Grass trimmer for what men need. Tips for choosing an electric shaver

What is a grass trimmer and what is it for?

Some people prefer to visit barbers and model and take care of their mustaches and beards under the professional’s supervision. Others are closer to the same tasks, but made by their own hands at home with a set of tools and instruments. The beard fashion is back and now every other man is experimenting with images and styles of facial hair.

Once you have tried the grass trimmer, what it is and what functions it performs, you can see that a fashionable and stylish beard can turn out on its own without the help of a professional. The grass trimmer is a versatile and multifunctional electric device, thanks to which you can shape, shave, trim and straighten your beard, as well as remove unwanted hairs even in hard-to-reach places.

What each appliance does

The grass trimmer is a device that can remove hair from any area of the body. This device lets you trim, trim, shave, and trim. With the latest generation of trimmers you can take care of beards, mustaches, sideburns and relief haircuts. But they are unable to “overpower” stiff hair, so they will be a great option when modeling hairstyles. This unit can be used on its own or as a supplement to an electric shaver or clipper.

The shearing machine is a device for making haircuts. It is mainly used to shorten the hair to the desired length. The modern models also let you trim your beard and mustache. This device can be used at home. The machine will perform all the important elements in the process of creating a hairstyle.

In order to create a men’s haircut, it is necessary to use exactly a machine for haircutting, the use of which does not require special skills in hairdressing. Before you buy this device, you should know that it comes as a rotary, battery and vibrating. Rotary machines work with a built-in motor. Such units are of high quality and high price, in addition, they can cope with heavy loads.

Vibrating machines are cheaper and often used in the home. The principle of its operation is based on a special vibrating coil. Therefore, their work is accompanied by noise. Blades in such machines are not removable, so the care of it is more complicated. Cordless models work quietly, they are lightweight and compact. The advantage of these models is that they are able to work from the network.

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How to tidy your beard

It is convenient to take care of your beard at home. But to start without experience is difficult for many men, there are a lot of questions about technique and process. Literally for one or two times the skill is built up, there is an understanding of the process and knowledge of the nuances, and the result of home care already looks quite professional. To make trimming easier, you need to know a few secrets.

  • The no-tip sewing machine is used for the edging on the neck. Particular attention should be paid to the bottom line. The beard looks beautiful if its border is on a clear line.
  • If the beard is short and needs to be trimmed with the nozzle of the right length, the procedure should be carried out against the growth of hair, while pulling the skin a little as when shaving, in the opposite direction. To make a long beard it is necessary to cut off unnecessary hair from top to bottom, following the growth. Working with a trimmer should be slow and smooth, so the blades had time to work through the area along the working head.
  • To create a lateral outline, turn it toward the ear. For this, a clipper without attachments is sufficient. Here, too, you can stretch the skin a little, so that the blade does not “trip” and runs smoothly in the right direction. Work the whole width of the barb or just the corner.
  • When creating the top and bottom edge of the mustache, the direction of work can be chosen according to personal preference and convenience. If no mustache is part of the ‘hairstyle’, it can simply be shaved with a barber without a attachment.
  • The chin stubble should be trimmed from top to bottom or bottom to top, while stretching the skin a little, as with a shave.

These simple tips will help you trim and shape a nice, neat beard on your own, without going to a barbershop. Buying a good trimmer for grass will save money on the services of a master, time for a visit to the salon.

There are trimmer models that support the wet shave feature. This is a good alternative to a classic machine shave. For this treatment, the foam is applied to the face.

  • Before using a trimmer, you should trim your beard with a simple pair of scissors. This will make it easier and faster to operate the machine.
  • Next you need to apply foam or gel as you normally do.
  • Adjust the device to the desired mode and start shaving your beard.
  • If you want smooth skin without stubble, you should remove the attachments and shave only with the blade before you start.
  • Don’t apply undue pressure or pressure on your skin.
grass, trimmer, need, tips, choosing, electric

After a wet shave, the working head of the grass trimmer should be rinsed under the tap. It is necessary to remove all hair and shaving foam residue from the blade and nozzle.

