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the lightest gasoline trimmers for women

Review of the best according to expertology editorial About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying it you need to consult with a specialist.

Trimming the grass with a brushcutter is a quick way to clean up a green area with an uneven landscape that is difficult to roll a lawnmower over. If this work has to be done by a woman, the weight of the portable tool plays a big role. In this article we have collected the lightest grass trimmers with gasoline engines, which weight is within 4.5-7.2 kg. In addition to low weight, these models top the sales ratings and collected a lot of customer feedback, so you can choose a proven product for yourself.

Recommendations for choosing a gasoline trimmer

Intensity of use. Start the search for a gasoline trimmer for grass is best with the destination.

  • If the suburban area is small, there is a possibility of frequent mowing, you can opt for inexpensive and compact household models. If you need to periodically transport the lawnmower, you should give preference to collapsible models.
  • The owners of large plots of land (more than 20 acres) need reliable professional equipment. It is able to work long with the tallest grass or used to remove shrubs.
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Type of gasoline engine. There are two types of gasoline engines installed on grass trimmers.

  • Two-stroke engines are low in price and simple in design. But every time you fill the fuel tank, gasoline must be mixed with motor oil.
  • The ease of operation attracts potential buyers four-stroke motors. Gasoline is poured into the fuel tank and oil into the engine. But such power units cost more, they will be more difficult to repair.

Power. Benzocosm motors differ in power.

  • Grass trimmers with 2.5 to 4.0 liter engines are considered the most productive. с. Most often such units are installed on professional machines.
  • Lighter models with 1.0-2.0 liter motors would do for countrymen. с. Such a tool to cope with a small grass, and with the branches of raspberries, blackberries, plums.

Convenience in work. Since mowing can take quite a long time, some useful features can help reduce operator fatigue.

  • The anti-vibration system is an integral part of professional chain saws. Thanks to the rubber shock absorbers vibration from the motor does not reach the hands of the operator.
  • The shoulder belt should distribute the load evenly on the operator’s body. When buying, look for ease of adjustment and ease of removing and putting on the belt.
  • The design of the handle depends on the degree of fatigue in his hands. The two-piece U-shaped handles are the best adjustable. Each one is easy to adjust to your hand.

We’ve reviewed 17 of the best gasoline trimmers. All are available in specialty stores in Russia. When assigning the place the expertology magazine editors relied on the opinion of the expert community, taking into account the reviews of home users.

Echo SRM-2655SI

  • Great power
  • Sturdy build
  • Good reliability
  • Low weight
  • No vibration
  • Very easy to start
  • Convenient shoulder strap included

For me personally, the ideal grass mower, works for a long time without stopping. I bought it on the recommendation of my friends, and it has been faithfully used for 5 years. Very comfortable strap, during the work is not pressing anywhere, all clearly thought out. Consumption is small. On the whole, the purchase is very satisfied)))

  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 3 mm
  • Boom design: straight
  • Stick shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Wheel availability: no
  • Power of the engine 1.1 л.с.
  • Two-stroke engine
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.65 л
  • Shoulder strap
  • weight 6.5 kg

Top 12 best petrol grass trimmers by customer’s choice

Renowned manufacturers do not always produce high-quality models, so it is worth carefully studying the technical characteristics of a particular instance. To simplify the choice and not to read a lot of contradictory reviews, we have prepared for you the rating of the best, according to the reviews of owners, gasoline trimmers.

Mobil K XT141C Premium

Our lightest petrol grass trimmer. It weighs only 4 kg 490 g, so it can be used by women, too. Equipped with a high-tech engine HIGH PERFOMANCE, which is 20% more powerful, with minimal vibration and noise. The manufacturer also claims its even greater reliability, the resource is increased by 3.5 times.

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Vibration is also reduced by the new MOBIL K HIGHSPEED CONICAL GEER CG1 gearbox with quality bearings and hardened bevel gear. a special feature is the Comfort Start system that makes the start-up process two times easier. No sharp jerks and no kickback. Ergonomic handle and shoulder strap allow maximum even weight distribution.

  • Low weight (4,490 kg).
  • Minimum of vibrations.
  • Automatic STOP button position.
  • The presence of an easy start.
  • No backpack strap, only one shoulder.

Huter GGT-2500T

German unit with a capacity of 3.30 л.с. for those who look after their own garden. T-handle with rubber pads for a firm grip in the hand when working over large areas. It can be repositioned for convenience, and there are safety decals on it. Fuel capacity 1.2 litre capacity for 2 hours of intensive use.

