumption

In most cases, trimmers working on gasoline, the available tank is designed for a volume of 0.5-1.5 liters. Depending on this, the weight of the tool can vary significantly, as well as the duration of work. It can be a maximum of forty minutes.

This is a lot when you consider that the other version of this unit, the electric one, does not run for more than twenty minutes.

As a rule, gasoline grass trimmers are usually equipped with two-stroke engines. For them, experts advise to use fuel, which has an octane number not less than AI-92, which is mixed with oil.

There are four factors that affect gasoline consumption.

POWER. The higher is this index, the more you need the unit. But is it always necessary to give preference to higher values of this characteristic? Since four-stroke motors consume more fuel compared to a two-stroke, they have more power.

Machines in this sense are usually divided into groups, each of them corresponds to a particular area of use. The engine can be:

It turns out that the small power home engines should have a relatively long period of operation without refueling. However, the manufacturer, in order to make these models cheaper and reduce their weight, not only installs small fuel tanks, but also such engines that in any case need to stop. After all, they need to cool down.

Machines that have a power of 1-3 horsepower are commonly referred to the category of semi-professional. It is not uncommon for them to be equipped with a more economical upgraded engine.

Such devices have a fuel consumption, of course, more economical. As for the size of the tank, they are usually designed for about one hour of continuous operation. Surveys of sellers and buyers have shown that this category of units is the most popular.

IMPORTANT! Professional machines, by virtue of their status, are usually equipped with a powerful engine and a large tank. To make it easier for the user, you can introduce an option such as a wide shoulder strap.

When we talk about such a gasoline trimmer, we mean that the fuel consumption in it can not be economical. After all, high power as well as a large mowing width inevitably leads to the fact that such a machine will need a lot of fuel.

DESIGN FEATURES. It is clear that fuel consumption depends on the quality of the engine. The designs that provide maximum fuel combustion have the highest efficiency. That’s why they have the best fuel consumption.

You will pay a lot more for the purchase of a four-stroke engine than for the purchase of a two-stroke. However, it works in such a way that it does not create a lot of exhaust. In fact, with them also disappears the fuel that is not burned, and which is left unused.

If you can select the operating mode, this is also an economical gasoline grass trimmer. In this case, adjustment of fuel flow is made as needed.

THE SURFACE OF THE SITE AND ITS DIMENSIONS. The lion’s share of machines is designed to work on a level surface. But there are no perfect conditions. Bricks and stones, branches and tree stumps, for example, are often to be found along the way.

That automatically leads to fuel costs. So if you have a rough patch, you need to make sure that the petrol-powered trimmer has bigger wheels. They could give the car a better ride. So the grass trimmer won’t strain itself and use more fuel.

FUNCTION SETTINGS. Most modern versions have additional options. That could be, for example, the option to mow grass in hard-to-reach corners or to change from one speed to another. It is clear that this can make the whole job much easier. But that can mean that these options require additional fuel consumption.

Gasoline consumption rates for trimmers

The fuel consumption of all machines is very similar. Just compare several models to see for yourself.

For example, the Husqvarna 122C, which has a 0.8 liter two-stroke engine, consumes 630 g/kWh. The fuel consumption of the STIHL FS 50 CE is 20 percent lower. It also produces up to 70 percent fewer polluting emissions than 2-stroke models.

The following are the tips that the experts give to users. These concern the selection and application of the fuel mixture

Experts advise to buy mostly gasoline AI-92 for trimmers. To prepare a mixture with the right ratio of oil and gasoline, it is necessary to maintain a balance of 1:30. If the ratio is wrong, it can cause engine damage.

The mixture should be stored in containers that should be clean and safe. Because the fuel mix sometimes settles, it is absolutely necessary to shake the canister before refuelling.

There is no sense in filling more gasoline than you can use. It’s better to refill afterwards than to clean the tank.

IMPORTANT! Lawn mower will serve you for a long time and will be economical in fuel consumption for a long time if you keep to simple rules of grass trimmer storage.

A gasoline engine is a complicated structure, and therefore requires regular maintenance. That’s why before you start working, you need to study the rules of operation of the device and follow the recommendations that the manufacturer has developed.

You need to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the inside surface of the body. To ensure that the caustic juice from the grass does not corrode any parts of the device, experts recommend cleaning the machine after the work is done.

Before you buy a mower, you need to determine the place where it will be stored. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the machine. It makes sense to look closely at a model that has a folding handle. In this case, it will find a place in any storage. That is, this option is just perfect for storing the device.

