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Rating TOP-15 petrol trimmers: how to choose, review and characteristics of the best models

Gasoline trimmer for grass. The best lawn care assistant for every gardener. With the choice of equipment will help article.

With the arrival of spring, owners of country plots face the issue of lawn and lawn care, because quickly growing weeds and other vegetation can significantly spoil the appearance of the territory of the house.

To effectively combat unnecessary overgrowth, you need special equipment that will help to bring order to the site.

The best solution would be to buy a gasoline grass trimmer. a powerful, ergonomic and easy-to-use device that can instantly cope with complex tasks.

Almost every manufacturer of tools and small construction equipment is engaged in the production of gasoline trimmers: from the world leaders in the industry to unnamed brands from China. The variety of proposals gives rise to a lot of questions about the right choice of the firm-manufacturer of gasoline trimmer for grass, not to mention the layout, quality of assembly, ergonomics. Ideal when all the advantages of a grass trimmer are combined in one unit. Despite the fact that each manufacturer has positioned its technique as the best on the market, the first lines of the rating of the best petrol trimmers remain practically unchanged:

Your home site is small and planted with many varieties of plants and fruit trees. Complicated layout makes demands on the mobility of the tool, and a small amount of work allows the use of models with low-powered engines. Gasoline grass trimmers for dacha have modest functionality, but are low in price. The equipment fully copes with the set tasks, does not require complex maintenance.

Patriot PT 553

Equipped with a high-performance two-stroke engine that allows you to process grass of any height and hardness. Quick start with Easy Start system, manual fuel injection. Smooth start without jerk, for longer service life. Easy replacement of the spark plug and filter: the engineers have made these consumables easy to access.

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gasoline, grass, trimmer, weight

Forged, all-metal shaft withstands increased loads; Forged, all-metal shaft is used as a transmission. Cutting tool. three-blade blade or trimmer line included. Choice of accessories depends on site conditions. Powerful, rugged blade provides enough strength to handle a neglected area with brush, brushwood, young growth. Trimmer line is used for all weed hardness.

  • Shoulder strap reduces strain;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Knife kit;
  • Semi-automatic line feed;
  • High capacity.

Controls are mounted on adjustable bicycle handle. Design allows for individual, two-handed grip. This provides precision in direction and the ability to work with any type of vegetation.

Elitech T 33P

Collapsible version for gardeners who do not like to leave expensive tools on the site. Lawn mower is equipped with a two-stroke engine 1,2 l.с., Low gasoline consumption. High rotation speed allows fast completion of tasks. Trimmer line or knife can be installed as a cutting tool. Tank capacity is big enough for up to 10 hectares of lawn.

Key feature is the collapsible construction. A flexible drive shaft is installed for the task. Cord feed is semi-automatic with control levers on a bicycle-style handlebar that can be adjusted to suit the wearer. Anti-vibration damping system reduces physical fatigue, stress on hands. A shoulder strap for carrying.

  • Easy starting;
  • Electronic ignition;
  • Efficient air cooling;
  • Robust safety cover;
  • The blade is made of solid structural steel.

RedVerg RD-GB252

Inexpensive, powerful gasoline trimmer with a small-sized, two-stroke motor. Electronic ignition, Easy Start system makes starting smooth and quick. Cooling system protects the engine from overheating during intensive mowing. Features a rigid bevel gear complete with tool steel gears. Engineers took care of low vibration, which further reduces noise level.

Dual toolbox: user can choose between a line trimmer and a three-blade blade, depending on the type of vegetation on the site. Improved reel allows fast line replacement for trimmer. For prolonged use, you can use the shoulder strap that comes with it. Bicycle handle is easy for the operator to adjust, provides precise control.

gasoline, grass, trimmer, weight

Best gasoline grass trimmers for price and quality

When buying a gasoline grass trimmer, everyone wants to get a tool with an ideal combination of price and quality, so that the technique meets expectations and does not harm the budget. You won’t find any models in this category at 5000, but you can choose an inexpensive and popular trimmer for grass. Representatives of the middle segment (semi-professional) are universal: the technique can be used for regular work in domestic conditions or periodic and short-term. in professional conditions. In narrow circles, these tools are called “farm tools”, due to the optimal combination of features.