The straight rigid shaft allows mowing neglected areas with dense grass with a line or blade at 9500 rpm. Cutting unit has a cutting width of 255 mm. No need to disassemble the spool to lengthen line for trimmer, it’s enough to hit the ground at high revolutions of the device. The blade guard has a swath length adjustment. Thanks to the top location of the engine, it does not overheat and it does not clog vegetation. To save your back from the 7 kg weight of the device, the kit includes a shoulder belt.

  • Great for dry grass of varying lengths. Also with bushes.
  • Quickly starts.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Reel breaks quickly.

Interskol KB-25/52B

The most affordable petrol grass trimmer in our rating with a cutting width of 43 cm. This device is not inferior in performance to the famous brands. Knife is capable of speed up to 7500 rpm./minute. Fuel tank holds 1 liter of fuel. Half a liter of mix is enough for half an hour of active work. Supplied with: belt, blade and trimmer line.

  • Changing the blade for the trimmer line is easy.
  • Can cut down branches.
  • Easy to start.
  • Good power (3 L.с.).
  • Great weight.
  • Build quality depends on the specific model.

Fubag FPT 43

This gasoline grass trimmer belongs to the medium price category. Primer and Easy Start option for fast engine start. Power of 1.75 л.с. Enough to cut even large grass, while saving fuel. Handle folds down for easy transportation. You can also choose the size of the main shaft that suits you.

Триммер быстрая НАСТРОЙКА КАРБЮРАТОРА !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

255mm wide blades increase surface mowing speed. The housing has a metal mount that increases its reliability. You can adjust the unit using the adjusting screw, without using tools. One-piece boom for extra strength.

  • Suitable for big areas.
  • Robust metal fasteners on the hood.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Uncomfortable shoulder strap.

Hammer MTK25B

This model is designed for difficult terrain: near walls, stairs, trees. Fuel pump enables independent pumping of gasoline to the carburetor, which in turn allows you to start the device without jerks, even after idle time. Large deflector shield protects from flying grass. Cutting system. trimmer line, ideal for rough terrain, as it will not get damaged if it comes into contact with hard objects. The unit is easy to operate, because of its low weight of 5.6 kg.

Curved boom allows the unit to be positioned from different angles and to reach hard-to-reach places. Accidental start protection with safety button. Thanks to the collapsible design, gasoline grass trimmer easy to fit in the trunk. The fuel tank cover is connected to the tank with a special holder. Rubber buffers dampen vibrations.

  • Lightweight, hands and back don’t get tired.
  • Convenient design with curved boom.
  • Cutting width of 38 cm.
  • The grass does not get clogged during operation.
  • High noise level.


This model has earned many positive reviews from petrol trimmer owners. Engine displacement 52 cc. Thanks to its wide working width, it can even mow through real weeds, thanks to the included blade. Easy access to the filter, the machine is easy to maintain.

  • Good equipment.
  • High power allows even difficult terrain to be mowed.
  • There is an anti-vibration system.
  • High quality build.
  • Robust shaft.

Best lightweight petrol grass trimmer

On the issue of which gasoline grass trimmer to choose for dacha, it is important to consider the physical strength of the operator. Low-weight technique can be high quality, yet powerful enough to perform household tasks.

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Model Power (l).с.) Engine displacement (cm3) Engine power Cutting element Fuel tank capacity (l) Average price in Russia (.)
STIHL FS 38 0.9 27 Two-stroke Trimmer line 0.33 12 990
STIHL FS 40 1 27.2 Two-stroke line for trimmer 0.33 15 990
Caiman WX21 0.73 20 Two-stroke Trimmer line / disc 0.6 24 990


Lightweight chainsaw trimmer that’s a good choice for home use. The STIHL FS 38’s curved boom lets you mow in hard-to-reach areas: along fences, around trees and bushes, under benches.

  • Low weight and compact size.
  • Good for a lightweight class.
  • Easy maintenance and operation.
  • Built to last: service life of 6 years with proper handling.
  • No way to mow heavy grass: no possibility to fit a metal blade.
  • Not suitable for shrubs, burdock and other dense plants.


German mower is a good choice for your home garden. The low weight of the STIHL FS 40 makes it easy to operate and it suits every mower user, even inexperienced.

  • Curved boom design is best suited to mowing alongside objects on the lawn.
  • D-handle makes it easy to hold and control.
  • Low vibration and noise level.
  • Primer for priming the fuel mix.

Caiman WX21

If you’re looking for a semi-professional lawn mower, try the Caiman WX21. Though it is designed for low power consumption, it is robust and lets you work with the circular saw blade.

  • For mowing shrubs and weeds a toothed disc can be installed.
  • The straight boom makes it easy to work in wide areas.
  • RPM adjustment function during operation.
  • The engine is easy to start.

