Grass Mowing with Bosch 230 Trimmer

Grass Mowing with Bosch 230 Trimmer

Bosch electric trimmers and lawn mowers from a well-known German brand have been in great demand for decades. Owners of garden equipment for lawn care, grass mowing invariably note the high reliability of components and components, high-quality assembly of units. A well-groomed lawn in the shortest time with efficient Bosch lawn mowers and electric mowers is quite real.

Brand Description

The famous Bosch brand belongs to those well-known companies that do not need any. For more than 130 years, Bosch products have been known worldwide. And it all began with the hobby of Robert Bosch, an amazing science at that time. Electrical engineering. The young electrical engineer even managed to work in the United States under the guidance of a world-famous scientist, Thomas Edison, to gain invaluable knowledge.

The history of the company began with the repair of engines in a modest workshop of precision mechanics in the late eighties of the 19th century. And already in 1909, the first plant was opened in Germany, subsidiaries appeared in England, France, and the USA.

Gradually, the brand developed new countries and continents. Australia, India, Brazil. Currently, the production activities of the concern “Robert Bosch GmbH” are developing in four main areas: household appliances, communication devices, tools and means of production, equipment for automobiles. 440 subsidiaries are successfully operating in 60 countries.

Security systems and fire alarms, hydraulic equipment and navigation systems, hybrid cars and energy-efficient heating equipment are just some of the modern activities of the Bosch group of companies.

Bosch household appliances today are known all over the world, this is the optimal ratio of price and quality. These are dishwashers and microwave ovens, washing machines and gas stoves. The equipment is equipped with various additional functions that at first glance seem inconsequential, but subsequently prove to be extremely useful and convenient for consumers.

Reasonable innovations, the strictest quality control of products, balanced pricing policy have led the brand to take a leading position in the list of world manufacturers of garden equipment.

Garden equipment and accessories from the Bosch brand are the most optimal tools for any application: chain saws, cordless garden vacuum cleaners, scarifiers, high-pressure cleaners, aerators, brush cutters, Bosch electric braids, multifunctional systems. Bosch lawn mowers and electric scythes are produced at the company’s own factories in the UK, Hungary, and China.

Overview of lawn mowers, lawn mowers / trimmers Bosch

The Bosch brand is named after the founder, Robert Bosch, who was an inventor by profession. He decided to organize his own business in 1886, and by 1901, thanks to perseverance and hard work, the Bosch plant was created, which employs about 40 people. Worked on the production of magneto.

For the company, 1906 was a significant year, because production increased pace and 100,000 magnetos were created. The second significant event for the company was the expansion of the geography of countries during the construction of subsidiaries. But the most important thing was that the workers of the whole world achieved the introduction of an 8-hour working day and the first to support this innovation was Robert Bosch. He argued this decision not so much with the fact that he acted in the name of humanity, but with the fact that the production of products required attention and thoroughness, which could only be provided by workers who had a good rest. Bosch’s priority goal was to maintain quality, not profit from quantity. His motto was “Better to lose money than trust.” And this attitude to work was very much appreciated among consumers.

With a strong grip and a sharp mind, Robert Bosch was not going to stop there and began to actively expand the product range. By the beginning of 1910, the company produced all the necessary electrical components that were used on cars of that time.

Bosch trimmers and lawn mowers

In 1914, the first electric starter was launched. Further plans for the development of production areas were crossed out by the war. But the company managed to survive and not only resume production, but also participate in international exhibitions. Further years are a series of new achievements and successes, but since 1942 already without their parent.

Bosch trimmers

The range of trimmers is represented by a large family of electric braids in the power range of 0.28-1.0 kW and various battery versions.

Electric braids Bosch

Electric braids have significant advantages over gas trimmers in environmental friendliness, easy maintenance, comfortable operation. They yield only to freedom of movement around the site, depending on the length of the network cable. The mass of the units is relatively low from 1.6 kg to 4.6 kg. Various Bosch electric braid options have been developed: with a direct barbell and curved, with a shoulder strap and without accessories, with different cutting tools.

Bosch ART 23 Easytrim Electric Garden Trimmer

For clarity, we present in the table a comparative analysis of the most popular models of electric Bosch.