Gasoline Or Electric Lawn Mower Which Is Better

Gasoline or electric lawn mower. which is better?

A lawn mower is a type of garden equipment whose main function is to mow and care for the lawn. Modern lawn mowers are divided among themselves on many factors, including the type of engine and the way it is powered, the size of the equipment, its purpose and practical capabilities. All this allows any novice gardener to choose the lawn mower that will best cope with the tasks assigned to it in certain operating conditions.

Gasoline and electric garden mowers are different units, which are united only by their functions. mowing the lawn and caring for the grass on the site. Both the first and the second type of technique are distinguished by their advantages and disadvantages. To study them, you need to compare models with gasoline and electric engines on several of the most important criteria:

  • Lawn mower device. gasoline units are distinguished by a complex design. They are best suited for use by professionals. Models of lawn mowers with electric motors are simpler in design, which allows them to be confidently used by novice gardeners;
  • Area to be treated. gasoline mowers can be used for large areas. Anywhere in the local area or garden. The main thing is that the tanks of the unit are filled with fuel and engine oil. Electric lawn mowers are permanently connected to an electrical power source. They can be used at a distance equal to the length of a standard cord or extension cord;
    Gasoline Or Electric Lawn Mower Which Is Better
  • Purpose. The gasoline engine mower is best suited for tall grass and weeds. The power and thrust of its engine are sufficient to deal with dense growth and rather large weeds. A light electric mower is not capable of tackling large wild vegetation. Nevertheless, it shows high quality lawn mowing in hard-to-reach places, where large professional lawn mowers will be powerless;
  • Emissions. One of the main differences between gasoline and electric garden mowers is that gasoline models emit exhaust fumes, while electric ones do not. This is due to the principle of operation of their engines. in the process of combustion in the cylinder, gasoline turns into gas, large volumes of which are harmful to the environment. Electric motors operate on mains supply, therefore they do not emit substances hazardous to health. Thanks to this, electric mowers can be used near open windows of living quarters;
  • Comfort. Gasoline models are more difficult to work with as they have higher sound pressure and vibration levels. Mowers with electric motors are more convenient. they practically do not vibrate and create a minimum of noise.

Another important difference is ease of maintenance and serviceability. Petrol mowers for wild vegetation require more thorough maintenance as they are factory-fitted with parts that need regular cleaning and replacement. Electric mowers are easier to care for. All the user needs is to regularly clean the cutting blade and monitor the mains voltage.

How to choose a lawn mower?

When buying a lawn mower for caring for a house, you need to carefully study its capabilities, design features and technical characteristics.

The grower must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Device. the durability of the equipment depends on the quality of the structure and components. A reliable mower should be free from flaws. All its internal parts should be installed as tightly as possible. There should be no visible damage in the engine compartment of the unit, which over time can lead to serious damage;
  • Engine type. lawn mowers can be equipped with electric motors, as well as 2- or 4-stroke internal combustion engines. The first type of engines is distinguished by average power indicators and a low thrust reserve. The two- and four-stroke mower is more durable and can work properly in areas with a lot of large wild vegetation. The difference between 2- and 4-stroke internal combustion engines is that a 4-stroke lawnmower uses less fuel and exhibits reduced noise levels;
  • Types of lawn mowers. according to the principle of the cutting system, the units can be rotary or drum. There is also a fingerless mower on the market. it is designed for mowing wild vegetation in large areas and is used only on the hinged mechanism of the tractor;
  • Wheel drive. this structural element is extremely rare in the device of electric mowers. In the case of gasoline units, the opposite is true. Almost every powerful gasoline model is self-propelled. This allows the lawnmower to be used for uneven areas. Since in this case the user will not have to push the equipment up or hold it while going down. In some cases, a mechanical mower is also found on the market. She is not self-propelled. Since mowing the grass and moving around the site in it is carried out under the influence of the physical strength of the operator;
  • The presence of wheels. almost every country lawn mower is equipped with them. Wheels make movement on the site more comfortable. An important advantage is the ball-bearing wheels. These details dampen the unevenness of the surface, maintaining an even and neat line of mowing grass;
  • Cutting Height Adjustment. Most lawnmowers have levers or switches that allow the blade to be adjusted to the height required by specific operating conditions. A mechanical mower is devoid of such a function. it is capable of mowing grass only at one level set by the manufacturer;
  • The presence of a receiving hopper. the operation of models with a collection bag allows you to put the lawn in order, collecting all the vegetation and leaves from it. Aggregates without a grass catcher do not have this function;
  • Dimensions. A small mower is best suited for working in tight spaces. Large units can be used in open space where there are not many solid obstacles;
  • Accessories for lawn mowers the ability to install them. some models are supplied with a seat. Replaceable handles, additional protective covers. All these devices simplify the operation of equipment on the site.