TOTAL Gasoline grass trimmer and bush cutter TP5434421 HD

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Continues this category of rating one of the best trimmers on reliability for home use. Recommended use area. grass mowing, small brush is acceptable. The long-life gasoline grass trimmer is not very powerful and has a medium output of 1 litre.с. But together with the 0,75 l fuel tank and high-quality anti-vibration system it is very easy and comfortable to use. You won’t have any complaints about the reliability of this unit, even after 5 years of operation.

  • trouble-free starting;
  • Durability and reliability of the internal components;
  • forged shaft;
  • low weight
  • acceptable noise level;
  • maintainability.


If you ask a professional what is the best trimmer for the grass, they will definitely recommend STIHL. The FS 55 is the best price-performance ratio of the. The gasoline trimmer is designed for regular use in the home: it can be used both in the household and for the maintenance of large household plots. In addition to the global brand, the owner of the grass trimmer gets 1L.с. of power, balanced startup thanks to the introduction of the ErgoStart system, a reliable electronic ignition system and all this at an affordable price.

Echo SRM-22GES

Lightweight gasoline trimmer SRM-22GES is designed for small plots of 5-7 acres, but, as follows from reviews, its strength is the highest quality workmanship and reliability. The grass trimmer can be used for a very long time without damage, even under heavy use. Vibration isolator separates the boom and motor to avoid transmission of vibrations to the operator. ES-start function and reduced starter resistance help start the engine when not warmed up. And the easy start combined with the comparatively light weight makes the machine usable even for women. The only disadvantage of the tool is its low power of 0,9 liters.With does not allow you to mow hard grass.

  • low weight;
  • Good vibration damping system;
  • Excellent combination of price and quality;
  • high reliability;
  • easy start.

Husqvarna 128R

The Husqvarna brand is one of the leaders in high-end gasoline technology. The Model 128R is truly unique. it is a combination of reliability, excellent ergonomics, modern technology and reasonable price. It’s the best gasoline grass trimmer for the home. it’s lightweight, but durable and ergonomic. Comfort is provided by Smart Start technology. easy gasoline engine startup, and Air Purge. primer fuel pumping. As well as the familiar design and comfortable bicycle-type handle. Advanced E-TECH II technology with reduced exhaust emissions without compromising on performance and power. According to owners, the grass trimmer is easy to operate. easy filter replacement, no tools required, easy restart.

  • collapsible construction makes it easy to transport often;
  • complete line reel and knife;
  • very low vibrations;
  • ergonomic design;
  • durable and unpretentious with respect to fuel and lubricants;
  • easy to start.

Which feature is better and more important to you when choosing a gasoline grass trimmer??

Makita EBH341U

  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • Boom design: straight
  • Engine power: 1.4 л.с.
  • Engine type: Four-stroke petrol
  • Engine speed: 10000 rpm./minute
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.65 л
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Blade speed: up to 6850 rpm./min
  • Working volume: 33 cc.see
  • Engine brake: Yes
  • Optional: Shoulder strap, Option to install a shrubbery/cutter

Quick overview

The Makita EBH341U is one of the best gasoline trimmers in terms of value for money. It will leave behind only a beautiful and well-groomed space. This result is a credit to the 1070W four-stroke gasoline engine. It runs on regular gasoline at the rate of 200 to 300 grams per 10 acres. On this basis, it is not difficult to calculate that a volume of about half a liter is enough to clear a large area without refuelling. Manufacturers have tried to dispel the opinion that gasoline engines pollute the atmosphere, so they significantly reduced noise level and made a handy handle of bicycle type. It’s easy to adjust. On the handle there is a lever to control various tools. The portable grass trimmer has a blade speed of up to 6850 rpm. Such a unit from is the possibility of installing a brush cutter or lopper. Weight of equipment is 7100 grams, which is quite acceptable for such power. The fuel tank has a volume of 650 grams, and the shoulder strap allows you to comfortably hold the gasoline grass trimmer for a long period of work. For a more comfortable grip, the rubber-coated handle has been improved, too. this prevents the tool from slipping and makes your work even more comfortable.

