Gasoline For Chainsaw Ratio Per Liter

Stihl lubricant for two-stroke engines

Stihl engineers develop oils that are optimally suited to all two-stroke engines fitted to Stihl chainsaws and trimmers and beyond. The Stihl two-stroke lubricant range includes several product options:

  • Stihl HP;
  • Stihl HP Ultra;
  • Stihl HP S

How to distinguish fake Stihl oil

Attackers do not miss the opportunity to make money selling fake products of a well-known brand. Stihl oil is no exception. The most common counterfeit Stihl HP is due to the highest sales of Stihl lubricants.

In order to distinguish a fake from the original, the Stihl company issued a special brochure on which it recorded all the main differences between the original and the fake.

Also, we invite you to watch a video, which, using a specific example, shows how a package of high-quality Stihl oil should look like and how to distinguish a fake.

HP Super

Designed for high-performance engines and four-stroke engines made using 2-MIX technology. The characteristics are slightly worse than those of the HP Ultra, therefore, at the moment, the HP Super is not available on the counters of authorized Stihl dealers.


ForestPlus mineral oil for chain lubrication is a quality product that creates a reliable film on the bar and on the chain links, which is well retained even at maximum chain speeds.

Packaged in three types of containers, a liter bottle and cans of five and twenty liters.

ForestPlus has the lowest shelf life of the Stihl range at just three years when stored properly.

BioPlus chain oil overview

BioPlus is plant-based, which allows it to decompose in the shortest possible time when it gets into the soil. It is this property that is marked with the European environmental safety mark. According to the information that is available on the manufacturer’s website and is official, BioPlus has been tested according to OECD 301 B.

For maximum convenience of consumers, it is packaged in 4 types of containers, these are:

  • Liter bottle.
  • Canister with a capacity of three liters.
  • Five liter canister.
  • Plastic twenty liter canister for those who use a chainsaw every day and spend a lot of lubricants.
gasoline, chainsaw, ratio, liter

BioPlus price may vary depending on the region of sale.

BioPlus has a shelf life of four years. Brown colour.


SynthPlus is a semi-synthetic oil that retains its properties even under the most severe conditions. It is able to maintain performance at minus 25 degrees. SynthPlus mixes well with BioPlus, making it easy to switch from one oil type to another.

SynthPlus has a long shelf life, which, if properly stored, reaches seven years. SynthPlus oil color, brown.

Stihl SynthPlus is packaged in containers of the same capacity as BioPlus.

Which oil to choose

If you are a regular user of a chainsaw and do not use it daily for 6-8 hours, while working only in the summer, then you can use a regular Stihl HP to prepare the fuel mixture for your chainsaw. The optimal ratio of the price and quality of the lubricant has made it popular with millions of gasoline tool users.

Stihl HP can be used to mix any two-stroke engine, including moped and boat options.

Dosage of oil in the Chinese version

Many Chinese-assembled chainsaws are simplified copies of popular European design models. The lack of special materials and proprietary technologies contributes to the preservation of the outdated proportion of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 25: 1.

The doubled consumption of engine oil is compensated by its lower cost. According to the developers, original components are introduced into the composition of Chinese oils, contributing to the increase in the durability of power units and the real extension of their assigned resource.

According to independent experts, the quality of the best brands of Chinese motor lubricants corresponds to those of European manufacturers in the middle price range. This is the level of branded motor oils of the Standard group and partially. Super.

Features of preparation and storage of the fuel mixture

Safety regulations prescribe to dilute gasoline and oil in a metal canister. This eliminates the risk of static electricity and fuel ignition.

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Experts advise to pour oil into an incomplete container, mix thoroughly, and then top up with clean gasoline to the specified level. It should be excluded from everyday practice the saving of working time by preparing the working mixture directly in the gas tank of the chainsaw.

QUICK TIP #4 : How To Mix 2 stroke (Two cycle) Gas

This technology is fraught with fuel system failures due to the ingress of a large amount of oil into the carburetor, the need for disassembly and thorough flushing.

Recommended oils for refueling chainsaw:

  • STIHL HP. specially developed for chainsaw engines. Perfectly proved itself in all weather conditions, ensures perfect engine operation.
  • Husqvarna HP is an oil from a renowned manufacturer of garden equipment. Special additives reduce carbon formation on the engine crankcase, which can occur due to the use of low-quality fuel.
  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T is a multifunctional oil with synthetic esters. Protects engine parts from corrosion, reduces wear of mechanisms and parts.
  • CHAMPION JASO FD is a quality oil from a well-known company. Provides good protection for all moving engine parts;
  • Vitals Semisynthetic is a multigrade oil for budget models of chainsaws, intended for use at temperatures from 20 to 40 ° C 0.

Important: the use of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic automotive oils is prohibited. They are designed for other types of motors and do not have the required properties.

Chainsaw Basics: Fuel and Oil

Fuel mixture working proportions

The standard gasoline to oil mixture ratio for carburetor chainsaw engines of various models is 40: 1 and 50: 1. This proportion provides full lubrication of the rubbing parts of the crank mechanism and piston group, and also does not prevent the complete combustion of the gasoline-air mixture.