The country of origin plays an important role when choosing a lawn mower. German is the most popular among professionals. Czech. And also a Polish mower. Equipment from these countries stands out for its high build quality and durability of components. A Chinese mower is suitable for novice gardeners. It is easy to operate and does not require specialized maintenance.

Key selection criteria

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to compare the available options according to several groups of criteria: firstly, technical and operational properties, and secondly, in accordance with the characteristics and operating conditions. Follow the link, where, especially for you, we will tell you in detail how to choose a lawn mower, based on your wishes and preferences. For greater ease of perception, information on this matter is presented in the form of tables.

Gasoline or electric lawn mower. how to choose and which one is better

Regular care of the lawn is a guarantee of its attractive appearance and health. An indispensable assistant in this matter is a lawn mower. a tool that is familiar to almost every owner of a personal plot.

The modern market offers a wide range of devices under consideration, differing not only in operational and technical characteristics and cost, but also in the principle of operation and the energy source used.

The undisputed leaders are gasoline and electrical appliances. In the course of studying the information below, you will find out which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric and what are the arguments in favor of this or that option.

Table. Technical and operational characteristics

Assessment criterion Description
Power and noise Gasoline units, all other things being equal, will be much more powerful than their electric “counterparts”. Electric mowers are powered from the network, therefore, there is simply no possibility of installing high-power motors on them. the voltage generated will exceed the permissible limits and the network will simply fail. Along with this, many models come with a battery that allows you to work up to 2-3 hours at a distance from the power source. The level of noise generated by the tool during operation directly depends on the power of the installed motor. In view of this, the inclusion of headphones in the package of many gasoline lawnmowers is not an attempt by the manufacturer to earn extra money, but an urgent need to protect the user’s hearing. It is important to understand that high power is not always an advantage. For example, it is better not to use a high-performance engine in difficult areas. To understand the essence of the statement, we give a simple example: the area is processed with a medium power tool. A bone dragged by a dog, a small stone or any other solid foreign object gets under the cutting element. What will happen to the engine? It will stall. To resume work, it will be enough to remove the obstacle and restart the mower.
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When using a high-powered lawnmower, such circumstances may lead to breakdown, because The engine will most likely not shut off and will continue to rotate seized cutting tools. As a result, the knives will bend, deformation of the shaft and destruction of the bushings will occur, and this already requires expensive overhaul.

In general, the capabilities of a model with 6-7 “horses” will be enough to service a medium-sized plot. Buying a more powerful unit in most cases is meaningless and impractical.

The following table provides recommendations for choosing a lawn mower, taking into account the characteristics of the serviced site and ease of use.

See device selection criteria on.

Lawn mower basics

The key difference between the units under consideration lies in the used energy resource, which becomes clear from the names of the devices.

Gasoline models are characterized by higher performance and power ratings. They are ideally suited for the maintenance of spacious lawns, are characterized by excellent mobility and are not so dependent on the source of electricity, in comparison with the electric “brothers”.

In the case of gasoline mowers, there is a direct relationship between the power of the installed engine and the mowing width indicator: the larger the first characteristic, the more impressive the second.

But in terms of cost, a gasoline-powered lawn mower is significantly inferior to its electric counterpart. Here, the buyer must decide for himself what is more important for him: economy or ease of use and productivity.

