Hand Circular Tricks

Hand Circular Tricks

Hand circular saw is a useful and convenient tool.It is worth adding a couple of simple homemade to the sawfixtures, and the capabilities of this saw will increase dramatically.You can precisely cut boards, cut sheetslaminate, cut siding, saw plywood and even dissolvewide boards.

I once tried to saw slate sheets, covered the roof and saw remainedalive. Although they told me that a hand saw does not withstand dustfrom slate. Indeed, there is a lot of dust from the slate, everything had to workmasked time and completely cover your face and head. But let’s not talk about sad things, all the sameThis saw is not intended for slate, but for sawing boards and sheetfurniture and building materials.

The first fixture to be added to the saw is the guideruler for precise cutting of sheet materials. Make such a linenot just, but very simple. You will need a strip of plywood with a width of 250-300 mm. ,plywood thickness from 6 mm. For short guide and up to 10 mm. For long.You will also need an even long pine rail. Rail, or support block can
take a cross section of 30/50 mm. Or so. Bar length and associated stripplywood depends on the work you are going to do. She may befrom 1550 mm. For plywood, up to 2800 mm. For cutting chipboard and chipboard, that is, a laminate.

Next, we fasten the bar in the middle of the plywood strip to the screws on the bottom, capsyou must immediately drown. To do this, pre-drill holes in plywood and countersinkthese hat holes. We fix the guide to the edge of the table with clamps,and leading the included saw along the guide bar, cut off excess plywood.We process the edge of plywood with sandpaper so that there are no chips and splinter.

Now we have a line for the saw, and you will already know thatthe cut will go exactly along the edge of the plywood. When working, set the guidealong the line of the future cut and clamp with clamps from two ends. Under the sheet itselfmaterial can be placed long bars 30-40 mm thick. Towardscut lines, it is better to use several bars, from four or more.The parts after sawing must remain lying on these bars, notfall off breaking edges. In order not to cut the desktop, respectivelyset the height of the saw.

By the same principle, a fixture was made for precise trimming of parts.Only here the saw moves along a rigidly fixed guide, and the fishing linecutting is regulated by movement of the part. If you need to cut a lot of blanksthe same size, then on the working platform with clamps, a supporting block is attachedat the right distance from the cut line. During operation, the part is inserted underthe guide to the stop, if necessary, is fixed with a clamp and sawed off.

The device itself can be made from a sheet of chipboard, chipboard or plywood 12 mmWhat you see in the picture is 1200 mm long. And 600 mm wide. Itthe device is made for sawing certain parts from chipboard. Lengthplatforms for trimming boards can be increased, and the width can be reduced. Longthe edges of the platform are bolted with support screws. The width of the bars canto be 40-60 mm. , thickness for work with a laminate of 20 mm. , for trimmingboards 45-50 mm.

From above and across the supporting bars, a guide ruler is installed.The principle of its manufacture is the same as described above. The main thing you needpay attention, this is the exact installation of the guide at an angle of 90 relative tosupporting bars. During operation, the part is pressed against the support bar and sawed offa hand-held circular saw, the accuracy of trimming depends on how muchyou’ve definitely fixed the guide.

When working on a crosscut, it is necessary to set the depth of cut so that the sawhooked the pad 3-4 mm. Otherwise, you just saw the device in half.And yet, to work with different materials, be sure to try to choosespecialized saw. Wood or plywood is one thing to sawlaminate, plastic, siding, you need to select the appropriate saws or wheels.