Grass Battery Trimmer Which is Better

Mowing grass with an oblique Lithuanian, which was used by our ancestors, requires strength and skill. In modern conditions, mechanical tools such as lawn mowers, lawn mowers and trimmers are called to cope with this task. One of these devices is a cordless trimmer.

Grass Battery Trimmer Which is Better

Features of the device and principle of operation

The first to replace the manual braid came a gas mower. The device has great power, but is notable for its considerable weight and increased noise level. An alternative to a gasoline unit is an electric tool. The electric motor is much lighter and quieter than the internal combustion engine, but the convenience of work is sacrificed: the radius of use of such a mower is limited by the length of the cable connected to the power outlet. In addition, the wire fetters the movements of the mower and constantly strives to catch on something.

Manufacturers solved this problem by transferring the power source to the tool body. So there was a cordless grass trimmer. Having slightly gained weight, the device won in convenience and mobility.

The cordless garden trimmer consists of the following units:

  • Working cutting unit;
  • Electric motor;
  • Accumulator battery;
  • Mounting rod;
  • Control block.

Unlike a wire trimmer for a lawn, its battery relative is powered by batteries and is equipped with a DC motor.

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The device can be equipped with a nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion battery. The first type was used in early models of technology (but continues to be installed in modern models) and is characterized by a large weight and a long charge time.

Lithium-ion batteries are more compact, have an increased capacity and are devoid of a “memory effect“, unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, they can be charged at any time and for any period without fear of failure.

A knife (plastic or metal) or cord cutting elements (fishing line) are used as a cutting block.

The mounting rod connects all the trimmer elements into a single mechanism and allows you to control the tool. The bar may be solid or telescopic. The latter makes the device more compact and mobile, and also makes it possible to adjust the dimensions to the user’s height.

Grass Battery Trimmer Which is Better

The principle of operation of the device is similar to an electric trimmer with the only difference being that the electric motor is supplied with power from the battery, and not from the AC mains. Torque from the electric motor through the gearbox is transmitted to the cutting unit. A knife or cord cutting element cuts garden vegetation during rotation.

Which is better

When choosing a suitable garden tool, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of battery trimmers: dimensions, weight, power, type of battery, as well as the location of the electric motor. The motor can be mounted at the top or bottom of the mounting rod. A cordless lawn mower with a lower power unit is more ergonomic and devoid of the power transmission shaft from the engine to the cutting unit that is unnecessary with this design. At the same time, the electric motor at this location is subject to contamination and moisture.

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Of the batteries that are equipped with devices, it is better to give preference to lithium-ion. Since the operating time of the mower on 1 battery is short and is 30-50 minutes, it is worth choosing a model equipped with 2 batteries.

A cordless garden trimmer is a young product on the market for summer cottage tools, so the choice of models is not yet so rich compared to a similar gasoline or electric tool. However, every year the market is replenished with new good samples, so it is difficult to rank the best models.

Among the manufacturers of reliable and popular tools, it is necessary to highlight:

  1. Makita. A standard of quality, but not the most affordable prices;
  2. Bosh. Many models of this brand are equipped with universal batteries suitable for all power tools of the company with Power4All system;
  3. Dewalt. Reliable equipment for a reasonable price;
  4. Hitachi. The brand has few battery trimmers so far, but each one is of the highest quality;
  5. Blackdecker. Garden tools of this company are characterized by high power;
  6. Gardena is a manufacturer of low-cost equipment.
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These brands can offer consumers rechargeable gardening equipment with the best balance between price and quality.

Reviews and prices

The opinions of experts and users about the trimmer on the battery are mixed. The advantages of this model of gardening equipment are indisputable:

  • Small dimensions and weight;
  • Low noise level;
  • Mobility and usability.

However, experts consider some of the shortcomings of the tool critical:

  • Low power of the device. Only grass can be mowed, the bush can no longer be removed;
  • Limited operation time of the mower on 1 battery. Not more than 50 minutes, although the battery charge time is several hours;
  • Short battery life. After 1-2 seasons of intensive use, tool owners are forced to change it.

However, users agree that for the treatment of large areas it is recommended to use gas trimmers and lawn mowers. The cordless trimmer will be indispensable when mowing low grass in small areas.

The most affordable models cost from 3000 rubles. The price range for garden trimmers is large, the upper limit reaches 30,000 rubles, and more expensive offers are also found on the market.