Garage Storage Ideas for Lawnmowers. Lawn mower shed ideas

Garage Storage Ideas for Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers are as American as Apple pie. The quintessential feature of a garage resembles the American Dream, where homeowners have their property to maintain and need a mower to keep their turf looking good.

Regardless of your circumstances, you are likely looking for a decent place to store your lawnmower when it’s not in use. Thankfully, there are a variety of creative garage storage ideas for lawnmowers.

Despite our natural dependence on lawnmowers, we often fail to find an excellent place to store them. Where do they end up?

Mowers are usually dumped in the corner of a garage, which makes it a hassle to pull in or back your car out of the garage. Or lawnmowers get in the way whenever you are trying to access storage in the garage.

Making Space in Your Garage

Many kids remember mowing a lawn being one of their first important responsibilities around the household. Whether you got paid or not to mow a lawn, it brings back some fond memories.

Chances are you also remember where you stored the lawnmower when it was not in use. Was it a convenient and good place for storage, or pain the rear end to get?

If you remember the latter, you are not alone. Lawnmowers are bulky and not the easiest to store. Unfortunately, people usually leave them wherever there is space, which becomes a headache when you need to access other things in the room.

Are you tired of tripping over the mower? Do you get sick of having to be cautious and not bang a car door against it every time you enter or exit your vehicle?

You need a better way to store your lawnmower. Here are some creative ideas if you don’t have an outside shed or another appropriate place for storage beside the garage:

Garage Corners

Depending on the size of your garage, you may have space in a corner. Since most lawnmowers do not fold up or still take up a lot of space when folded, a corner is a practical solution.

But it only works for garages that are at least two or three cars wide. Single car garages don’t have enough space to provide a corner storage area without making it a hassle walking around it.

Under Shelves

Several garages get built with storage on the sides of the unit. Or it’s something that you can always do as a fun garage DIY project. But what do you put under the shelving since there is still storage to be had in any garage?

Building your garage shelves high enough where you can tuck a mower and other machinery under it is a Smart way to maximize your garage storage space.

In the long run, it’s more convenient to have to pull out a car every time to access a mower (usually once a week at the max) compared to having to move or avoid a mower every time you pull in and out of the garage.

On Top of Shelves

Some mowers are light enough that you can safely pick them up and set on an elevated shelf. However, it is only ideal for homeowners that are able bodied and capable of managing the weight.

It’s also a bit of a hassle, yet if you have a lightweight and collapsible model, it might just find a home somewhere on the shelving.

Wall Hangers

Garages are notorious for wall hangers and for a good reason. Garage storage is always tight, regardless of its size. It doesn’t take long for all your tools and accessories to collect in a garage, which is why maximizing garage storage space is so important.

Consider a wall hanger for your lawnmower. Mowers traditionally have some weight, but if you invest in high-quality hooks or straps you could consider mounting to a stud. If you don’t hang the hooks or straps on a stud, you risk the entire unit collapsing because it’s too much weight to hold.

However, before you consider this option double-check that the lawnmower model can get hung vertically. Not all mowers are intended for this purpose.

Ceiling Hangers

Using a ceiling hanger is pretty much the same concept as wall hangers, yet obviously from the top of the garage. Once again, it’s essential to make sure the mower can get hung vertically. You also need to verify that the ceiling is strong enough to support the weight of the lawnmower.

You need to have high-quality joists to support the weight to prevent the mower from pummeling down on anything below, including a car windshield. However, this garage storage option does work for some homeowners.

Garage Lifts

You may be surprised to learn that you can install a relatively affordable car lift inside your garage. While it’s still far from the cheapest option, it works for some households. You don’t need a full-blown lift, but some pedestal lifts get the job done.

Pedestal lifts like single column lifts generally run between 1,500 to 2,500. While expensive, it’s an excellent long-term investment for storing your mower and other machinery. The lift supports the mower high enough, so the nose of your car fits under it.

Final Word

Storing a lawnmower in a garage is a bit of a hassle. Mowers are bulky and not the easiest to store. Regardless, you still need a place to store this necessary yet annoying piece of machinery.

Getting the mower off the floor by using a wall or ceiling hanger is a good idea if the storage device gets installed correctly.

