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Angle grinder Metabo W 9-125 the simplest representative of the new model range is the Metabo angle grinder introduced to the market in the fall of 2014.The model has a full arsenal of technical innovations that were implemented by Metabo engineers in the new line of products, in addition to the Metabo Quick quick change system, compared to the version. This simplification allowed to reduce the cost of the tool and offer users an innovative product for reasonable money.

Gearbox Grease Metabo Angle Grinder

Key Features of Metabo W 9-125

  • The new Metabo Marathon motor gives up to 50% gain in torque and up to 20% higher overload resistance than any other electric motor of the same size and weight from other manufacturers of professional power tools.
  • The new divider allowed engineers to create the most ergonomic angle grinder in its class. This model has a better ratio of power to the diameter of the girth of the tool than any competitor of the same class.
  • The Metabo S-automatic coupling is a reliable protection of the user against possible back impact in case of jamming of a disk in the material.
  • Reversible, in 90 ° increments, the gear case, the Metabo W 9-125 angle grinder and the two-position handle allow for a comfortable grip for both right-handed and left-handed people, in any conditions and during any work.
  • A highly efficient cooling system, a powerful fan and air intakes located in the rear part of the tool body guarantee excellent cooling and high resistance to heavy loads.
  • Self-disconnecting carbon brushes for wear.
  • Power cable 2.5 meters long.
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Metabo W 9-125 Reviews

Victor (11/20/2018)Rating:

I gave the grinder to the service with a question about the cable, they imposed the replacement of the brushes (3 months of operation without fanaticism), the replacement of the lubricant with the explanation that the manufacturer does not provide for it?! Plus the cost of 370 UAH.

Answer Metabo ShopGood afternoon. Replacing brushes and grease after 3 months of operation. This is too early. We advise you to contact the Metabo Ukraine service manager (the direct phone is indicated in the guarantee), it will help you figure out how correct the actions of the service center were

I AM (07/13/2018)Rating:

After turning off the angle grinder when the disk stops, the nut fixing the disk constantly unscrews and the disk flies, you have to force stop the disk, what should I do with this German miracle?

Answer Metabo ShopGood afternoon. Such complaints have not yet been. The disk may not be installed correctly. Or try tightening the nut

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Valery (06/15/2018)Rating:

Hello, is METABO W 850-125 also produced in Germany?

Answer Metabo ShopGood afternoon. W 850-125 angle grinder is made in China

Alexei (11/18/2016)Rating:

Good angle grinder for the money. Still, if the Germans produce, then this is felt. I recommend it safely if there is enough power.