Grease For Trimmer Reducer Patriot RT 555

When choosing a lawn care tool or haymaking, it is important to correctly calculate the technical parameters: engine power, materials for manufacturing elements, weight. The data ratio determines the ergonomic operation of the trimmer or lawn mower, we will try to present the rating of the best of them in the article and give a detailed description of the influence of each component.

Grease For Trimmer Reducer Patriot RT 555

Main technical parameters

The lawn mowing device is an ergonomic design in which the mass is evenly distributed and the balance between the weight of the engine, the working body and the length of the handle is maintained.

A heavy powerful braid is fixed to a system of backpacks, working with it, the operator only directs its movement; less powerful just one guide belt. The power, number of revolutions and weight of the unit depend on the type of engine:

  • 2-stroke.W up to 1.8 kW , fast torque, fully loaded weight up to 5 kg. The engine runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline, it does not have a separation of these systems, so operation for trimming trees is allowed.
  • 4-stroke. W 4.1 kW. Due to the full cycle of fuel combustion, it has Efficiency up to 92% (lower fuel consumption and high W), low noise. Some models allow short-term turning over to change nozzles.

The method of transmitting torque depends on the shape of the handle:

  • Straight. Equipped with a rigid working shaft. They are installed on powerful models, it assumes a collapsible design, convenient for transportation and maintenance.
  • Curved. Torque is transmitted by a steel cable, which is an interweaving of d-0.1 mm code threads in 5-6 rows. Despite the strength, the wear resistance of the cable is much lower due to friction, deformation at the places of bending under stress. Curved structures are lightweight (up to 5 kg), more maneuverable, are in the middle price category.

Types of Cutting Tools

It is selected by the type of vegetation in the area:

Circular saw equipped with teeth in the amount of 3 to 46 pieces , the harder the area, the more teeth are preferred. The whole load is assumed by the whole disk, the teeth perform only the cutting function. Perforation over the body of the disk reduces its weight and reduces the load on the transmission organ. Heavy construction used effectively with models power from 1,5 kW (V engine from 35 cm³ and above).

2 or 4 lobed. It is made of medium;. High carbon or low alloy steel, which holds sharpening well. The main load on the cutting body goes to 2/3 parts , therefore, the blade is dull unevenly. It is used in the presence of small stones, bumps, bumps, obstacles (fences, trees).

Universal “knife”, effective at any speed, respectively, the higher, the harder the cover can be. It is used to lighten the weight of the structure, reducing the cost in models of any type. The diameter of the fishing line 1.6-3 mm is determined by the working length of 15-45 cm.

Rating of the best manufacturers

Depending on the ratio of parameters and build quality, the class into which the lawn mowers fall is determined, the rating of the best is determined in each segment. The trimmers of Russian and Chinese manufacturers are most in demand due to the large selection and low cost, European firms have always been distinguished by high cost.

Got the respect of the company Shtil, Husqvarna, Patriot, Sadko, Oleo-Mac, Carver, Interskol. The equipment works the declared time, is not afraid of overheating, with excellent maintainability. Lawn mowing can be purchased in the cost range from 5,000 to 16,000 rubles.

  • Carver GBC 31 F. Chinese trimmer. Recently appeared on the market, the cost depends on the delivery of 8,000-9,500 rubles. Equipped with a 4-stroke engine powered by AI-92. The rated power of 1 kW is 1.4 hp. It is equipped with two types of cutting tools: a disc with the application of a victorious alloy on the edges of the teeth and a replaceable block with fishing line.

The trigger is equipped with a manual starter, speed adjustment, shutdown is conveniently located on the right handle. The shape of the handle is straight, what to speak of and transmission of movement by a hard disk, which means it is designed for heavy loads.

A rigid platform is attached to the belt system on the side, which will distribute the trimmer load across all parts of the thigh. The trimmer is fixed with a carbine, while remaining movable and easily controllable, it can be easily removed by unfastening the clasp.

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In the work he showed himself from the best side, easily removing the stiff thickets of nettles, young bushes of the bush. Designed for large volumes of work in the most difficult areas. The 4-stroke engine tolerates a change in load, so using it on different types of vegetation will not affect the wear of the pistons. Performance rating is high.

  • Patriot RT 555. A powerful trimmer with a maximum engine capacity of 52 cm³. A direct, non-demountable stand with a hard shaft, a set of knives (disk, fishing line) are suitable for working on difficult areas daily for 6-8 hours. He was praised for the economy of fuel and lubricants, the wear resistance of rubbing parts. The price of the middle segment is 9,000 rubles.
  • The representative of low power and the middle segment, 9 000 rubles, STIGA SB 35 DS. The rated W is 0.9 kW, due to the hard shaft it belongs to the technique of increased structural strength. Equipped with two types of cutting tools: a wood trimmer and a 3-toothed shaft made of high-carbon steel, which holds sharpening well.

Trimmer Care

It consists of simple operations:

Gear Lubrication. Solidol-based mixtures are used, inexpensive Litol-24, but can be used for higher temperatures. Squeezes out about 10 mm³ through the side hole, the excess will be removed by itself.

Flushing the air filter. To get the filter, you need to remove the plastic case. Unscrew the bolt, remove the housing and remove the filter. Wash off the oil that is thrown out to the carburetors with gasoline, wipe the surface and everything is going in the reverse order.

Edge sharpening carried out as necessary. Winning tip to sharpen manually is almost impossible. Carbon metal, in its bulk, is not difficult to process.

Detachable connections. A weak spot in any design, it is not recommended to disassemble it again.

Selection criteria, tips for buying and operating

It is very important where the gas trimmer is purchased, the rating of the best models applies only to proprietary equipment. There are no branded cheap trimmers from an expensive manufacturer. Engineers take into account the payload of each screw, removes every extra gram of weight, interchange parts, increasing durability.

If the fuel price is critical, and you have to mow for 6-7 hours, stop at 4-stroke engines from 35 cm³, preferably 52 cm³. Oil is added, about 1 time per year, fuel is consumed more economically due to a full combustion cycle. 2-stroke ones are needed for different types of work: they can be turned over when trimming trees, mowing in ravines, but they have a large consumption of both fuel and oil.

It is better to choose a model for a mixed type of vegetation with a margin of safety, any trimmer can be used for soft grass, but if you need long-term work or difficult conditions, a low-power model will not last long. It is also worth buying a block and fishing line (and the rest of the consumables) of a domestic or European manufacturer (not China).

When choosing power, pay attention to the engine size, since power is not always indicated adequately: 20-25 cm³ correspond to W 0.5-1 kW; 26-35 cm³. 1.1-1.4 kW; 40-52 cm³. 1.8 kW. With the planned daily work of 6-7 hours, only professional appliances from 1.8 kW or 52 cm³ are needed. The price of such braids will be up to 15 000 rubles.