Choosing your razor

Razors, presented on the shelves of stores, differ in the way of power and other criteria. You can choose a model that runs on AC power or on battery power (batteries or rechargeable batteries).

Just a reminder! Some models include the ability to shave in the shower.

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For purely home use is quite suitable electric shaver. If your work requires you to be on a business trip, it’s better to consider rechargeable versions, with high-capacity cells and the ability to recharge not only from the home network, but from a cigarette lighter in the car. People with sensitive skin should consider using a wet shaver.

The quality of shaving is influenced by the speed of rotation of the blades: you should pay attention to the power of the electric motor. It is also recommended to trust the devices of brands that have earned a reputation in the market. Reputable companies provide a warranty and service on all their devices.

grass, trimmer, need, tips, choosing, electric

Trimmers for grass: what we need, benefits

Grass trimmer. a special device for cutting hair. The key is the actual cutting, not the shaving. Equipped, as a rule, with different attachments, making it convenient to use in various processes: correction of temples, beards, mustaches.

For the female sex trimmer for the grass is often used to correct eyebrows. Very convenient in the care of the bikini zone due to its miniature size. For example, it is inconvenient to use an electric razor in this case, because it is large. In fact, with electric devices for correction of the bikini zone most often use depilatory or trimmer for grass. And in recent years trimmer prevails in this matter and explain this by the lack of painful sensations when using it, in contrast to the depilatory. In t. ч. Various attachments allow you to use it to form intimate hairstyles.

The most relevant such a machine will be for men that grow beards, mustaches, sideburns. It is easy to keep it all neat and tidy, to shape it and to trim it evenly.

Different models can accommodate different functions and can have:

  • variable range of blade length adjustment.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes: to trim your beard or correct hairstyle.
  • Different quality blade.
  • Additional features: light, vacuum.
  • It only trims (cuts) the hair, not shaves it. That is, there is no direct contact between the blade and the skin, so there can be no irritation.
  • Indispensable device for beard and mustache care. For supporters of stylish beards, this device is just right.
  • Special attachments can be used to remove hair on the ears, nose, correct eyebrows, other.

Device type

According to the purpose, grass trimmers are divided into several types:

  • Universal. have many different attachments, with which you can take care of hair not only on the face, but also on different parts of the body. Many models combine the functions of a grass trimmer and shaver.
  • For the nose and ears. a small device with one or two nozzles. It is suitable for gently reducing the length of hair in the nose and ears, as well as creating the contour of the cut behind the ears and on the neck.
  • For mustache and beard. usually such devices are equipped with two combs. narrow and standard. Narrow allows you to handle mustaches and sideburns of any shape. Standard designed for the beard.
  • For beard. the simplest model with one or two nozzles. Designed for a length of 1-10 mm or 11-20 mm.

Power Source

The type of power source determines the usability and power of the device. There are the following variants:

  • Networked. depending on whether there is a power outlet. Such devices are reliable and have great power, but it is better to choose trimmers for grass with a long cord. they are more convenient.
  • Battery-powered. a good device for travel and hiking. It is lightweight and powerful.
  • Rechargeable. these devices are more powerful than the battery-powered ones. Cordless grass trimmer comes with a battery and charger. Usually has enough charge for a few shaves. To ensure that the grass trimmer does not fail at the most inopportune moment, it is better to buy a device with a charge indicator.
  • Universal. has two types of power: from the network or built-in battery. Such a device is the best in terms of convenience. It allows you to choose the right power source. If the battery dies, you don’t have to wait for it to recharge.

Type of motor

There are two types of motors installed in trimmers:

  • Vibrating machines are on inexpensive machines and have up to 15 watts of power. They are not characterized by endurance, so they can not work without a break for more than 15 minutes. Their advantages are low weight and affordable price.
  • Rotary. up to 45 watts power. They are suitable for professionals and trim even hard hair well. Rotary models have a higher number of revolutions, have more weight and are able to work continuously for up to 1 hour.