Pros of

  • Excellent quality
  • Four-stroke engine
  • High power output
  • Relatively quiet
  • Convenient belt
  • Nice sturdy design. Aluminum in places (for lightness), but the knots are thick and look sturdy.
  • High-quality construction
  • Economical consumption
  • Filling with pure gasoline does not have to be mixed with oil
  • Minimal exhaust (cannot be felt at all)
  • Oil and measuring bottle included.
  • Quality blade (made in Japan).
  • Full metal drive shaft


Husqvarna 325R

  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40mm
  • Boom design: straight
  • ICE power: 1.13 л.с
  • Engine type: Two-stroke engine
  • Engine speed: 7200 rpm./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.34 л
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Noise level: 110 dB
  • Working volume: 28 cc.see
  • Handle shape: T-shaped (bike-shaped)
  • Additional features: Shoulder strap, Height-adjustable handle

Quick overview

Husqvarna 325r petrol grass trimmer is a great tool that will meet the needs of even the most avid gardeners and farmers. The all-metal drive shaft is engineered for quality and durability. This tool starts up in half a turn, thanks to the Smart start system. Practically intuitive operation, intuitive interface, quality grass heads and blades, all this will be available to happy users. Only one tool is needed to pull grass and bushes. Petrol grass trimmer has an easy-to-access throttle and primer. Comfortable straps are fixed on two shoulders, for comfortable use and reduced stress. The fuel tank is completely transparent, so you can easily monitor the gasoline level and see how much fuel is being consumed. Handle is easy to adjust by the bicycle type. No tools or attachments needed. Also features an optimized gearbox for cutting grass.

Pros of

  • Good quality
  • Low weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Changing the trimmer line is simple and straightforward
  • Minimal vibration
  • No overheating
  • 2-year warranty
  • Full metal drive shaft
  • Auto-reset ignition switch makes restart easy
  • Smart Start (Easy start system)


Champion T433-2

  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 3 mm
  • Boom design: straight
  • Engine power: 1.7 л.с.
  • Engine type: Gasoline two-stroke engine
  • Noise level: 102 dB
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 л
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Blade speed: 6500 rpm./min
  • Working volume: 42.7 cc.See
  • Mowing width: 40 cm
  • Extras: shoulder strap, the ability to install a hedge trimmer/spudger

Brief overview

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable device that will comfortably and easily deal with grass and excess vegetation on the site, the Champion T 433 2 gasoline grass trimmer will be an excellent choice. This tool has gained great popularity and is in the collection of a large number of gardeners. It competes with the world’s most popular manufacturers and has plenty of positive reviews. Already thousands of customers have been able to appreciate the high quality and reliability of Champion gasoline grass trimmer. State-of-the-art technology is used in production, so the powerful motor is air-cooled. The two-stroke engine needs 92 gasoline for fueling, and has a horsepower rating of 1.7 horsepower. Buying such an assistant for his use, you will get a powerful and productive tool, which in addition to its functional features still has a convenient and thoughtful design. Ergonomic body, comfortable fixation straps, spacious fuel tank, comfortable handle. will make mowing grass easy and simple. In addition, the gasoline grass trimmer has a convenient design that allows you to easily transport the unit to any place. Collapsible boom provides compact dimensions for portability. With Champion T 433-2 gasoline grass trimmer you can trim medium to large areas. With it you can handle any amount of work and even the thickest thickets of wild weeds.

How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer

The question of how to choose a gasoline grass trimmer for grass is relevant to all potential users. The tool has a high price, and the unsuccessful option can cause additional maintenance costs. The main things to consider are the type of motor and drive, the power, the shape of the boom and the shape of the grasshopper. Cutting attachment affects output, application range, and handle design for precise operation.

Engine and Drive Type

Inexpensive two-stroke engines are unpretentious, easy to service. For refueling, a mixture of machine oil and fuel is used, which has to be prepared by yourself. powerful 4-stroke gasoline grass trimmers have a high price, performance. The tool is very heavy, requiring a lot of maintenance. A good choice for professional applications.

The devices are available with direct and flexible drive. The technique varies in resistance to wear and tear at high loads. The direct drive is more wear-resistant, easily copes with intensive work. The rope has a low price, but it wears out quickly.


