Hand Circular Saw With Stationary Mountability

Hand Circular Saw With Stationary Mountability

If you have ever been to a sawmill or an ordinary carpentry workshop, then you probably noticed the presence of a machine there, in which a disk with teeth is peeking out in the center. This is exactly what the stationary circular saw has. It is used to perform high-quality and accurate longitudinal sawing of wood of different densities.

Nowadays, many ordinary amateur builders are beginning to show interest in most special devices. They did not disregard the circular saw. At the same time, not only a stationary model is available for sale, but also an ordinary hand-held circular saw. In this regard, it does not hurt to dwell in more detail on the features of the choice of a circular saw, its varieties and basic characteristics.

This tool is used to solve the same problem for which it was created and industrial option. It is about making longitudinal and transverse cuts in wood, drywall, plastic and other materials. Of course, for such work, you can use a conventional jigsaw, however, given the high intensity of work and the stringent requirements that the created cut must meet, it is much more logical to use a circular saw that can perfectly cope with this task.

Using it is quite simple, but for starters it will be useful to pay attention to its design. The role of the main unit in the device of this tool is performed by an electric motor, on the shaft of which is located a saw blade. To avoid a minimum of discomfort when working with such a tool, it has two handles, among which one has a start button, and thanks to the second, the user has the opportunity to fix the tool with the other hand. The disc has a protective casing, the presence of which prevents the operator from getting injured. If necessary, the protective cover can be opened by gaining access to the saw blade, for which it is necessary to press the start button.

The action of this tool is as follows: to start the engine it is necessary press the power button, after which the saw blade begins to spin, as a result, the main task is performed. The material is cut.

Types of Circular Saws

Several features can be distinguished based on which circular saws can be classified.

By application

  1. Standard circular saw. With its help, you can cut wood with a density in the range from 0 to 85 mm.
  2. Circular mini saw. It features a high power rating of 400-800 watts. This saw has a saw blade about 65 mm in size. The model is small in size and weighs about 2 kg. The cut created with its help has a depth of about 16 mm. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that this tool is suitable for cutting thin materials.
  3. Cordless circular saw. It has a lot in common with the standard modification, except that the battery is the power source for it. This explains that the saw does not show such great power and is offered at a higher price, although all this is offset by higher mobility. A similar tool is ideal for owners of suburban areas who plan to build a summer house.
  4. Submersible Saw. Most of it is used to cut material from the middle. It will bring the greatest efficiency when the task arises of cutting holes inside the material or manufacturing blanks from any material. To cope with such tasks, it allows the submersible mechanism, thanks to which the saw blade can move in a vertical plane.
  5. Diamond circular saw. The main working element is a diamond saw blade. With its help, you can cut any type of artificial and natural stone, and in addition to this, ceramics and tiles. The ability to supply water allows you to increase the productivity of the tool. With this saw, you can cut to a depth of 50 mm, as well as process the material at an angle.

Depending on the class:

The difference between these models is their power. For household models, this parameter is in the range of 1100-1800 watts. Against the background of small dimensions, the weight of this saw is about 4-5 kg. It can work with material of normal thickness. 50-55 mm. The saw blade used in such modifications has a diameter of 160-200 mm.

The power demonstrated by professional saws is in the range of 1800 watts and higher. They differ in quite a significant weight, which is 8 kg or more. With their help, it is possible to saw a beam, the thickness of which does not exceed 70-85 mm. Equipped with disc sizes up to 250 mm. The quality demonstrated by these saws determines their higher price.

Main characteristics

When considering various models of circular saws for stationary installation, it is first necessary to pay attention to their performance characteristics, which determine the effectiveness of their use in solving a particular problem.


This parameter has a value in the range of 400-2000 watts. The exact indicator is determined by the class and scope of the tool. With increasing power increases and saw performance. This allows the user to spend less effort and time when sawing thick and dense material.

