Gasoline grass trimmer smokes what to do. Conclusion

Causes of gasoline and electric trimmers failures

Grass trimmer, both electric and with an internal combustion engine (ICE), is an indispensable tool in the summer and autumn period for owners of summer houses and private homes. With its help, weeds, small bushes and lawn trimming are easily removed. But, like any technique, grass trimmers fail at the most inopportune moment. To eliminate malfunctions with their own hands, the user of this equipment first needs to determine the cause of their occurrence.

Lawn mowers and electric grass trimmers, if we do not consider the breakdowns associated with the boom and mowing head, malfunctions mainly occur in the area of the engine.

Breakdowns of gasoline trimmers

Typical gasoline grass trimmer breakdowns that owners of this unit encounter most often are as follows:

  • engine failure;
  • carburetor problems;
  • problems with fuel supply;
  • muffler failure;
  • broken gearbox;
  • The starter is broken;
  • Problems with the air filter;
  • the breather plug on the gas tank.

Electric trimmer malfunctions

Since the device electric mower is much easier than mototrimmera, the reasons for its failure are few.

It should be noted that it is better to entrust the elimination of some of these problems to a specialist.

Generally, a grass trimmer stops working properly in the following cases:

  • Faulty electrical cable;
  • faulty control button;
  • blown motor stator winding;
  • contact breakage on the engine.

Grass trimmer choice for country houses. My experience

My Alpina’s coil exploded right under my feet while I was mowing weeds by the fence. When searching for this part I came across options for 1500-1800 (it was three years ago). Well very expensive, as it seemed to me. Here a colleague told me that he had recently purchased a powerful grass trimmer “Baikal 4500” for only 4900 (. The price for everything is very tempting.

I immediately called this company, but the manager upset me, saying that the same “Baikal” is no longer available. However, he offered me a lawn mower from the Chinese brand Safun 2.5 kW for 4000. In a word I persuaded. In addition, I was pleased to buy a mower for the price of two spools for an Alpina grass trimmer. Among other things, I really wanted to check how long will work a cheap Chinese model, and whether the engine power corresponds to the stated in the description.

the grass trimmer, which was bought by my colleague, with a weight of just over 5 kg and the engine capacity of 52 cm³ has a claimed power of 5.5 kW. Just a miracle! It comes with two knives and a spool of fishing line. The recommended thickness of the line is 2.4 mm, which seemed to me strange, because the engine power is twice as much as the offered to me Chinese Safun, and the recommended line for the trimmer is thinner. “Baikal” we mowed some weeds in the far corner of the site. It cuts the grass well, but after half an hour of work I got the feeling that the Safun does a similar job better, and this at a claimed power of 2.5 kW.

Baikal” grass trimmer, claimed power. 5,5 kW. Photo by the author When the Safun ordered was brought to the office, another colleague of mine was interested in my purchase. He has just recently broke down an electric trimmer for grass, which was repaired in the shop for a couple of thousand, but after the repair it broke again, and permanently. I told him about my trimmer, bought for mere pennies, he thought a little and bought a similar, but more expensive. Procraft T-4350 for 6000. I wasn’t lazy and came to his dacha, helped him assemble the machine and tried to mow at the same time.

Procraft T-4350 lawn mower. Photo by the author

The Procraft T-4350’s claimed engine power is 4.35 kW, but I didn’t feel any difference with mine during test mowing. Consumption of gasoline and fishing line is high. The engine is quieter than the Safun. In my first season of use, I mowed up to 100 acres with this trimmer. The engine started stably both when cold and hot. The service life of the mower is not usually specified in the description. I could not find this information on my Safun trimmer. I had to estimate it by the amount of mowing during the season. Three seasons of mowing. I regularly mow 36 acres of land. To date, the “mileage” of the mower was 9-10 hectares.

The powerful Safun cuts both grass and weeds with its line. Photo by the author

Below I would like to share my experience of using the grass trimmer, minor mistakes and breakdowns that I have encountered over the past three years.

gasoline, grass, trimmer

Grass trimmer maintenance using the Husqvarna 333R as an example, to prevent grass trimmer repairs

Т.О. trimmer for grass (lawn mower) are made to:

  • In heat and at any load the engine of grass trimmer does not overheat;
  • Ensure that the carburetor is accurately adjusted and, consequently, that the brushcutter engine works optimally;
  • Identify possible defects, fuel leaks and other malfunctions to avoid grass trimmer repairs;
  • To change the spark plug, unreliable bolts, gaskets and other consumables in time;
  • to ensure that the grass trimmer (lawnmower) has a good appearance;
  • So you don’t have to take your grass trimmer to the service center.