You’ve organized your garage and removed all the unwanted stuff but you still don’t have enough space. Let’s face it, the problem here is not your stuff but it’s your garage. There’s a solution to this problem and it starts with a brand new detached garage.

At Danley’s, we have all the garage styles and sizes that will improve the value of your home. All the stuff that you wanted to move out of the garage can be stored inside a two-car or even a three-car garage. Speak to a specialist about garage sizes and get a free quote online today.

Lawn Mower Sheds: How to Pick the Right One

If you invested in a heavy-duty riding mower, lawn tractor, or zero-turn mower this spring, then you need an equally heavy-duty lawn mower shed to match.

Your lawn mower is a serious piece of equipment in every sense of the word, so take care of it like one. Think about it: your mower was a big investment and you’re planning on getting more than a decade of rock-solid performance from it. Storing it properly is a crucial component to enjoying the longevity you expect.

Plus, consider the size and weight — those numbers alone make it clear that this is no run-of-the-mill push mower. The dimensions of your mower can be too big for smaller sheds and certain styles. Plus, the weight from your riding mower (often in excess of 1,000 lbs) can break or damage flimsier sheds.

Glick Woodworks is Pennsylvania’s expert shed craftsmen. We know all about matching heavy-duty lawn equipment to the riding mower sheds they need.

How to Find the Right Lawn Mower Shed

As soon as you fire up the engine of your lawn mower, you know this is real power equipment. When you take that first loop of your lawn, you decide this is the only way to cut grass. When you see this mower side-by-side with your old one, the difference is clear.

You need a shed to match — and this is what to look for.

The Right Lawn Mower Shed Style

In most cases, the shed style and design is more about looking good and matching your home. When finding a shed for your riding mower, you need one with the depth to store a long piece of equipment. Some styles of sheds can be too shallow to accompany the size of your mower.

For your ideal lawn mower storage shed, you want a shed with a long-ways design. Some examples include our:

The Right Size Shed for Your Riding Mower

Your riding mower is closer to a car than a small push mower. It’s not uncommon for zero-turn mowers and riding tractors to be 7 feet long and 5 feet wide — you’ll need a decent size storage space to handle that.

The right size shed for the job is a 10 foot by 16 foot option. With those dimensions, you have enough room to comfortably house a large mower and extra attachments without wasting too much space.

A Durable Shed Ramp

When your mower weighs over 500 pounds, you’re going to drive it everywhere it goes. If you want to get it into and out of your shed, that shed is going to need a durable ramp that’s up to the job.

While some shed builders cut corners with the ramps, we don’t. Built with pressure-treated lumber, our heavy-duty ramps are 4 feet long and come in four standard size’s: 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, and 9 foot. We can also custom build any ramp to fit the shed.

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Our ramps have proven they’re up to the challenge of handling lawn tractors for years to come.

Reinforced Lawn Mower Shed Floor

Your new heavy-duty lawnmower is quite literally heavy enough to break the floor on lesser sheds. That’s why when looking for a riding mower shed, you need to find a shed with a reinforced floor.

We reinforce the structure of our shed floors in two distinct and optional ways:

  • We can upgrade the 2X4’s to 12 inches apart rather than 16. This makes the floor able to withstand far greater weight.
  • We can upgrade to double 5/8 inch flooring for a total of inch-and-a-quarter floorboards for your shed floor. This again makes the floor much stronger.

Finally, since driving mowers in and out of sheds can chip or damage even the sturdiest shed floors, we offer the option of diamond plate door tread. This aluminum plate keeps the plywood edge at the door from chipping when driving over it with your lawn mower.

Choose a Shed with Vents

Since your riding mower uses a serious gasoline engine to generate all that power, vents in your shed can be a good extra amenity to include. Available in the ridge or gables, these vents allow any lawnmower fumes to safely ventilate.

This upgrade can also be important if you plan to do maintenance in your mower shed.

Make Sure it Has Sufficient Storage Space and Shelving

While your new riding mower shed was bought to house your beloved new piece of lawn equipment, chances are you have plenty of other stuff to store, too.

Choosing a shed with space to not only accommodate your mower but other equipment as well is a great idea. Our sheds come customizable with off-ground shelving that’s perfect for storing other lawn equipment.