Disk speed

This parameter is directly affected by power. Increasing the speed of rotation allows for a more accurate cut. It should be remembered that when cutting plastic, it is desirable to choose a small cutting frequency, because otherwise you may encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon as the melting of materials caused by the high speed of rotation of the disk. The standard indicator for this parameter for professional models is 5000 rpm.

Cut depth

The value of this parameter is in the range from 0 to 85 mm. The exact figure is determined by the class of the saw. Saws offered today can provide various depths of cut, which is determined by engine power.

Adjustment of an inclination of a cut

Although this feature is mandatory for all modern circular saws, not every one of them provides for the possibility of tilting the tool in both directions. The angle of inclination is limited to 45 degrees.

Required Features

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a hand circular saw, it will be superfluous consider the following functions.

  • Possibility of soft start. This refers to the state in which the disk begins to reach maximum speed gradually. Due to this function, the occurrence of high inrush currents can be prevented, which positively affects the service life of the motor.
  • The ability to save a pre-set speed at any load. If you have to work with high-density material, then the engine automatically starts to increase the power of work to maintain a pre-set number of disk revolutions.
  • Jamming protection. This coupling solves this problem best. If the disc is still jammed, the engine will work in the previous mode, while the disc will stop turning. Although this option does not allow you to avoid a reverse push of the tool, it still helps to reduce its strength, which reduces the likelihood of injury.
  • Motor overload protection. If during operation the load on the engine reaches a peak level, it automatically turns off, which extends the life of the tool.
  • Function of fast braking disk. If the button is disabled, the disk will immediately be stopped, which will happen rather quickly.
  • The ability to adjust the speed of the disk. Working with various materials, specialists have to choose their rotation speed to ensure the most productive cut.
  • The ability to adjust the depth of cut. This option is provided in any modern circular saw model, the presence of which simplifies the process of setting the exact depth value.
  • The presence of a proppant knife. For this node, a place is allocated behind the saw blade, and it allows you to avoid its clamping workpiece.
  • The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Any circular saw is equipped with this option. To use it, a special plastic pipe is provided on the tool body. Although the purchase does not hurt to make sure it is available.
  • The vast majority of saws has a laser pointer. The owner can benefit from it if high demands are not placed on the quality of the cut.
  • A useful option is the LED, which is able to provide better illumination of the work surface.

Selection tips

When considering various models of circular saws, it should be remembered that this tool poses a health hazard. For this reason, it is important to carefully select this tool, taking into account the following points.

Particular attention should be paid to the economic component. When choosing a saw, you should pick it up, try to understand whether it is convenient for you to hold it.

Do not think that the same model may suit two people, because each of us has a different body structure, skills and habits. Over, it does not even play a big role, the circular saw of a trusted manufacturer is considered or not.

You should also consider the material from which the protective casing is made. It should be characterized by high strength, ability to withstand deformation in the event of a tool fall.

Test the controls located on the model body. Set a few different angles. Find out if they simply unscrew and twist enough.

Make sure that you can easily get to the carbon brushes if you decide to replace them yourself.

Try to be very careful when studying the settings, as neglect of these points may lead to serious personal injury.

Power Tool Care Tips

Do not forget that you have to deal with a dangerous tool. In this regard, you need to be very vigilant and careful. Only in this case you can not only perform quality work, but also protect your own and the health of your family.

Work with a circular saw only in protective clothing, gloves and glasses.

Before plugging in the saw, make sure that it is off.

If you need to turn the saw on or off, it is advisable to do this at idle. If this is done under load conditions, this can lead to a reduction in tool life.

Make sure that the load does not exceed the permissible level. To do this, it is recommended to take breaks after every 15-20 minutes of work. This will avoid overheating of the engine.

Before work, make sure that the workpiece is securely fastened. It is not permissible for it to hang and bend. Otherwise, it can be fraught with serious consequences for you.

Keep moisture away from the workplace.


A hand-held circular saw is able to simplify the solution of many problems that a home master has to face. However, only the right choice of this tool will simplify the implementation of these operations. When considering various models of circular saws, you should pay attention not only to ease of use, but also to operational safety. This will allow you to quickly and accurately perform the task and avoid injury.