grass trimmer stalls at high rpm stalls

the lawn mower stalls or suffocates when you press the gas

Clean all holes on the inside of the carburetor, and most importantly, clean the debris under the fuel mesh.

Another is the presence of defects in the power supply system.

In this case, the mower will stall at idle speed. Misalignment or incorrect carburetor adjustment can lead to dilemmas with the power system.

The misalignment can be caused by vibrations that occur during the operation of the lawn mower.

Trimmer power loss at full throttle

Incorrect adjustment of the lawn mower can be corrected by simply adjusting it in accordance with the requirements indicated in the annotation for use.

In addition, sometimes gasoline grass trimmers can stall due to the fact that the valve located in the gas tank cap is simply clogged or stuck.

To find out, try using a scythe by loosening the gas cap.

If the device works properly in this mode, clean the valve.

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What’s more, the mower can stall due to the disgusting flow of fuel into the carburetor.

Why, then, does the device start, you ask?

The reason for this is that at first, the fuel gradually runs into the carburetor and it is enough to work at an overestimated power.

But then it is produced and at huge speeds the engine starts to stall.

As for the carburetor, the problem here may also be that its body is too tight.

How To Easily Fix A Weedeater That Bogs Down

Air leaks can also cause the mower to stall at high RPM on gas.

This refers to the possible presence of a place through which air can pass during the heating of the engine.

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Be sure to check the fuel inlet hose, among other things. The problem may be that it does not hold well or is cracked altogether.

These are the main reasons why a lawn mower can stall.

Chainsaw stops idling

grass, trimmer, stalls, high

Everything, it is recommended to check the muffler, because its contamination can lead to a deterioration in the exhaust gas output, which is why the engine stops.

If cleaning the muffler did not help to remove the problem, and the engine of your saw is carburetor, then there is an option to test it. Most engine models have coarse and fine adjusting bolts (H and L, respectively). By increasing the engine speed with their help, there is an option to remove the problem. Keep in mind that adjusting the carburetor is a rather narrow process that requires the introduction of a tachometer.

Substandard carburetor operation

If in practice it turns out that the filters are spotless and the ignition system is not guilty of the fact that the chainsaw is not capable of working on idle, the owner of the tool is advised to switch your interest to the carburetor.

It is necessary to disassemble and assemble the carburetor without haste, because there are many parts in a personal computer without which it will not be able to work.

Often, the misalignment of this unit, which is responsible for supplying a certain volume of air-fuel consistency to the engine cylinder, leads to unbalanced work. Adjust it, of course, with 3 special screws located on the carburetor: screws for high and low speed, in addition, with a screw that controls idle speed.

Some of the Russian car industry, fearing unnecessary interference from unfamiliar ignorant people, stuff their products with only one idle year screw. But in any case, the carburetor is adjusted only by exactly doing what remains to be done for our client manufacturer’s annotations.

But even after adjusting the carburetor, in accordance with the factory standards, this unit can junk. Then it is recommended to clean the fuel and air channels, jets, mesh of the filter element. If the membrane turns out to be warped, it will certainly be replaced with the latest and highest quality.

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When doing maintenance and repair of a carburetor, you always need to keep in mind that it is usually crammed with an abundance of very small parts, without which the device simply will not be able to work normally. Therefore, the carburetor should be disassembled and assembled without haste and with extreme caution.

Does the situation depend on the brand of the car

Some time ago it was accepted that only the engine of someone from the VAZ family stalls at idle. Most car enthusiasts complained about the design flaws of these cars. However, later it turned out that a certain number of foreign cars, even very popular ones, also have a similar flaw. Thus, the origin of your car does not matter at all, because the owners of even the most prestigious brands have a chance to face this kind of trouble.


Why stalls at full speed

Very often you can hear the question why the chainsaw stalls at full speed. There may be several reasons. First, you need to consider how the saw stalled. Suppose the tool worked fine and suddenly, for no apparent reason, it suddenly stalled and the starter did not turn. In such a situation, you can be 100% sure that the chainsaw is jammed and you need to start its overhaul.

The second situation is when the STIHL 180 chainsaw worked normally, then gradually lost power in a short time and stalled, while the cylinder overheated. In this case, most likely the reason is air leaks under the rubber pipe connecting the carburetor to the cylinder or its rupture. The mixture was depleted, resulting in overheating. You can eliminate the cause by changing the branch pipe.

What to do if the mower, in other words, the saw stalls at high speeds (under load)

What remains for our client to do the likely prerequisites that the lawn mower stalls, and methods for their elimination are contained in the following video

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There are many reasons for stopping the brushcutter, but for the most part there are problems during operation associated with its carburetor. They arise in any way. The most problematic option is when a severe breakdown occurs, and it comes in handy to get new parts or change the lawn mower.

In order for the grass trimmer to work normally for more than one year, it is imperative to follow the requirements of the annotation for use. It is necessary to fill the unit with a fuel consistency that is suitable for it in terms of composition, the device should work at a moderate load.

Why the chainsaw stalls

There are several reasons why a chainsaw stalls. And, you, all of them can be solved without the help of others, without going to the service center.

First of all, check the filters: fuel and air. If they are clogged, then, probably, this is the reason for the improper operation of the instrument. At the same time, the dirt is not often visible to the naked eye. Therefore, if it seems that what remains to be done by our client is in order, it is better to carry out this function.

Another reason, for you, is in the candle. Remember the last time you changed it? Correctly operating chainsaws, this should be done once a year.

grass, trimmer, stalls, high

If this does not help, then it is worth trying to adjust the carburetor. Maybe the vibrations while working with the chainsaw lost its factory options.

In that case, the saw stalls after long storage, for example, in an unheated garage, then it is worth looking at the fuel line. As a rule, this is a rubber tube, which can crack from dampness and temperature changes and become a prerequisite for a chainsaw malfunction.

If none of the above has helped, then, most likely, the breakdown is more severe, and, often, you will have to contact the workshop.