The power of electric lawn mowers can range from 300 to 1500 W depending on the location of the engine (in more powerful models it is located on top).

On the features of different types of mowers.

  • The inability to use in rainy weather (a subjective disadvantage, because Few people have a desire to mow the grass in a rainstorm);
  • Relatively low engine power, in accordance with which the index of the capture area decreases. As a result, other things being equal, you will have to spend more time on processing the site with an electric mower than when using a gasoline analogue.

The main advantages of units using electricity as an energy resource are as follows:

  • Practicality;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Affordable cost, etc.

Table. Features of use

Assessment criterion Description
Site dimensions Electric lawn mowers are effective when processing areas that do not exceed 100-300 m 2 (depending on the individual characteristics of the particular case). With a more impressive size of the territory, preference should objectively be given in favor of the gasoline model. One of these models is the MTD gasoline lawn mower, which is able to put things in order in your territory in a short time. Users who do not want to pollute the environment with exhaust gases and experience other inconveniences typical of gasoline mowers will have to additionally solve the problems of arranging reliable power sources at the place of use of the tool.
Distance from the power source It is optimal when several suitable sources of electricity are mounted in the garden. in such a situation, using an electric mower will not arise any difficulties. If you do not want to burden yourself with attachment to the network, buy a gasoline unit. In addition to these devices, you can purchase a rotary mower for a mini tractor, which, as the name implies, works with the help of transport.
Duration of the mowing process The wider the tool’s working area, the faster it will cut grass. So, mowers, the indicator of the working area of ​​which is kept within the limits of 250-300 mm, allow you to process about 400 m2 of lawn in up to 30-40 minutes. An average mower with a working area of ​​300-400 mm will do it 2 times faster. The purchase of a device with more than half a meter working area is advisable if it is necessary to process a site with dimensions over 1000 m 2.
Lawn shape An area with smooth edges is more convenient to work with a powerful mower with a large mowing area. For irregularly shaped lawns, a tool with a small working width is suitable.

Additionally, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the comparative characteristics of gasoline and electric lawn mowers in terms of the main parameters “in numbers”.

Table. Comparative parameters

Assessment criterion Gasoline Lawn Mowers Electric lawn mowers
Power Up to 16 horsepower Average from 1 to 1100 kW
Bevel height On average, up to 7-9 different levels, up to 9-10 cm.It is not recommended to use lawn mowers for processing areas with grass, more than 10-15 cm in height. Similarly
Bevel width Up to 100-110 cm On average up to 50 cm
Weight Average 25-45 kg Average 10-25 kg
Land area On average, up to 6000 m 2 Up to 900 m 2 for high-end models
Duration of work without interruption In practice, it is limited only by the volume of the fuel tank and the manufacturer’s recommendations. On average, up to 15 minutes. After. a break of at least the same duration.
4-70 thousand rubles and above

Instead of a conclusion

Summing up the recommendations given, we can draw conclusions regarding the advisability of buying a gasoline or electric unit in accordance with the specifics of a particular case. So, a lawn mower is preferable, first of all, if the site has a large area: the tool is independent of the outlet and is able to work for a long time without interruption.

In addition, the ability to install a powerful engine with all the consequences allows you to perform the same amount of work using a gasoline mower much faster than an electric analogue.

Manitou loaders are an example of high-quality assembly, read the details here //

The Challenger Tractor is like a challenge to the community for a job well done. Are you interested? details in this article.

Electric lawn mowers are quiet, environmentally friendly and economical (primarily in terms of the cost of the device. Operation will be economical only for regions with inexpensive electricity).

However, this option also has its drawbacks. Firstly, this is the need to use an extension cord (sometimes even more than one), and secondly, the low power of the engine, which does not have the best effect on the mowing speed.

