Hammer Speed ​​Angle Grinder

Conditionally GRINDING MACHINES (angle grinder) can be divided into two classes. The first includes a small angle grinder with a power of 400. 1000w and a disc diameter of up to 150mm. Their mass does not exceed 3kg. You can work with such an angle grinder with even one hand, but the grinding performance and cutting depth due to the small diameter of the disc limit the possibilities of an angle grinder. Angle grinder of this class in

Mainly used in car services, as well as for simple work in hard to reach places (BOSCH GWS850CE, MAKITA 9555HN, HITACHI G13SR3, SKIL 9245AT, HAMMER USM900S).

Hammer Speed ​​Angle Grinder

Another class is a more powerful angle grinder from 1200W and higher with a disk diameter of 180. 230mm. Their weight reaches 7. 8 kg. This angle grinder is suitable for more complex work in

Harsh operating conditions, for example, cutting with diamond disks of concrete and stone of various origins, wall shredding for hidden wiring, where the depth of cut plays a significant role (HITACHI G23MRU, MAKITA GA9020, BOSCH GWS20-230H, SKIL 9790A1, STERN AG230L).

Like most DRILLS WITH THE SIDE HANDLE, all, without exception, are equipped with an angle grinder. Its presence provides complete control over the tool, especially when performing complex work. In most cases, the side handle has two positions. Right or left. But on some angular grindersX there is an additional socket (on top) for installing the side handle in the third position. This is especially true when grinding and grinding. Professional angle grinders are equipped with a side handle with anti-vibration system, which ensures less fatigue of the hands during rather long work.

Hammer Speed ​​Angle Grinder

The presence of the ANGLE SPEED angle grinder makes it, like the LOBZIK, more universal (BOSCH GWS11-125CIE, MAKITA 9565CVL). For example, by installing a wood grinding wheel (KLT) on an angle grinder, you can easily sandboards or remove old furniture from the furniture. Turnovers should be set small, otherwise the wood will blacken (burn) due to high friction. It should be remembered that with a decrease in the number of revolutions, the power of the tool also decreases. Therefore, when grinding and polishing, do not load the GRINDING MACHINE too much to avoid overheating.

The manufacturers of the PROFESSIONAL tool found a way out of this situation. They supplied their angle grinder with the so-called TACHO. Sensor, providing a constant number of revolutions with increasing load on the tool. This option is especially important when grinding, where cuts and nicks of the processed surface are unacceptable.

Smooth START equipped mainly professional angle grinder with a capacity of over 1000W. A soft start reduces shock loads, mechanical gear wear, eliminates jerking the angle grinder when turned on, reduces inrush currents that can affect wiring; decreases the likelihood of knocking out fuses.

Reducers professional angle grinders have a magnesium alloy body. The most expensive ones may have a titanium case, but it is mainly an industrial-grade angle grinder. Most HOUSEHOLD and inexpensive professional angle grinders have an aluminum alloy body.

Having dealt with the layout options of the GRINDING GRINDING MACHINES, we smoothly move on to their FEATURES inherent only to this type of tool.