High-performance engines are easier to handle dense grass, bushes. The disadvantage of motors with high power is a low efficiency, intensive work requires a reserve of fuel in the tank, and it increases the weight. To work on a plot of 6-8 acres enough motor 1-1,2 liters.с. This tool will cope with lawn grass on a larger area. If the area of 10-15 acres, on it grows dense grass and shrubs, then you will need a technique with power indicators of at least 1.5-2.2 liters.с.

Boom shape

Curved boom makes it easy to maneuver between beds, around trees. These models are equipped with flexible drive, less powerful motors, which narrows the range of tasks. A straight shaft insignificantly reduces maneuverability, but allows you to install a rigid direct drive.

Cutting element

Nylon cord is the safest cutting element. trimmer line is available in different thicknesses, handles grass well, but not small bushes. Special cord types with a powerful motor can cut through any weed. The more horsepower the tool has, the more diverse the attachments. Two-blade and three-blade knives are effective on areas with a lot of dry grass, young bushes. Only a tool steel cutter is good for thickets.


Models with D- and P-handles are more maneuverable, but are installed on brushcutters with low-powered engines. For the care of large areas it is better to choose a tool with a bicycle handle. Two-handed control, evenly distributed.

Other options

If the weight of your lawnmower seems excessive, you can buy a wheeled grass trimmer. Gardeners who carry equipment in their trunks can choose a technique with a folding boom. It is recommended to choose models with carrying straps included, otherwise you will have to buy the accessory additionally.

The price/quality trimmer rating includes the following models:

  • Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T;
  • Husqvarna 143R-II;
  • Echo SRM-2655SI;
  • STIHL FS 55;
  • STIHL FS 38;
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium;
  • EFCO Stark 25;
  • Echo SRM-22GES;
  • Makita EM2500U.

1 place Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T

  • engine power: 2 liters.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.86 л
  • cutting width: 41 cm
  • grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 8.2 kg

The mid-priced gasoline grass trimmer is the perfect combination of performance and economy. Unique design ensures reliability and durability.

  • The crankshaft is made of forged steel and made in a three-piece version;
  • Chrome cast cylinder;
  • Gearbox is made in corrosion-resistant aluminum housing;
  • Stainless steel driveline material;
  • Vibration-resistant bearings are used;
  • Noise reduction due to the use of stainless steel muffler;
  • Shock-absorbing elements reducing vibration loads;
  • Fuel tank protection;
  • Warranty: 4 years.
gasoline, grass, trimmer, weight

2nd place Husqvarna 143R-II

  • engine power: 2 liters.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.94 л
  • cutting width: 48 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, 3 mm trimmer line
  • weight: 8 kg

The device is equipped with a powerful, low-noise motor. Increased duration of continuous operation is ensured by an effective air cooling system. T-handle (bicycle) is used for steering. Steel forged shaft inside the boom makes the mower very durable. These grass mowers are used even in military units, which speaks of the reliability. But, not without a fly in the ointment. Not very comfortable suspension, the back begins to get tired after 5 hundred square meters. Other features:

  • Protected 0.94-liter fuel tank;
  • Versatility through the ability to use both a fishing line and a metal blade;
  • The boom is made in a non-disassembled version;
  • The boom is made of aluminum alloy and is lightweight;
  • Low vibration is achieved by a special gearbox design;
  • Optimal balance.

3rd place Echo SRM-2655SI

5.9 kg straight-arm lawnmower. The 2-stroke engine has an output of 1.1 litres.с. the grass trimmer works with 3mm line or blade. Mowing width. 43 centimeters, and the tank capacity. 650 ml. Has an easy start system. Comes with a handy shoulder strap. Successful anti-vibration system.

For working in any position, the grass trimmer is equipped with a rotary carburetor.

Review: Not the most powerful model, but very handy and productive. If you install a wide line for the trimmer, there is no trace of dry grass. users note that in the end it is not possible to perfectly level the lawn, as a lawnmower (but it’s not a lawnmower, and a trimmer for grass). Buyers are attracted by the long warranty (5 years), which fully justifies itself. But to get this kind of warranty you need to visit an authorized service, which is just like a car warranty. Not prone to breakage.