Electrical products

How to choose an electric lawn mower:

  • Electric units are produced with an engine power of 300-1500 W. For more powerful models, it is on top. You can cut small flat areas, where stones are removed and potholes are closed. They are not suitable for working near dense bushes, here you need a lawn mower.
  • In units with low power, the gripping area will be low, so it will take more time to mow the grass than when working with a gasoline equivalent.
  • When choosing an electric lawn mower, you need to consider the affordable cost, maneuverability and practicality. They are cheaper than gasoline products in price, also gasoline is more expensive than electricity, you do not need to refuel, so you can save on repairs and do without maintenance.

Which is the best electric lawn mower:

  • Model WOLF-Garten A 400 EA by MTD. Self-propelled model with built-in quiet and environmentally friendly electric motor. It is possible to cultivate areas up to 450 m². The materials of the elements of the product are durable and high quality. Ergonomically shaped handles are comfortable to hold, and the foldable design of the product is easy to transport and store. Cost. within 300 thousand rubles.
  • Model AL-KO Classik 3.82 Limited Edition of the German brand. The product is not self-propelled; it must be pushed during operation. The lawn mower has an engine power of 1000 W, an ergonomic folding handle with a safety switch and fixing the electric cable, the grass catcher is made of plastic. The compact geometry of the product allows you to mow grass near walls and fences, since the wheels do not go beyond the body, but are at its level.
  • Model STIGA COMBI 40 E. A versatile product that allows you to collect cut grass and remove it through the rear discharge or mulch grass. The product is not self-propelled, environmentally friendly. There is a polypropylene body and a cutting deck. 38 cm. The power of the electric motor is 1600 W, the start when turned on is smooth, there is protection against motor overload, the capacity of the grass-catcher is 40 liters, there is a window on it to control the filling. The product has a centralized handle. a quick height adjuster and an ergonomic handle with a soft cover. Cost. 12 500 rubles.
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    How to choose a lawn mower. types and comparative characteristics

    To cut your lawn smoothly, neatly and beautifully, you need a handy tool: a gasoline scythe, an electric trimmer or a modern lawnmower on wheels. And although the lawnmower can only cut the grass, it makes working with it productive and easy, and the lawns are perfectly flat. Therefore, it is in deserved demand among gardeners.

    Lawn lovers often have a dilemma on their backyard. They cannot decide which lawn mower is better, petrol or electric. There are different models of lawn mowers: with a gasoline or electric drive (engine). But it is necessary to choose such a technique that is better suited to the landscape of the site, where the green lawn will be located. Its area should also be taken into account. Our recommendations will help you determine which lawn mower is better for a summer cottage or plot directly in front of the house, we will tell you about product models, and give comparative characteristics.

    Types of mowers

    In order not to be mistaken when choosing a technique, you need to determine the difference between mowing equipment. The following types of grass mowers are produced:

    • Lawn mowers are garden and park machines that move on wheels. They are of medium size and power for cutting grass on level lawns.
    • The trimmer is a hand-held cutting tool with a rod and motor. The mechanism has low power, it is designed for cutting grass in small, uneven and hard-to-reach areas, near dense bushes. The trimmer can be used to tackle areas after lawn mowers.
  • lawn mower (lawn mower). an improved trimmer designed to work on uneven surfaces of lawns. Manual grass mowing may be uneven.
  • Mechanical aggregates

    The best mechanical models include:

    • AL-KO Soft Touch 38 HM Comfort is a mechanical two-wheel drum lawnmower up to 7.9 kg weight. The model has high maneuverability, lightweight and durable body. You can work on a plot area of ​​250 m2 ± 20%. High quality drum with 5 knives for perfect cutting of grass.
    • The Husqvarna 54 is a two-wheeled product for use on level ground with short grass. The knives are cut to a width of 40 cm, the weight of the unit is 8.6 kg. This product is easy to operate, it is wear-resistant, if desired, you can install a grass catcher on it.

    Gasoline or electricity

    The gasoline engine has a complex design. In order for it to work normally, you need to constantly look inside the unit: refuel with gasoline, change filters and oil, that is, carry out maintenance. Gasoline is more expensive than electricity, but it provides high mobility, power and long-term operation.

