Gt3535l Trimmer Line Replacement

The German company Sturm is a world famous manufacturer of electric and gasoline powered tools. The company’s products are sold in most CIS countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and the Baltic countries. The first Sturm equipment appeared on the domestic market in 2003. The company’s production is currently located in a factory in China.

The official distributor of Sturm equipment in Russia is Energomash. Some models of equipment are produced at factories in China with the marking “Energomash”, in fact this is the same Sturm equipment, but with a different name. The technique of this manufacturer is very popular.

Officially, the company produces equipment in three directions with different purposes. It:

  • Electric tools (trimmers, lawn mowers, small, medium and high power rotary hammers, drills, cordless screwdrivers, compressors, spray guns, welding machines. Inverters and apparatuses with power up to 14000 W);
  • Gasoline tools (gasoline generators, gas trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers);
  • Hand tools (jigsaws, files, files, screwdrivers, etc.);
  • Spare parts;
  • Expendable materials;
  • Woodworking equipment (milling machines, electric jigsaws, drilling machines, planers, trimming plates, woodworking machines);
  • A separate category. Soldering machines, winches, adhesive machines, engravers.

The main advantages of the Sturm technique are:

  • Quality equipment at a high price;
  • A wide range of equipment for a wide variety of tasks;
  • Household and professional series;
  • Unique equipment, analogues of which are rather difficult to find (woodworking series).

The lineup and types of equipment Sturm

In this review, the main focus will be on gardening equipment, namely lawn mowers and electric mowers, trimmers, lawn mowers of this brand. Conventionally, garden equipment can be divided into two large categories: electric and gasoline. A separate category: cordless mowers. The number of battery models is extremely limited.

Sturm trimmers

Sturm trimmer models by category:

  1. Sturm 1000 W, BT8933D drive.
  2. Sturm 1350 W, BT8942D.
  3. Sturm bt 9152bl 1700 watts.
  4. Sturm bt 9143bl 1350 watts.
  5. Sturm bt 8952d 1500 watts.
  6. Sturm bt 9126bl 850 watts.
  7. Sturm bt 8933d 900 watts.
  8. Sturm bt 9133bl 1000 watts.
  9. Sturm bt 8926d 850 watts.
  10. Sturm bt 9152s 1700 watts.
  11. Sturm bt 8942d 1350 watts.
  12. Sturm bt 9143s 1350 watts.
  1. Electric braid sturm GT3512D 1200W.
  2. Electric braid sturm GT3514D 1400W.
  3. Spit sturm GT3535L 350W.
  4. Spit sturm GT3550L 500W.

There are no cordless assault trimmers in the lineup.

Lawn Mowers Sturm

Sturm Lawn Mowers by Category:

  • Lawnmower Sturm PL4146S 3000 watts.

Gt3535l Trimmer Line Replacement

Battery and electric mowers:

  • Sturm CL4437 cordless mower (charging time 5 hours, operating time 30 minutes);
  • Sturm GT3510M 1000W electric mower.

Top models of the Sturm brand

  • Lawn mower sturm bt9152bl;
  • Mower sturm bt9143bl;
  • Trimmer sturm bt9133bl;
  • Lawn mowing sturm bt 9143s.

Instructions for use, maintenance of mowers and trimmers

Sturm Lawnmower and Trimmer Operating Rules:

  • Gearbox maintenance means regular lubrication (every 25 hours). Gear lubricant should be used.
  • After completion of work, clean the braid of dirt, plant fibers;
  • Make sure that the trimmer does not fall and the gas tank does not hit the ground;
  • After use within 1 month, make sure that the trimmer is not damaged, clean it, oil the cutting parts of the nozzle;
  • If the fuel mixture has not been consumed in a month, drain it and fill the braid with fresh mixture before work;
  • Monitor the condition of the fuel filter;
  • Once a year remove and inspect the spark plug; if necessary, replace the spark plug.

When working with the trimmer, wear a protective mask, headphones to protect against noise. Hold the lawn mow by the handle, if shoulder straps are included, use them. Never turn the working trimmer with the cutting part toward you. After shutting down, wait until the engine cools down and only then clean the device of any residual grass and earth.

Oil and fuel

For gas mowers, this type of fuel is used as AI-92, AI-95 gasoline. Gasoline and oil are poured into different containers and do not mix. It is better to choose a lawn mower oil from the one recommended in the instructions or universal, such as sae 10-w30.

Oil and fuel for gas trimmers are mixed if the lawn mowing engine is push-pull. The manufacturer himself in the instruction manual for the spit reports that the amount of oil per liter of gasoline should be 40 ml. (for oils like FD). Recommended two-stroke engine oil: Sturm G-energy Motomix 2T.

Ideally, oil and gasoline should be mixed before being poured into the tank, which is why it is recommended to use special fuel tanks for mixing.

Possible malfunctions

Malfunction Cause Elimination
1. The power drop of the device. Running out of fuel. Pour in fresh gasoline or oil-gasoline mixture. Fill mixture or gasoline only with the engine cool.
2. Uneven mowing, the mower skips grass patches. Perhaps changing the fishing line or changing the knife. Replace the fishing line, knife.
3. The braid makes extraneous sounds (claps, noise). Low quality gasoline, poor oil. Use quality fuel and oil.
4. There is a tangling of fishing line during mowing. Winding vegetation on a fishing line. Turn off the mower, remove the plant fiber and continue working.
5. Sudden engine shutdown. The fuel mixture does not enter the carburetor. Clean or replace fuel filter.

Sturm trimmer review

Sturm bt9143bl trimmer

Review of the Sturm Lawn Mower PL4146S

For Sturm gardening equipment

Sergey, 31 years old, Chernihiv:

“I don’t have a trimmer or a mower yet, but I have a punch from this company. It works well, I am satisfied. If you are looking for an option cheaper than the same Bosch or Makita, you can safely buy Sturm. This manufacturer has two mowing lines: green and blue, green for domestic use, blue for professionals. Who needs more help, take the blue series. “

Anatoly, 44 years old, Zhytomyr:

Now I’ll say more about the trimmer.

Advantages: enough power for an average lawn, cuts off any vegetation, well, of course, if the site has been overgrown for several years, then only super-powerful equipment will help you. And if you look after the site, then braids of this power will be enough for you. There were no breakdowns, he himself eliminated minor flaws.