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Lawn Mower Sheds in PA, MD, and NJ

Glick Woodworks is a premier Amish shed builder that serves Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. We deliver and install a wide variety of sheds to solve storage problems for homeowners throughout our service areas.

We build the custom lawn mower storage sheds that homeowners use to keep their heavy equipment safe and protected from the elements. If you have questions or would like to order your shed, contact us to start a conversation.

Lawn Mower Storage Unit (DIY Ideas and Video)

There are many ways to store your lawnmower on your property. Most people choose to keep their mower in a shed or garage, but you can always make your storage system if you don’t have one! You can construct sheds and hangers to optimize the space in your garage, plus more.

There are plenty of DIY shed options available to you, so you can choose the one that works the best with the space you have at home. You may need to buy some materials, but you shouldn’t need a lot.

What are the Best DIY Lawn Mower Storage Units?

Building a budget-friendly shed is easy. However, you can make it larger if you want more storage space. Keep in mind that you’ll need more room to comfortably store a riding lawn mower when compared to traditional push ones.

Construct a Mini Shed

  • Two 4×6 skids
  • Five 2×4 boards
  • Two 1×6 boards
  • Eight 1×4 boards
  • Eighteen 2×4 boards
  • One 4×8 sheet of ¾ inch plywood
  • One 4×8 sheet of ⅜ inch plywood

You will need first to build a foundation for the shed. You don’t want to make it directly on the ground! You’ll also need to confirm your local area’s building code to determine what type of foundation will work for you. Every location has different requirements.

The plywood makes up the walls and the 2x4s, which act as the internal beams. You also can keep the siding and roof simple or choose more complex designs. This How To Build a Shed video covers everything!

Remember that you don’t have to build the barn door that appears in the video. You can keep your shed as simple as you want for storing your mower and all of your tools.

Create an Overhang

You can also create an overhang to store your lawnmower under. You’ll want to make sure that you use this in combination with a tarp to give your mower the best possible protection from weather damage.

You can add the overhang to another shed or garage on your property. It works very well when your other storage space is too full for the lawnmower to fit. It’s also a lot easier than you may think!

You’ll need to attach rafter extensions to the shed’s rafters. Start by taking off fascia that’s already around the existing rafters. Then, you can connect the overhang. Make sure you never make it longer than two feet, which is often enough space for many push mowers to sit under.

Overhangs also provide better water drainage and keep the rain away from the shed. It’s a great DIY project that shouldn’t take you more than a few days to complete.

Build a Large Shed

If you think you’ll need more space, or want to store your lawnmower with plenty of other tools, then you may need a larger shed. However, you won’t want to attempt a large shed without the proper permits and experience.

How To Maximize Storage Space / Shed Organization / Garage Organization / Garage Storage Ideas / DIY

When creating a large shed, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Choose a flat area with plenty of space
  • Construct the foundation and base
  • Construct the frame, then fill it in
  • Add the corner boards and the door gap
  • Install the roof
  • Attach the doors
  • Add any final details

It’s a good idea to have some additional help when you build a large shed. Otherwise, it could take a very long time!

The Ultimate 10×16 Shed Idea Guide

We know that feeling. When you need storage but don’t want it to take up the whole yard. A 10×16 storage shed may be just what you are looking for. Big enough for serious storage needs, and yet small enough to fit in most yards, the 10×16 storage shed can be so much more than just a place to keep your snowmobile and ATVs in the Wisconsin or Minnesotan off-season. These sheds can be finished out to be whatever you need.

A traditional shed? Well, that’s what they are called right?

In this ultimate use guide, we are going to lay out for you the ways you can make your 10×16 shed the best situation no matter your needs or desires.

×16 Office Shed

We have learned in recent history that humanity is always resilient. But with that resilience comes the need for changes. We now know that many of us are able to work from home with relative ease. And honestly who ever really wanted to go to the office every day anyway?

Maybe you thought about adding on to the house or kicking one of the kids out of their bedroom and having them share a room with their sibling. Hey, we all did it as kids so why can’t they? But what if the solution you need is to be at your house but not in your house? What if having an office at home could be easier than you think? Enter in the 10x 16 shed and you have the canvas for a beautiful home office.

As you sit here and relish in the idea of having your own workspace at your place you may be thinking? “ How on earth is a 10×16 shed going to be a suitable office?” So let us put that in terms that are pretty easy to grasp.