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Т.О. grass trimmer Husqvarna we carry out after every 40. 60 liters of lawn mower. gasoline

(depending on the heat, dustiness, and severity of the work).

Grass trimmer air filter maintenance

Wash the air filter after the engine rolls out every 20 liters of gasoline and before doing grass trimmer repair or grass trimmer maintenance.

To service the air filter: remove the foam element of the air filter and wash it with soap and water, squeeze and dry (or replace if the foam element is old or damaged).

Note: The air filter can be “washed” more often to prevent a drop in power, increased fuel consumption, difficulty starting, and wasted wear on the lawnmower engine.

Note: If you adjust the grass trimmer carburetor with a dirty air filter, then after cleaning the air filter, more air will flow into the engine and the fuel mixture will become much poorer, leading to poor operation or even to engine failure and as a consequence. repair grass trimmer.

Preparation for grass trimmer maintenance and repair

  • Provide (buy and dilute) fuel mixture usual for the work of your grass trimmer (for example, petrol A-95 “Mustang” from WOG petrol station and two-stroke oil Husqvarna in proportion 1:50) and leave 1,5 l of clean (without oil) petrol for washing the engine parts;
  • Buy a new spark plug: only Champion RCJ6Y. according to the Husqvarna manufacturer’s instructions;
  • prepare water-washing supplies for T.О. and grass trimmer repair (~7);
  • prepare gasoline-washing supplies (~5);
  • buy the right Husqvarna bolts and screws to repair the trimmer (new fasteners);
  • prepare thin paronite on the gasket under the carburetor of grass trimmer, fishing line for trimmer “round” 2,7-3 mm, gear lubricant, clamps, fuel filter;
  • Provide good lighting, a clean room and workplace for grass trimmer repair (a tray for spreading parts and spare parts, a stand for the motor, a pad for keys and tools);
  • Provide personal serviceability (if necessary);
  • Allocate one free day specifically for maintenance and repair of the grass trimmer (lawnmower).

Start of grass trimmer maintenance and repair

  • Add grease to the gearbox of the grass trimmer. Remove the metal blade or trimmer head and clean the lead chuck inside from grease and dirt.
  • Wash everything on the handlebar, everything on the shaft and both guards with warm water and a brush (lawnmower guards tend to get very “overgrown” with a dried up mixture of earth and grass sap, so plastic guards should preferably be cleaned with a metal brush and then with washing powder and a brush brush. Rinse and dry everything.
  • Inspect everything on the trimmer for cracks, bends, scuffs, misalignment, tears (especially the metal blades at the base of the teeth and holes, and both protections). Reliably eliminate all faults detected on your brushcutter. Remember!. metal thickness is calculated on the computer, so the fastener tightening should be carried out only in the service center by a special fastener tightening card with a torque wrench. If you do the fixturing yourself, don’t overtighten it!, because when heated up too much (e.g.- Gearboxes) in the heat of a heavy load, the metal expands, and the margin of thickness is small and the body can burst (give a crack).
  • Install trimmer head (T-35) with 2.7 mm or 3 mm cord of standard length (up to the cutting blade in the additional protection) to load the engine to adjust the needle high rpm, that is the left screw of the grass trimmer carburetor.
  • Rinse and drain fuel from the tank into a bottle.

Disassembly of the Husqvarna 333R Grass Trimmer (order of disassembly of the engine for t.о. and grass trimmer repair

Remove the muffler cap. one bolt.

Turn the grass trimmer over on the table and remove the metal tray (three screws).

Remove the starter block (this is the air intake of the grass trimmer engine cooling system). three screws and two rubber bands!

Unbolt the air filter cover and remove the cylinder head (it directs cold air to the cylinder). one bolt.

Unscrew the three bolts in the air filter housing (one short and two long).

Carefully disconnect the throttle cable from the carburetor.

Inspect everything so far dirty. carburetor on trimmer and its gaskets, hoses, tank, plug for fuel leaking (cracking and leaking).

Remove the fuel tank with two hoses (disconnected with a screwdriver very carefully) and four support rubbers (do not lose them).

Remove the Zama C1Q carburetor along with the air filter housing and gasket.

With a screwdriver to remove the choke button (there for the subsequent installation it is necessary to make a mark).

By turning the carburetor on the trimmer, remove it from the choke rod on the body and then from the other rod.

In a new Champion RCJ6Y spark plug (for Husqvarna), set the gap to 0.5 mm. Unscrew the old spark plug and install a new spark plug in the grass trimmer cylinder! (the old spark plug. either throw it away immediately, or clean it, set the gap and prepare to wash it to hide it in the reserve).