    If the gardener is not familiar with how the internal combustion engine works and does not know how or does not want to take care of it, then it is recommended to purchase an electric unit. After connecting to the mains and pressing the start button, you can work if you first lay the cable so that it does not fall under the cutting knives and does not get very tangled under your feet.

    Gasoline Products

    How to choose a gasoline lawn mower, if they are all reliable, maneuverable and last a long time. When choosing, the weight of the unit, the noise level (more than 90 dB), the purchase of fuel and lubricants and regular maintenance matter. The more powerful the motor, the higher the noise level, so you need to wear headphones while working. It must be borne in mind that high engine power is not always good.

    In areas with difficult terrain, a stone or bone hidden by the dog in the grass, any foreign solid object can fall under the cutting element. Then the engine may stall and the high power lawnmower will break down if the engine does not stall. It will rotate cutting tools that are already jammed. Then the knives will bend, the shaft will deform and the bushings will collapse. it will be necessary to make expensive overhaul. It is recommended to purchase 6-7 horsepower equipment for medium sections.

    The best gasoline lawn mowers include the following models:

    • The Swedish brand Husqvarna LC 356 AWD is a self-propelled 4-wheel drive unit that contributes to better grip on slopes and on slippery wet surfaces. The body of the model is made of steel, the product is endowed with adjustable mowing height, side discharge of grass from a soft grass collector with a volume of 68 liters, also mulching. The product is heavy. up to 39.5 kg. It is recommended to mow the grass on large lawns with bumps and slopes.
    • Caiman Ferro 52CV is a self-propelled model with a common cutting system: collection, side discharge, mulching. The speed variator has 7 stages. The motor can withstand intense load without reducing performance when working on large areas. up to 30 acres. The Ferro series was manufactured using innovative technical solutions using high quality materials.
  • Cub Cadet CC LM3 CR53S. Rider lawn mower has a powerful engine from manufacturer BS. The product has an ergonomic foldable handle with height adjustment. It is convenient to transport and store it. The built-in indicator shows when the collection box needs to be emptied. Ball bearing wheels, robust deck with functional design and central height adjustment allow you to work with the utmost precision and mowing quality.
  • Comparative characteristics

    Technical parametersProsMinuses
    There is no battery on the electric motor The electrical product does not need fuels and lubricants, the noise level is low (80 dB) You need a power grid, an extension cord, the cable is often damaged, you can not work in dew and rain, the power is limited
    There is a battery on the electric motor The advantages are the same as the above increased mobility. Robotic lawnmowers do not require an operator during operation The disadvantages are the same as the higher weight, the operating time from the source is limited. 15-30 minutes, then a long recharge is required
    ICE on gasoline High performance, maneuverability, reliability, can be used intensively Large weight, noise level exceeds 90 dB, you need to regularly carry out maintenance and buy fuel and lubricants
    Mechanical lawn mower without motor The product is environmentally friendly, no noise, low price, no dependence on fuels and lubricants and electricity, can be operated in any weather Suitable only for cutting young and short grass, does not cut thick and tall grass, requires great muscular effort and a lot of time for mowing

    In table 3 we consider the pros and cons according to the type of drive.

    Table 3

    Technical parametersProsMinuses
    Front-wheel drive lawn mowers There is maneuverability at headlands, convenient and easy to control. Front-wheel drive only works on level ground
    Rear wheel drive Rear wheel drive with large diameter wheels are used for work on lawns with uneven terrain and on slopes. The units are inconvenient to deploy, they require stopping and even lifting
    All-wheel drive products All-wheel drive has high power and performance, suitable for work on difficult terrain, in any weather, do not slip on hills The product is expensive and heavy (up to 50 kg)
    No drive Light weight non-self-propelled models (up to 15 kg), low price, no additional costs. Requires muscular effort to push the mower forward, low horsepower models with engine and non-power wheels

    Let’s consider the mowers by the principle of operation. Namely, lawn mowers with:

