Grass chopper with his own hands from an angle grinder

Blueprints and instructions for making a shredder for grass with their own hands

Few gardeners know what they need a grass chopper for by and large. Weeds are weeded, but why shred branches and grass? Shredders are used for fertilizers or animal feed. If you need them a lot, you can’t do without an electric grass chopper, it will allow you to save time and effort. Some people prefer to take choppers, but they are fully possible to make their own from improvised means.

All it takes is a little time, patience and skill.

Working principle and device

Grass chopper works on the principle of a kitchen combine: cuts everything that is in the area of the knife into small pieces.

There are many models of “grass cutters,” but they all consist of a few basic elements:

With such a device the question of how to shred grass for chickens is solved quickly and easily. The device can be equipped with an electric motor and be automated.

The design of these models includes:

The simplest models are designed for manual cutting of grass on a special platform by means of a knife, which is connected to the body and is able to rise above it and descend.

Such shredders grass for chickens with their own hands to do is not difficult if you have the necessary tools. This simple in design will be a good assistant in the care of the garden plot. With the help of the shredder is prepared not only forage for poultry, but also raw material for mulching.

Chopper of branches from the angle grinder with their own hands

Hello to all gardeners, vegetable growers and just readers of this article.

Today I will show you my version of the shredder of branches and large leaves.

A LITTLE DISCLAIMER, FOLKS. this is not a master class on how to assemble shredders. A DEMONSTRATION of the idea.

Self-made is difficult and very dangerous. Remember your safety in your hands.

I’ve been hatching this idea for a long time. but never got around to it. Here after another pruning of the garden. I realized I had to.)

As the base I decided to take the old angle grinder 1kV

I cut off the guard. so that it could be attached to the base of the entire grinder.

Attached the stainless steel wheel to the shroud. I’m going to hang the rest on it.

Screwed a half rim of chipboard to the wheel. But it is possible to use stronger material. I will replace it later)

INSTALLED a blade from a gasoline cutter.I chose the weight of the blade. not much heavier than the concrete disc for this angle grinder.

Half rim is cut on the way of shredding, in it I put pins for future fasteners.

I’ve taken out a fanny pack and a spigot, all on quick-release thumbscrews.

I plan to use two types of chutes. The small one and the big one. Noticed that in the work seems to be so convenient.

I found out during work that the plastic guides are useless. They break with vibration and shock during operation.

So in time I replaced them with metal pipes of the same diameter.

Installed everything on the site. angle grinder is set level and fixed to the frame. Now it can be easily removed and be a standalone. when it needs to be used for its intended purpose.

All screwed. tightened. stretched. The final step is left. painting. Just a few cans left from past ideas.

The platform with all the hardware is attached to the metal base.

I additionally installed a socket switch which will turn the shredder ON/OFF.

Plus, for convenience, made a couple of fasteners for additional work, it comes in handy.

Here’s such a busy shredder turned out.

This is what it turns those same branches, twigs, bushes.

Now this stuff can be composted or something.

Friends of course the large twigs and stuff he can not cope-but that’s all the little things he crushes no problem. That’s it.

Happy to share the idea. write your opinion, share your experience. I will be glad to have it. In more detail some moments can be seen in the video.

This is the HANDY SAMODELKIN. bye bye.

I forbid any copying and re-copying of this article in any form, and it concerns video. Placing my articles on other sites. not possible.

Homemade Grass Shredder from an angle grinder

The grinder from an angle grinder can also process plants. Fresh grass processed with this machine is used as compost or mulch, and root crops and grain are suitable for feeding birds or farm animals. Such grinders are often used for making grass meal from nettles.

You can make the device yourself at home. There is nothing complicated in the scheme of the work.

If you follow the step-by-step instructions, you can quickly and easily turn the angle grinder into a shredder.

For the knives to function, the power of the angle grinder must be at least 1.5 kW. They come from the saw blade. Cut off the excess elements from it, and leave only the cross-shaped part. At the same time the opposite cutting structures should be bent: the first pair of knives. upwards, and the second. downwards.

On the angle grinder a welded guard is fixed. At the side of the bag there should be an outlet. After that it is necessary to put a bucket of polypropylene on the cover; instead of it, a sturdy container left over from the use of water-based paint is also used.

To grind the raw material, you need to fill the bucket with it, and then close it with the lid. Attach a bag to the outlet, which will receive the processed mass. After that, you must turn on the angle grinder. The action can be made continuous: to do this, you need to make holes in the lid and gradually add the raw material for processing.

The shredded parts must fall into the bag.