This means fifty parts of gasoline for one part of oil. From here: 1000 ml (1 liter of gasoline) divided by 50, you get 20 ml, which is 1:50.

This way you can calculate the composition of fuel mixture (gasoline/oil) in any proportions. To add oil to gasoline without guessing, you can take a 20 ml syringe filled with oil and squirt it into a fuel mixture container.

A small amount of oil mixed with gasoline, leads to increased wear of the cylinder piston group. Although too much oil in the mixture is not so fatal, it is also harmful. Piston rings can get caked, the combustion chamber can quickly sludge up, and the engine output can drop. Besides, the muffler mesh screen gets corked. That is why some users (after the end of the warranty period on the grass trimmer) recommend to dismantle it.

The gasoline used in your brushcutter is AI 92. The gasoline brand is precisely defined in the instruction manual. Do not try to “force” the engine by filling it with the 95th gasoline. It can lead to overheating, unstable operation of the grass trimmer and breakage.

It is not recommended to leave fuel in the trimmer’s tank during long breaks in work. It is best to finish the day’s work after you have used up all the gasoline. If you do not, as the gasoline will evaporate from the engine overnight, but a thin film of oil will remain, the carburettor jets may be clogged. This will cause difficulty the next time you start the engine.

You should also be careful when storing fuel. Many people pour gasoline into a plastic water bottle. Should you do that??

The next time the engine is started

The machine may shut down immediately after starting if the carburettor is out of adjustment or has not been properly set. this causes an uneven fuel supply. The result is that the unit begins to vibrate distinctly. To correct the problem, the carburetor is readjusted according to the instructions for the mechanism.

gasoline, grass, trimmer

Also the engine will stop when the fuel valve is clogged. In such cases it is sufficient to simply clean the carburettor. If the lawnmower starts to run but then immediately stops, there may be some difficulty getting fuel to the carburetor assembly. It helps to solve the problem by loosening the valve, which allows the mixture to circulate freely in the system.

Stopping can also be caused by air leakage if there is mechanical damage to the hose producing the fuel intake (holes, cracks). In this case, add revolutions to the actuator to expel the air bubbles from the system more quickly.

Why do engines smoke?

The power that drives a two- or four-stroke lawnmower engine comes from explosions in the combustion chamber. Like all combustion reactions, these bursts require oxygen, and when there is not enough air and combustion is incomplete, the fuel that does not burn turns into sooty carbon deposits. They are either blown out of the exhaust port in the form of black smoke, or they collect on the terminals of the spark plug, which protrudes into the combustion chamber. The engine, which produces a lot of black smoke, usually does not run at full power, and eventually enough carbon builds up on the spark plug to prevent ignition and starting.

If your mower has been producing black smoke and now won’t start, you can usually get it running again by cleaning or replacing the spark plug. Remove the spark plug cover, unscrew the spark plug with a socket wrench, and inspect the terminals., If they are covered in thick deposits, remove the deposits with sandpaper or file, If you have a riding mower or four-stroke mower and you see wet oil deposits, you may have a worn oil seal. You can start the motor by cleaning or replacing the plug, but the smoking will continue until you fix the seal.

Grass trimmer does not start in cold conditions what causes

To begin with, let’s break down the situation when it is impossible to start the engine of a lawn mower in the cold. What it means? Surely mowers faced with a situation where the trimmer for the grass winds up on a hot just fine, but it is worth making a small break, as there is a problem. This is the problem with starting the engine after it has cooled down. What could be the reason? Of course, no one excluded all the above factors, but if the situation occurs all the time, then there is no need to check them. If the lawnmower starts well in the hot, but there are problems in the cold, then you should look for the causes within the cylinder-piston group.

To determine the fault you will need to use a compressometer. Screw the compressometer into the hole instead of the spark plug, and then actuate the starter knob. Measure the pressure inside the cylinder. compression. The compression value should be at about 8-12 atmospheres. After the tool is warmed up (it is enough to work 15-20 minutes) the checking procedure should be repeated. If the compression on a hot engine is less than 8 atmospheres, then the failure of the cylinder head is relevant. This means that the rings, piston and cylinder wall are worn.

You can correct the situation by replacing the cylinder head. When replacing, it is important to consider such a recommendation as abundant lubrication of parts with engine oil inside the cylinder. This is to ensure that scoring does not occur in the first few minutes of starting a new cylinder with a piston.

If the engine compression decreases, fuel consumption increases, and the performance of the tool decreases. You can work with such a tool, but the wear and tear increases with each subsequent hour of work. One day it will not be possible to start the lawnmower at all, even if it is warmed up.