Home offices are usually 50-150 square feet. That means a 10 by 16 office shed will be on the high end of the area. This means that you could have a multi-use office. Imagine being able to have a place where both you and your spouse or a business partner can comfortably have 2 desks and 2 chairs and a nice printing station, ample file storage, and even a small sofa to relax. This lets you have all the supplies and space you need to keep your business moving forward.

Here we have diagramed on possible configuration for a 10×16 backyard office shed. Of course, you are in the driver’s seat if you are building your own office space, this is just one possible configuration.

Sample 10×16 Office Shed Layout

This goes to show that a 10×16 shed really does offer the potential to fit most needs of a typical small office. This could give you that true separation of work and home life so you can actually start to “leave the office” before you take your “long” commute home.

The Traditional 10×16 Garden Shed

When you start to look for a garden shed you may think that trying to use a plastic resin shed is all you will need. The truth is they don’t hold up well and can become quite the eyesore when they begin to fade, crack, and eventually fall over. That is why a 10×16 shed built by a custom builder is the way you want to go.

A quality shed company should offer you the ability to pick your color, size, roof, and the materials used all with ease.

When you look at getting a 10×16 shed for your garden it’s hard to imagine what all would need to fit in there. We know that the grass and garden care of Wisconsin and Minnesota are second to none. We want to see you be able to take care of the property you have and do it well. So let us give you an idea of what we think you could be missing out on.

Here is a diagram of one possible layout of a 10×16 garden shed to see what you might have room for.

Sample 10×16 Garden Shed

A 10×16 shed is going to give you the ability to have a push riding mower, gas cans, a wheelbarrow, a ride-on car toy, a charcoal grill and a free-standing shelving unit comfortably, and even a nice long workbench, and that doesn’t even begin to include the ways that you can use the wall space for additional storage. Such as hanging your hand tools, extension cords or Christmas lights. As you can see from the diagram, there is still some room left over for other things as well.

The 10×16 Guesthouse

We can all think of a time when we were invited to stay with family but didn’t really feel how you say…welcome. Maybe it was the way they barged into your room while you were still asleep to get their morning workout done. Or maybe it was that they were up till all hours of the night and you were simply using their place as somewhere to crash for a business trip.

We know you don’t want to put your guest through the same thing so why not consider getting a 10×16 shed and finishing it out as a guest quarters?

Rubbermaid Slide Top Shed. Will Riding Mower Fit?

We know that comfort and privacy are the number one thing that you want when hosting.

Here is a sample layout idea for choosing to use a 10×16 shed as a guesthouse.

Sample 10×16 Guesthouse Shed Layout

A guest house shed lets you do both! Allowing you to fit in a queen-sized bed, 2 end tables, a mini-fridge and a small couch and TV mounted to the wall. You might have a harder time getting them to leave than you did getting them to come and visit in the first place!

The Office/Guesthouse Combo

Maybe you read this article and say to yourself. “There is no way I can convince myself to get a 10×16 shed for just an office or just as a guest house.” Well, maybe what you need to do is consider doing the combo option of a shed and office space all in one.

You can make half of your shed an office and the other half a guest quarters. Something as simple as placing some nice curtains around the desk and work area that will make for a lovely multi-use space.

When might a 10×16 shed not be what you are looking for?

Storage Space

While a storage shed of this size does allow for many of your storage needs to be taken care of we know it won’t be what everyone needs. That is why we offer sheds that are larger than our 10×16 sheds. Maybe you need to store a few riding mowers or have items that are just a really odd shape. We would suggest taking a look at some of the bigger storage sheds that we offer.

Footprint Space

Maybe you love the idea of a storage shed, but a 10×16 shed is just too big for your yard. Maybe you just need a small place for a push mower or a single place to work. Well, that is where some of our smaller sheds work out really well!

So as you can see, no matter if you need a 10×16 shed, something bigger or something that is a bit smaller we can get you the shed solution that you need.

Are You Ready For A 10×16 Shed?

At Northwood Outdoor, we want you as our customers to be as happy as possible. Whether it’s getting a shed for your single push mower, 10×16 for guest quarters, home office, or something much larger. We are here to help serve you and make your life easier! So get in touch with us, come visit us or take a look at our site to see what all the hubbub is about. We promise not to disappoint!

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