Taking into account external factors, the fuel mixture can be adjusted in the direction of increasing the amount of oil. Such a need arises at the stage of running in a new tool, as well as at high air temperatures. In this case, the standard oil dosage is increased by 20%.

In practice, an increase in the percentage of oil in the fuel mixture is used if its characteristics do not fully meet the stated requirements. How much oil per liter of gasoline is needed in each case is determined by the sawman himself.

How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw

Consider how the mixture is prepared for a chainsaw. It is necessary to calculate the correct ratio of gasoline and oil for the chainsaw. For a chainsaw, they take fuel with a high octane index: AI-92 or AI-95.

To prepare the fuel mixture, it is necessary to add 30 g of oil to 1 liter of gasoline, which corresponds to the design of the saw. The resulting fuel fluid is poured into the fuel compartment. Before diluting gasoline, you should consult a service specialist who specializes in the repair of chainsaws.

In order for the saw to have a long service life, it is necessary to properly prepare a gasoline-oil mixture, for which only AI-92 and AI-95 brands can be used. The fuel must be unleaded, otherwise the internal combustion engine may break down. Do not use an old product that has expired, because over time, the fuel can change the octane number. The proportion of lubricant and fuel is strictly adhered to.

You should not save when choosing oil for Husqvarna chainsaws and others. The proportions must be observed due to the fact that excess oil can lead to the growth of carbon deposits on the chainsaw units. Excess gasoline can cause damage to the piston and damage to the internal combustion engine. So, 1 liter of fuel is mixed with 20-50 ml of oil. Husqvarna recommends adding 100 ml of grease to 4 liters of gasoline. This proportion is suitable for saws with a power of up to 1.5 kW.

For structures with a power of more than 1.5 kW, an oil ratio of 1:50 is used. That is, it is necessary to dilute gasoline like this: add 5 liters of gasoline for a chainsaw to 100 ml of oil. Partner recommends when refueling the chainsaw with fuel, dilute the fuel fluid at the following rates: add 100 ml of lubricant to 3.3 liters of fuel.

When using supersynthetic oils, the indicators are 1: 100. That is, the fuel mixture for the chainsaw must be prepared according to the recipe: add 100 ml of lubricant to 1 liter of fuel. When choosing components, you need to use the information that is given in the instructions for any modification of the saw.

Plastic bottles and other containers are often used to mix ingredients. Be careful with plastic and glass. Mixing the components may generate static electricity. Care must be taken to prevent pebbles, sand or water droplets from entering the fuel mixture. The fuel mixture must be mixed well. The prepared fuel mixture should not be stored for more than a month, as oxidation of materials may occur and the composition of the mixture will change.

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Engine breakdown, which was caused by expired fuel, is recognized in the services not under warranty. At the same time, the cost of repairs can reach 80% of the price of a new design.

After all work with the use of the chainsaw has been completed, you need to spend the remaining fuel, turn off the engine, remove the remaining mixture.

For the best operation of the device, it is necessary to make a mixture that will ensure uninterrupted operation of the engine, complete combustion of the gasoline-oil mixture without the formation of carbon deposits, smoke or damage.

What should be the proportions of oil and gasoline to prepare the fuel mixture of a chainsaw

The chainsaw is started with an engine running on a mixture of gasoline and oil adapted to the ambient conditions. It is necessary to observe the proportions of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw, then the device will work stably. To achieve high power, the saw is used at high engine speeds. Therefore, increased requirements are imposed on the quality of lubricants and fuel.


Stricter criteria for the selection of the oil component. In the best variant, it is a mineral or semi-synthetic engine oil recommended by the manufacturer, intended for operation in high-speed two-stroke air-cooled internal combustion engines.

The advantage of mineral oils is their lower cost. Their more expensive semi-synthetic and synthetic counterparts are distinguished by improved performance and compliance with environmental standards.


  • maintain working properties in a wide range of operating temperatures;
  • do not form carbon deposits;
  • contain detergents, antioxidants, preservatives and other additives useful for the operation of the power unit.


The main component of the fuel mixture for chainsaw engines is gasoline with an octane number of at least 92. Consumables with expired storage, made on the basis of gas condensate, having water and mechanical impurities in their volume are not suitable for fuel preparation.

  • The opinions of experts on the use of different brands of gasoline are ambiguous. On the one hand, the incomplete compliance of domestic gasoline A-92 with European standards is recognized.
  • On the other hand, the quality of A-95 gasoline is questioned due to the high content of anti-knock additives. You can use this fuel to prepare fuel for a chainsaw only if you are fully confident in its quality.
  • The difficulty lies in the presence of various improving additives, with the help of which unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors increase the performance properties of motor gasoline with a lower octane index.

Also, irreversible changes in the working properties of the fuel occur when it is stored for a sufficiently long time in a plastic container, regardless of the level of its petrol and oil resistance.

A mixture of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines

When buying equipment, you should study the instructions. in it, the manufacturer can recommend the best way to prepare the fuel mixture. For air cooled models a 1:40 mix is ​​used. Equipment that uses synthetic oil is best suited for fuel diluted 1:50. It is necessary to select the desired option in each case for a specific device.