From the angle grinder

Today, almost everyone on the farm has such a power tool, such as an angle grinder. This is ideal for making a manual grass chopper.

In addition to the angle grinder, you will need the following tools and parts:

  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • engine;
  • Steel brackets, bolts and nuts;
  • shaft;
  • frame
  • cutting discs or blades;
  • pulleys;
  • grid;
  • a container for cut grass.

First of all, you need to securely fasten the motor, for this we take metal corners and weld a frame from them. Next, you should attach the angle grinder to this frame as firmly as possible, because it works at very high speed and if it comes off, it can cause trouble.

Then a metal container is installed on top of the shaft of the angle grinder (it is located upwards), the grass will be loaded into it and, in fact, it will perform the cutting process.

It is best if the steel of the tank is as thick as possible, otherwise, if the knife suddenly unscrews during operation of the Grass Cutter, it may break through the steel and fly out.

At the bottom of the container is attached a steel angle, it is needed to keep all the grass from twisting inside the container. Mounted angle with bolts and nuts.

Now it is only necessary to install a knife from the lawnmower on the shaft of the angle grinder.

For convenient collection of chopped grass from thin metal, a special sleeve was made, it can be directed to a special box for the collection of grass meal, or simply put a bucket. This completes the grass cutter’s assembly.

From the washing machine

Let’s consider another way to create a grass trimmer from improvised materials.

  • electric motor from a washing machine;
  • the case from a vacuum cleaner “Uralets”;
  • Sturdy sheet metal to create a knife;
  • A plastic bucket or other container to create a hopper;
  • a plastic bucket to create a grass catcher;
  • steel corners;
  • electric welding;
  • angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • screws with nuts, etc.

Step-by-step instructions for making a tool:

  • Preparing the body. According to the scheme, the body is taken from a vacuum cleaner, at the bottom of which a 70×70 cm hole is made for dumping the crushed raw materials.
  • Mounting the motor. The unit is installed on the bottom of the case with the shaft upwards. The motor itself is taken from a washing machine. The knife is cut out of sheet iron with an angle grinder. Its edges are lifted up a little.
  • Grass hopper and catcher. These two containers are made from plastic buckets. They are lightweight and the material does not rust, which is very important in this case. A bag is placed on top of the ready cut grass catcher so that it doesn’t fly off in different directions while cutting.
  • Tool frame. This is an important structural element, on which all other parts are fixed. For its manufacture, strong metal corners are used, which are joined together with a welding machine.

Fabrication tips

Quite often described making grass cutters with their own hands in the magazine “Modelst-Konstruktor”. Here you can find many variants of such tools.

All recommendations are secured by diagrams, construction drawings and assembly of devices.

The principle of operation of many models is similar to that of a food processor, as the cutting of herbs is carried out with the help of knives. This explains the ease of assembly and simple operation of the grass cutter.

For more effective work of the tool, experts recommend:

  • To crush branches of bushes, use knives sharpened on one side.
  • For shredding fodder for animals it is necessary to take knives sharpened on both sides.
  • If the tool is planned to be used only for chopping herbs, it is recommended to make knives in the shape of a rhombus.
  • To increase the strength and reliability of the unit, it is worth using a metal body.
  • It is recommended to cover the outer sides of the tool with sheet iron. This will greatly reduce the chance of injury on the job and keep the machine’s engine free of dust.

The main advantage of homemade devices designed for cutting grass is that they are undemanding in maintenance.

They can always be repaired by yourself using improvised materials, and repair costs are minimal.

Tips for making a grass cutter

The magazine “Constructor” very often publishes tips on how to make different types of grass cutters, forage cutters and straw cutters. Along with the tips, drawings and assembly diagrams of various parts and components are also published.

Most grass cutters work on the principle of a food processor: the grass is chopped in a container with cutting blades. This explains the simplicity and ease of the device.

But in order to make a grass cutter with their own hands made of any materials was more functional, you can do the following:

  • Sharpen only one side of the blades if you plan to shred branches of plants,
  • If you plan to use the grass cutter as a feed chopper, the knives need to be sharpened on both sides,
  • For shredding grass only use diamond-shaped blades,
  • Replace conventional fasteners with metal frames. this will increase the strength of the machine,
  • Cover the outside of the grass chopper with a sheet of metal. This will not only reduce the risk of injury, but will also keep the machine from getting dust inside.

Garden Grass Shredder

On the amount of grass to be processed (for garden waste, for compost, for feeding livestock), depends on the homemade grass chopper. Basically, it differs little from a meat grinder, only for grass and hay straw, in any case, the principle of operation is the same.