4th place STIHL FS 55

  • internal combustion engine power: 1 l.с.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.33 л
  • cutting width: 55 cm
  • grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40mm
  • weight: 5 kg

Pay special attention to this model. The German manufacturer includes protective goggles and a universal strap. There is easy start ErgoStart. The unit is equipped with an effective vibration damping system as well as:

  • Multifunctional handle, in which all trimmer controls are integrated;
  • With manual priming pump;
  • Electronic ignition system;
  • Direct drive shaft coupled to two-stroke engine provides high efficiency mowing, reliability and durability of mechanical elements.

STIHL FS 38 in 5th place

  • engine power: 0.9 л.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.33 л
  • cutting width: 38 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting unit: trimmer line, 2 mm
  • weight: 4.1 kg

Lawn mower not only cuts grass but also removes tough stems, bushes and branches. Manufacturer has developed several types of heads, each of which is best suited to different types of mowing: PolyCut. ideal for thick stems; AutoCut C. maximum ease of use; FixCut. good for simple lawn mowing. Advantages of the grass trimmer:

  • Controls are integrated into the adjustable rotary handle;
  • Instant start and stable operation of the engine due to electronic ignition system;
  • Low weight and excellent balance ensure maximum operating comfort.

6th place Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

  • internal combustion engine power: 1 liter.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.75 л
  • cutting width: 23 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting unit: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 6.2 kg

Differs from the previous model with increased durability and reliability. This is due to the nickel-silicon coating on the engine cylinder and piston, as well as the improved lubrication system.

How to choose and what to look for?

When choosing a device, you need to determine the purpose of use, and be guided by the required duration of work, intensity and volume.

It is worth doing Accent for such parameters:

  • Engine. There are two types. two-stroke and four-stroke. The difference in maintenance, the first has a simple technology, the second more complex. It does not affect the performance, only individual features are taken into account. the noise level, fuel consumption and others;
  • Boom. Straight form provides high intensity, withstands high loads. The bent form is used for domestic conditions, characterized by the performance of work on small areas;
  • Power. The choice of parameter depends on the tasks set for the device. The larger the area of mowing and the density of plants, the higher the performance of the device should be purchased. This affects the price of the grass trimmer;
  • Tank volume. The duration of work depends on the amount of fuel poured in;
  • Cutting fragment. The device is equipped with special blades, the quality and power of which allow to use the trimmer in different conditions. If the device has steel blades and fishing line for the trimmer, it will allow you to perform more work on the site.

Working time with the trimmer is not short-term, so you can additionally take care of the comfort of the handle.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

To buy the most suitable trimmer for grass, it is enough to evaluate the main parameters affecting its work and usability:

  • Performance. determined by the power, which varies from 0.25 to 2.5 kW;
  • type of power supply. gasoline devices are not tied to a power source, electric ones are powered by cable or battery;
  • type of cutting element. models are equipped with a fishing line with a diameter of 1-3.5 mm, a metal blade, circular or plastic blades;
  • weight. it varies from 2 to 9 kg, the vibration of the device and comfort in use for a long time depends on it.

Advantages and disadvantages of petrol grass trimmer compared to electric trimmer

There are two varieties of trimmers: gasoline and electric. Either of them has advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

  • Easy to maintain and easy to use.
  • Reliability. Gasoline grass trimmer can work nonstop during the day. During this period, it will not heat up and can provide the user with perfect implementation of all goals in all conditions.
  • High output. The power of the gasoline tool allows the user to work even in hard-to-reach places. Electric grass trimmers are not as powerful, so not all vegetation can mow.
  • Unobstructed movement of the device to any place. Gasoline-powered grass trimmer does not depend on power outlets and wires, unlike electric trimmers.

Despite the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages of using a gasoline grass trimmer:

  • Noise and strong vibrations during operation of the gasoline trimmer. Electric trimmers have lower noise.
  • Pollution of the environment. When working a gasoline tool generates a lot of emissions, which can not be said about the electric device.
  • Cost. Gasoline trimmer is more expensive, as it has a higher capacity, unlike the electric trimmer.

Choosing between gasoline and electric trimmers, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the device. This will help you to choose the right tool for your needs.

When selecting the best gasoline trimmer for the grass, it is worth having a clear idea for what purposes it is needed. For the right choice of trimmer for grass, you need to assess the site and the nature of the work that will be carried out there. And thanks to the rating of the best gasoline trimmers, it will be even easier to do it.