This is interesting! Warm up the engine of a lawnmower with low compression can be done by jerking the starter handle. The metal expands as it warms up, thus increasing compression.

Lawnmower repair: how to get a popped starter spring back to work

Grass trimmer malfunction: the grass trimmer starter cord would not turn into the starter motor when trying to start the engine. The mower malfunction is the same as the grass trimmer.

The reason of failure: The end of the spring in the grass trimmer starter popped out and jammed the pulley.

Grass trimmer repair with their own hands: Dismantle the starter, drill a hole where the recess for fixing the end of the spring, prodot wire, plug the spring, put one coil, tighten the wire macaroom thus fixing popped end of the spring, put all the coils of spring, spring end bend inward to engage with the groove on the other side. After that, put a washer, a spring, a part with 2 tendrils, screw the central screw, put the cord through the hole inside, tie on the end of the washer to secure the end of the cord, put the cord, check the starter and the return of the cord into the trimmer starter housing for grass. Repair lawnmower with their own hands similar to the trimmer repair for grass.

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Lawn trimmer line replacement

In addition to the blades on the lawnmower can be installed a line for the trimmer. Such a nozzle is a spool, on which the capron thread is wound. Reels installed on mowers come in two varieties:

The structure of the nozzle is uncomplicated: there are two sections in the reel, between them there is a partition in which there is a notch. The thread is wound on these tracks. There are special holes for its exit from the spool.

Different models of lawn mowers use cutting nozzles with different thickness of the line. This parameter is in the range of 1,2-4 mm.

In addition, polyethylene thread varies in the shape of its cross section. This determines the area of use (purpose) of the material. According to these criteria, the line for the trimmer can be of different types:

  • round, which is the most durable variety used for mowing grass;
  • The shaped line, which is used when mowing plants with soft stems;
  • Twisted, suitable only for thin grass.
gasoline, grass, trimmer

There is a cord of professional type. But this variety is not suitable for use on all models of equipment.

The mowing head itself is seldom damaged, only the capron thread wears out and runs out. To resume work, you need to rewind the trimmer line. You should buy a cutting line suitable for the installed on the lawnmower reel.

Procedure for changing a line in a spool with a single bar

To change the line for the trimmer reel with one released tendril, proceed as follows:

  • switch off the lawnmower while unplugging the electrical cord;
  • remove the thread spool by first securing the shaft against turning e.g. with a screwdriver
  • Disassemble the body, usually removing its cover by pressing on the latches;
  • lay out all the parts neatly;
  • cut two to four meters of line with the diameter specified in the instruction manual of the used nozzle;
  • fold the piece in half to divide it into two equal sections;
  • one end of the cord is threaded through the eye inside the spool;
  • wind the thread counterclockwise (in the direction opposite to the rotation of the nozzle during work);
  • leave the small end of the thread which is put out through the hole, having fixed it in a special groove so that it does not untwist;
  • assemble the spool;
  • install the nozzle on the lawnmower.

When a cutting attachment with automatic or semi-automatic cord feed is installed, there is a spring inside it. Therefore, when disassembling the body, it is necessary to ensure that it does not fly out and lost.

Fixing the line for the trimmer groove may be absent. In this case, it is held by hand during the assembly of the nozzle, so that it does not untwist.

Other line changes on other types of reels

To properly wind the line for the trimmer in the reel with two protruding cord ends, you need to disassemble it. There are two notches inside. In doing so, the ends of the line should be spaced separately in these grooves. Winding is also performed in the opposite direction to the rotation of the nozzle.

Other reels are also available with a different design. In such cases it is often not necessary to disassemble the head to insert the cord. String is inserted through the eyelet on the spool. The line is wound by pressing a button. This is located directly on the cutting head’s body so that when the cords are worn, new ends can be fed out without having to dismantle the spool.

It is recommended to change lines on petrol mowers with the parking brake button pressed.

Before winding the line for the trimmer, you can soak it in water for a while beforehand. this will increase the strength as well as the elasticity of the thread being inserted. Do not wind metal cords. The cords must match the diameter indicated in the manual.

To repair lawn mowers you should start only after first reading the instructions for their use. The design of the model and how to use it are discussed. To minimize the chance of a breakdown, regular maintenance is necessary. Only high-quality fuel and lubricants should be used.

Before you start mowing grass, it is recommended to inspect the area to be treated beforehand for stones, stumps and other obstacles. This will help avoid accidental collisions and unforeseen accidents. Also note that it is recommended to work with a lawnmower with dry grass, because it is slower to clog the blades and other parts of the mechanism.