Husqvarna 143RII gasoline grass trimmer

Powerful and powerful chainsaw trimmer for heavy duty use. Able to carry heavy loads and work vigorously without interruption. Capable of handling tough grass, dense brushwood, young growth. Equipped with engine protection and a roomy 950 ml gas tank. Accessories: 4-blade blade and line head. Such machines are chosen for gardening, landscaping of streets, city parks, parks and yard areas.

Echo SRM-4605 gasoline grass trimmer

The most powerful and productive model in its class. Used on large and very large areas with mixed vegetation: dense grass, weeds, dried weeds, bushes and even young trees. Internal cylinder and piston system has a special low-temperature electrolyte coating that prevents premature wear and tear.

  • High power (1800 watts).
  • Large fuel tank (950 ml).
  • Easy access to air filter.
  • Low fuel consumption (1.4 kg/hour) for powerful trimmers.

Before buying a trimmer for grass determine the intended scope of work, and on this basis, choose the maximum power and performance of the tool. It is necessary to focus on maximum loads for the tool to cope successfully with the front of work.

The main selection parameters include:

  • Engine type. Two- and four-stroke engines are standard in trimmers. The models of the first type work from ordinary gasoline and do not need special service. Four-stroke engines require a special fuel mix and are very demanding to maintain, but offer increased power and performance.
  • Power. With this criterion is simple: the higher the power, the greater the performance of the grass trimmer. The most powerful devices can even mow thick plants and small trees.
  • Weight. Since the trimmer will have to work for a long time, it is desirable that the weight of the tool was not very large.
  • Gas tank capacity. The bigger it is, the longer the grass trimmer can work without additional fueling.

It is also advisable to evaluate the shape of the handle. The tool should be ergonomic, so that the user can easily hold it. It is also desirable that the unit supplied with several sets of nozzles to work with different vegetation.

Rating of budget trimmers

When wondering what is the best trimmer to buy for the grass at home, buyers often look primarily at the price. We have rated 6 of the best brushcutters that are suitable for household work.

Model Type of power Power (W) Type of handle drive shaft Cutting element Weight (kg) Average price in Russia (.)
Huter GET-1200SL Electric 1200 D-shaped Hard Trimmer line / blade 5.5 5 890
Huter GGT-1000T Petrol 1000 U-shaped (bicycle) Flexible Trimmer line / knife 8.2 8 090
PATRIOT PT 500 Electric 500 D-shaped Flexible fishing line for trimmer 2.4 3 299
PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country Petrol 1320 U-shaped (bicycle) Rigid trimmer line / blade 8.05 7 990
DAEWOO DABC 520 Gasoline 2200 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer blade / disc 8.69 12 990
Patriot PT 555 Gasoline 2210 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard line for trimmer / knife / disk 7.7 9 467

Electric Huter GET-1200SL

Opens the rating of trimmers for dacha cheap, but powerful enough sample. In addition to the line, the brushcutter can be fitted with a blade.

  • High power output for the utility class.
  • Tool price.
  • Overheat protection
  • Disassembled boom: easy to carry.
  • Good build quality.
  • Suitable for initial landscaping of neglected areas.
  • Can be used with various accessories.

Huter GGT-1000T petrol

Universal household class lawn mower, with which you can cut both soft grass and dense, high vegetation. The only questionable design is the flexible drive shaft on a straight bar.

  • Included shoulder strap.
  • Bicycle handle is best for wide areas.
  • Handle position on the boom can be adjusted to the height of the owner.
  • Easy to start.
  • Vibration protection.

Electric PATRIOT PT 500

The D-handled grass trimmer is a good choice for small area maintenance. Can be used as a standalone mowing machine or as an additional tool.

  • Affordable price: it is the cheapest in the ranking of budget tools grass trimmer.
  • Gearbox angle with motor and cutter element can be changed, which increases efficiency in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Choosing what is the best trimmers for the grass to buy with the ability to adjust the length of the boom for height, pay attention to this model: it is equipped with a telescopic boom.

PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country petrol mower

If not the best grass trimmer for country houses, it is certainly one of the most popular models in our rating. the lawnmower is equipped with everything you need for intensive mowing in the home.

  • Metal shaft for reliability and long life.
  • Pump fuel primer, which allows you to easily start the engine after a long break.
  • Included in the price is a special knife for fighting hogweed.
  • Easy replacement of spark plugs and filters.

Petrol DAEWOO DABC 520

A solid mower for the home garden. Can be used to cut thinner wood because it is fitted with a saw blade.

  • Rigid drive shaft for high power output.
  • Spark plugs for 2-stroke engines of all brands can be fitted.
  • Easy start.

Gasoline Patriot PT 555

Closes the rating trimmers for home multifunctional mower from the Russian company Patriot. The device is suitable for the usual meadow grass and dense thickets.