Gas Consumption Per Husqvarna 128 Gas Trimmer

The 128R Husqvarna gas trimmer is a great solution for owners of small lawn areas. It perfectly performs the functions assigned to it, while working with the device does not cause any difficulties and difficulties.

Gas Consumption Per Husqvarna 128 Gas Trimmer

The Husqvarna gas trimmer is equipped with an engine with a cylinder displacement of 28 cubic centimeters. This already says a lot about its power characteristics, which reach 0.8 kW. The engine speed per minute is 10,000 rpm. A reliable and at the same time unpretentious Zama carburetor meets the preparation of a mixture of air and fuel. And the engine is started by the Champion-RCJ6 spark plug. The fuel tank of the lawn mower is 0.4 liters. Gas consumption is 507 grams per kilowatt per hour.

The operation of any gasoline equipment is accompanied by a high level of noise and gas emissions. The Husqvarna-128R gas trimmer also has excellent characteristics in terms of these indicators. The noise level is within acceptable limits. And the exhaust emissions are lower than most devices with similar characteristics. This is due to the engine technology used, which is called E-TECH II.


  • Belt accessories. The Husqvarna gas trimmer of this model is equipped with a special belt equipment, which makes using the device easier.
  • Optimized boom and gearbox. The combination of the optimal length of the rod, as well as the gearbox, which provides high torque, make it easier to work with the device and work with cutting equipment parallel to the ground.
  • Convenient adjustable handle that can be easily installed in a convenient place for use, and its ergonomic design allows you to easily and comfortably carry out work.
  • Fuel priming pump. It makes it easier to start up.
  • Smart Start Easy Start System. Starter and engine start easily. Starter cord resistance reduced by 40%.
  • Combined protective cover. This design allows you to use both a grass knife and a trimmer head.
  • Trimmer head Tap ‘n Go. It provides quick and easy cord feeding.
  • Engine Technology E-TECH II. Exhaust emissions are significantly reduced.
  • Ignition switch with auto return function. After turning off the mower, the stop button returns to the start position automatically. Thanks to this, the Husqvarna gas trimmer can be launched faster.

Not only the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, but also the experience of using the products by independent people are very important. Modern technologies allow the exchange of such information. The feedback from the owners of Huskvarna-128R suggests that this model of gas trimmer is easy to operate and maintain, reliable, and economical. And also almost every second owner of the device positively emphasizes the presence of a belt equipment, which greatly simplifies and facilitates the work with the lawn mower.