Factors that affect gas consumption

This is a lot when you consider that the other version of this device, the electric one, does not run for more than twenty minutes.

As a rule, gas grass trimmers are usually equipped with a two-stroke engine. For them, experts advise to use fuel with an octane number not less than AI-92, which is mixed with oil.

There are four factors that affect gas mileage.

POWER. The higher this figure, the more fuel the unit requires. However, are higher values of this characteristic always preferable? Since four-stroke engines consume more fuel than two-stroke engines, they have more power.

Devices in this sense are usually divided into groups, each corresponding to a specific area of use. The engine can be:

It turns out that low-power devices should have a long enough run time without refueling. However, in order to make these models cheaper and reduce their weight, the manufacturer installs on them not only small fuel tanks, but also engines that must be stopped in any case. Because they need to be cooled.

1 to 3 horsepower machines are usually classed as semi-professional. For these, it is very common to install more economical advanced engines.

In such devices the fuel consumption is of course more economical. As for the size of the tank, they are usually designed for one hour of continuous activity. Surveys of sellers and buyers have shown that this category of units is the most popular.

GENERAL! Due to its status, professional equipment is usually equipped with a powerful engine and a large tank. To make it easier for the user, you can introduce an option such as a wide shoulder strap.

When we talk about such a gas trimmer, we mean that the fuel consumption in it cannot be economical. After all, high power, as well as a large width of the mowing inevitably leads to the fact that such a device will require a lot of fuel.

You will pay a lot more to buy a four-stroke engine than to buy a two-stroke. However, it works in such a way that it does not create a lot of emissions. In the end, the fuel that is not burned and left unused disappears with them.

If there is an option to choose the mode of operation, it also saves the gas trimmer for grass. In this case, the fuel flow is adjusted as needed.

AREA SURFACE AND ITS SIZE. The lion’s share of devices is designed to work on level ground. However, there are no ideal conditions. You can often find, for example, bricks and stones, branches and stumps, and other objects.

This automatically leads to fuel costs. And so, if someone on the site has an impairment, you need to make sure that the gasoline trimmer has big wheels. They could provide the vehicle with increased crossing capabilities. This way, the grass trimmer would not strain and consume more fuel.

FUNCTION SETTINGS. Most modern versions have optional extras. This could be, for example, the ability to mow grass in hard-to-reach corners or go from one speed to another. Clearly, this can make the whole job a lot easier. However, these options may require additional fuel consumption.

Norms of gasoline consumption on trimmers

For example, the Husqvarna 122C, which has a 0.8-liter two-stroke engine, consumes 630 g/kWh. STIHL FS 50 CE gas mowers have up to 20% lower fuel consumption. It also produces up to 70 percent fewer emissions than a two-stroke engine.

Here is some expert advice for users. They concern the choice and use of fuel mix.

Experts advise buying mostly AI-92 gasoline for trimmers. To prepare a mixture with the right ratio of oil to gasoline, you need to maintain a balance of 1:30. Violation of this ratio leads to engine damage.

Keep the mix in containers, which should be clean and safe. Because the fuel mixture sometimes settles, be sure to shake the can before refueling.

There is no point in adding more gas than you can use. Then it is better to fill than to clean the container.

GENERAL! Lawn mower will last a long time and will be economical in fuel consumption for those who strictly follow the simple rules of grass trimmer storage.

The gasoline engine is complex and therefore requires constant maintenance. Therefore, before starting work, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of operation of the device and follow the recommendations developed by the manufacturer.

The inside of the housing must be kept clean at all times. To prevent corrosion of corrosive sap of caustic grass in any part of the device, experts recommend cleaning the machine after finishing work.

Before buying a mower, it is necessary to determine where it will be stored. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the device. It makes sense to look at a model that will fold the handle. In this case it finds a place in any storage. So this option is just fine for storing the unit.

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Why is there overfueling in a brushcutter

Let’s look at each of these causes in more detail. But first of all it is necessary to find out what exactly caused the increase of gasoline consumption, because sometimes overconsumption is explained by natural circumstances in the form of speed, increased speed, the terrain of the area, density, height and tangles of the grass.

If the natural causes of overconsumption cannot be explained, then the first thing the owner of the brushcutter should pay attention to is the condition of the fuel tank. This is because this important element in the design of the grass mower is often subject to leakage that is difficult to detect because it only appears during operation.

Warning. The most common cause of leaks in the tank is drips and deposits that show up on your brushcutter regularly when pumping gasoline or when it is in operation.