    • Drum cutting unit: a cylindrical (drum) mechanism that works on the principle of a combine, it has the following advantages: it has cutting blades that are spiraled around the working drum. This is how all products work on two wheels, some with an electric motor, which ensures high-quality mowing or cutting of grass. Disadvantages: low power and low permeability in neglected areas.
    • Rotary cutting unit: a rotary mechanism operating on the principle of a propeller has the following advantages: it has cutting blades (1-2 pairs) fixed on a vertically rotating shaft. spindle knives or a cutting disc. The height of the knives can be adjusted to work on high ground and uneven terrain. This is how it works for all 4-wheel petrol and electric models. Disadvantages: they are determined by the type of engine, drive, knives, body material. Air cushion lawn mower (without wheels)
    • Airbags on mowers without wheels are advantages: they are excellent maneuvers and go everywhere, they are easy to operate on uneven terrain and in hard-to-reach corners of the garden. Disadvantages: there are models on sale that are difficult to direct along the trajectory directly.

    Consider units according to capacity:

    • For low-power electric mowers. up to 1.5 kW ICE. up to 3.5 HP. Low weight. They are compact and economical. Small, even garden lawns with flower beds can be processed. The disadvantages include: a small width of the beveled strip. up to 40 cm only young and short grass, a large expenditure of muscular effort and time, the functionality of the product is poor.
    • Electric mowers of average power. 1.5-2 kW ICE. 2.5 HP Has the ability to cut thick weed stems. They are used on small slopes, irregularities, to speed up the process of cutting grass. Among the disadvantages are the high cost, large dimensions and weight.
    • High-power mowers: semi-professional or professional. over 6 hp. The motors run on gasoline only. They are distinguished by reliability and performance. Disadvantages include high cost and expensive maintenance.
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    Focus on lawn size

    Powerful and fast electrical equipment on a large area of ​​up to 25 acres is unlikely to be able to pull it due to its being tied to an outlet via a network cable, and the engine power may not be enough. Long power cable will interfere with operation, and intermittent operation can quickly wear out the motor. This means that in the presence of a large lawn, the owner will have to choose a gasoline lawn mower. This technique has different models, but they are all universal.

    You can mow the grass in any size area that can be located anywhere. The power and performance of gasoline units is quite high. The more engine power, the more impressive the mowing width. If the design of the gasoline unit is self-propelled, then the owner can only control its movement by holding the handles.

    If there is a small area for a lawn near the house or near the current source. up to 5 acres, then electrical equipment will do. In addition to it, you should purchase a power cable. Before performing work on the site, it is necessary to find out the parameters of the home electrical network. In the presence of a weak and planted electrical network and understated and “jumping” voltage parameters, even the best electric lawn mower may not withstand, and the engine may fail.

    With an average size of the lawn. up to 10-15 hectares, it will be necessary to decide which equipment to purchase, gasoline or electric. In this case, the choice will be influenced by: speed of work, price of the tool, fuel economy, durability of equipment.

    The productivity of the equipment depends on the working width, area of ​​the site, operating time, the amount of cleaning the grass catcher, which can be seen from Table 1.

    Table 1


    For models running on gasoline, the time (continuous operation) is determined by the volume of the fuel tank, after which it is necessary to interrupt the operation to cool the engine. Products powered by electricity should be stopped after starting every 15-30 minutes.

    Keep in mind that high horsepower mowers are good for large areas and difficult terrain. A larger wheel diameter will make the tool easier to move, and a wide wheel will cause less grass to wrinkle. Before buying, you should evaluate the control system and choose a lawn mower that suits the financial capabilities and needs of the site.

    Lawn mower selection

    Lawn maintenance is one of the advantages of a neat and diligent owner. Ideally, mowing your lawn should take a maximum of an hour or two, rather than half a day or all day. Any, most fully functional, model meets the requirements of the most discerning owner of the site. A lawn mower is not a toy: a universal and fully functional device costs not even 10 thousand rubles, but much more. Lawn mowers are divided into two categories: gasoline-powered and purely electric.

    Expensive options are high performance. Low-budget models do not tolerate violations of the rules for use: you risk quickly, in a matter of days, damage the mechanisms. A summer resident or a mower working on the road, selects the device that is optimal for the price and his needs.