  • Different capacity, depending on how much grass you need to cut. With a lot of power, small knots can also axe;
  • different type of knives. disc knives (blades that crush garden debris during rotation), milling knives (gears that tighten the material during rotation and automatically grind it);
  • different type of work. on gasoline (the service is more expensive) or electricity (the device is tied to the available outlet);
  • stationary type or mobile (lawnmower type).

Of a washing machine

It itself is an excellent bulk container for hay, grass, straw, etc. The principle of this chopper is the same as a kitchen combine.

  • Several blades placed in a cylindrical container;
  • additional reservoir for the upper part of the machine, in which hay, grass, straw will be fed;
  • The machine has an extra hole in the side so that the recycled material can flow from there;
  • a receiver for the finished product (bucket, box, etc.).).

From a vacuum cleaner

Only the vacuum cleaner body and motor are needed.

  • The motor power can be up to 180 W, which is enough;
  • knives, from unnecessary hacksaw blades, fastened with nuts on the threaded sleeve (approximate length. 40 mm). Fasten the bottom of the container and bolt over the knives;
  • try to make a hole for the chopped grass under the legs or in the side;
  • To protect the electric motor, the base must necessarily be stable.

From the angle grinder

The principle of creating a homemade grass chopper from an angle grinder is the same as in the previous units:

  • pick up a container;
  • Drill a hole in the bottom in order to install the cutting unit;
  • make a metal base and attach the angle grinder to it, carefully secured with clamps.

Safety precautions

Any device, the creation of which is described above, is equipped with sharp cutting parts. To make it serve you for a long time, bring relief in the work, but not to cause injury, follow the elementary safety precautions when performing work.

If the operation of the machine is associated with electricity, be doubly careful and take the necessary measures. Take particular care not to let children try to start the grass chopper. It is better to overdo it than to underdo it!

Final assembly, adding the missing parts

On the now outside cover a hole had to be cut on top for the twigs to be fed into the shredder. It was also worth adding the feet. The hole was cut with an angle grinder, and on the outside of it I welded a tube for added protection for the operator. By the way you should calculate its slope so that branches fall through it exactly on the blades of the disk, about which I will tell a little bit later.

The legs were welded from the same scraps of rebar, assembled at the “corners”. In order to make them you do not need to be a welder-specialist. It is enough to have a minimum of skills. They consist of two parts, one of which is welded to the cover and the other to the shredder body.

This is what the shredder looks like disassembled, all that is left is to weld the pipe

When all the parts were welded, it was time to install the main component of the shredder. the four-blade disc for the grass trimmer. It turned out that I had to deviate from my intended goal to make a machine for free. I had to buy a disc for the grass trimmer, though. Of course, I could have invented something, like a homemade tree disk, but I decided that it would be safer to buy.

Why I chose this disc for my shredder? I once saw a worker dashingly cut down small trees with a trimmer while clearing a firebreak near my country house. I became interested and got to know each other. He was the one who told me that the young trees are not everything. A blade like this can do more. The maximum thickness of the tree is the length of the petal. I only need enough power for the drive.

This is the four-blade disc that was installed in the chopper

Structural composition, manufacturing features

Shredder of branches and grass. an indispensable helper to work in the garden and in the garden, but its purchase is associated with substantial monetary costs. And since structurally the shredder is not complicated, you can assemble it yourself from old equipment and available materials.

The garden shredder consists of the following main assemblies:

  • electric or gasoline engine;
  • stationary or removable blades mounted on the work shaft;
  • A metal or wooden frame;
  • A container for cut vegetation;
  • a protective cover for safety;
  • a box for the exit of the processed material;
  • start-up and control system.

The container for loading the cut vegetation is usually made round, made of metal or thick-walled plastic. A large pot, an iron or plastic garden barrel, or the body of an old washing machine will do. It should always be covered with a lid to protect your eyes from particles flying out when working. The box needed to unload the milled material is made of sheet metal.

The principle of operation of the shredder is that the rotation of the motor shaft is fed to the knives directly or through a chain or belt drive. Grinded vegetation enters the box to unload the grass.

According to the principle of operation, some garden shredders are similar to auger meat grinders, while others are like coffee grinders with knives. They take electric or gasoline internal combustion engines (ICE) from old, unused machinery as the drive. Models with internal combustion engines are more convenient in their mobility. no need to be tied to the power grid, but they are much more expensive to produce and more difficult to use than electric motors.