The most vulnerable detail in this case is the cover that can be simply twisted or damaged (skewness of sealing rubber, defect in air valve). Another unreliable element can be a fuel tube, on which in the process of operation are often formed microcracks. In addition, the tube over time has an unpleasant feature to compress in the place where it connects to the tank with a special rubber seal. The rubber seal itself can also fail. We will not discuss the tank rupture in this short review, because it is difficult not to see it.

The second unexpected cause of overfueling on a brushcutter can be a knife or line for a trimmer. If the knife is blunt, it will continue to mow, but the load on the tool will increase many times, and after that the gasoline consumption will increase sharply. Similar problems arise with the wrong line (thickness, length, etc.).д.). Seems like a small thing, but it can increase fuel consumption by 30%.

However, the most common reason for overconsumption of gasoline is still a variety of problems in the fuel system, which appear in the form of:

  • Significant oil emissions from the exhaust port;
  • too easy or difficult to start;
  • heavy acceleration;
  • very high noise level;
  • lack of traction;
  • Regular interruptions in operation;
  • black smoke from the muffler;
  • failure to run at idle speed.

All these problems in the operation of the lawnmower appear because of a “clogged” carburetor, lack of decompression due to heavy wear of the piston group, heavy soot on the spark plug, clogged filters.

How to avoid increased gasoline consumption

The owner of a brushcutter should pay attention to fuel consumption, which is usually indicated in the instruction manual (usually about 0,5 liter per mowing hour). It is also necessary to use quality fuel and oil and to repair all detected faults in time.

  • The fuel tank can be repaired by replacing the cap, fuel pipe and gasket. These parts cost “pennies”, but it is recommended to select them according to the originals.
  • Problems with the cutting part of the tool are solved by timely sharpening of blades and correct choice of line thickness and length.
  • The fuel system will work perfectly, if the owner of a chainsaw will timely clean the filters (air and fuel), clean the spark plug from fouling, adjust and regulate the carburetor and repair the piston group.

We hope that these simple tips will help you to detect and quickly get rid of excessive fuel consumption on your brushcutter of any model.

fuel, consumption, 4350, gasoline

About Parts

Every tool needs preventive maintenance. Even professional models need at least some adjustment, and do it properly, according to the manual. When it comes to repairs, STIHL lawn mowers are only to be supplied with genuine STIHL parts. No substitutes are acceptable. The models described above acquire “diseases” after 4-5 years of operation, but they are. To save expensive tools from incomprehensible breakdowns, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Familiarize yourself closely with the manual. It is important to know the proportions for gasoline and oil, and even better to comply with them, measuring per 1 liter. gasoline exactly 20 gr. oils.
  • Don’t skimp on gasoline. Strictly 92 and above.
  • The fastest way to measure the oil is to use a syringe.
  • Do not store the fuel mixture for more than 2 weeks, because gasoline enters into an oxidation process.
  • Always run the mower at maximum power after purchase. Working for 15 minutes, then resting for 15 minutes. Use this method for up to 5 tanks.
  • Clean filters (air and fuel filter).
  • Avoid winding grass on moving parts.
  • Do not bump into fences, rocks, trees and other obstacles with the disc. Otherwise, engine and clutch breakdown cannot be avoided.
  • As a preventive measure, once a year lubricate the hard shaft with lithol-24.
  • A broken line will cause less damage, but it’s a working point. You can continue to use by properly pressing the spool.
  • Do not immerse the gear unit in water when cleaning.

All STIHL trimmers are safe, longlife, and designed to withstand the maximum wear and tear without breaking. The resource of the tool allows to carry out the necessary work on the garden with pleasure. Choosing any of the described models, you can safely proceed to the running-in of the engine and further proper operation.

How to calculate the rate of grass trimmer

It is useful for every motorist to know how to calculate gasoline consumption rates in his own car. This will help to properly estimate the cost of money for long trips, as well as the total cost of freight and passenger transportation. There are a myriad of options for calculating gasoline consumption in vehicles. The only question is why it is necessary.

The average motorist can find the average and instantaneous consumption of

Fuels and lubricants, although for experts, with respect to the confidentiality mentioned above, for accountants of companies that have vehicles on their balance sheet, more specific fuel consumption will be of interest, also the norm of its consumption according to various operational criteria.

Fuels, lubricants and bills

By fuels and lubricants (fuels and lubricants) we mean not only the fuel itself, which is gasoline, diesel or gas, but also various lubricants and water (brakes, cooling). Fuels and lubricants are any materials that are frequently used in vehicle maintenance.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has developed special standards for the cancellation of fuel and lubricants, and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation does not prohibit the use of standards for its development. In the latter case, they take into account various factors, decreasing and increasing, related to the time of year, weather and principles, factors in the operation of vehicles.