Work is carried out in high-quality and dense gloves

After the ratio of oil and gasoline for the trimmer has been determined, you can refuel the device.

It is better to pour liquids into the tank in the fresh air, and not in the garage

Recommendations for mixing and filling the gas tank:

To find out how to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil, you need to study the instructions for the device.

Always check the expiration dates of gasoline and oil

The principle of operation of a two-stroke engine

Each manufacturer of gasoline and fuel oils gives recommendations on the use of products. In order for the chainsaw to work at full power, it is necessary to determine the required proportions: 1:50 (oil to gasoline). how much it is, it is important to choose the correct ratio.

On the back of the package, as a rule, instructions for the use of fuel are attached.

The easiest way to find out how to mix 1:50 (oil to gasoline) is to use the data in the table:

Aspect ratio The amount of gasoline, l Oil amount, ml
1:50 one 20
1:50 1.5 thirty
1:50 2 40
1:50 3 60
1:50 four 80

Before filling the equipment, you need to correctly calculate the amount of each product.

When preparing the fuel fluid, the total volume in liters is calculated

Gasoline and refueling oil sold separately

Gasoline and trimmer oil proportions

Regardless of what type of equipment you plan to use, you need to choose the right proportions and prepare the fuel mixture. The most common question: how to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil and not be mistaken.

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A suitable product must be purchased before filling the fuel tank. Unleaded fuel is best for gardening equipment. It is ideal for such mechanisms. Before buying fuel, you must study the factory instructions for the equipment.

It is recommended to fill the lawn mower or other equipment with a product with an AI-90 or 92. After it became clear how many liters of gasoline you need oil, the chainsaw is refueled and used as intended. It is best to purchase proprietary formulations of the API TB class. They are suitable for use at positive air temperatures.

When trying to figure out how much oil to add to your chainsaw gasoline, you should look at the average proportions. Most often, dilution is carried out at an indicator of 1 to 50.

Also, it is important to determine the total volume, then it will become clear how much oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw. For single work using special garden equipment, filling per liter is sufficient. If the tool is used regularly, then the average volume is 3-4 liters.

Powerful chainsaw consumes a lot of fuel

Oil to gasoline ratio for two-stroke engines

Before starting work with the unit, it is necessary to prepare a fuel mixture. Regardless of what brand of gasoline is used, you must use one part of the liquid mixed with oil.

Standard indicators when mixing compounds. 1 to 50

For five liters of gasoline, no more than 100 ml of oil is used. The exact amount is determined depending on the size of the equipment. Compliance with this ratio allows you to avoid the formation of carbon deposits on the motor elements.

It is recommended to use special measuring containers for mixing. After combining, the liquids should acquire a uniform shade: brown, yellow or red.

To store gasoline, you need to use special canisters, but not plastic bottles. Gasoline quickly eats away at plastic.

How to prepare a fuel mixture. rules and process features

Before you mix the oil-gasoline solution, you need to find out the exact proportions. The operation of any device, including a chainsaw, must be carried out exactly according to the instructions attached by the manufacturer. The whitepaper indicates how much oil to add per liter of gasoline.

To mix gasoline with trimmer oil, you need to study the characteristics of the device. If the distance between pistons and cylinders is large, it is more difficult to maintain normal operation of the mechanisms. Primary compounds are poured into a container for mixing gasoline and oil using a large medical syringe or any other convenient method.

To dilute gasoline 1 to 50, you need to know for sure how much will have to be filled.

gasoline, chainsaw, ratio, liter

It is not recommended to mix oil and gasoline in the fuel tank

Proportion of oil and gasoline for outboard motor

Two-stroke boat motors must be filled with a homemade solution of two types of fuel. To find out how much oil to add to gasoline for a trimmer or engine, you need to take into account the stages of equipment operation:

  • initial run-in. dilution 1:25 required;
  • long work. 1:50;
  • short period of work. 1:40.

After opening the original packaging, the properties are retained for six months, however, the hand-prepared mixture is stored for no more than a month.

The manufacturer should always indicate in the instructions for the motorboat which solutions are suitable for a particular model. To find out how much oil to pour into gasoline for a trimmer or outboard motor, you need to familiarize yourself with the factory documents.

It is recommended to have a supply of mixture in a canister while sailing in order to refuel the engine if necessary

Preparation of a mixture for processing a chainsaw

Before using the equipment, the proportions of gasoline and chainsaw oil are determined.

Before diluting gasoline with chainsaw oil, you need to prepare a special canister. Plastic and glass bottles will not work, and you should also not pour the product directly into the tank. To find out how much oil per liter of gasoline you need to pour into the trimmer, the easiest way is from the instructions attached to the equipment.

Fuel must be stored for up to one month. Then the mixture is oxidized, due to which its properties change.

The ratio of oil and gasoline for two-stroke engines: instructions for “dummies

The correct proportion of oil and gasoline for two-stroke engines will allow for better equipment performance. You need to dilute the two types of liquids in different ratios. The Homius editors offer simple instructions for diluting technical fluids for those who have just recently purchased a device with a two-stroke engine.