Even an old barrel can be used as a tank

Many craftsmen, creating all sorts of home-made mechanisms for cutting straw, have adapted to use old pumps or vacuum cleaners.

The scheme of their work is as follows: the knives are attached to a rotating rod, which rotates due to the motor. The hopper, in which hay or straw is poured, is an ordinary bucket. After falling into it, rotating knives shred all components to the desired size.

But this kind of mechanized means of cutting has a very low level of performance, which makes it suitable only for preparing feed for one or two dozen rabbits.

When it is necessary to organize the processing of large amounts of raw materials, the crusher will need a higher capacity and, accordingly, with a large capacity.

The main thing in all such mechanisms that determines the performance is the work unit itself. It is a special metal container, which contains rotating sharp knives firmly mounted on a steel disc, coming from the axis of the electric motor.

For safety, so that in the process of processing raw materials man may not accidentally touch the moving knives. the hopper is made high and cylindrical shape. The lower part is inclined and in it there is a special spigot, where the shredded products are thrown.

The operation of such a device is quite simple. After turning on the electric motor in the hopper begins to fill the straw, where it is chopped. The finished chopped product will come out of the side spigot.

So that it does not fly in different directions, it is worth preparing a special container for the collection. In this capacity it is good to use a plastic barrel, which will have a hole cut out on the side to receive chopped straw or hay.

For an interesting article on how to make your own plastic crusher, read here.

Electric from improvised means

To make this model of grass chopper with your own hands will be required:

  • An electric motor from a washing machine;
  • The board is 1-1.5 cm thick;
  • Wooden bars with a cross section of 30×40 mm;
  • Bolts and nuts for fixing the electric motor;
  • An electric screwdriver and drill bits;
  • Two metal saws;
  • Iron bucket.

In order to make the knife, holes are drilled in the metal saws of such a diameter that it slightly exceeds the cross-section of the central shaft of the electric motor. Sharpen knives.

Next, a series of steps are performed sequentially:

  • Four holes are drilled in the board to hold the electric motor and one for the shaft;
  • A hole is drilled in this metal pin and a thread is cut in it;
  • Fix the electric motor to the board with bolts and nuts;
  • Assemble the frame from wooden bars, using metal angles and self-tapping wood screws;
  • To give the frame more stability, strengthen it with additional ribs of rigidity;
  • Fasten the board to the frame so that the electric motor is at the bottom, in the cavity of the frame;
  • The knives are set in position “crosswise” and fastened to the shaft of the electric motor with a screw;
  • From the metal bucket, the bottom is cut off with an angle grinder with a metal disc;
  • On the board set the bucket without a bottom so that the knives were in the central part of the hole;
  • Fasten the bucket to the board using self-tapping screws and metal plates/angles.

This model of homemade chicken feed chopper does not have a hole for the outlet of milled plant material. You will need to remove it yourself. That’s why it is advisable to make the board hinged, using a door hinge for this purpose. The bucket can then be turned over and the shredded grass can be shaken out of it. It’s dangerous to take it out with your hands, as you could hurt yourself on the sharp blades of the blades.

Safety precautions when working with home-made garden crushers

As simple as it may seem to use garden shredders, working with them can lead to injury:

  • Always make sure that during the use of a homemade shredder there are no young children near it.
  • Never load metal, glass objects, construction debris inside the machine.
  • Keep hands out of the machine during operation.
  • If something gets inside or the size of the branches exceeds the shredder’s power, turn off the engine, remove the unwanted material with some tongs.
  • Always work with gloves, safety mask and goggles.
  • If the garden shredder operates from the network, then it should be located as far away from water sources as possible to avoid a short circuit.
  • Do not store makeshift chippers in a place that is not protected against moisture, low or high temperature.
  • Before using the shredder always check that it is in good condition, that all parts are securely fastened and that the cables are intact.
  • After using the shredder, clean the body and knives from garden debris. Replace damaged blades with new ones immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the advantages of chippers there should be mentioned:

  • Ability to process large quantities of wood and other materials into a homogeneous loose material of a stable fraction.
  • Versatility, the ability to change the size of chips.
  • Variety of driving mechanisms. the possibility of installing electric or gasoline engines.
  • Compact size, not much space is required for installation.
  • Necessity of connection to power grid or fuel supply for internal combustion engine.
  • High-powered engines and robust cutting surfaces are necessary for processing large volumes.
  • Severe strain on the machine design and frequent maintenance.

An additional and important disadvantage of chippers is their high price. The cheapest models cost about 50-60 thousand powerful models are much more expensive. this is the main reason why shredders are preferred to build their own ones.