Calculation of fuel and lubricants (in which specific fuel will be assumed in our article) in the organization is carried out using the primary accounting document. the account. Invoices contain information about the time of departure and return of the vehicle to the starting point of the route, the rate of consumption of fuel and other consumables, detailed characteristics of the cargo, as well as information about the purpose of the trip and other relevant information. ,

A simple formula for calculating fuel and lubricants

There are several very simple ways to calculate the consumption of gas and other fuels. For example, with the built-in on-board computer you can calculate the instantaneous (instantaneous) consumption, that is, the amount of fuel consumed at a given time. It displays a lot of useful information, including average gas consumption per 100 km, fuel consumption for the current journey and instantaneous consumption. Using the on-board computer, you can easily set the parameters for a new trip and see the amount of gasoline or diesel needed on the screen.

But what if your car does not have such a computer? Use the formula:

Power tool consumption rates for lawn mowers. Getting ready to go

Expenses for company vehicles, including cars, are provided by subparagraph 11 pt 1 of Art. 264 of the Tax Code for organizations that apply the general tax regime, and subparagraph 12 pt 1 of Art. 346. The document under consideration contains the values of basic, transport and operational norms of fuel consumption for cars of general purpose rolling stock, norms of fuel consumption for work of special cars, the order of implementation of norms, formulas and methods of calculation of standard fuel consumption during operation, reference normative data on lubricants consumption, values of winter allowances, etc.

This document is a mandatory appendix to any grass mower model. The gasoline lawnmower operating instructions contain:

  • A description of the machine’s design, the symbols on its body, in.ч. The type of engine installed, gasoline consumption, oil consumption;
  • instructions for use with clarification of the intended purpose;
  • safety precautions for handling the gasoline lawnmower;
  • order of mowing the grass;
  • the machine’s maintenance, care and maintenance.

A mandatory section in the manual is a list of possible malfunctions and troubleshooting options.

Types of STIHL mowing equipment Example of calculation

What’s the hurry?

Most modern motorcycles from all manufacturers boast dazzling dynamics and exorbitant top speed. We also see rocket acceleration whenever we turn on a commercial with our favorite motorcycle or admire it on a flyer. But why repeat it every time you start from a traffic light?? Aggressive riding on a sportbike can double fuel consumption. If you’re worried about the financial side of the issue, maybe you should ride more in moderation and postpone the fun to a more prosperous time? In any case keep in mind that you can go much more at medium speed than at maximum.

Over long distances, try to concentrate on maintaining a constant speed, add gas slowly, and avoid unnecessary braking. Look far ahead, and react in advance to impending causes for speed drops, so as not to slow down at the last moment, and not in vain change dynamic energy into thermal energy. Also, don’t forget that a smooth ride. It’s a safe ride.

Popular gasoline grass trimmers: which one to choose, consumer reviews and rates

Regarding which gasoline trimmer for grass is better to buy, consumer reviews differ. On the basis of a large number of similar reviews of quality, reliability, power and functionality, and were made ratings, with which you are familiarized in this article.

One of the decisive factors when buying a gasoline trimmer is its weight

“I bought a STIHL FS 55 mower last year. And I’m satisfied with it. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a low-cost and high-quality model among Chinese companies, I abandoned the idea. The grass trimmer is a dream: it barely vibrates and cuts bushes well. The belt is a little bit uncomfortable, but I would not call that a big disadvantage.

“I’ve had the Husqvarna 143R-II petrol grass mower in my garage for two years now. Worked two seasons like clockwork. I like that it’s powerful enough and has a big fuel tank. But the strong engine and the bulky tank make the design much heavier. No complaints about the function, but if I were the manufacturer I would add a system that facilitates the start-up”.

“I have a Champion T233 grass mower. Works well, but has lots of little drawbacks. Filling the fishing line takes a long time, the attachment of parts uncomfortable, the belt is difficult to fix under the. It is pleased that the weight is small. I mowed for three hours without the belt and I was barely tired.

Compared to a two-stroke, four-stroke engines consume less fuel, which contributes to greater environmental friendliness of the latter

Useful tip! Use the video below to choose a gasoline grass trimmer.

How much do grass trimmers cost for gasoline grass trimmers: rates for rated models

The table shows the average purchase rates for gasoline grass trimmers, which were previously considered in the ratings of the best devices on three characteristics: weight, power, the ability to work effectively in areas with difficult terrain.