Blades are important for a good shave. They are made of steel or titanium. Steel blades are made of stainless steel, so they are not afraid of moisture, but they blunt rather quickly. For stiff bristles with fast growth it’s better to take titanium blades that keep their sharpness for a long time.

Professional grass trimmers can be equipped with ceramic blades or diamond-coated. They are very sharp and do not blunt for a long time, but need careful handling because of their fragility.

Grass trimmers with self-sharpening blades are the preferred choice. Unlike standard blades, they are mounted at an angle. In the process of shaving, the blades come into contact, sharpening each other. Such blades last much longer, but they are also more expensive.

grass, trimmer, need, tips, choosing, electric

Length of cut

Most trimmers for men can shorten hair to a length of 1 to 20 mm, but there are models that can make a haircut from 0.2 mm to 25 mm. When choosing, you should pay attention to this characteristic of the grass trimmer, so that the desired length is present in the working range of the device.

grass, trimmer, need, tips, choosing, electric

Set of nozzles

The trimmer comes with a different number of attachments. The most common are:

  • short comb. used in beard and mustache trimmers; it provides 1-10 mm of hair removal length;
  • long comb. allows you to remove hair with a length of 10-20 mm; mainly comes with trimmers for shaving your head;
  • for shaving. shaves your face dry;
  • For nose and ears. the round-shaped nozzle allows you to get rid of hair in hard-to-reach places;
  • For the body. the mesh shape allows you to remove hair on the body, armpits and bikini area;
  • micro brow nozzle.

The presence of additional functions

Grass trimmers can have additional features for the convenience of using them, for example:

Choosing an electric shaver for men, you should immediately understand that these devices complement, but do not replace each other.

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Therefore, it is important to decide for what purposes you need the device. It is ideal when there are both at home, or you can try an electric shaver with a trimmer.

We hope that our material will help you make the right choice for yourself and do not make a mistake with the purchase!

Classification of devices

There are several classifications of this type of technique.

By type of motor

In the head put the type of engine and, accordingly, the division will be as follows:

  • rotary grass trimmers for hair (the most powerful units for professionals, with the ability to work for a long time without overheating);
  • The vibration motor has much less power (more home device, requiring a break in work every half hour);
  • Pendulum variants (not yet a very common type, which is a kind of horizontal scissors. when working with it, you need to press the handles to the limit).

By type of power supply

The second classification criterion is the type of power supply.

  • Cordless version is the most expensive. it’s good for small repairs. The maximum operating capacity is about an hour, and to charge the battery, you often need to spend at least ten hours. The degree of charge affects the speed of operation. the less it is, the slower the device becomes. Usually such tools are stocked by people who have to be on frequent trips (but need to cut hair in order to maintain a presentable appearance).
  • The network model can work long enough. Very often among these models there are devices with excellent characteristics. But the disadvantage is felt at once. the user is limited in movement by the length of the cord.
  • Combination grass trimmers combine both of these advantages.
  • There are grass trimmers that run on regular batteries. Compact units that are easy to take on the road.


Grass trimmer is a dangerous tool if used improperly. Always check it for proper operation before starting work. General rules of thumb:

  • If your beard is long, first trim it with the long attachment. Only after that proceed to the full treatment of the surface of the face;
  • The flat part of the blade should fit snugly against your skin;
  • Move against the growth of the hair;
  • If you need to shave stubble, the nozzles are removed and only the blades are shaved.

For the grass trimmer to work long and effectively perform its tasks, it needs care. Remove the clipped bristles from the blades after each application. Use a special brush or rinse the tool in water (if provided).

In addition to cleaning, the unit needs to be lubricated. Ideally do this after each use. The dry tool is lubricated with the oil that comes with it. Instructions:

  • Holding it over the sink, drip a few drops on its blades.
  • Turn on the trimmer for grass.
  • Let it run for about 20 seconds (this is enough time for the lubricant to get into the motor).
  • Remove oily residue with a dry cloth.

The grass trimmer is a functional tool used for trimming or shaving. It’s easy to use, so once you learn, you can take care of your own appearance without visiting a barbershop. Regular care is required to keep the appliance in good working order for longer.