    Examples of models powered by electricity

    Best Selling Electric Models (2019).

    • MTD Smart 32 E. Mows with a track gauge of 30 cm. Engine power. only 1 kilowatt. Collection for cut grass. 28 dm3. Weight. less than 11 kg. Each wheel is manually adjustable.
    • Honda HRE 330 A2PLE. Branded motor. 27 liter grass catcher, less than 10 kg weight of the whole device.
    • Gardena PowerMax 37 E. suitable for tall, 50 cm and higher grass. Transparent grass catcher, easy to clean. Shreds the grass. Foldable handle.
    • Viking ME 443.1. the model does not move independently, but is easy to operate, has a folding grass catcher for 20 dm3.
    • MTD 48 ESP HW. outwardly stylish model, has a steel case. Significantly reduced noise level.

    Bevel width for all electric mowers. up to 0.6 m.

    Grass collector

    Compartment for collecting (optionally. tamping and chopping) cut grass, like a vacuum cleaner reservoir, is made in the form of a plastic container or a synthetic bag. The design of the grass catcher can also be combined. A rigid container, like a bucket or flask, is easy to clean. The container capacity of the electric mower is 27-75 liters, the gasoline unit also boasts a compartment of 90 dm3.


    The material from which the case is made significantly affects the cost of the device. The steel case will significantly better protect the mechanisms and modules of the unit. In need of protection:

    • The motor itself;
    • Rotating winch (except knives);
    • Self-propelled drives (if any);
    • Gas tank, starter and battery (if the mower is petrol), “pusher” (in devices with manual cord start);
    • Engine ECU (with motors equipped with electronic control);
    • Wheelbase (partially, but not on all models).

    A body made entirely of stainless steel is rarely used. They mainly use stainless steel spraying on black steel. Such a case should be carefully monitored: when scraping, the base steel will rust in a few days.

    Comparison of lawn mowers with trimmer

    If the lawn is generally flat, then the lawn mower will provide a smooth and even cut of the grass. It cuts weeds and weed bushes in a split second. Powerful lawn mowers are used to cut weeds in unoccupied summer cottages served by a winch driven by tractor mechanisms.

    If the soil is bumpy (the area has not been cultivated for a long time), then the trimmer will cope with this task better: it cuts the grass with fishing line, and not with knives. This eliminates deep cuts to the tree, sometimes incompatible with the life of the latter.

    Lawn landscape

    Regardless of the slope and bumpiness of the lawn, you will most likely choose the wrong machine that you would like to purchase. Mowing grass along the mowing line of paths, under trees, along the perimeter of the plot or on a bumpy lawn is easier with a gas engine. On a flat lawn, work will go easier on any machine equipped with wheels. The width of a mechanical scythe, powered precisely by a gasoline engine, is suitable for mowing grass in any area. For rectangular areas that do not have zones with fancy borders, an electric unit with a mowed strip width of 45-60 cm is suitable.


    The larger the wheel diameter, the better the passability over bumps and bumps. The rear wheels should be significantly larger than the front. Piano wheels, or swivel wheels, allow the mower to easily turn out of the way when you get to the edge of your property or past trees or flower beds.

    Bearing wheels are durable. a wheelbase on ball bearings will travel hundreds of kilometers. Ball bearings are easy to adjust. if the wheel dangles, “plays” when rotating, then it is easy to adjust.

    Which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric?

    The fashion to mow the lawns near your home came from Western countries. This phenomenon took root only with the arrival of lawn mowers on the domestic landscape design market. Not every person would waste time on mowing a plot, wielding a scythe.

    Height and weight

    Having decided what power and dimensions are right for you, find a device with a sliding handle. How you display it will depend on your height. If you ignore these criteria, then it turns out that one and the same device turned out to be too high for others, too low for others, hands are in limbo, and the like. The excessive weight of the unit. for example, the Hyundai L5500S with its 40 kilograms of mass. will not please every user. But the electric unit AL-KO Classic 3.82 SE weighs only 13 kg.