Average of gasoline grass trimmers for dacha from the ratings:

Device category Brand Device model Country of manufacturer Price,
Light trimmers for grass Husqvarna 323 R Sweden 24000
STIHL FS 55 Germany 16000
Hitachi CG22EAS Japan 10300
Partner XS China 6800
STIHL FS 38 Germany 11000
Powerful trimmers for grass Hitachi CG40EY (T) Japan 23000
Husqvarna 143R-II Sweden 26000
Champion T527-2 China 7600
Vega VTG-3200 Germany 7000
ECHO SRM-4605 Japan 34500
Devices for working on difficult terrain ECHO SRM-2655SI (L) Japan 20000
STIHL FS 55 Germany 11000
Champion Т233 China 5100
Huter GGT-1000S Germany 6700
Patriot T 545 Pro China 12100

Why gasoline grass trimmers do not start: the causes of failure

Operation of the device may be accompanied by various malfunctions, because gasoline grass trimmers do not start for a variety of reasons, which can be identified at home. And each case requires a different approach and a specific solution to the problem.

Pay attention! You can repair the gasoline trimmer for grass with your own hands, if the breakdown is not too serious and you managed to identify it. In most situations you can do without the help of specialists.

With many gasoline grass trimmer breakdowns you can cope with on your own

fuel, consumption, 4350, gasoline

Why gasoline grass trimmers don’t start: troubleshooting

In order to find an effective solution to perform the repair of the gasoline trimmer with your own hands, you should accurately determine the cause of the problem. To do this, you need to conduct a diagnostic study of the tool for breakage. There is a certain algorithm, according to which such a procedure is done.

The diagram of gasoline grass trimmer diagnostics is as follows (sequence of parts check):

  • Fuel tank (check the presence of fuel and its quality).
  • The channel and the spark plug.
  • Air cleaning filter.
  • Fuel filter.
  • The breather.
  • Exhaust port.

These are the parts most often affected by gasoline-powered trimmers. If this is the problem, the problem can be found by careful inspection.

Working with a brushcutter is not dependent on weather conditions, unlike electrical equipment

Check the fuel tank, regardless of faults. Do not forget to check the fuel tank before each use. To rule out a problem in this part of the design, it is sufficient to follow three simple rules:

Replacing a primed spark plug is done as follows:

  • The part is unscrewed and wiped down.
  • Thorough drying.
  • Removal of excess gasoline from the chamber and drying.
  • Insert a new spark plug with a 1mm gap.
  • Checking the tool for proper operation.

The spark plug screw thread in the spark plug socket is sometimes the reason why the lawn mower refuses to start. You can grease this place with a little gasoline.

The materials for the body of gasoline trimmers are steel or aluminum

If the filters or the breather are dirty, the problem is solved simply. You need to clean these parts or replace them with new ones.

Why gasoline grass trimmers don’t start: causes, video

There are more serious causes of breakdowns in trimmers. As a rule, they relate to the carburetor or engine.

Useful tip! When working on jets and passages, do not use a wire or needle since it can damage the sections.

Problems in the work of the carburetor and ways to solve them:

Type of breakdown How to fix
Clogging in nozzles or ducts Cleaning with a flushing agent, blowing out
Wear of the gasket Part replacement
No tightness Replacing the part

If the cause of the breakdown really lies in the carburetor, use the repair of gasoline trimmer for grass with your own hands video with recommendations.

If the carburetor is working as it should, the only reason the tool is not working properly may be the piston system is worn. A detailed inspection is necessary to locate the problem area. Engine cylinder and pistons may have scored, scratched or chipped surfaces. If this is the case, the distorted parts must be replaced.

Don’t forget to look at the piston rings. The presence of even a slight amount of looseness is a strong indication that the rings need to be replaced. Do not do the procedure yourself. it requires experience and knowledge. Have the rings on the piston replaced by a professional.

ProCraft T4350 Gasoline Grass Trimmer

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ProCraft T4350 Gasoline Grass Trimmer Specifications

General characteristics




Further information


For full details of the product, manufacturer, scope of supply, specifications and functions, please refer to the technical documentation.

AdvantagesNearly I bought a dacha, and the question of buying a trimmer for grass. I took the Patriot at work for a weekend mowing is good but pro Kraft can not be compared. First half hour I thought I made a wrong choice, but then it mows just fine. I am very pleased.

Your review will help someone make a choice. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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